time in the twinkling of an eye has entered in 2017, in such an era, entrepreneurship is still a big theme. However, due to the fierce competition, therefore, we have to find a good business opportunities, to ensure the success of their own career. So, what do you do to make money in 2017?

1. yoga hall

2017 venture to do what to make money? Yoga training hall in addition to coaching, you can also add the following supporting services in a timely manner, through more business projects to enhance profitability. For example, the body type of training projects, such as Ballet Gymnastics; fruits and vegetables, vegetables and other products if beauty; sales projects, such as the import of oil products, clothing, yoga products etc.. Sources of income: card service revenue, service revenue, income treatment package services, product sales revenue, service revenue scattered. One month’s turnover reached 55 thousand yuan, the cost of profits can reach more than $30 thousand.

2. network consulting

2017 venture to do what to make money? The next 5-10 years will form the climax of China’s information technology. Data show that in the "11th Five-Year" period, the national investment information costs up to 4 trillion yuan; Chinese Internet research and consulting market will enter a rapid growth stage in 2000-2002 years, the market size increased to 200 million yuan from 100 million yuan. Last year, the world’s 24 major Internet information industry, the company’s revenue doubled in the past 1 years, nearly $3 billion. Last year, the United States alone, the industry’s output value of $about 10000000000; and China’s industry market space should also be between 4000-6000 million per year.

3. network advertising

2017 venture to do what to make money? In the online advertising has two forms: one is the enterprise’s own set up their own website on the Internet, to establish their own company’s main and direct, to promote their products on their website of Internet users; two is the enterprise issued by other website own website. We want to use the first type is in the form of advertising, build an online has its own characteristics of the site, to attract as many users as possible to visit their website, as long as enough to attract more Internet users.

4. gardening shop

2017 venture to do what to make money? Bay Garden shop, seemingly simple investment, ten thousand dollars can open, actually it is not easy to operate. Li Jie said that the Milky way is north of this area, he worked for five or six years, they saw the home of the arts store closed down more than and 10. Why so many horticultural shops have closed down, while Li Jie’s shop is more and more big flowers, Li Jie said, like people, have to eat and drink, therefore, excellent professional technology and good customer service service, attracting endorsements