countries encourage entrepreneurship, many college students have sprouted the idea of entrepreneurship, to devote entrepreneurs to join the army, many entrepreneurs have to take time off and for business, want to return difficult business after the situation, the Ministry of Education said that they can solve.

I can responsibly say

", should not return back off business, what is the problem." Yesterday morning, the Ministry of education press conference, deputy director of the Ministry of education college student Jing Degang told reporters that so.

however, drop out business, school is difficult, how to do? Just because of suspension, Jing believes that the school is a chain, and according to its knowledge, has not yet approved by the school drop out of the situation, from the perspective of national universities, are also specified to allow students to drop out, so the individual thinks, what should be no problem.

see this news, I believe the voice of the market is not consistent, but for college students, this is amazing. So with a comprehensive business plan for college students, at ease entrepreneurship, dare to try, it will not leave regret in youth.



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