a lot of people want to start, but he did not worry about the cost, in fact, money is not the key factor of success, as the saying goes, not afraid to venture capital is little, not afraid of entrepreneurial skills! If you want to start a business, you need to master some skills. The following is a proposal to small entrepreneurs.

A, relying on a mature industry because the industry, do market segments can earn money. Because of the high maturity of the industry, the use of off the shelf consumer groups, can save the cost of developing new markets and wake up consumer trouble.

two, do not focus on branch business, the so-called mainstream business refers to the icing on the cake, to meet consumer satisfaction after the derivative demand in the mainstream demand. For example, mobile phones, consumers buy mobile phones is the main purpose of communication, in order to facilitate communication with others anytime, anywhere. Therefore, the powerful communication function and smooth communication services are consumers in the consumer mobile phone products and services, the primary and main demands. To meet the needs of consumers of these two, do a good job of these two businesses, requires huge investment, small investors simply can not afford. So, for small investors, the choice of doing business in the market segments, focusing on the individual needs of consumers is a wise move.

three, just to meet some people with mobile phone, the current domestic mobile phone consumers has reached 800 million, 800 million of all want to meet the wishes of consumers is stupid, it is not possible. So, you can only meet some of them, often only a small number of people’s needs. But because the size of the market is large enough, even if only to meet the needs of a small part of their people, but also enough to eat small investors.

four, services in place of