Facebook-WhatsApp Deal May Face Detailed Scrutiny in India

first_imgFacebook’s $19 billion deal (Rs. 1,16,000 crore) to acquire WhatsApp may face a detailed scrutiny especially since both players have significant presence in India. Related Itemslast_img

Virgin Hyperloop One to Cut Mumbai-Pune Travel Time to 25 Minutes

first_imgVirgin Hyperloop One has signed the framework agreement with the Maharashtra government to build a hyperloop between Mumbai and Pune that would cut down travel time to 14-25 minutes.The announcement was made on Feb. 18 by Virgin Group founder and Virgin Hyperloop One chairman Sir Richard Branson. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis were also present during the announcement.The hyperloop will connect central Pune, Navi Mumbai International Airport, and Mumbai. It will support 150 million passenger trips per year, Branson said in a statement.“As our team’s studies have found, the Pune-Mumbai route could result in $55 billion (Rs 350,000 crore) in socio-economic benefits, time savings, accident reduction and operational cost savings, over 30 years of operation,” he added.The project is part of the Magnetic Maharashtra project. The key investors of Hyperloop One, besides Branson, are Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, the CEO and group Chairman of DP World, and Ziyavudin Magomedov, the Chairman of Summa Group.“Mumbai-Pune is one of the most busiest routes in the world, anybody who uses it regularly knows it can be unpleasant route to travel on. The study just shows that the opportunity is enormous and the government is welcoming it with open arms and they are working very closely with us to make it happen. Three years from now we will finish the test run on this route and six to seven years from now the route will be commercially opened,” Branson said, according to the Economic Times.India will debut the technology before Middle East, Northern Europe or the United States of America, the publication added.It will cost a passenger almost the same as a cab or flight between the two cities. The demonstration track will be built in 2-3 years after signing the final agreement. In the second phase, the aim will be to complete the entire route in 5-7 years.Branson also said that the Virgin Hyperloop One could have the same impact upon India in the 21st century as trains did in the 20th century.Why I believe @Virgin @HyperloopOne could have the same impact upon India in the 21st century as trains did in the 20th century— Richard Branson (@richardbranson) February 18, 2018Branson’s connection with India is not limited to his business interests. The business magnate had said in 2016 in a blog post that after a DNA analysis he found that his third great-grandmother was an Indian from Chennai.“What’s more exciting is that the Madras archives combined with analysis of my DNA uncovered a very surprising family secret. The baptismal record of my second great-grandmother Eliza Reddy strangely didn’t list her mother. Analysis of my DNA revealed that the reason for this was because my third great-grandmother was Indian. Yes, it turns out I’m part Indian. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face when I found this out. I’m honored. I wish that my father had got to see these records; he would have been fascinated too,” he said in a blog post on Feb. 3, 2016. Related ItemshyperloopRichard BransonVirgin Atlanticlast_img read more

Kuwait to Compensate 710 Indian Workers Left Unpaid by Company

first_imgOver 700 Indian workers who had to leave Kuwait without salary will be compensated by the Kuwaiti government. The workers were left unpaid and stranded for several months in Kuwait before they could leave the country.Each of the 710 employees of Kharafi National Company, who is registered with the Public Authority of Manpower (PAM), will be paid KD 250 as a relief amount, the Indian embassy said. The PAM selected those workers who were employed under the sponsorship of Kharafi National Company; and who registered complaints with PAM, with subsequent cancellation of their work permits; and left Kuwait between from Nov.1, 2017 and April 22, 2018, according to the Indian embassy.Kharafi National Company, a construction company in Kuwait, ran into financial trouble last year, following which about 3,600 Indian workers were left stranded for several months in the country. The workers were earlier reported as saying that the company informed them that it was not in a position to pay salaries as it didn’t have projects to execute. The workers hailed from different parts of India, including Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. In September last year, the Indian embassy submitted a list of 3,614 workers for compensation. However, an agreement could not be reached on the modalities to liquidate the security deposits, the Kuwait Times reported.Indian Minister of State for External Affairs VK Singh had, during a trip to Kuwait in January this year, visited the unpaid Indian workers, and met Kuwaiti Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sabah Al-Khalid Al-Sabah to discuss the issue. Singh assured workers that the penalties for overstaying in Kuwait, as their visas had expired, will be waived off to facilitate their return to India. After several rounds of talks between the two countries, the Indian embassy submitted a modified list of 1,262 workers. The PAM then identified 710 people who would be eligible for the compensation of KD 250 each. The amount will be wired directly to each worker’s bank, for which they have to submit the original Power of Attorney, and other documents listed on the website of the Indian embassy in Kuwait. The Indian workers had to face dire conditions after they did not receive their wages for several months, and their visas expired, making their stay in Kuwait illegal. They were left without food and amenities, and depended on help from social workers who arranged food for them from local gurdwaras and other sources. Related ItemsHuman RightsKuwaitlast_img read more

