everyone’s attitude towards things is different, the method may also be different. As the saying goes: nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it. The same is true of the store, every customer into the store may have to buy behavior, so how to turn the customer’s desire to buy into the actual purchase behavior is essential. I have been operating for more than and 10 years, I have some experience to share with you.

although my shop area is not big, but I hope to attract the attention of the customer for the first time through the beautiful and neat store image. My shop advocates simple and lively decoration style, abandoned the complex design, to avoid the messy color, counters and the overall decoration of the color is closer.

we ordered the tobacco companies to smoke cabinet, gave Yilabao, greatly enhance the store image, customer a stop, can see the eye-catching signs. To have a unique style in the store window decoration embellishment, the whole store is graceful, beautiful and elegant, full of personality.

so the customer into the store, how to grasp the opportunity to close to customers?

too close to the door of the customer, they will have a sense of oppression; too late, it will leave a feeling of not cordial to the customer. My experience is that when you meet a customer, or a customer stops to pay attention to a brand of cigarettes, looking for a commodity, are close to the customer a good time. Whether the customer to buy or not to buy, or how much to buy, as a boss should express gratitude. At the same time, for some repeat customers, but also to strengthen communication, pay attention to contact feelings, maybe also can become friends.

in today’s increasingly competitive market, how to retain customers and attract more customers?

I have my own opinion about it. Competition is not the key to the problem, there is competition to progress. In the shop more and more, customers are increasingly demanding today, with arbitrary price, disrupted the market price, not to fight, fight with credibility, sincerity, integrity to win the customer’s identity, thereby increasing the store sales fundamentally. The "integrity" of the worry about the source is a gilded signboard,?

do a thing in the end there is no intention, it will have a very big relationship with the outcome of the matter. In my opinion, nothing can be done only by heart. Whether it is a business or a person, I hope to be able to experience the heart, heart to pay, the best side show to everyone!