hot real estate situation in this year we are obvious to all, especially those concerned about the property, the soaring prices, can be used to imagine the word to describe. I did not expect, Zhengzhou school district room rose 200 thousand a month, in the end should not buy ah." In addition to rising for 40 consecutive months, the king of the impact of the impact of the August Zhengzhou prices have been a substantial rise. Want to buy school district room in Zhengzhou, 30 thousand per square meter to buy it? Below we understand the Zhengzhou school district housing prices rose!

yesterday, the National Bureau of Statistics announced in August 70 large and medium cities residential sales price changes. Among them, the new houses and second-hand housing in Zhengzhou, respectively, 5.6% and 4.5% QoQ, while ranking first.

and the school district room as hot hot in the past two months was berserk, so the seller also hike, with a house up hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Zhengzhou school district housing price soaring a year rose 500 thousand

Mr. Wang, who has been watching the house for the last two months in Zhengzhou, wants to buy a house but has not been able to buy


is optimistic about the fair road in the house, less than a month, a rise from 1 million 100 thousand to 1 million 450 thousand, and is still not sold, the landlord to wait until after next week pricing." Wang said reluctantly, and some school district room prices, up 500 thousand over the course of a year, simply too horrible.

"now near the road to the fair fair road of second-hand housing price exceeded 20 thousand yuan / square meters, because the school district housing prices because of increasing year by year. In mid August this year to the beginning of September the largest increase, even more than and 40 flat large-sized apartment sold 1 million 130 thousand yuan." The intermediary company manager, said the provincial experimental middle school and Cultural Road, but a small one of the best junior high school and elementary school, a lot of people buy a house is directed to read these two schools.

intermediary manager said, now the school district room belongs to the price of the city, so many houses, but the demand is too large. Two days before one of the parents that there are 1 million 350 thousand sets of 53 square meters of the house, directly pay a deposit to buy it, now the school district housing average price of more than 26 thousand / square, to nearly 30 thousand. Buy school district room customers do not care about the majority of Huxing, residential environment, there can be a good housing."

buyers Wang said that although there is no right to buy the school district room, but the future still want to consider a convenience for children to study in the area, after all, I hope the children can be a better primary school and junior high school."

Zhengzhou house prices rose for the first time in the country’s first

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