Enjoy Japans Four Seasons At The Saito Villa In Niigata

first_imgThe Saito Villa was the villa of the Saito family, a merchant household that prospered during the Meiji period to the beginning of the Showa period, and was built by the fourth generation head Kijuro Saito during the Taisho period. The unification of garden and architecture forms a beautiful landscape and is a residence built based on the concept of “garden and home as one.”Even now, nearly 100 years later, numerous tourists come to visit the villa annually thanks to the charms of its beautiful gardens and architecture.Entering And Experiencing Taisho JapanLeisurely Enjoy the Garden from the Banquet Hall Upon going through the entryway, the banquet hall and a beautiful garden will be the first sight you will see. The Saito Villa is a residence that had been built to entertain important guests. The view of the garden from the banquet hall was beautiful throughout, making us almost lose track of time.The Tea House Where Guests Are Entertained In the olden days, serving tea was a method of entertaining important guests. As a result, the household head’s wish to have their guests be entertained is expressed throughout the tea house. Unpeeled bamboo pillars were used to build the room, giving it its calming structure.The yard that can be seen from the tea house has a landscape similar to what might be expected of a mountain retreat. It is made so that you can feel the aesthetics of wabisabi (*1) while in Japan.*1 Wabisabi: Japanese aesthetics; specifies something that is simple and quiet.center_img What Is the Saito Villa?last_img read more

Tokyo Disneyland Summer 2019 Tanabata Days and Toy Story 4

first_imgDuring the Tanabata event, many guests came to the park dressed in yukata (lightweight kimono), which further adds to the Japanese atmosphere.In 2019, the inclusion of the special event Funtime with Toy Story 4 also creates a new type of excitement to enjoy at Tokyo Disney Resort. Be sure not to miss a visit to the parks in summer! Tokyo Disney Resort View Informationamusement_parkIn cooperation with Oriental Land Co., Ltd.Read also Nothing beats carbonated drink on a hot summer day. The sparkling jelly drink, which contains grape jelly and carbonated water, will make you forget about the sweltering temperature.The yellow drops are made of soft, jiggly collagen ingredients. The two kinds of jellies not only make this adorable drink fun to look at, but also had a delicious textures (priced at 380 yen). A kit for making Forky, a new character in “Toy Story 4,” is handed out with an order of the Chef’s Special at both Tokyo Disneyland and Sea.Forky can be set on a table, with a lump of clay at the base. A wide variety of expressions can be made using the stickers included in the kit. (The dish in the background is a limited menu item at Tokyo DisneySea, priced at 1,580 yen, including tax.) The lemon-soda smoothie (500 yen including tax), arranged in the image of Andy’s room from the movies, is served with strawberry jelly and lemon-soda drops at the bottom. A scoop of ice cream drizzled in mango sauce tops the drink.The smoothie tastes sweet but is also refreshing. This drink is a great choice for children. He is hiding in different spots throughout the park, so be on the lookout!Toy Story 4 Limited Edition Items One of the photo spots inside Tokyo DisneySea.”Toy Story 4,” a movie Disney fans have long been awaiting, was released in Japan on July 2019.To commemorate the movie’s release, a special event, Funtime with Toy Story 4, is held until September 1, 2019, at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.Special Event Food and Drinks As many Japanese annually make wishes during Tanabata, the Wishing Place appeared at the World Bazaar inside Tokyo Disneyland.A large decoration featuring Mickey and Minnie, dressed as Hikoboshi and Orihime, surrounded by bamboo stalks, created a Japanese atmosphere. Minnie, adorning a Tanabata-themed dress, resembled a princess! A photograph of Minnie against the backdrop of Cinderella Castle looked even more romantic.Limited-Edition Tanabata Merchandise There are also multiple photo spots in the park related to “Toy Story 4.” At Tokyo Disneyland, visitors can take part in a special program called Look for Forky for free. Try and find Forky, who will be hiding inside the park. The vivid, purple-colored jelly is a refreshing treat. The texture of the grape-flavored jelly and the mousse on top is perfect for a hot summer day. A cute limited edition cup sold during the Tanabata period could also be purchased with the jelly (750 yen, including tax). Have Fun with Two Summer Tokyo Disney EventsAt Tokyo Disney Resort, Disney Tanabata Days was held until July 7, 2019. Based on the legend of Tanabata, Mickey and Minnie Mouse—dressed as Hikoboshi (the star Altair) and Orihime (Vega), respectively—greeted guests alongside other Disney characters dressed in traditional clothing.Another special event, Funtime with Toy Story 4, is held until September 1, 2019. This event is related to the movie “Toy Story 4,” which was released this summer.The following is an on-site report of the theme park’s festivities along with recommendations on how to enjoy these events.Making a Wish with Mickey and Minnie The picture above shows a soap bubble machine, a popular item with children. It creates colorful bubbles and can be used as a light during the nighttime parade. The price is 2,500 yen, including tax.Special Tanabata Menu Choices A limited edition mini-snack case with a new design is also available for purchase, along with a key ring of either the Aliens, Hamm, or Forky. The characters are all adorable.You can attach the case to your bag just in case you get hungry. The case comes with gummy candies and is priced at 850 yen.Toy Story Photo Spots At night, the World Bazaar was illuminated by a gorgeous projection mapping display as guests enjoyed the Tanabata-themed music which filled the air after sunset. With the Tanabata music playing in the background, Mickey and Minnie dressed as Hikoboshi and Orihime appeared on a rickshaw while greeting park guests. Other Disney characters, some riding floats, also joined in.center_img Photograph courtesy of © DisneyDuring the event, limited items designed with a Japanese aesthetic were also on sale. Earrings (650 yen), folding fans (2,200 yen), yukatas, and mini-sized towels would all come in handy on a trip in Japan (All prices include tax). Another special item was peach-flavored kakigori (shave ice) and blue jelly. It will quench your thirst and help you beat the summer heat.The star-shaped topping, along with the soft-serve ice cream, created a starry night-like image that was simply adorable (priced at 550 yen, including tax).Toy Story 4 Special Event © DisneyThe Eastside Cafe at Tokyo Disneyland serves the Chef’s Special (2,480 yen, including tax). It comes with different items, like smoked salmon and carrot salad served with a simple orange sauce.The main dish is a tomato cream sauce pasta with shrimp and crab. The set also comes with a piece of bread to satisfy a healthy appetite. The dessert is a yogurt-flavored vanilla raspberry mousse. Visitors wrote their wishes on a Mickey-shaped card. Nearby, wishes made by other Disney characters could be seen on display as well. Cookies: 800 yen; Stuffed Doll: 1,600 yen; Cap: 2,800 yen; Stickers: 900 yen (All prices include tax.)A total of 50 Toy Story movie memorabilia such as cardholders, baseball caps, Forky dolls, cookies, stationery, and limited-edition Tomica models are on sale during the event.They can only be purchased at Tokyo Disney Resort, so don’t forget take a look if you have the chance to visit.Enjoy Tokyo Disneyland Resort in Summer About forty items related to Disney’s Tanabata Days were also on sale.Many park visitors were enchanted by the adorable stuffed Mickey and Minnie plushes, dressed as Hikoboshi and Orihime, priced at 1,800 yen per doll (including tax). A star-shaped stuffed doll and an interior light of Chip and Dale, priced at 2,800 yen each (including tax), were also popular. Tokyo DisneySea Summer 2019 Guide – Celebrate Disney Tanabata Days © DisneyUnlike other drinks, the melon soda, a popular beverage, is served with strawberry jelly. The soda is 400 yen, and a limited edition coaster can be purchased for an additional 500 yen.The coaster looks a puzzle piece with a Toy Story motif. It would look adorable on the dining table. A Dream Family Trip! 9 Charming Features Of Tokyo Disneyland® Hotel The Disney princesses danced to celebrate Tanabata. Decorated by fantastic lights that appeared like magic, the World Bazaar resembled the Milky Way with Disney characters disguised as constellations. The scenery created a long-lasting memory of the enchanted visit.Tanabata Greeting Stay Cool! Tokyo Disneyland Summer 2019 – Shows, Food, And Shopping Guide Tokyo Disney Resort – By Train Or Bus? A Complete Guide On How To Get There!last_img read more