Here Comes The Bride…… And The Bride

first_imgThe gray cat dozes contentedly on a bench in the afternoon sun as Arvind Kumar, his head shaded by a floppy blue hat, plucks weeds from his garden. Upstairs in the San Jose home they have shared together for over a decade, Ashok Jethanandani is enjoying his Sunday siesta. It’s a scene of cozy, almost Normal Rockwellesque Americana. But in it lie the seeds of a domestic revolution that has caught the attention of everyone, including the White House. Ashok and Arvind are gay. They have the house, the cats, the twin Toyotas, the joint bank account and the Costco shopping card. Now they would like to get married. Ashok Jethanandani and Arvind Kumar just got an email from the city of San Fransisco cancelling their April 30 marriage appointment. On Friday, Feb. 20, Ashok and Arvind rose at 5:30 am and drove an hour to San Francisco to do just that. When they reached City Hall, there were already some 300 couples ahead of them in line.Around noon they realized it was futile. But Ashok has no regrets. “It was so festive. So many people were rooting for us. Even the garbage truck went by and honked its support.” Though they came home empty handed that day, Ashok, editor of India Currents magazine, found on their doorstep a huge bouquet of flowers and a card from all his co-workers.“It was completely unexpected,” says Ashok. “I hand’t really given them any warning.” The weekend before when San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom set the nation abuzz by instructing City Hall to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, Mala Nagarajan and Vega Subramaniam were visiting Mala’s sister in San Francisco from Seattle. They watched the excitement but decided not to be a part of it. They had already had their own wedding ceremony at their home in Washington in 2002, what they laughingly call “perhaps the first lesbian Hindu wedding in America!”“Personally I would rather have the state be out of our personal relationship,” says Vega. “For me the most important thing was to have a ceremony with our loved ones. We were not sure we wanted to take the legal step.” But within a month the repercussions from San Francisco had reached Seattle. On March 8, the Northwest Women’s Law Center and Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund filed a lawsuit on behalf of six gay and lesbian couples who were denied marriage licenses. One of the couples was Mala and Vega. “We wanted to help get the right to choose whether or not to get married. We wanted people to be able to bring their partners over (from another country) and have access to health care benefits,” says Mala.A decade ago, few lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) Indians were visible in the United States. though major cities like San Francisco and New York had organizations like Trikone and SALGA. While mainstream gay America was fighting about the right to serve in the military or job discrimination, LGBT South Asians were grappling with issues of coming out and marriage. Now as America wrestles with the idea of same-sex marriage, LGBT desis find their Number One issue is suddenly headline news. Yatin Chawathe married his boyfriend of five years Thomas Zambito III in Seattle this FebruarySamina Ali can relate to this desi preoccupation with marriage. The San Francisco writer entered into an arranged marriage 13 years ago with a man who turned out to be gay. “In Western culture, children grow up, leave the home, have lovers, get married or not; in the end, a person’s life belongs to him/her,” says the author of Madras on Rainy Days. “In India, children’s lives belong to their parents, to their community. So the idea of a person having the freedom to declare his/her homosexuality and then getting married to a person of the same sex seems almost unbelievable.”But that was what happened to Aditya Advani.  When he came out his mother suggested running a matrimonial in the Hindustan Times looking for a husband. “I think Indians can understand marriage, even same-sex marriage, more easily than singledom,” says Aditya, a landscape architect in Berkeley.In 1993 when he took his partner Michael Tarr home to New Delhi, he resisted going to yet another family wedding. “No one is ever going to come to my wedding,” he complained. His mother thought for a moment and then said, “Why not? We could have a ceremony for you and Michael.” Swami Bodhananda, the family’s spiritual mentor, presided over the ceremony dedicating it to Ayyappa, son of an unusual union between two male gods, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. “I couldn’t believe my luck,” hreflects Aditya. “Openly gay and married in my parents’ drawing room at the age of thirty. Right on schedule as a good Indian boy should be.” Not everyone’s mother is quite so understanding. “My father and brother were excited because Mala is so likeable,” says Vega. “But my mother thought why flaunt it, why be proud of something shameful.”When Ruth Vanita, a professor in English in Montana, told her family in India that she was going to marry her partner Mona Bachman in 2000, the initial reaction was negative though they were fond of Mona. “The usual problem, ‘What will people say?’” remembers Ruth. As it turns out few people said anything. “Most relatives ignored it; the uncle and aunt to whom I am closest gave us a nice present,” says Ruth. Mona’s 87-year-old mother had her qualms as well. But in the end she walked her daughter down the aisle. Now Ruth’s parents have adjusted. “They now live with us, and my mother hrefers to Mona as her daughter-in-law,” says Ruth.Though their wedding vows have no legal significance, for Ruth, a wedding ceremony was like a second coming out. “(It) helped me to make the relationship visible to family and friends as more than just a friendship,” she says. “We are married, whether or not the state likes it. Marriage is defined by people, not by governments.” And it is the people who attend who make the ceremony meaningful.   When Yatin Chawathe married his boyfriend of five years, Thomas Zambito III in Seattle this February, the most moving moment was just looking around the room. “Eighty percent of the guests had come from out of town. Just for our wedding. That meant so much to us to know they were there to acknowledge our relationship,” says Yatin.Tom’s parents flew in from upstate New York. Yatin’s parents flew in from Mumbai. Though everyone initially was nervous about a public ceremony, by the time the big day arrived, the mothers were completely in “mother of the groom” mode. Yatin’s mother was hunting down CDs with specific mantras. “On the morning of the wedding, my mother was stringing the wedding garlands with Yatin’s mom,” remembers Tom.The national hullabaloo about gay marriages is a legal one involving talk of constitutional amendments, law suits and counter law suits, and state Supreme Courts. But for couples like Yatin and Tom, the moment is all about personal rituals.Without any roadmap to follow, lesbian and gay couples get to create their own ceremonies freely borrowing from each other’s cultures. Ruth Vanita married her partner Mona Bachman in an unrecognized ceremony. Ruth and Mona’s Hindu-Jewish ceremony involved a chuppah, breaking glass, a three tier wedding cake, Vedic shlokas and jaimalas.  Mala and Vega wanted a Hindu ceremony with a saptapadi but without gender terms and hierarchy. When the moment came to honor the elders, Mala’s sister, a professor of religious studies, saluted “all the gay, lesbian and queer ancestors who paved the way.” Tom and Yatin had a curtain ceremony and went round the fire seven times while a Christian minister presided over the ceremony and a friend wept as she read a Sufi poem. For dinner they made sure everything hreflected the mingling of their Indian and Italian roots – the main entree was Spicy Lamb Curry with Sicilian Risotto!Of course, there are challenges. “The United Nations chapel in New York, which is supposed to be dedicated to equality and inclusiveness, hrefused to let us hold the wedding there,” says Ruth. Yatin and Tom couldn’t find a Hindu priest. “Most made excuses, though only one said he wouldn’t do gay marriages. And he was the white American priest from the Hare Krishna temple,” says Yatin.Mala and Vega had a more basic problem. They didn’t have wedding sarees. When they put up a sign looking for wedding saris at local Indian grocery store, they got a call instead from a woman whose husband was a priest. Though he was taken aback to hear two women were planning to get married, he soon got into the spirit of things. “He was looking for hreferences to unions such as ours,” remembers Mala. “He didn’t find anything specific but he found lots of hreferences to ‘two souls coming together’ in union, with no hreferences to the gender of those ‘souls’.”While the ceremonies are moving and beautiful, in the end do they make a difference? Aditya Advani thinks so. “It’s a social cement that holds you together,” says Aditya. “Everyone understands we are a unit now.”Arvind’s mother, who had once adamantly rejected Arvind’s sexuality, presided over a Hindu ceremony complete with pheras he had with Ashok in Toronto in 1996. “I came full circle from being the alienated teenager, angry with my parents for not accepting me the way I was,” says Arvind. “I finally entered the family circle.”But while families are accepting, some gay activists are not sure that with all the discrimination and immigration issues LGBT people face, marriage should be the top agenda item.   “Marriage may not be the best institution,” says Ashok. “But it’s like gays in the military. I wondered why would anyone want to join the military anyway. But it’s important to have the choice.” Ultimately, says Mala it’s about fairness. She remembers going to heterosexual weddings and wondering “What did they do to deserve this?” Watching the drama unfold in San Francisco, Samina Ali is convinced that even if the courts annul it, the images of the long lines of excited couples will have an impact. “Even if other parts of the world are not yet ready to succumb to this fever, at least the knowledge of its existence will help shape and mold future conscience. Men love men, women love women!” she says.The courts may have put the wedding fever in San Francisco in a limbo and the couples have gone back to their daily lives. But in some subtle ways they have been changed forever. Aditya is waiting anxiously for his photographer husband to return from a research trip to Arunachal Pradesh. “If they still allow marriages, we’ll definitely do it,” he says.  Yatin and Tom are putting their wedding pictures up on their website.They are not yet quite used to hreferring to each other as “husband,” but Tom doesn’t care. “I still look at my wedding ring and it still brings a smile to my face” he says. “I can’t believe I finally have this ring on my finger.” Mala and Vega are getting used to the media glare of being activists while Mala’s mom complains, “When are you guys going to adopt? Hurry up. I am getting old.” Ruth and Mona are still living in Montana where Ruth is researching a book on same sex marriage and its antecedents in India and the West.Ashok and Arvind just got an email from the city of San Francisco canceling their April 30 marriage appointment while the state Supreme Court tries to sort things out. But they are patient. The registration licenses from being domestic partners in Palo Alto and California hang on the wall where other couples might have pictures of their children.“We are just fighting to simplify our lives,” says Arvind. “I don’t want a Palo Alto date, a state of California date, a Hindu ceremony date. I just want one date, one wedding anniversary like everyone else.”   Related Itemslast_img read more

