shop is now all over the country everywhere, in such a competition, if you want to make the shop business is hot, you may need some business strategy. In this paper, the village store, the scale is not large, the geographical position is not good, but the business can be extremely hot, why is this?

Xiu was a beautiful woman, and her husband two match, two people of husband and wife jointly operates an old neighbor living material shop.

She always wears a smile on the face of the

show, never because of their beautiful, supercilious, regardless of the guests to their home consumption or not, they are treated like. The customer who asked not to buy light, never look away. Hsiu husband forthright, the upright, nearby people love and the couple make friends. Who has a birthday, marry a wife, marry her daughter likes to go to his home to drink, smoke, and some of the guests back to the necessities.

they specifically bought a car to the customer for the delivery, not used, is also responsible for the pull back, let the buyer not near the people, menace from the rear, as long as to his home to say, they just in time delivery period, drinks enough, a call will send the door to his home, after closing it a little, don’t worry about that, in the course of time, those customers are their lazy, to buy things they have become accustomed to.

actually, the location of the store is not very good, just at a crossroads in the countryside, but the business is surprisingly good. Every week, light cigarette sales of over million, summer water and beer needless to say, it is often a big truck, a lot of street supermarkets are not their home sales.

why a roadside living data store, the business will be so prosperous?

: first they put the customer as a friend, all for the sake of customers, open the floodgates wide to.

second: smiling service, who will be angry with the smiling faces of the boss.

third: near the customer, a customer, what is not love what love, even the trading mode and characteristics, they can understand, they managed to cultivate customer "cannot do without them". Customers have been completely "lazy". There are so many "lazy" customers to patronize, but also worry about money?

although it is a small shop, but if the right way to operate, but also to allow business to get good development. So, with more than a small series of the introduction of the village shop business skills, if you are now open shop to do business, these skills will be applied to your store business?

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