in the modern busy time, many people are on the floor decoration good, as the important furniture in people’s lives, entrepreneurs are now very interested on the floor to join, in many brands on the floor, the floor at high quality, good brand, worth shop business.

so, what about the floor? Now the decoration industry due to building materials, labor costs rise, prices have also increased. This is the next year to prepare for the decoration of the owners, will undoubtedly increase the cost of renovation. In response to this situation, the floor price is a foregone conclusion, seize the opportunity to save more years ago decoration!

floor price reasons

1: freight price increases of 33.6%, leading to the entire floor industry prices rise!

2016 in September 1st, known as "the history of the most stringent restrictions of the" super "transportation vehicle management regulations" formally implemented, the Department of transportation for overloaded vehicles to implement a new round of "strike hard", many industries rely on the "overload" costs are all breaking the unspoken rule, the freight price increase of about 33.6%. Plus the corresponding increase in taxes, freight rose at least 35%.

2: after skyrocketing raw materials, carton industry started retaliatory rose


of skyrocketing raw materials, intermediate industry started retaliatory rise. The price of the original paper must begin to rebound, since 2016, packaging paper every month rose, each price increases even as high as 300 yuan / ton.

3: labor costs rise, indirectly increase floor production costs!

2016, the world is going to raise wages, and the actual increase will be the highest in three years, of which Chinese employees will be an average wage increase of 8%, an increase of the world’s first. Prices rise, prices rise, this time also followed the rising wages. For the floor enterprises, while also using the automated production line, but in the floor dry and finished packing and other links still needs to be done manually, and part of the wage labor cost is no ground for blame.

peace floor as the ten major brands, a small part of the price of the product has been a small increase.

now is the end of the year, at the floor headquarter adhere to innovation, service consumers, given a series of preferential, next year for the decoration of friends, opting to the floor, can be assured that you can save money.