$23 Billion on Call

first_imgIndia is the largest recipient of overseas worker remittances in the world, edging out China and Mexico. In 2006, India received $23.5 billion in remittances from NRIs, of which almost half was in bank deposits, stocks and Real Estate.Worker Remittances 2004 India $21.7 billion China $21.3 billion Mexico $18.1 billion France $12 billion Philippines  $12 billion Pakistan $3.9 billion Bangladesh $3.4 billionSource: World Bank  Related Itemslast_img

Period for Periods

first_imgIndian women bureaucrats will not have to disclose intimate details about their menstrual cycle and mammography after all.The All India Services (Performance Appraisal Report) Rules of 2007, introduced in March, sought out the “detailed menstrual history and history of LMP [last menstrual period] including date of last confinement [maternity leave],” but after a public outcry the government dropped the questions.The revised rules require the women to supply the same information as their male counterparts, such non intrusive information as blood sugar level, lipid profile, liver and kidney function tests, cardiac profile, urine analysis, etc. Breath easy Related Itemslast_img read more

Who’s Sari Now?

first_imgA Chennai store is marketing a denim sari for Indian women. The summer sure sounds like a good time. The Sri Kumaran Stores offers a range of what it calls innovative saris, including the pocket sari, a 3-D sari, color changing sari, handbag sari, landscape sari and a his and her Jodi Pattu, which includes matching material for a shirt.  Related Itemslast_img

Economic Fraud

first_imgA global survey of corporate corruption has found that 40% of businesses were asked to pay bribes to secure licenses and contracts in India.Russia, Indonesia and Brazil led India in corporate corruption, according to the 4th Global Economic Crime Survey published by PriceWaterhouseCooper.The survey found that a third of businesses in India reported losing opportunities to competitors who paid bribes. A third of Indian companies surveyed also said they had been victims of economic frauds like asset misappropriation, accounting fraud, money laundering, etc.   CountryPercentage of companies asked to pay a   bribe Percentage of companies that lost business to a competitor who paid  abribe  Indonesia 54 39  Russia 48 51  Brazil 48 35  India 38 34  CE Europe 30 45  Africa 29  31  Turkey 28 31  Mexico 28 26  SC America 26 29  China 21 22  Asia Pacific 20 20  West Europe 9 14  North  America    3  6  Global 18 24 Source: Global Economic Crime Survey Related Itemslast_img read more

Worst Fiscal For Sensex In Five Years?

first_imgThe benchmark Bombay Stock Exchange index, the Sensex, is heading for its worst fiscal performance in five years. The index, which traded below 15,000 points at the end of March is just 13 percent above the point at the close of last fiscal year ending March 31, 2007. The Sensex gained over 15% in 2006-07, 74% in FY06, 16% in FY05 and 83% in FY04.The index touched an all time high of 20,582 points on Jan 10, 2008, doubling over a two year period. But it has dipped 25 percent since.Analysts say the Sensex rises higher and falls harder than other global index. In the most recent meltdown in the market, for example, the Sesex tumbled by 25%, when the Dow Jones fell by 5.76%.  Related Itemslast_img read more

