real estate is particularly popular on the market this year, let all the relevant departments to take a series of measures, facing the current situation, the real estate market in 21, the Fuzhou municipal government issued the "notice" on the strengthening of the real estate market regulation to promote stable and healthy development of the real estate market, puts forward measures of the third round of real estate regulation this year including two suites, provident fund loans Shoufu ratio from 30% to 50%, all real estate under a batch record price of "zero growth".

adjustment of personal housing accumulation fund loan policy. In the five Fuzhou City area, for the first time to apply for family housing provident fund loans to home buyers, down payment of not less than 30%; second time to apply for housing provident fund loans to home buyers, down payment of not less than 50%.

provident fund loan applicant and spouse of any party to use the housing provident fund loans, in the settlement for 2 years before they can apply for housing provident fund loans again; stop payment of housing provident fund loans to third times the use of housing provident fund loans and housing provident fund loans outstanding staff family.

strengthen the management of commodity housing price record. New commodity housing project for the first time to apply for the record price for the opening of the market, according to the same area, the same quality, the same type of record for the first time to determine the record price. The next batch of the same commodity housing project record price must be zero growth, not higher than the record price of the previous batch.

continue to implement operating residential land limited premium, competing with the construction of the way to sell publicly. Since the date of publication of this notice, with the announcement of Fuzhou City five transfer business of residential, to determine a reasonable land reserve price, and according to the sale price of the premium rate of 50% land bidding limit control. When bidding price reached the limit of land transfer price, no longer accept a higher offer, to the scene the first business with the construction of resettlement housing, public rental housing construction area of the way to determine bidder.

strict review of real estate development enterprise funding sources. The full implementation of the real estate development enterprise "with" to examine the sources of enterprise system, tracking the flow of funds, prohibited the use of bank loans, corporate shareholder loans, lending, raising funds, bonds and other ways to raise funds for the payment of land transfer price, found violations should be severely punished.

Fuzhou real estate regulation and control of new initiatives, two sets of provident fund loans down payment ratio increased to 50%, which undoubtedly makes some people in the purchase of second sets of real estate increased difficulty. The notice also proposed to further increase the real estate market inspection control efforts to find wind prices, illegal sales, property hoarding, false advertising and other illegal acts, shall be immediately punished, the top grid punishment, immediate exposure.

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