join kindergarten need what conditions? The spirit of promoting these years, education has always been a topic of concern to every parent, for investment, to open a kindergarten to low risk investment profitable projects, favorable conditions, let us together to understand under what conditions.


1. business license, tax registration certificate, health permit, fire safety certificate and so on a series of kindergarten complete certificate.

2. looking for a large enough indoor space with large outdoor space. If you want to recruit 60 children, please ensure that the total indoor area of 150 square meters, outdoor area of 200 square meters. If only a small part of the beginning, then the indoor area is not changed, the outdoor area is 150 square meters as well.

3. has a stable and reliable source of funding, the school start-up funds of not less than 200 thousand (including teaching facilities and teaching equipment, etc.), the registered capital of more than 100 thousand yuan, and provide legal evidence of credit.

4. chairs, toys, tableware, cups, large beds, books, stationery and Goods are available in all varieties. blackboard.

5. good quality teachers, health chef.

6. to develop a reasonable fee and show your parents the advantages of kindergarten.

by more than the kindergarten to join conditions, if you have some understanding, fast action, real investment small, profitable venture project, fast action.

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