10 14 on the afternoon, organized by the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, the Provincial Bureau of retired cadres to commemorate the Red Army Long March victory in the 80 anniversary of the theatrical performances staged in Xining wonderful. Provincial Standing Committee of Ministers of the organization Hu Changsheng, deputy director of Provincial People’s Congress held Mao, vice governor Yan Jinhai, the old red army horse Wan Li, Shi Yanfang, provincial leaders Rabinley, old sanggyai added, Jia Guoming, Zhao Qizhong, Ma Jinxiao, Wang Xiaoyu, Ren Zhenyu, Li Zhongbao and the representatives of retired cadres to watch the performance.

Hu Changsheng in his speech stressed before the performance of our province, retired cadres for decades as one day, carry forward the great spirit of hard struggle, in the snow covered plateau, created "five special" spirit of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, a solid foundation for the construction of Qinghai. Sincerely hope that the majority of the province’s retired cadres in the age, age at the same time, when the general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai in accordance with the "four major solid" requirements, give full play to the unique advantages, as in the past the care and support of the provincial government work, and make whatever contribution to the reform and development in our province.

performance by the "Red Army is not afraid of expedition difficult," "revolutionary faith is higher than the sky," "dream to illuminate China," composed of three movements. Show singing bold, graceful, colorful, lifelike scene, sing the praises of the year long march of the Red Army and the heroic battle course extremely hard and bitter bound, demonstrating the present value of the long march spirit and practical significance, encouraging everyone to the long march spirit as a guide, do not forget the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in the new long march on the beginning of the heart, courage.