as an important city near the capital, Tianjin, for entrepreneurs do not have the same appeal. At present, Tianjin has built a number of business incubation base for the entry of entrepreneurial enterprises and projects to provide multi-level full range of support.

2015 in December 20th, the second session of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei innovation forum held in airport economic zone. As the organizer of the North entrepreneurial training camp in Tianjin base, is the first batch of the national Ministry of science and technology, Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Commission and the Binhai New Area of science and technology and space, is a North Camp first base. Located in the airport for more than a year, the Tianjin base for social entrepreneurship courses and open entrepreneurship theme activities, all-round and multi angle support enterprise.

group opened the "Tianjin innovation and entrepreneurship training class", "coffee project investment matchmaking, beichuang camp programs broadcast" and "project exercise field" and "students will enjoy thinking," Li Chi "," outdoor simulation Entrepreneurship Challenge Small and micro businesses entrepreneurial management a series of lectures and other activities, won the praise of many entrepreneurs. Up to now, the North has set up a base camp in Tianjin nearly 70 entrepreneurial projects take root in binhai.

and at the end of October last year, the first Nankai University alumni innovation base in the Airport Center for innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship so far, airport became the center of innovation and entrepreneurship support while sitting on the Peking University, Nankai University two Beijing University resources. In December 25th, the second session of the "Nankai good project" Tianjin trials division at the airport to start, the first game a total of four technology entrepreneurs to participate in the roadshow project.