China is now more and more attention to intellectual property rights, engaged in the cause of more and more people. However, due to the late start of the industry, leading to a lot of people for the industry’s knowledge is not thorough enough, it is difficult to keep up with the service. To this end, there are a number of places around the country will provide relevant training. The first Hunan intellectual property entrepreneurship mentor training courses held in Changsha.

in order to strengthen the construction of the business mentor team, improve the level of entrepreneurial services, in December 20th, Hunan’s first intellectual property mentor training courses held in Changsha. The director of the Hunan Provincial Intellectual Property Office Xiao Xiangqing attended the opening ceremony and speech.

Xiao Xiangqing pointed out that to promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation, entrepreneurship leading role should not be underestimated. To carry out this training is not only the needs of national innovation driven development strategy and the development of innovation and entrepreneurship, but also the development of intellectual property in Hunan. I hope the students to seriously study, strengthen exchanges, play a greater role in the province’s innovation and entrepreneurship service system.

training invitation from enterprises and universities 4 type of practice of intellectual property experts to carry out the "innovation and intellectual property" and "innovation based entrepreneurship and intellectual property strategy", "mobile Internet era innovation" and "intellectual property layout and operation" as the title of the lecture, but also to guide the salon students and experts in interactive communication distance, the deeper.

this training by the Hunan Provincial Intellectual Property Office, Xiangtan University, Institute of intellectual property and the national intellectual property rights training (Hunan) base contractors. Some colleges and universities in innovation and entrepreneurship guidance teacher and Youth League Committee responsible person, investment company, operating company, intellectual property patent operation of pilot enterprises, patent technology exhibition and Trade Center, the park and the City State Intellectual Property Office related personnel more than 100 people attended the training.

is currently the industry of our country’s intellectual property rights are to be improved, and the Hunan province to carry out such training, so as to make the province related business will undoubtedly be developed further, and promote China’s entire intellectual property industry to develop a higher, more people realize the entrepreneurial ambitions.

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