Try Quail Meat At Nezameya Near Kyotos Fushimi Inari Shrine

first_imgIn Fushimi district of the city of Kyoto stands Fushimi Inari Shrine, the head shrine to all other Inari sanctuaries throughout the country. The deity that resides in the shrine, the God Inari, ensures there is a good harvest (*1) and prosperous business in the country.Perhaps the most famous characteristic of this shrine is the perfect row of senbon dorii, or the countless torii gates lining along the path that lead up to Mt. Inari where the main shrine was built.*1 Gokokuhojo (The Huge Harvest of Five Grains): a phrase that symbolizes a rich harvest of the crops and other agricultural products.You can already imagine that in the vicinity of this respected shrine there are numerous veteran shops forming the sando, or the road leading to the shrine. Visiting a famous shrine or a temple is surely a wonderful experience and chance to enjoy longstanding traditions, but discovering the lively area close by it should also make for an exciting adventure on its own. So this time, we decided to tell you more about the gourmet town of the sando leading to the Fushimi Inari Shrine.Enjoy a Quail Dish at Nezameya, Located in Front of the Gates!If you take a look around the vicinity of Fushimi Inari Shrine’s gates, it will be hard to miss the quite eye-catching townhouse built in the traditional style. This house, Nezameya, has a deep-rooted reputation in this sando street, as its name was bestowed on them by the former taiko (regent) Toyotomi Hideyoshi.If, by chance, the connection with the great Hideyoshi wasn’t surprising enough, wait until you hear what the okami (the proprietress) of this authentic restaurant has been preparing inside – a whole-roasted quail! Actually, it has been a long tradition to roast quails (or uzura in Japanese) and sparrows that raid the crops in the area of Fushimi Inari.So, we wasted no time and ordered ourselves a portion. We must admit we were taken aback for a moment there when we saw the whole quail slowly roasting in front of us, but we could tell okami was used to the scene. We learned that to prepare this quail dish, she uses a generous amount of a special sauce that was invented long ago whose recipe has been passed down from generation to generation. You maintain the heat level by using the handheld fan called uchiwa in Japanese, all while turning the quail over constantly in order to avoid it getting too burnt, while also adding more sauce to make sure that it is perfectly seasoned. Finally, we got to witness some magnificent cutting skills of the proprietress and the alluringly aromatic roasted quail meat was ready to be served. The lovely scent of this dish quickly spread throughout the sando street of Fushimi Inari.The dish is served chopped up into bite-sized chunks for easier consumption. As it is a smaller type of a bird, there aren’t many bigger bones you’d have to watch out for. As you take a bite of this delicious-looking meat glossy with all the sauce used while preparing, the small bones will satisfyingly crumble down as you chew on them. With all this thorough preparation, we couldn’t resist eating the whole thing from the head to the toe (in this case, thigh)! You certainly won’t be able to experience this kind of “wild-life” savoriness when eating chicken. It is as if you’d become a true fox, punishing the quails for causing trouble around the neighborhood.No.1 in the Country – Fushimi Inari’s Inarizushi in a League of its Own!But, there is still room for mentioning one more delicacy of Fushimi Inari area – the inarizushi, loved and consumed all across Japan.Inarizushi differs from usual sushi by its taste and shape – it is made by simmering aburaage (thin fried tofu) in sweet soy sauce-based broth, then stuffing it with vinegared rice to form a small sack-like bundle. It is said that inarizushi was created to “use up the aburaage that originally served as an offering to God Inari”, and the story beautifully portrays the deep connection between Inari Shrine and this dish.Actually, the area around Fushimi Inari is said to have the largest consumption of inarizushi in the whole country – truly a worthy characteristic of the holy land of inarizushi! Still, it is important to point out that inarizushi made at Fushimi area is somewhat different from the usual inarizushi prepared in other parts of Japan.The outer appearance is triangular, and it is stuffed with a mixture of five-grain rice (white rice mixed with five different types of crops) with sesame seeds and great burdock. The shape of the sushi is supposed to resemble Mt. Inari, and the crops mixed in with rice symbolize the prosperity of cultivating crops in this area.The aburaage is chewy and soft, with salty-sweet broth flowing out with each bite you take. It has the power to unleash good energy and a great mood like any great-tasting gourmet dish should. And the filling – the combination of rice prepared with vinegar, and other vegetables and seasonings, add to the feast that is happening in your mouth, giving it just the right amount of chewiness. All of the tastes and textures that can be experienced with this dish are enough of a reason for you not to stop your hand from reaching for more – they are exquisite, and you should certainly try some.For the Japanese, whose diet relied on rice as the main staple food for centuries, these crops mean “abundance”. That is the reason why Inari, the god protector of the harvests and abundance of crops, together with his dwelling place, Inari Shrine, have many people who honor and trust them even today. Why not pay a visit to Inari, to pay your respects and enjoy some gourmet food from the area, and to turn your year into a fruitful and abundant one?InformationNezameyaAddress: Kyoto, Kyoto, Fushimi, Fukakusa Inari-Onmae 82-1Hours: 9:00-18:00Fixed Holidays: Not fixedWiFi: NoneCredit Cards: NoneLanguage: Japanese, English, ChineseMenu/Pamphlets in Other Languages: English, ChineseNearest Station: Inari Station of JR Nara LineAccess: a 2 minute walk north from the station’s exitPrice: 1000-1999 yenPhone: 075-641-0802Website: (Japanese)last_img read more