$1 Million for 3 Hours

first_imgA Texas billionaire is sponsoring the richest winner-take-all $19.6 million purse for a Twenty20 match between England and the West Indies All Stars.Allen Stanford, chairman of Stanford Financial Group, who runs his own Twenty20 tournament in the Caribbean, will fund the prize money and traveling expenses for a one-off match every November over the next five years.The 11 players on the winning team stand to collect $1 million each for less than three hours of work.At a dramatic press conference, during which a crate containing millions of dollars was unveiled on stage, Stanford, “It is one night, winner-takes-all 20 million dollars. The winner goes home happy, the loser goes home unhappy.”The prize pool is by far the greatest in cricket history. The Indian Premier League’s purse is $1.2 million and the rebel Indian Cricket League has a purse of $3.85 million. The prize pool for the Twenty20 world championship, which India won in 2007, is $1.9 million.  Related Itemslast_img read more

4 Indians Make Forbes’ Billionaire List

first_imgFour Indians make the 2008 Forbes list of the 400 richest Americans in 2008.Microsoft founder Bill Gates tops the list with $57 billion, followed by investor William Buffet with $50 billion.Google investor Kavitark Ram Shriram (pictured below) ranks 281 with $1.7 billion and Syntel founder Bharat Desai and Bose System’s Amar Bose tie for 321 with $1.4 billion reach. Venture Capitalist Vinod Khosla ranks 355 with a personal wealth of $1.4 billion.   Related Itemslast_img

Top Chef

first_imgAn Indian-inspired kabob-style sausage with lamb, pork and ground chuck dressed with caramelized onions, cucumbers and tomato jam advanced Radhika Desai on the fifth season of the popular Bravo TV show Top Chef. Desai currently works as the Executive Chef at Between Boutique Café & Lounge in Chicago and is the first Indian contestant on the show. Top Chef, the top food show on television, hosted by model and cookbook author Padma Lakshmi, gives contestants a shot of culinary stardom.  Related Itemslast_img read more

Cremation Rising

first_imgThe proportion of Americans who are cremated has grown six fold in the past three decades and nearly one-third of all bodies are cremated, according to the Cremation Association of North America. The association projects the proportion of cremations to rise to 57 percent by 2025. In 10 states, the majority of deaths were cremated in 2005.Highest Cremation Rates 2005RankState% of Deaths Cremated1Hawaii 66.32%2Nevada 65.08%3Washington 63.99%4Oregon 63.74%5Arizona 59.55%6Montana 59.04%7Alaska 57.80%8Colorado 55.80%9Maine 53.44%10California 52.06%Source: Cremation Association of North America Related Itemslast_img read more

No Show for Salahi Photos

first_imgPeople simply aren’t crashing the gates for signed photos of the Salahis who gained notoriety for crashing a White House state dinner for Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Just 15 autographed photos from among 200 signed by Michaele and Tareq Salahi have been purchased in the past month from eBay, and that too only after the price was slashed from $100 to $49.The Salahis signed the photos to help recoup a debt owed to a public relations firm. According to a description on eBay, “Brotman-Winter-Fried Communications, the Washington, DC Public Relations firm to whom the Salahis owe fees in excess of $20,000 for public relations services on behalf of the 2008 Americas Polo Cup were awarded a court judgment in the amount of $15,000 on June 3, 2010. As the Salahis have no assets through which to repay the debt, the couple signed 200 copies of the photograph taken as they arrived at the White House on November 24, 2009 to be auctioned off through eBay.”  Related Itemslast_img read more

7 Things To Never Do In An Interview

first_imgYour blazer is clean and crisp from the dry cleaners, you’ve checked to make sure your pens write smoothly, and your resume is printed on card stock paper, tucked safely in a sturdy folder. You’re en route to an interview and you’re excited about the prospect of a new job at a new company. Although you may feel like a bundle of nerves, you can’t deny the hint of another particular feeling: the feeling of possibility. Interviews are nerve-racking because they hold so much weight in the job search process. But they’re exciting because it’s the first step to getting your foot in the door. A good interview is the best way to get more doors to open, but on the flip side, a bad interview is the fastest way to see those doors lock shut behind you. We want you to enter your interview with feelings of possibility, but we especially want you to leave feeling hopeful.[Related: Employers, read about the 7 interview mistakes that can scare away top talent.]In order to make sure that happens, there are certain things you need to never do in an interview. Curious as to what those are? Read on.1. Bash your old company No matter how much contempt you may feel for your boss or your company, don’t mention it here. Don’t even allude to it. Keep all negative feelings toward your current employer at bay.  2. Show up too early You know not to be late, but arriving too early can be distracting. Show you have great time management skills by arriving exactly 5 minutes early—the perfect amount of early that will keep you safe from being late. 3. Not ask questionsQuestions are signs of engagement and interest. Therefore, if you’re at all interested in the job, you must ask questions. It is absolutely no surprise that you will be asked “Do you have any questions for me?” There’s only one way to answer that: “Yes.” [Related: 8 Questions You Should Absolutely Ask An Interviewer]4. Say ‘perfectionism’ is your greatest weaknessIt’s critical to think of nuanced yet truthful answer to the “What is your greatest weakness?” question. It’s one of the most difficult questions because it’s one of the easiest to flub. Don’t try to obviously sugarcoat a weakness. Sharing a genuine area of improvement displays maturity and a sense of self-awareness. If you say ‘perfectionism’ is your weakness, don’t be surprised if you see an eye roll. [Related: How to Answer “What Is Your Greatest Weakness”]5. CurseEven if your interviewer curses, you should not. In an interview setting, it’s simply not professional. [Related: When Is Cursing At Work an “Oh Sh*t Moment?”] 6. Ask the wrong questionsAn interview is NOT the time to ask questions about salary, vacation, or what time people leave the office. Save those questions for when you have an offer in hand. Although you may be curious about the answers, it’s too presumptuous to ask in an interview. 7. Exhibit distracting behaviorThis can be in the form of using too many “ums”, playing with your hair, or fidgeting with the pencil in your hands. Not only are these obvious signs of nerves, but they’ll distract your interviewer. You want to be remembered as a strong candidate, not a candidate who couldn’t’ stop twirling the pencil.  DISCOVER: Search Open Jobs & Companies Hiring in Your Area!last_img read more

