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The line of effort to do marketing more awesome place

At the beginning of the new year

, network marketing war once again kicked off, as the main force of network promotion and whether we are doing enough to get a new harvest in the new year, surpassing the previous year results, let the marketing effect for greater improvement? To achieve this, not only to believe relying on a "brute force" without mental promotion methods, but to pay more attention to their brains to analyze and summarize, only constantly improve the promotion methods, in order to make the effect of steady improvement in actual combat, and even get double the performance over. read more

China domain name and.Cn which is more suitable for the development of Chinese e-commerce

has recently been fired the Chinese results will raise a Babel of criticism of the domain name, officially opened in July. The number of customer access to Chinese domain names will not be less than the current CN domain name. This is what the Chinese decide for themselves.

China population, import and export trade, although many domestic brands, but also beyond count, in the next few years Chinese brand will be a certain amount of market share, and China domain will have been paid more and more attention. Chinese people are accustomed to using Chinese input method in the English state of the input method, the Chinese domain name will occupy the market in the next few years. It is very likely that Chinese domain names will be widely used in china. Chinese domain name is convenient and effective, saving the search engine to find their own brand. And save the cost of advertising companies. Famous brands in the IE browser direct input will be directly to the site address. So the company brand is very important. read more

Promote the healthy and rapid development of cross-border e-commerce guidance

according to the Xinhua news agency Xinhua recently, the State Council issued the "guiding opinions on promoting the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce healthy". This is the new situation, to promote the development of cross-border e-commerce guidance document.

"opinions" clear, both universal support for domestic enterprises to use e-commerce to carry out foreign trade, but also focus on the strength of enterprises to encourage bigger and stronger. In particular, it is necessary to cultivate a number of public platform, foreign trade integrated service enterprises and self built platform, and encourage domestic enterprises and foreign e-commerce enterprises powerful alliances. read more