in the early stages of entrepreneurship, we will face a variety of challenges, in the face of challenges, can not be discouraged, to know that no one will be born, the first time any entrepreneur is inevitable. Before you start a business, you need to understand the problems encountered in the entrepreneurial process. It can do well. What problems will be encountered in the early stage? Let’s take a look.

1, limited funds

The first encounter is

2, personal ability is less than

1 less often hang back, fight to win or die determination, can not be determined to start, not enough positive results to a circle of entrepreneurial dream. To join the entrepreneurial path, the staff into the boss, the role must also be adjusted. The boss has the ability, including leadership, communication and coordination and supervision and management, must carry all the success or failure of responsibility, from a leading role into leadership role of others. Not as an employee, as long as their own share of things to do.

the investment effort and energy, will be more than just as employees, and must be personally involved in it, please abandon pure investment business mentality, the boss personally put into play fighting force, must be higher than the staff, but also to have perseverance, defying setbacks. But some entrepreneurs, although the intention to start, but do not know what kind of industry to choose? At the same time to worry about their own suitable for the industry, fearing the shop to do business must be daily taking care of the shop, open shop for not people, whether will be too hard and come to a standstill.

3, professional knowledge is not enough