13 Jobs to Apply to Over the Holidays

first_imgIn between Netflix binges and holiday parties, you may have a little downtime. thoughts creep in about the past year, how you’ve spent your time and inevitably you may start to think about your job and career. If you look back at 2018 with a few professional regrets or if you’ve hit a plateau at your current gig, it may be time to see what opportunities are out there.Here are 13 hot jobs at some of the best companies in the country. Check them out, apply — one might just be the best holiday gift you could ever give yourself!Design Engineer at PhilipsGlassdoor Salary Estimate: $80k-$108kLocation: Andover, MADetails: “Be a member of a cross-functional team through the entire life cycle of a MCS Consumables product line. This role includes the Design Controls deliverables for new product designs and sustaining R&D projects, from ideation through planning and execution to release, and ongoing sustaining engineering until product end of life.”Learn More Member Research Strategist II at Navy Federal Credit UnionGlassdoor Salary Estimate: $72k-$109kLocation: Pensacola, FLDetails: “To provide expert research project management and strategic primary research guidance to internal business partners. To act as the voice of the member (and potential member), while providing assistance to business partners who make decisions about Navy Federal’s strategies and operations.”Learn More Special Projects Coordinator at Uncommon SchoolsGlassdoor Salary Estimate: $44k-$61kLocation: Camden, NJDetails: “The Special Projects Coordinators plays a central role in ensuring their campus has effective and orderly school systems. Project work ranges from data analysis related to student performance and operational systems efficiency, to student recruitment, after-school enrichment, finance, technology, grant authorization, and more.”Learn More Quality Engineer at John DeereGlassdoor Salary Estimate: $50k-$103kLocation: Fargo, NDDetails: “As a Quality Engineer for John Deere Electronic Solutions located in Fargo, ND, you will ensure products designed and manufactured at John Deere Electronic Solutions meet established quality levels through the use of proven quality controls / quality assurance methods and tools.”Learn More Expert Project Leader at Boston Consulting GroupGlassdoor Salary Estimate: $70k-$112kLocation: Washington DCDetails: “We help our clients create competitive advantage by enhancing their performance and building strategic capabilities. BCG’s expertise in Operations covers the following areas – supply chain management, procurement, manufacturing, service operations, cost efficiency, operational transformation, research & product development, program and project management, all with a strong digital and analytics overlay.”Learn More Production Manager at The Clorox CompanyGlassdoor Salary Estimate: $61k-$104kLocation: Morrisville, NCDetails: “The Production Manager role will provide day-to-day leadership for manufacturing operations through monitoring of total production process to ensure that safety, quality, production, and cost goals are met. The position will provide appropriate training to operating personnel to ensure that the necessary skills are developed to meet business needs.”Learn More Research Scientist Intern at LyftGlassdoor Salary Estimate: $60k-$86kLocation: San Francisco, CADetails: “Research Scientists models power real-time, in-product decision making at Lyft. This includes efficiently matching passengers and drivers, predicting travel times and distances, balancing supply and demand in the network, and protecting our passengers and drivers against fraudsters. Research Scientists also build evaluation methodology for these foundational algorithms, including a high-fidelity simulation environment.”Learn More Senior Account Executive at BizzaboGlassdoor Salary Estimate: $80k-$105kLocation: New York, NYDetails: “At Bizzabo, you will have the opportunity to work with marketers from some of the worlds leading brands to help them drive their success and event strategy. As a senior account executive, you will get to manage large strategic accounts like EA Sports, Hubspot, Teach For America, Gainsight, Moz, Harvard, the United Nations and many more. You’ll also get to work alongside many talented leaders in the sales industry that have helped Bizzabo grow from the ground up from the very beginning.”Learn More Marketing Manager at Johnson & JohnsonGlassdoor Salary Estimate: $101k-$145kLocation: West Chester, PA & more.Details: “Cultivate positive relationships between marketing and sales teams. Ensure focus on meeting customers need and be a positive agent for change within the organization. Position typically does not involve management of direct reports but will provide direction and mentorship to junior members of the team.”Learn More Consultant at Ryan, LLCGlassdoor Salary Estimate: $53k-$72kLocation: Dallas, TX & more.Details: “The Property Tax Consultant (“Consultant”) works with a team to identify and provide clients with a wide range of valuation services designed to efficiently and effectively manage their property assessments and property taxes.”Learn More Business Analyst at DXC TechnologyGlassdoor Salary Estimate: $73k-$114kLocation: Plano, TX & moreDetails: “Works collaboratively with clients and stakeholders – both external and internal to the company – to research and elicit, analyze, validate and document business requirements, and to ensure that those requirements clearly reflect true business needs, correctly representing all stakeholders. Translates business needs into system/ application requirements and project components to help determine solutions to business problems.”Learn More Senior Risk Control Consultant at Liberty MutualGlassdoor Salary Estimate: $82k-$104kLocation: Minnetonka, MNDetails: “The Senior Risk Control Consultant provides loss prevention consulting services within a specific Loss Prevention department, specialty area or for a broad range of products/services in all Loss Prevention operations. Conducts extensive research, data collection and evaluation and analysis in order to make recommendations to control customer’s source of risk, loss and/or costs.”Learn More Manager of Customer Success Managers at GlassdoorGlassdoor Salary Estimate: $60k-$100kLocation: Chicago, ILDetails: “As Manager, Customer Success Managers, you will help shape the Glassdoor experience for thousands of customers and their businesses. Internally, you will lead, coach and mentor a team of passionate and collaborative Customer Success Managers who are looking to grow and excel in their careers. You will partner with your manager closely to surface team and customer insights.”Learn Morelast_img read more

