what is the value of ecosystem services in Qinghai? Its contribution to the sustainable development of the national economy and society? In order to further find out Qinghai ecosystem service function and its value of "resources", the first time in our province and the first in the country to launch the research of monitoring and evaluation value of ecosystem service function. At present, the research work has achieved preliminary results, is about to enter the depth of the argument, a wide range of experts at home and abroad.
the smooth progress of the project started in 2012, in support of relevant departments and provincial Party committee and government attach great importance to the case, through careful organization, the provincial forestry department and the project team to the "Qinghai province ecosystem service function monitoring and evaluation of the value of the program", "Qinghai ecosystem services function monitoring and evaluation technology program", according to the plan, the key to carry out field investigation and special investigation; collect the related data, the establishment of a database; alignment of different assessment methods, carry out the ecosystem function evaluation etc..
research project using ecosystem process model to simulate the temporal and spatial changes of ecosystem services value, assessment of the value of ecosystem services from the ecological system to realize the space of standard value, service value. Put forward the construction of ecological monitoring system in Qinghai Province, layout of monitoring system of indicators, evaluation methods and the specific safeguard measures, the comprehensive management of the ecological system of Qinghai province and improve service and human well-being of ecological system and lay a solid foundation, to provide a scientific basis for the further implementation of the Qinghai Province Ecological Province strategy.