now a lot of young people are not willing to go down, they want to make more money through their own efforts to achieve their own ideals of life. 28 year old guy to give up the annual salary of 200 thousand bags, which sounds incredible thing, but after 80 guy Huang Sheng entrepreneurial story does exist.

in the public venture, the highly innovative tide, the small guy 80 after graduation has been working in state-owned enterprises, work light, because there is no contacts in the state-owned enterprises gradually lose interest in work, although the annual salary of 200 thousand, but in Guangzhou still can dream to buy a house is far away. Decided to give up high salary, venture into the sea, today, he still felt that this is his most important decisions.

2010 after graduating from the University of Guangzhou Huang Sheng, in the state-owned enterprises as a trainee manager. Work, Huang Sheng has not forgotten to charge their own…… 3 years, with his excellent ability to work, from an ordinary staff, to senior, to the Department deputy director, director, deputy manager, the annual salary has reached $200 thousand.