how can we open a good flower shop? In the current market needs what kind of entrepreneurial skills for everyone to pull their own customer groups? Look at the following shop cheats.

A, technical master: we must first understand what flowers flower, what people, what occasion for what flowers, what day to send what flower opening, making baskets, floats, making wedding, funeral baskets, wreaths. Very simple, a book on flower arranging will solve the problem. In short, the experience is Practice makes perfect.

two, the choice of shops: This is the key to the flower. Because retail profits in the flower industry up to 50%-80%, retail profits sufficient to meet the January rent utilities, staff salaries, tax expenditures, etc.. From this point of view, location in hospitals, hotels, or entertainment studio next to the city, can avoid the 6 ~ September off-season for the performance of the two is to consider the extension from zero performance, because the wholesale profits of about 10% ~ 30%, the site selection in the flower wholesale market street, or shop is relatively concentrated block. In addition to the dead in the site should also be considered when the doors and windows of the room is big enough, the future into the glass doors and windows, to show the internal face of the florist. In September to May of the second year of the season, all the flower shop, flowers are your customers, because the customer shopping psychological and wholesale volume, the price is cheap, you will get a lot of people can’t get business. At the same time, other flower shop is also your wholesale customers.

four, purchase channels: flower quality and price, is your magic weapon to win the market, find a homegrown supply, can make your profits get maximum guarantee, now Beijing flower wholesale market in Linghai, there are several Liangmahe, Laitai, Yuquanying, Hangtianqiao, nature, if can you have terms and China’s largest producing flowers Yunnan flower market to cooperate in order to check the air, flowers, they commissioned to grasp the source quality first. In short, the positive flower shop to take the price + quality + service for the purpose, to win customers. Business strategy in twenty-first Century no matter what industry are no gaps in the market waiting for you no matter what line of business development, credibility is the key, a flower on quality and price, two depends on the quality of service, wholesale and retail store price by the supplier if the flower quality checks, as the owner mainly depends on the quality of service. Beijing Ms. Wang said if Fangfang shop >