5 Ways Your Boss Wants You to Improve This Year

first_imgIt’s a tradition to set New Year’s resolutions, and for many people, these goals involve improving things in their personal lives, like health and wealth. Consider how much time you spend on your career, however, and you’ll see it makes sense to set some resolutions relating to the workplace, too.Try some of the following ideas to more deeply engage with your work life this year, and chances are your boss will recognize the investment.1. Create a Culture of MentorshipEvery workplace is filled with people who have vast experience, but don’t get an opportunity to put all their knowledge to work. Take a poll around your office to see what talents and skills people have and would be willing to share with others. You may find that people who are whizzes at building complex spreadsheets would welcome the chance to pass that knowledge on to others. A mentorship can make them feel good and improve productivity and confidence among those learning new skills.Don’t limit people to skills directly tied to work, either. The boss’s executive assistant might have a black belt in karate, and teaching a self-defense class or two could let them apply those talents and make a real difference in someone’s life.7 Companies With Impressive Mentorship Programs2. Stay on TrackA good leader works with their employees to create annual performance goals. If those objectives aren’t revisited until the middle or end of the year, it could be too late to catch up. Start the New Year by scheduling a monthly meeting with yourself to review your progress. If you aren’t getting to tasks that are critical to your career, sit down with your supervisor. You might need to adjust some goals, or your boss may have to curtail outside requests that are taking you away from the strategic goals you built together.3. Pair Complaints with SolutionsBosses are used to having employees complain to them, but no one wants to be known as the employee who does nothing but complain. You’ll be more respected and feel more empowered if you can suggest a couple of ways to fix what’s frustrating you.“When you identify a problem, instead of coming to me to report the problem, try to come with the problem and your proposed solution,” says Paul McHardy, Technology Specialist at USDISH. “Nothing makes a boss’s job easier than when their people are proactive in providing solutions to issues. It helps the decision-making process of what to do much easier, and you earn major bonus points for being the one to solve it.”4. Be the BrandThe company you work for has invested a lot of resources into building a strong brand, and you represent that brand whenever you’re in the public eye.“Any time you attend a conference, business dinner, trade show, association meeting or social event, make sure you are representing both yourself and your company in the best ways possible,” says Jessie West, M.Ed., West Coaching and Consulting. “Share your expertise on LinkedIn, speak to a business group about your company’s products and services and maintain your professional reputation when using social media.”The ABCs of Personal Branding, According to a PR Expert5. Work Smarter, Not HarderIf you aren’t already looking for ways to be more efficient at work, make this resolution a key part of your career goals this year. Believe it or not, innovators aren’t just people like Steve Jobs who change the course of an entire industry. Innovators can be people like the director of a national nonprofit who implemented the use of a shared document to keep check-in meetings with their team on track.“If you have an organizational or another idea that would help things run more smoothly in the office, let your boss know! They will likely appreciate it . . . and implementing it could make everyone’s jobs a lot easier,” says Valerie Streif, Senior Advisor with Mentat, a San Francisco–based organization for job seekers.In the example above, creating a place where the leader and their employees could note things they needed to talk about during the week allowed for a level of preparation that made sure the check-in was efficient and effective.Resolutions have a way of failing before January even ends. Commit to making things different with these career resolutions, and you’ll be happier with your work, your professional relationships and your outlook. Registered Nurse RN Operating Room CJW Medical Center Richmond, VA Hot New Jobs For You 23 hours ago 23h N/A 23 hours ago 23h RN, Registered Nurse – ICU CHRISTUS Health Austin, TX Lab Technician (Temporary position – Materials Laboratory) DOWL Billings, MT 23 hours ago 23h Monique Serbu is a freelance digital journalist specializing in business, marketing and technology topics. Her work can be seen on Venture Beat, MediaPost and the Stanford Blog.  23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h EXPERIENCED AV Installer Inspired Technology and Communications North Easton, MA Restaurant Manager Red Lobster Omaha, NE 3.4★ 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h View More Jobscenter_img 3.6★ 4.6★ 2.6★ Line Cook Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino Santa Fe, NM 23 hours ago 23h 3.0★ 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h Meat Cutter United Grocery Outlet Hendersonville, NC Service Route Driver AAA City Plumbing Inc Rock Hill, SC 3.6★ N/A Senior Advanced Software Engineer General Dynamics Mission Systems Pittsburgh, PA Certified Nursing Assistant (Part Time) Genesis Healthcare Waterville, ME 3.4★ 3.3★last_img read more