Ryotei Yamaya Enjoy Japanese Seasonal Cuisine In Kawagoe

first_imgKawagoe – A Sweets Heaven! A Day Full Of Kawagoe Matcha Flavored Treats Photo Courtesy of YamayaKaiseki meals are mainly constructed in the ichiju sansai (*2) style. Here, you can relish traditional Japanese cuisine in the special dining style where dishes are arranged to match the seasons.Another wonderful trait of Yamaya is the comforting atmosphere and welcoming hospitality. The staff brings each dish at the perfect time, so this may be a great opportunity for you to ask the staff about any questions you have about the dishes.*2 Ichijyu sansai: A formula to arranging dishes when savoring Japanese cuisine. Along with rice and pickles, ichijyu (one soup dish) and sansai (three sides consisting of a sashimi dish, stew dish, and grilled dish) are paired together. Photo Courtesy of YamayaA view of the courtyard garden welcomes you in the private room with tatami mats. All the meals will be served in these delightful rooms. Please note that kaiseki-style meals need reservations in advance. Photo Courtesy of YamayaWhen autumn arrives, the leaves of the Japanese maple trees become a bright red while spreading a crimson carpet on the ground. The oldest room in Yamaya is the room in the annex that was said to have been built around 170 years ago!Experience Classic Japanese Culture Through a Casual Lunch Top 10 Destinations For A Day Trip From Tokyo Photo Courtesy of Yamaya”But I don’t know how to make reservations in Japanese or go to a high-class kaiseki-style restaurant!”Those who feel anxious about these points should try to go to the lunch at the cafe. There are boxed lunch menus which you can enjoy at Yamaya without making any reservations in advance.The photo displayed above is the Kagome Bento (1500 yen) that has a variety of side dishes. This is a great option for those who would like to try a little bit of everything at once.For those with a larger appetite, there is Tsubasa Bento (3000 yen) that comes in two lunch boxes. Reservations are not needed, however, there is a limited amount of each lunch box available, so it is best you arrive early.An average of one group of non-Japanese tourists discovers this hidden gem daily while venturing through Kawagoe.Yamaya’s Special Hospitality Toward International Visitors Photo Courtesy of YamayaWith advanced reservations, they are also able to customize their menu to suit dietary needs for vegetarians or Muslims. Photo Courtesy of YamayaFor those who feel uncomfortable sitting on the floor, there are seats with tables and chairs available as well.The Seasonal View is a Must-See Yamaya is located slightly away from the authentic storehouse streets of Kawagoe city. When approaching the restaurant, you may feel like you’ve slipped back in time from the historical exterior, which in actuality, was a mansion that was used by a wealthy merchant in the late 1800’s.Enjoy a Kaiseki Meal in a Cozy Atmosphere Autumn Festivals in Japan Have Fun In Saitama! 5 Must-Visit Spotscenter_img After the visit of a non-Japanese ambassador, Yamaya opened their doors to the English market by making an English website. They also began to think of services suited for international visitors.Along with the store explanation and a helpful English menu, they offer free Wi-Fi for people to use too. Photo Courtesy of YamayaIn the winter, you may be able to enjoy a meal while gazing at the garden covered in a blanket of snow. The seasonal views of the garden will surely enhance your experience as you enjoy your meal. The view from the courtyard is also not to be missed. This is the view from the private room on the second-floor window when we visited. As spring was coming to an end, the lush green of the maple trees began to spread as summer approached. Yamaya: A Traditional Restaurant in KawagoeA ryotei is a traditional restaurant where you can experience Japanese hospitality through authentic cuisine using seasonal ingredients. Aside from the meal, in these restaurants you can also enjoy the charms of Japanese culture through the flower arrangements or the kakejiku (*1) hanging in the tokonoma decoration space along with the seasonal scenery of the garden outside.At the historical Japanese restaurant Yamaya located in Kawagoe city, Saitama, you will be able to savor a luxurious kaiseki (Japanese multi-platter meal) or even a casual lunch. They host events from time to time and you will be able to experience the culture of classic Japanese ryotei restaurants. It is a place where both Japanese and international visitors can enjoy their time.*1 Kakejiku: A wall scroll with writing or a drawing.A Mansion Within a Back Alley Yamaya is a restaurant where many international weddings are held as well. Not only can you savor a delicious kaiseki style meal, but it is also a place where wonderful staff welcome you with impeccable hospitality. Next time you are in Kawagoe, take the opportunity to experience authentic Japanese food culture at the historical restaurant, Yamaya. Yamaya View Informationrestaurant Enjoy the Authentic Japanese Restaurant Culture Photo Courtesy of YamayaDuring the autumn celebration of the Jugoya (Night of the Full Moon), the restaurant is decorated as shown in the photo above. As you can see, Yamaya takes the seasons into consideration and works it into their presentation. A Western Fairytale in Saitama – Akebono Children’s Forest Park Read also Read alsolast_img read more

