as the electricity supplier industry "hero", Ma Yun’s influence is a decision be not of the common sort, he did not make the investment direction is likely to change countless entrepreneurs, now Ma Yun has launched a new game for Taobao.

2014, Taobao and Taobao mobile phone has been concerned about the consumer with live entertainment, and strive to become the consumer’s life partner".

12 3, the Alibaba held in Hangzhou Taobao "double 12" Strategy Conference, said Taobao President Zhang Jianfeng in an interview in twenty-first Century economic report, and in previous years, sales of innovative marketing play different, Taobao this year, double 12 is intended to provide consumers with a new experience of life unexpected.

if the "double 11" belong to Tmall for brands, then "double 12" belongs to Taobao, for small sellers.

also received the "love angel" delivery of the user, as well as the opportunity to get sent by the Jingdong, a face value of 360 yuan coupons, will also send 8 Mercedes Benz Smart car.

with the outside world, the rise of Tmall, Taobao’s importance has been greatly reduced, because with the development of the electricity supplier, B2C has become more mainstream than C2C. In fact, for Taobao, Ma has a high expectations, even more than Tmall. From C2C to B2C is the two stage of the physical electricity providers have passed, but with the development of mobile Internet service providers, O2O will become a new field of business growth, while in the O2O era, play changed, C2C!