is now a lot of people in the room layout will choose elegant Home Furnishing jewelry, raise the living space level, so the Home Furnishing jewelry market demand continues to increase, has brought new opportunities for the sustainable development of the industry, more and more investors are optimistic about this area. But want to open a shop, you need to know how to do the preparatory work, home accessories shop how to do a good job shop ready?

1, the local real estate industry is the development of commercial housing prices in what a level?

with the end of the welfare housing distribution system, the domestic real estate industry has developed rapidly. With the development of the real estate industry, the decoration industry and furniture industry. Home accessories industry is a new industry in this case breakdown. Visible, the real estate industry is the source of the development of home accessories industry.

local real estate boom, property prices continued to rise, indicating a large demand for local commercial housing. More people to buy a house, home improvement is also more. Home improvement and more, there is a natural demand for jewelry market. If a place of commercial housing price of less than 1500 yuan /m2, and the high vacancy rate of commercial housing, prices can not be left behind, can not be judged as home accessories.

2, home decoration industry is developed, the general purchase of commercial housing is the cost of interior decoration?

because of the interior decoration, will have Home Furnishing jewelry. Home Furnishing jewelry is used to set off the interior decoration, interior decoration is the punchline. If the local interior decoration industry is still in development, the social widespread guerrilla decoration housing, decoration fees are generally less than 50 thousand yuan, the local people can think of Home Furnishing decoration is less demanding, or do not have high requirements of economic conditions, therefore, not suitable for the operation of home accessories.

3, whether there are local brands of furniture, brand household items (such as bedding, curtains, etc.) stores, opening time in more than a year?

if the local brand furniture stores, brand stores Home Furnishing has sprung up, and Business Hours for more than a year, so that the local has a number of Home Furnishing on image, pay attention to the quality of life to buy class, indicating that the local Home Furnishing aspects of consumption gradually mature, open a Home Furnishing jewelry stores can just fill the gaps in this area.

home accessories shop how to do a good job shop ready? Open Home Furnishing jewelry stores businesses can start from the above aspects, detailed investigation on the local market, which is the basis of establishing long-term business plan, to better explore the market, businesses should pay enough attention to. Do a good job of preparation, in order to reduce the risk of investment, more provincial shop.

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