View Read and Draw at the Kitakyūshū Manga Museum

first_imgHow many of you are interested in Japanese manga? It is a type of graphic art that is famous all over the world. There are many libraries and museums in Japan that display manga, such as the KyotoInternational Manga Museum 京都国際マンガミュージアム in Kyoto Prefecture, and the Kitakyūshū Manga Museum 北九州市漫画ミュージアム in Fukuoka Prefecture.In this article, we will introduce the Kitakyūshū Manga Museum, where visitors can truly appreciate the value of manga.Read also: Kyoto International Manga MuseumWhat Kind of a Place is the Kitakyūshū Manga Museum?Photograph Courtesy of the Kitakyūshū Manga MuseumThe Kitakyūshū Manga Museum opened in August, 2012. It is located in Kitakyūshū City 北九州市, Fukuoka Prefecture, near the Shinkansenguchi 新幹線口 (“Shinkansen exit”) of the JR Kokura station 小倉駅. The museum was built in the hope of attracting visitors and revitalizing the city. It has become very popular, as the visitors, regardless of their age, can enjoy viewing, reading and drawing manga.Many tourists from abroad also come to this museum.Maetel Welcomes the VisitorsLeiji Matsumoto 松本零士, the author of such works as Galaxy Express 999 (銀河鉄道999) and Space Battleship Yamato (宇宙戦艦ヤマト), was born in the Kitakyūshū area. He is also the honorary director of this museum, and his works are displayed here.This is the entrance. Maetel, who appears in Galaxy Express 999, welcomes the visitors, instantly drawing them into the world of manga.Photograph Courtesy of the Kitakyūshū Manga MuseumTo remember their visit to this museum, many people take pictures in front of the life-sized Harlock, who also appears in the works of Mr. Matsumoto.The Seven Wonders of MangaThe Seven Wonders of Manga 漫画の七不思議 is the first exhibition to greet the visitors. It comprehensively shows how a manga is made, from the allotment of frames to the unique drawing techniques. The visitors can appreciate how much work is put into the process of creating manga.This desk was used by the manga artist Sekiya Hisashi 関谷ひさし, who hails from Kitakyūshū City. Some manga artists use computers now, so this is a valuable exhibit.Narikiri CameraAt the Kitakyūshū Manga Museum, you should try the Narikiri (“Role-Playing:) Camera なりきりカメラ. It is an attraction using Kinect (*1), where the visitors imitate a pose from their favorite manga in front of the camera. It has become very popular among the visitors, irrespective of their age and gender. The participants are ranked according to their points, so it is very fun to play with friends. Don’t be shy, and give it a try.*1: Kinect is a motion-sensing device, made by Microsoft.Manga Time TunnelThe Manga Time Tunnel exhibition chronogically displays the first volumes of various works of manga, and the visitors can actually read the famed works. There are many ways to enjoy this exhibition, such as looking for volumes published on the year you were born.All the Manga You Can ReadPhotograph Courtesy of Kitakyūshū Manga MuseumThe museum has a reading room, filled with about 50,000 manga books. You can sit in a chair, or lie down in the vast space, just as you would do when reading your favorite manga back home. Be careful, because time flies quickly away.In ConclusionKitakyūshū Manga Museum hosts various events throughout the year, such as exhibitions, workshops and manga classes run by famous artists.The workshops and classes are conducted in Japanese, so those who wish to participate should ask for the assistance of someone who understands the language. For details, please refer to the official Japanese site.From the JR Kokura station, it takes two minutes on foot to reach the Kitakyūshū Manga Museum, and Kokura can be reached easily from the Hakata station 博多駅 by taking the JR line. If you are in Fukuoka, visit the Kitakyūshū Manga Museum, where both adults and children can enjoy the world of manga.InformationKitakyūshū Manga MuseumAddress: Kitakyūshū-shi, Kokurakita-ku, Asano 2-14-5Hours: 11:00 – 19:00 *The museum closes at 20:00 during the summer holidays.Closed: Tuesdays, on year-end and New Year holidays*The museum wll also be closed on inventory days.*If Tuesday happens to be a national holiday, the museum will be closed on the next day.Wi-Fi: Not AvailableLanguage: JapaneseMenus Available In: Japanese (English, Chinese and Korean pamphlets are available)Station: JR Kokura Station (小倉駅)Access: Two-minutes walk from the Shinkansenguchi 新幹線口 of the Kokura StationAdmission Fee (Permanent Exhibition):Adults/ 400 yenHigh School and Junior High School Students/ 200 yenElementary School Children/ 100 yenReligion: -Telephone: +81-93-512-5077Official Website (Japanese): Kitakyūshū Manga Museumlast_img read more

Catch a Lift From KIX Into Kobe On The Convenient Bay Shuttle

first_imgFrom Kobe Airport to the CityAfter the Bay Shuttle arrives at Kobe Airport, take the Port Liner to head into Sannomiya (三宮), the heart of Kobe. The Port Liner is the world’s first unmanned transportation system. The city of Kobe (神戸) in Hyogo (兵庫) prefecture, is practically overflowing with things to see and things to eat. Kobe’s most famous spots for tourists are concentrated around downtown such as Sannomiya (三宮) / Motomachi (元町) area, and the Bay Area. So if you use your time wisely, you can enjoy many of the sights and delicious food that Kobe has to offer. Even outside of the central hub of the city, there are famous sightseeing spots like Mt. Rokkō (Rokkōsan 六甲山) and Arima Onsen (有馬温泉). It is very possible to enjoy your trip to an even greater extent by taking your time over the course of several days.The closest airport to this wonderful city is Kansai International Airport (KIX). Many people who visit Kansai region (encompassing Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Shiga, Nara, and Wakayama) pass through this airport. Currently, most tourists take the train to Kobe from the airport, which takes approximately an hour and a half.However, did you know that there is another way to get from KIX to Sannomiya, the central hub of Kobe, and that it takes just one hour? In addition to taking less time than the train, this way is cheaper and maybe more enjoyable to ride.We would like to introduce you to the boat that connects Kansai International Airport and the city of Kobe, the “Kobe-KIX Bay Shuttle.”Reference article: What to See, Eat and Do in the Fascinating City of KobeThe Kobe-KIX Bay ShuttleThe Bay Shuttle (ベイ・シャトル) is a high-speed boat that traverses the 24 kilometers in Osaka Bay between Kobe and KIX in roughly half an hour. It makes the crossing 32 times (16 roundtrips) a day. Furthermore, both KIX and Kobe Airport have a connecting bus that will take you to the shuttle dock, and from Kobe Airport you can walk to the dock in around five minutes.Let’s go on an actual trip from KIX to Kobe on the Bay Shuttle and see how it goes!How to Buy A TicketFor tourists coming to Japan there is a discounted 1,000 yen one-way adult ticket, which can be purchased at the first floor ticket counter in Kansai International Airport Terminal 1.This ticket is only for foreign visitors, and is 45% off the regular price, so it’s a great deal.Fares and ticket typesTickets are usually 1,850 yen for adults, but the tourist discount is very advantageous. If you purchase a one-way ticket at the KIX counter on the day you enter Japan, you can get it for 1,000 yen. You can get a ticket for your return trip at this counter for 1,000 yen as well.※You must show your passport to get this discount.Find out more about fares and ticket deals here.Timetable for the Bus to the Bay Shuttle DockThe Bay Shuttle’s schedule is aligned with the flight arrival and departure schedules at KIX and Kobe Airport. The Bay Shuttle has to stop at nearby wharfs, not at the airport. So make sure you have enough time to get to the airport after you left the shuttle.Buy a Ticket and Board the Connecting BusGet your ticket and head outside. The connecting bus boards outside the KIX Terminal 1 ticket counter (Bus stop 12). Be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the posted departure time.This is the Bay Shuttle bus stop.There is a sign posted to distinguish between the lines for the Bay Shuttle (ベイ・シャトル) bus and the outlet mall bus.When the bus comes, the staff will guide you onboard. If you have luggage, the porter can stow it for you.Ride the Bay ShuttleWhen you get off the bus, the Bay Shuttle will be right in front of you. You will cross the ocean on the way to Sannomiya. You can enjoy a beautiful view during this commute. Here is a video you can see the view.In ClosingWhat do you think? On the Bay Shuttle, you can have a time-efficient, convenient and fun ride from Kansai International Airport to Kobe Airport and into the city center. If the weather is bad, there is a substitute bus from the terminal. If you can expect the Bay Shuttle will be crowded on a certain day, you can make online reservations here.Next time you need to get to Kobe from Kansai International Airport, how about catching a lift on the Bay Shuttle?InformationBay Shuttle (ベイ・シャトル)Closed: NoneWi-Fi: Free to use within the terminalCredit cards: VISA, Mastercard, JCBLanguage: English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional ChineseForeign language menus: YesPhone number: +81-78-304-0033 (Kobe-KIX Bay Shuttle Reservation Center)Official website: Bay Shuttlecenter_img With the spacious seating, you can sit comfortably.The Bay Shuttle has no assigned seating, so sit wherever you like. It is said that the seats in the back experience less swaying.On days with good weather, you can get a great view of the blue sea of Osaka Harbor, sparkling under the sun.Arriving at Kobe AirportWhen you arrive at Kobe Airport dock, a bus will be waiting. This bus will have you at Kobe Airport in a few minutes. You can also walk, which takes about 5 minutes.This is the exterior of the Bay Shuttle loading area. You can find Kobe maps and guides, and there is free Wi-Fi throughout the terminal. There are also sockets available and free to use, in case you want to charge your mobile phone.last_img read more

