a neglected business opportunities, automotive paint paint market, many investors want to know what the prospects for the development of this industry? Here is a small series together with the relevant information.

2013 in 2015, 2014, the domestic automobile sales growth rate will be 13%, 24%, 21% of the. In 2012 5% the level of growth based on the 2013 car sales growth rate of 13% is sufficient to ensure, the industry is expected to total profit growth of more than 18%; and in 2014, 2015 China auto industry will usher in a more than 20% annual growth in two years time, gold " " then, the automobile industry will reach China the peak sales will reach about 35 million vehicles including exports and foreign production.

2013, according to Xinhua letter of national statistics, white accounted for 27.8%, has surpassed the black market in 2013 to become the biggest winner, two colors 18.4%; Silver Red 12.7%; 6.1%; 3.8% orange, white and black color, which is accounted for 65.4%, occupy half of the country’s automobile color. If looking at what, if every car painting requires 15 pounds of paint, the titanium dioxide consumption accounted for about 9%, in 2012 production of 1900 cars, whites accounted for 27.8%, so the amount of titanium dioxide is as high as 13 thousand tons, this figure will be accompanied by the car and auto production >