many of my friends have set up a stall stall in mind, and we do not want so simple, need to know a lot of things. So, how to set up a stall? A street vendor needs to pay attention to what the problem? Here Xiaobian introduce matters need to pay attention to the spread of hem.


1. to spread the type of customer flow range: students;   occupation   fixed customer types: people living in type

What are the needs of

2. customers? What is often used?

Second, how to select the vendor supply?

1. from Taobao and other online shopping mall to understand the price

2. wholesale market to understand the price, the purchase of relatively high product

3. contact manufacturers to expand the scale, looking for more quality sourcing

Third, how to choose its products?

1. combines seasonal hot selling products

2. stylish new ideas to attract customers

3. high profit products