is the Mid Autumn Festival, the Xining Evening News reported, enroll in the west area of social service management comprehensive information center of public open day activities of the public hot, everyone wants to see Xining’s largest monitoring system in the end what.

lives in the East District of Ms. Chen said, see West District Social Service Management Comprehensive Information Center will be held in the public open day after the news, the first time to sign up, "don’t know if we can reflect on this platform." According to reports, the center not only has a video monitoring system of Xining City, the largest and most clearly, there are people calling system, social comprehensive management information system, digital city management system, public safety emergency command system of four systems, the public can call the hotline 6112345 policy advice, through public information consulting, legal advice, business for the government consulting, also can through the call system to understand the functions of the government sector, housekeeping services, community elderly day care centers, hotels and other service information, but also on the illegal construction, municipal design Shi Jianshe, transportation, environmental protection and other aspects of complaints or suggestions.

it is understood that the social management integrated information system is the most extensive and most comprehensive information platform for the Western District of social management. GIS platform using GIS technology, traditional camera technology, 3D modeling technology, the area of the actual population, there is housing, units, key personnel, household information and buildings, districts, regional landform high streets and back lanes on the platform directly through the three-dimensional map display, platform management and query area "and things, love, all kinds of relevant information organization. The platform through the call center, mass SMS platform, visiting and service personnel regular on-site investigation and collection of other channels, the collection of the residents of the masses and needs, and in accordance with the functions of event streaming, resolved by the relevant departments and personnel handling, acceptance, each event handling, completion and feedback assessment of the whole process will be recorded. Public open day activities to continue, please call 6112345 to participate. (author: Zhang Lou Mengjie)