in order to comprehensively promote the "fifteen measures" the implementation of public service for the convenience of the hospital of Xining City, the measures implemented in January 23rd, according to the Municipal Health Bureau Director Liu fwnz instructions, deputy director of bureau of medical affairs led related personnel to conduct supervision and inspection on site one or two, three hospital, City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, Stomatology Hospital, January 24th check the bulletin special. And during the Spring Festival medical security work to do a comprehensive arrangement.

in the inspection also found that individual hospitals in propaganda and mobilization work atmosphere is not enough, low awareness of medical staff and society during the holidays are the outpatient service hall without guidance personnel, not to carry out other service measures, not open the electronic touch screen query facilities, part of the outpatient department is not open, the patient still by emergency department physicians responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of the recorded content records, gross insufficiency; outpatient medical records "- a" problem such as the system is not executed.