no matter how the times change, no matter how the development of science and technology, the pen has always been a very important stationery, has a very broad market. In a word, the pen is a widely used writing tool. It was invented in the early nineteenth Century. The pen is made of metal, writing is smooth and elastic, very smooth. Here, Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten brands of pens, so that people understand the pen market.

gold NIB NIB nib, iridium are more durable, secret in the pen tip on the small round. This is a small round iridium ruthenium alloy made it very hard. According to the Shanghai Venus fountain pen factory experiment, if the pen tip and the pen tip and on the oilstone grinding, after one hour, only wear a gold tipped 0.07 mm, and the pen tip wear up to as many as 5 mm!

pen ten brand ranking NO.1:Parker Parker (founded in the United States in 1888, the global writing tool of well-known enterprises, ten pen brand, the oldest American Parker pen company, company


pen ten brands list: NO.2 hero HERO (the famous trademark, Shanghai City, Shanghai City, the domestic well-known brand products, the production and operation of cultural office supplies group, Shanghai hero (Group) Co. Ltd.)

pen ten brand ranking NO.3:LAMY link-usa (founded in Germany in 1930, ten pen brand, the world famous brand, by the family inheritance independent companies, East Asia Limited)

pen ten brand ranking NO.4:Waterman Waterman (in France in 1883, ten pen brands, the world has a long history of pen manufacturer, high taste people cherish, France Waterman (Waterman),


pen top ten brand NO.5:PELIKAN PELIKAN (early start in 1838 in Hannover, Germany, the famous brand of pen, pen, the top ten brands, the world’s leading brands, the German Pelikan company)

pen ten brand ranking NO.6:Pilot Tupper (in 1918 in Japan, the global scale manufacturer of writing instruments, writing tools in the field of leading enterprises, well-known brand of pen, Baile


pen top ten brand NO.7:Sheaffer Sheaffer (in the United States in 1913, the world’s earlier production of practical draw rod ink fountain pen, one of the oldest existing ink pen company, Sheaffer)

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