in mid November, the province of Xining, Golmud, two cities, respectively, through the Ministry of water conservancy organization of national water-saving society construction pilot acceptance. Two pieces of heavy national honor, marking the province in the construction of ecological civilization in the history of the first stage of the journey to achieve a result.

approval, the expert group to listen to reports, access to information, but also in-depth on-site view of sewage treatment, water reuse, industrial water saving situation and questions and discussion that since 2006 to carry out the pilot construction of water-saving society, Xining, Golmud City, two focus on economic restructuring and transformation of the way of speeding up economic development. In order to improve the utilization efficiency of water resources and water environment quality as the key breakthrough in advancing the reform of water administration system and water system is established, the adjustment of industrial structure, total control, water environment, water resource protection and water saving demonstration units to create aspects of Qinghai and the other regions to carry out the construction of water-saving society to a good exemplary and leading role, unanimously agreed to acceptance.

Xining City, according to

statistics, since the pilot has been carried out, the city’s total investment of 3 billion 80 million yuan of funds to co-ordinate the implementation of water supply, water saving, wastewater treatment and reuse, and river water environment governance projects, the construction of water-saving society pilot work has achieved remarkable results.