Stores in HarajyukuOmotesando area for girls that love fashion

first_imgClinton st. baking company restaurant TokyoAddress: Minami Aoyama Building, 5-17-1 Minami Aoyama, Minatoku, TokyoAccess: Tokyo Metro “Omotesando Station” Take the B1 Exit and 6 minute by walkHours: 8:00 A.M.~11:00 P.M. Garret popcorn shopsAddress: 1-13-18, Jingumae, Shibuyaku, TokyoAccess: JR Yamanotesen, “Harajuku Station” 1 minute by walkHours: 10:00 A.M.~9:00 P.M.  Open every day Flying Tiger CopenhagenAddress: 4-3-2, Jingumae, Shibuyaku, TokyoAccess: Tokyo Metro “Omotesando Station” Take the A2 exit and 2 minute by walkTel: 03-6804-5723Closed days: Nonecenter_img There are stores that landed in Japan from other countries, fashionable North Europe miscellaneous goods shops, and tasty pancakes…Japan is a country where the highest fashion is collected just like New York, Paris, and Milan.  In this article, we will introduce you to shops where ages of 20~30 years old Japanese girls are all talking about!Asoko”Enjoy the surprise!” is the concept of this store.  There are 1000 reasonable and fashionable miscellaneous goods in this North European shop, “Asoko.”  It opened in Japan in March, 2013 and it is located in Tokyo and Osaka.Today, there are rearranging tickets in order to get in to this store even on weekdays since it just opened recently in Harajuku.  There is no need for receiving a ticket but you will have to wait 1~2 hours if you decide not to. If you want to enter the store without wasting time, you will have to go as soon as it opens or receive a rearranging ticket.  The time will be written on the ticket so you can have a tour around Harajyuku and Omotesando and come back afterwards.  Also, when it rains there less customers will be there so going on a rainy day is also a good idea!Flying Tiger CopenhagenThis store is also a North European Store from Sweden.  It opened in July, 2012 and it became a big hit that all the goods were sold out in 3 days and so they had to close the store on the 4th day.  Fashionable girls love this place!The reason for its popularity is because it is very “cheap and fun,” and also because the products are very “colorful and full with humor.”  There is not even one product that costs more than 2000 yen, so you will definitely buy too much!But, please be aware of the line for the cash register.Garret Popcorn shopsGarret Popcorn shops is from Chicago in the United States, and it is full with expensive sweets.  There is always a long line even though more than half century has passed after the opening.  This store opened in Tokyo, Harajyuku in February, 2013.  1 year has passed but girls in Tokyo still love this place.Seems like there is no line?  Nope, there is a big line.Here it is.  There is a line a bit far from the store.  The line is so long that it might reach the Harajuku Station even right after it opens on a weekend.  You will smell the popcorn while you wait in line!This photo is taken from the Garret popcorn stores original HPThe main product is called the “Chicago mix”, which includes heavy cheese tasting popcorn that will definitely go with a drink, mixed with crispy caramel tasting popcorn.  The taste are the same, but if you buy a bagged one it will cost 380yen~ and if you buy a canned one it will cost 1,200yen~.  Depending on the package, the price will change so we recommend you to buy different packages accordingly.Clinton St. Baking Company Restaurant”Clinton St. Baking Company” was ranked “N.Y.’s number one pancake” in the New York Magazine.  This store opened in Omotesando and this is the first store that opened outside New York.  The blueberry pancake is very famous, representing the “Clinton Street.”This homemade pancake has a light surface but the inside is very sticky and soft.  The price is 1500 yen, but you will be able to eat a good amount of blueberries and the sweet maple butter is worth it!!This restaurant is very famous that every one in New York knows about it so of course, the line is very long all day every day.  But, imagine starting out your day with this wonderful pancake.  Wouldn’t it be great?Try visiting theses popular places in Harajuku/Omotesando.  You will definitely have a great time!InformationAsokoAddress: 6-27-8, Jingumae, Shibuyaku, TokyoAccess: JR Yamanote line “Harajyuku Station” 7 minute by walk/ JR Kaku line “Shibuya Station” 7 minute by walkTel: 03-6427-9965Hours: 11:00 A.M.~8:00 P.M.Closed days: Nonelast_img read more