Top Companies Hiring New Grads

first_imgKIND SnacksWhere Hiring: Washington, DC; New York, NY; Eugene, OR; Los Angeles, CA; College Station, TX; Iowa City, IA; Miami Gardens, FL; Lawrence, KS; Corvallis, OR, & more. Open Roles: KIND Brand Ambassador, KIND University Ambassador, Project Manager, Senior Director of Infrastructure & Security, Senior Director of Corporate & Internal Communications, & more. What Employees Say: “At KIND, team members have endless opportunities to grow professionally. KIND provides the resources team members need to advance their careers, whether it’s through continuous support in your job, or outlets for participating in trainings and earning certifications. KIND is a place where you are encouraged to be innovative, while also having opportunities to shape your job to reflect the personal goals that you want to achieve.” – Current EmployeeSee Open Jobs 2020 New Grad | Data Engineering Sonos Seattle, WA UnitedHealth GroupWhere Hiring: Meriden, CT; Phoenix, AZ; Shelton, CT; New Suffolk, NY; Middletown, CT; New Haven, CT; Atlanta, GA; Eden Prarie, MN; Washington, DC; Philadelphia, PA, & more.  Open Roles: Entry-Level Client Management Associate, Grad Student Intern, Early Careers Program – Business Development Representative, Senior Software Engineer, Billing Representative, & more. What Employees Say: “Amazing people, strong values, and always working to improve the care of our members.” – Current Director of Project Management See Open Jobs Network Engineer Associate (New Grad) General Dynamics Information Technology Arlington, VA 23 hours ago 23h Northwell HealthWhere Hiring: Mount Kisco, NY; Brooklyn, NY; Melville, NY; Syosset, NY; Franklin Square, NY; Bay Shore, NY; New Hyde Park, NY, Plainview, NY, & more. Open Roles: Emergency Nurse New Grad Fellowship, Associate Project Manager, Practice Reception Associate, Practice Secretarial Associate, Laboratory Technologist, & more. What Employees Say: “An amazingly supportive environment, with excellent opportunities for career advancement. As a 20 year employee, I have been promoted 4 times. I have had the opportunity to participate as a finalist in the highly competitive Innovation Challenge and have had the amazing opportunity to work closely with some of the Nation’s most talented and respected health care leaders in both Strategy and Community Health. The two departments that I have worked in have been very considerate of work-life balance, which is incredible at this level in an organization. Finally, because I have been here so long and am not native to Long Island, I have come to consider my colleagues as my family. I would highly recommend career opportunities at Northwell Health, as there is always room for growth and development here and you are encouraged to follow your passions.” – Current EmployeeSee Open Jobs SalesforceWhere Hiring: San Francisco, CA; New York, NY; Indianapolis, IN; Hillsboro, OR; Milwaukee, WI; Houston, TX; Chicago, IL; Austin, TX; Denver, CO; Dallas, TX, & more. Open Roles:Software Engineer AMTS, Business Development Associate, Solution Engineer Scouts, Associate Product Managers, Junior Implementation Architect (New Grad), Associate Success Manager (New Grad), Product Marketing Manager, MBA (New Grad), & more. What Employees Say: “Salesforce goes above and beyond in company culture, salary, benefits, community engagement, giving back to the community, and empowering their employees.I can’t say enough good things about my experience with the organization over the last year. They are leaps and bounds ahead of every other technology company I have worked for, especially in Indianapolis. Everyone here is proud to be a part of this company. – Customer Success SpecialistSee Open Jobs Applying for jobs fresh out of a degree program can feel like a Catch-22: the job postings you’re interested in require you to have a few years of experience but need to find a suitable job to gain experience. Luckily, many companies recognize this hurdle for first-time job seekers and provide opportunities for new graduates not only to enter a company but to be taught and mentored along the way. We’re highlighting companies that have open roles for new graduates, entry-level roles, and internships. These companies put a focus on professional development and career opportunities for their young employees. If your resume is proofread and ready to go, there’s only one step left – clicking apply on these jobs.  Enterprise Holdings  Where Hiring: Lewisburg, WV; Yonkers, NY; Lakewood, NJ; York Beach, ME; Sacramento, CA; Tigard, OR; Kahului, HI; Elk Grove, CA; Saint Louis, MO; Spring Valley, NY, & more. Open Roles: Management Trainee, Sales Management Trainee, Management Trainee Summer Internship, Contact Center Management Trainee, Account Coordinator, Customer Assistance Representative, & more. What Employees Say: “It is a great corporate structure. You get promoted from within the company so every boss that you will have started in the same position. The trainings are great as well. You can learn a lot about yourself and others by working for the company” – Former EmployeeSee Open Jobs 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h YelpWhere Hiring: Washington, DC; Chicago, IL; New York, NY; Phoenix, AZ; Los Angeles, CA; San Francisco, CA; Des Moines, IA; South Bay Terraces, CA; Long Island City, NY, & more. Open Roles: Entry Level Sales Executive, New Grad-Account Executive, Entry Level-Digital Advertising Sales, Inside Sales Executive, Sales Intern-Summer, Sales Recruiter, & more. What Employees Say: “Supportive culture, quick career growth, amazing product, great benefits and corporate support. Honestly my time at Yelp has been unlike anywhere else. I was expecting another “sales” position but was pleasantly surprised to be immersed into a culture where my peers and managers honestly cared about my growth and paved the way for my future. I was able to quickly move up the ladder and create a career under an amazing name. I’ve been here 4 years already and can’t imagine ever leaving. The culture and what the company stands for are honestly some of the best I’ve seen.” – Current Local Sales Manager See Open Jobs 23 hours ago 23h VisaWhere Hiring: Foster City, CA; Bellevue, WA; Ashburn, VA; Highlands Ranch, CO; Austin, TX; Palo Alto, CA; San Francisco, FA; Miami, FL; Lehi, UT; Denver, CO, & more. Open Roles: Database Engineer New Grad (Bachelor’s Degree), Systems Analyst New Grad (Bachelor’s Degree), Software Engineer New Grad  (Bachelor’s Degree), Big Data Software Engineer New Grad (Master’s or PhD), & more. What Employees Say: “Employee friendly leadership has made a lot of positive changes over the last few years. Great opportunities to learn and improve your business understanding and technical skills. Internal mobility is positive. Great brand to have on your resume.” – Current EmployeeSee Open Jobs 3.4★ 4.2★ View More Jobs BainWhere Hiring: San Francisco, CA; Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; Dallas, TX; Washington, DC; New