How to maximize the protection of tourists in the tourist season in the transportation, accommodation, catering needs, so that visitors happy, satisfied? Xining tourism innovation ideas and methods, will set up a "tourist season security joint working command, led by city leaders personally, the implementation of comprehensive management of the season domain unified command, centralized management, information symmetry, the overall linkage. This is the reporter from the recently held Xining tourism work conference learned.

Xining tourism "Xining summer spring tide surging, is attracting a large number of foreign tourists, in order to deal with the upcoming tourist tide, tourism in our city in the industry to solve management challenges, create a good tourism environment, enhance the tourist season service capacity, the establishment of tourist season security joint working command", unified command, uphold and improve the system of the city’s tourism joint meeting, coordination of tourism work, exchange of information, mutual support and close coordination, service mechanism and efficient operation of security forces. To ensure the orderly conduct of tourism, protection of the needs of tourists, enhance the good image of Xining summer "hospitality".