4 Delicious Treats to Enjoy at Tea Room Nicol in Yufuin Oita

first_imgOita prefecture is famous for its hot springs. Along with Beppu, Yufuin is a hot spring resort that attracts many visitors from around the world. The area boasts not only great onsen, but also many unique restaurants, souvenir shops, and variety stores.Today, we’ll be introducing Tea Room Nicol, a spot you should definitely stop by when strolling around the Yufuin area, as well as some of its most popular dishes.Tea Room Nicol If it’s a hot day and you need something refreshing, order the Yuzumitsu Squash (620 yen), which uses Yuzumitsu from Hita. The perfectly carbonated drink is sure to quench your thirst.In ConclusionWhat do you think? We think the best season for visiting Tea Room Nicol is in April or May, when you can admire the fresh verdure. However, the cafe space will let you enjoy its natural surroundings no matter what season you visit. If you’re visiting Yufuin, take a break from the bustling streets, and stop by this relaxing cafe. You’ll probably want to stay here forever. Tea Room Nicol View Informationcafe The woods leading to Tea Room Nicol offer a different beautiful view depending on which season you visit, such as fresh verdure and autumn leaves. When we visited, we enjoyed the vivid green leaves after some rain. If you want to enjoy a relaxing time, we recommend the Nicol-original chiffon cake (480 yen) and fresh herb tea (750 yen) made in Yufuin. The herb tea uses local herbs, and has a great scent and flavor.3. Anpan Set Thinly sliced apples are placed on a very thin pie pastry. It’s so deliciously good that many of the customers come here just for this! It costs 520 yen. With a nice sweet taste and crispy texture, it’ll be gone before you know it. However, it’s so popular that sometimes it sells out before noon, so if you want to taste it we recommend you stop by in the morning.2. Chiffon Cake and Herb Tea Tea Room Nicol is a cafe space located in one of Yufuin’s most famous onsen ryokans: Yufuin Tamanoyu. The space can be used by non-overnight guests as well. It’s a highly popular cafe that many travelers stop by.The cafe space is open from 9:00 to 17:00, and after that Nicol’s Bar next door opens.Green-Rich Relaxing Atmosphere The anko-filled anpan (140 yen) can also be taken home. Even if you’re already full from the apple pie you just ate, we recommend getting this one for home.4. Yuzumitsu Squash This is a combo set including an anpan sweet bread from the popular bakery Tomonaga Panya in Beppu and milk from a ranch in Yufuin. Inside the soft bread is anko with just the right amount of sweetness. The interior has an open and bright atmosphere, thanks to the light pouring in from the large windows. Before your eyes are many green trees, allowing you to sit back and relax without being distracted by the people passing by.4 Items You Should Try at Tea Room NicolFrom here, we’ll be introducing four dishes that we think you should definitely try when you visit.1. Apple Pielast_img read more

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Cree nation asks for permanent return of rare ceremonial hood in Montreal

first_imgLindsay RichardsonAPTN NewsIt’s the most significant find the Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute has ever made: an intricate beaded ceremonial hood, tucked away in the Lachine museum in Montreal.Since inquiries into the existence and role of ceremonial hoods began at the institute in 2011, researchers pored over innumerable museum catalogues across Canada, the United States, and even Europe.But for the longest time, the piece of clothing – that fell out of use sometime in the mid-20th century, according to Aanischaaukamikw CEO Sarah Pash – was believed to exist only in the memory of Oujé-Bougoumou’s elders.“We couldn’t believe that we’d been able to find one,” Pash explained. “And the provenance on it clearly identifies that it came from one of our communities, because it’s quite rare that you’re actually able to trace the history of objects that are this old.”The headdress, made of wool, glass beads, and cotton, was donated to the museum in 1948 by Fred Russel Hamilton, a former resident of Lachine.The piece drew curators’ attention when they began digitizing the museum’s collection, due to its “extreme fragility” and elaborate decorations, according to a borough spokesperson.It took a conservator at the Centre de conservation du Quebec more than 260 hours – and nearly $14,000 – to restore the piece before it went on display in Lachine in 2009.The hood is believed to have been made around 1850 to be worn by a prominent woman in the Cree community of James Bay. Some speculate that it once belonged to Jane Meskino Gunner, the wife of Mistassini Chief Joseph Gunner.According to Pash, hoods of this type were once very commonly used in Cree communities as a marker of celebration after an important hunt, or when camps were moved from one location to another.While the Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute does currently have a similar hood on display, it’s a replica – a creative rendering by artist Kristen Auger.Extended family and descendants of the Gunners. (James Bay Communication Society/Facebook)“They were a huge part of our spiritual and ceremonial and our community life,” Pash said. “[the hoods] are very important to the role of having us really understand the role of women in our community, and the central role that women play in ceremonial, spiritual, and traditional life.”The piece was loaned to the institute between 2016 and 2017, so that Gunner’s descendants could observe and interact with a rare piece of their history.Due to the sacred nature of the item, Cree Grand Chief Abel Bosum recently petitioned the City of Montreal, asking for a permanent repatriation back to the Cree nation.The City of Montreal does not currently have a standing policy on repatriation of significant or culturally relevant items; in fact, several of its museums lack the necessary information to properly guide the repatriation process.Having studied both archaeology and museology, Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante says that she’s open to the possibility.“All issues related to the repatriation of archaeological remains and artifacts that have belonged to Indigenous Peoples are currently under intense consideration as part of our Reconciliation Strategy,” Plante said in a statement to APTN News.For now, the hood remains in archive – a controlled setting meant to ensure preservation – while the repatriation file is under review.“We are grateful that the Musee de Lachine really kept good records about where the hood had come from, and the collection that it came from, and the history of the entire collection that was donated to them,” Pash read more