York, NY; Minneapolis, MN; Atlanta, GA; Los Angeles, CA; Seattle, WA, & more. Open Roles: Associate Consultant, Help Desk Associate, Manager Assistant, Product Manager, UX Researcher, Executive Assistant, Information Services Intern, Technical Analyst, & more. What Employees Say: “Bain works with top level clients around the world on their most pressing questions. At the same time, the firm invests an unprecedented amount of resources and time in training its consultants and supporting their professional development. Comp and benefits are top notch as well. There isn’t a better place to work in consulting.” – Current Consultant See Open Jobs 23 hours ago 23h Hot New Jobs For You Medical Technologist II Blood Bank $5,000 Sign On Bonus (New Grads Welcome) Full-Time Nights AdventHealth Tampa Tampa, FL 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h RN NEW GRAD* Mercy Fort Smith, AR 3.0★center_img 3.0★ WillowTreeWhere Hiring: Durham, NC; Charlottesville, VAOpen Roles: Research Analyst (Entry Level), Backend Software Architect, Software Test Engineer, Sales Operations Manager – Business Development, Product Designer, & more. What Employees Say: “People are always willing to help out and listen to your ideas. Everyone is nice, helpful, smart, and they trust you to make good decisions. Leadership is open and willing to listen to how you think WillowTree can be a better place to work. The employee resource groups are a really great support system. I’m able to be out at work and I’m really grateful to work here.” – Current Software Engineer See Open Jobs Ken’s FoodsWhere Hiring: Marlborough, MA; McDonough, GA; Lebanon, IN; Las Vegas, NVOpen Roles: Commodity Cost Analyst, Front Desk Receptionist, Staff Accountant, Warehouse Team Leader, Maintenance Supervisor, Utility Operator, Sample Coordinator, & more. What Employees Say: “Growing company with lots of opportunities for motivated individuals. Big company but still has a small company feel. Family owned and operated and senior management is very accessible to all levels of team members. Very safety conscious and puts safety above all else. Team members are given the opportunity to work on cross-functional teams and gain valuable experience on these teams. Great benefits. Positive work environment. Keeps team members challenged and learning every day.” – Current QA Manager See Open Jobs 4.3★ 23 hours ago 23h 3.5★ Disruptive AdvertisingWhere Hiring: Lindon, UTOpen Roles: PPC or Social Marketing Intern, Web Development Intern, Entry Level Email Marketing, PPC Marketing Consultant, Customer Service Specialist, & more. What Employees Say: “The environment of the company is one of growth and giving back. It rewards determination and personal accountability. The CEO loves to be generous through compensation, bonuses, Friday afternoon games, and giving back to the community. As a young company it is ever evolving, and pushing its employees to be innovative and growth oriented. It is an amazing place to work, with incredible skills to be learned.” – Current EmployeeSee Open Jobs 3.3★ Licensed Practical Nurse (2nd Shift) – New Grads Welcome to Apply! Kindred Healthcare Lancaster, PA 3.0★ Licensed Practical Nurse – 3rd Shift (New Grads Welcome to Apply) Kindred Healthcare Lancaster, PA Registered Nurse (3rd Shift) – New Grads Welcome to Apply Kindred Healthcare Lancaster, PA Executive EnterpriseWhere Hiring: Massapequa, NYOpen Roles: Entry Level Management Trainee, Marketing/Sales Manager – Entry Level, Assistant Manager – Entry Level, Marketing Coordinator (Entry Level), & more. What Employees Say: “This is a management training program that is fast paced, demanding, but fun, energizing and refreshing. The entire office is always full of positive energy and enthusiasm. Everyone here is encouraging and supportive. It’s a great place to come to work every morning. I learn something new everyday, as well as constantly improve my skills in businesses and in life. This is an incredible opportunity for success. Success is the number one goal here and everyone, especially our CEO, has your back 100%. She is superb to work for and to work with.” – Current Corporate Trainer See Open Jobs Software Engineer – New College Grad Proofpoint Indianapolis, IN 23 hours ago 23h New Grad – Entry Level Project Engineer Track Cupertino Electric, Inc. Any,United States 3.6★ Procter and GambleWhere Hiring: Saint Louis, MO; Cincinnati, OH; Boston, MA; Martinsburg, WV; Las Vegas, NV; Moreno Valley, CA; Smithtown, NY; Shippensburg, PA; Iowa City, IA, & more. Open Roles: Finance – Entry Management Positions, Microbiology Associate Researcher, Junior HR Manager, IT Managerial Development Program, Plant Technician Internship, & more. What Employees Say: Great work/life balance, benefits, compensation and diversity. P&G employs top talent and nurtures a promote from within culture that allows employees to grow in their career interest and long term goals.” – Current Senior Scientist See Open Jobs 3.4★ Manufacturing Electrical Engineer, New Product Introduction – NEW GRAD Collins Aerospace Wilsonville, OR 23 hours ago 23h General MotorsWhere Hiring: Warren, MI; Detroit, MI; Pontiac, MI; Flint, MI; Milford, VA; Atlanta, GA; Lockport, NY; Calgary, Canada; Oshawa, Canada; Markham, Canada, & more. Open Roles: Design Assistant Program Manager, Android Developer, On-Campus Entry Level Information Technology, Mainframe Developer, Autonomous Diagnostics Engineer, C++ Developer, Embedded Software Engineer, & more. What Employees Say: “Amazing work culture, young and enthusiastic team, great benefits, and flexible working hours.” – Current Control Systems EngineerSee Open Jobslast_img read more

Sampdoria striker Luis Muriel calm over Inter Milan, Roma rumours

first_imgSampdoria striker Luis Muriel says he’s yet to field concrete offers this summer.Muriel is being linked with Inter Milan and Roma.”There are a lot of rumours coming out about me,” Muriel admitted, speaking to ESPN.“My agent told me he’d only call me for something concrete, and he hasn’t called me yet. I hope he’ll do so within the next few days.“In the meanwhile I’m calm, I renewed with Sampdoria and I’m not thinking much about what might happen.”last_img read more

Arsenal defender Bellerin delivers transfer update to Barcelona WhatsApp group…

first_imgHector Bellerin accepts he will be playing for Arsenal next season.Barcelona sports chief Robert Fernandez has openly declared they’d like to bring the former La Masia graduate back to the club this summer.However, Cadena Ser says Arsenal have informed Barca that Bellerin is not for sale – and the player has even taken a call from majority shareholder Stan Kroenke to confirm the club’s stand.Bellerin has accepted the decision and relayed the development to several Barca players in a WhatsApp group they share.It’s now emerging from the Barca locker room that the Gunners fullback won’t be joining them this summer.last_img read more