Closing Bell TSX advances amid hopes ECB set to take action on

TORONTO — The Toronto stock market closed higher Wednesday as buyers hoped that the European Central Bank will unveil measures to help contain the eurozone debt crisis.Here are the closing numbersTSX — 11,990.14 +48.44 0.41%S&P 500 — 1,403.44 -1.50 -0.11%Dow — 13,047.48 +11.54 0.09%Nasdaq — 3,069.27 -5.79 -0.19%The S&P/TSX composite index rose 48.44 points to 11,990.14 led by financial and mining stocks while copper prices advanced for a third day, while the TSX Venture Exchange added 3.69 points to 1,246.27.The Canadian dollar was lower ahead of the ECB announcement and Canadian jobs data which also comes out on Friday, falling 0.52 of a cent at 100.92 cents US.As expected, The Bank of Canada left its benchmark interest rate unchanged at one% while warning that rates will have to rise at some point in the future. The central bank also said that there has been a widespread slowing of activity across most economies.The loonie seemed unaffected by Tuesday’s Quebec election which saw the pro-independence Parti Quebecois win the contest, but only securing a minority government.New York markets were little changed. The Dow Jones industrials were up 11.54 points to 13,047.48, the Nasdaq composite index was down 5.79 points to 3,069.27 and the S&P 500 index eased 1.5 points to 1,403.44.Traders anxiously awaited Thursday’s interest rate announcement from the European Central Bank amid hopes the ECB will move to ease the eurozone debt crisis by addressing the high borrowing costs that have bedevilled some of the weakest members of the monetary union, particularly Spain. It is expected some sort of bond-buying program will be announced but it would come with strings attached.To be eligible for the central bank’s help, for example, countries would likely have to formally apply for assistance from the eurozone’s rescue facility and accept conditions on their budget policies, which many governments would be reluctant to do.“The best thing we can hope for is the European Central Bank to get its firepower all lined up and try to cap rates and do that in a way that doesn’t stoke inflation and allows time to pass and finances to get a bit healthier,” said Paul Vaillancourt, vice president and chief investment officer at Canadian Wealth Management.“In times of crisis, sometimes the best you can expect is do no harm.”Investor sentiment improved somewhat as Bloomberg News reported European Central Bank President Mario Draghi’s bond-buying program involves unlimited purchases of government debt.Europe’s economy also remains fundamentally weak. A survey of the eurozone’s services sector on Wednesday showed the sector continued to contract in August. The so-called purchasing managers’ index fell more than earlier estimated, suggesting the currency bloc is headed for a sharp drop in GDP in the third quarter.Markets also looked ahead to Friday’s release of the August non-farm payrolls report to see if a weak report would persuade the U.S. Federal Reserve to embark on another round of stimulus.Nervousness about a slowing global outlook was heightened after FedEx, viewed as an economic bellwether, cut its first-quarter earnings guidance, pointing to weakness in the global economy. Its shares were down two% in New York to US$85.79.Both FedEx and larger rival UPS have warned about the impact of slower economic growth on their results. In July, UPS said customers were worried about what’s in store in the second half of the year. The delivery companies have cut or reduced the frequency of flights in Asia, as shipments both within the region and to Europe and the U.S. have slowed.The base metals sector edged up 0.54% while December copper on the Nymex was up six cents at US$3.53 a pound. Lundin Mining rose 15 cents to $4.57 and Capstone Mining climbed five cents to $2.40.The gold sector was ahead almost 1% as December bullion shed $2 to US$1,694 an ounce. Goldcorp Inc. added 38 cents to C$40.45.The financials sector was up 0.67% with TD Bank ahead 89 cents at $81.13 and Royal Bank climbed 78 cents to $55.64.The energy sector was slightly higher with the October crude contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange ahead six cents to US$95.36 a barrel. Imperial Oil climbed $1.28 to C$46.35.Utilities led decliners as TransAlta fell 57 cents to $14.11.TransCanada Corp. says it has submitted a supplemental environmental report to Nebraskan authorities on the preferred alternative route for its Keystone XL pipeline.TransCanada says the filing reflects feedback both from state regulators and the public. It also respects state timelines and the overall regulatory process for determining a reroute of the controversial pipeline as requested by the U.S. State Department. TransCanada shares were unchanged at $44.88.Elsewhere on the corporate front, Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. cites costs related to its acquisition of Statoil Fuel & Retail for a 26% drop in quarterly net earnings. The Quebec-based convenience store and fuel station operator posted net profits of US$102.9-million, or 57 cents per diluted share in the quarter ended July 22. Its shares fell $1.13 to $49.07.Nokia revealed its first smartphones to run the next version of Windows, a big step for a company that has bet its future on an alliance with Microsoft. Investors were disappointed, and Nokia’s stock fell 16.25% to US$2.37 in New York.Shares in BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd. hit a new 52-week low of $6.45 before recovering slightly to close down eight cents to $6.46.Its stock hit the new milestone as Canaccord Genuity analyst T. Michael Walkley said in a research report that he expects RIM to release its BlackBerry 10 smartphone as scheduled in the first quarter of next year. But he says that RIM has lost too much smartphone market share to Apple and Android and will mightily struggle to win back consumers even if BlackBerry 10 smartphones are very competitive and compelling products.Here’s the news investors were watching today:Bank of Canada holds rate steady as global storm clouds gatherPQ win throws corporate deals, resource development into questionCanada steadily losing competitive edgeNokia shares tumble after Lumia 820, 920 debut disappoints investorsON DECK THURSDAYECONOMIC NEWSEuropean Central Bank announces policy decision in efforts to ease sovereign debt crisis Bank of England announces interest rate decision UNITED STATES7:30 a.m.Challenger Layoff Report (Aug) 8:15 a.m.ADP National Employment Report (Aug): Economists expect gain of 140,000 jobs 8:30 a.m.Weekly jobless claims: Economists expect 370,000 new claims 10 a.m.Non-manufacturing ISM index (Aug): Economists expect a reading of 52.5, flat with last month CORPORATE NEWSCANADATranscontinental Q3 earnings: Analysts expect 41¢ a share read more

Edmunds Best allinone vehicles for summer camping

The vehicle you drive every day can be a platform for the exploration of the nation’s campsites if you consider factors such as space, appropriate on- and off-road capability, and general comfort. Some auto manufacturers now also offer specific features that make their vehicles particularly camping-friendly.Edmunds has picked five of its favourite models based on the above qualities and listed a recommended trim level for each, along with its listed manufacturer suggested retail pricing (MSRP), including destination fees. Make sure to research discounts or current incentives that might be available in your area.TWO-ROW CROSSOVER SUV: 2019 SUBARU FORESTERSubaru owners have been installing rooftop tents for years, and now Subaru has finally given them an official weight rating to go by. The current Forester has an in-motion maximum weight of 176 pounds on the roof rack and a static rating (when you’re parked) of 700 pounds. This information will help in your search for the right rooftop tent and bolster your confidence on the road while it’s up there. Plus, the Forester has plenty of interior space for other campers and camping gear and standard all-wheel drive to help get you off the beaten path.Forester Sport starting MSRP: $29,770THREE-ROW CROSSOVER SUV: 2020 KIA TELLURIDEThe new Telluride is one of Edmunds’ favourite three-row crossover SUVs. It’s got a rugged exterior look to go along with its available all-wheel-drive system. And if you opt for the top-level SX, you can get it with a towing package and a 110-volt power inverter, which is great for charging devices at the campsite. What’s more, it’s one of the most comfortable vehicles in its class. So getting to the campsite will be a breeze no matter how far away it is.Telluride SX AWD starting MSRP: $45,535MIDSIZE PICKUP: 2019 HONDA RIDGELINEThe Honda Ridgeline has some neat tricks that make it an ideal campsite companion. For instance, the cargo bed has a lockable underfloor trunk that can be used for storing gear or even ice and drinks ? and a drain plug lets you to get rid of the water when you’re done. There’s even a dealer-accessory tent that Honda will sell you. It’s perfectly sized for the bed and allows for a full-size mattress and off-the-ground sleeping. The Ridgeline is also roomy and comfortable, which helps during those long trips to the campsite.Ridgeline RTL-T AWD starting MSRP: $39,945MINIVAN: 2019 TOYOTA SIENNADon’t want to sleep outside in a tent? The Sienna, like other minivans, offers enough interior space for lie-down sleeping as long as you fold down the rear seats and remove the second-row seats. On top of that, the Sienna is the only minivan that offers all-wheel drive, which can help provide extra traction in poor weather or road conditions. If you’re looking for a versatile mix of passenger capacity, storage space, protection from the elements, and respectable fuel economy and power, take a closer look at the Sienna.Sienna SE AWD starting MSRP: $40,165FULL-SIZE VAN: 2019 MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTERThe Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is one of the most customizable vehicles on the road. It’s available with multiple lengths, seating configurations and engines. The Sprinter can also be optioned with a roof so tall that someone who’s 6-foot-4 can stand up inside. Few vehicles on the road offer as much usable interior space as the Sprinter. Then there’s an endless list of available aftermarket options that allow you to customize it for your outdoor needs. This Mercedes is also available with four-wheel drive.Sprinter 2500 Diesel Cargo 4WD (170-inch wheelbase, high roof) starting MSRP: $53,985EDMUNDS SAYS: Whether you’re setting up shop in a parking lot with a nice view or travelling off the beaten path for a few weeks, there are lots of vehicles to choose from. Figure out the size and capability you need first, and once you do, go see the best North America has to offer.___This story was provided to The Associated Press by the automotive website Edmunds. Travis Langness is a reviews editor at Edmunds. Twitter: @travislangness.Related links:— Edmunds Review:— Edmunds Review:— Edmunds Review:— Edmunds Review:— Edmunds Review: Langness, The Associated Press read more

Canada notes death penalty will do little to help Sri Lankas image

“This form of punishment is incompatible with human dignity and can lead to irreversible miscarriages of justice. No justice system is immune from error,” the High Commission said. Canada is deeply concerned by reports that Sri Lanka is considering a reversal of its long-standing moratorium on the death penalty.The Canadian High Commission in Colombo said that Canada strongly and unequivocally oppose the use of the death penalty in all cases. Further, the Canadian High Commission in Colombo said that the resumption of executions could attract global attention and would do little to rebuild Sri Lanka’s image as a peaceful and welcoming destination for travellers and investment.Canada said that it joins many Sri Lankans and friends of Sri Lanka around the world in urging the Government to maintain the moratorium on the death penalty. (Colombo Gazette) Canada noted that while action to counter the illicit drug trade is important and necessary, there is no evidence that the death penalty is an effective deterrent. read more

China produces new diesel trains for Sri Lanka

Previously, the company exported three batches of 43 trains to Sri Lanka, accounting for over a half of the country’s total trains in operation.Located in eastern China’s port city of Qingdao, CRRC Qingdao Sifang designs and manufactures a variety of bullet trains, subway trains and trams. Many of its products have special functions, for example, those that adapt to extreme cold, high altitudes or environmentally-friendly hydrogen-powered engines. China’s rolling-stock maker CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co. Ltd. has produced nine diesel trains for Sri Lanka, the Xinhua news agencu reported.The new type of diesel trains, equipped with 90 train cars, rolled off the production line on Friday. They are the fourth batch of diesel trains the company produced for Sri Lanka. The new trains are made with special corrosion-resistant material and techniques catering to the high-temperature and high-humidity in Sri Lanka. The trains were designed to travel at a speed of 120 km per hour. Compared to trains currently used in Sri Lanka, the new trains have more air-conditioned carriages and are equipped with facilities such as a passenger information system, LCD TV and toilets designed for people with disabilities. read more

Indiana rocker Mellencamp slams religious objections law as discriminatory hurtful

Indiana rocker Mellencamp slams religious objections law as ‘discriminatory, hurtful’ by The Associated Press Posted Apr 2, 2015 4:02 pm MDT INDIANAPOLIS – Rocker John Mellencamp says Indiana’s religious objections law is a “stain” on his home state.Mellencamp posted a letter on his website ( m) Thursday panning the law as “ill-conceived.” He says, “It is discriminatory, hurtful, and a stain on Indiana’s national reputation.”He says Indiana is “the American Melting Pot we all learned about in school. We are more than just tolerant, most of the time. We are welcoming.”Mellencamp says he thought seriously about cancelling upcoming shows in Indiana, “but then I realized that I would be letting our government divide us again, keeping me apart from my most important audience: My Indiana fans.”The Indiana General Assembly approved revisions to the law Thursday and sent them to Republican Gov. Mike Pence for his signature. AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

Brock Media Clips for Friday July 5

Here’s a look at some of the media attention Brock University received recently.Men gain twice as much weight as women during freshman year, study finds: Brock research on first-year university student weight gain was featured on CNN, CBC, The Telegraph,Physician’s Weekly and numerous other media outlets. The study, which was led by Master of Kinesiology alumna Kayleigh Beaudry (BSc ’14, MSc ’17) and featured lead author adjunct Kinesiology Professor Andrea Josse, determined that both male and female students make poor dietary choices in their first year at university and that male students tend to gain twice as much weight.Still feel tired after a good night’s sleep? You may have hypersomnia: Brock sleep research was referenced in a Global News article about hypersomnia, a neurological disorder that leads to consistent and extreme fatigue.Wine Talk: A conversation between two living things: Brock alumna Roni Saslove (OEVC ’09) was featured in a Jerusalem Post article about her popular wine appreciation courses in Israel.There’s no taste like home: A Saltscapes article about the advantages of local produce mentioned Brock research, which specifically highlighted the potential economic benefits that could come from purchasing locally grown produce on a weekly basis.If you know of an appearance or story about a Brock faculty member, student, athlete or alumni, please drop us a line with a link to the story at read more

Hometown Baseball game returns to George Taylor Field Sunday

Brock is inviting the community to a free baseball game at George Taylor Field in the Merritton neighbourhood of St. Catharines as part of the University’s Homecoming Weekend celebrations.The annual Hometown Baseball game to be held Sunday, Sept. 22 will see the Brock Badgers host the Ontario Blue Jays, a team that grooms up-and-coming elite talent in preparation for high-level baseball.Gates open at noon and the first pitch is set for 1 p.m.Admission to the Hometown Baseball game is free and the first 100 kids through the gates will receive a free Badgers baseball hat. The event includes free face painting and a family zone, as well a fundraising barbecue for the Brock baseball program.George Taylor Field on Seymour Ave. in Merritton has been home to the Brock baseball team for nearly two decades. In that time, the team has won two national championships and four provincial titles.“The Hometown Baseball game has turned into a great tradition,” said head coach Marc LePage. “It gives the community a chance to see the high quality of baseball at Brock, plus it’s a great time for the whole family. The players really enjoy interacting with the fans and are very appreciative of their support.”Bringing Brock sporting events to the Niagara community continues to be a key focus of the 2019-20 Badgers athletic season, said Brock Sports Associate Director Emily Allan.“Off the heels of a sold-out Steel Blade Classic last weekend, Hometown Baseball is another great opportunity to host the community,” she said. “Our Badgers baseball team is one of the best in the country, and they love competing in front of a hometown crowd.”LePage said the strength of his team comes from solid baseball fundamentals.“Hitting and strong defence have been the keys to our success so far,” he said. “Our young pitching staff is showing promise, but our bats have been a real strength for us.”Brock has compiled a record of five wins and four losses to start the season, which is made up of opponents from various Canadian and American colleges and universities.Visit for a full schedule and more information. read more

Community cheers on Badgers at Hometown Baseball

Under bright sunshine at George Taylor Field in Merritton, more than 400 people cheered on the Brock Badgers at the second annual Hometown Baseball game Sunday, Sept. 22.The Badgers sent the crowd home happy as they defeated the visiting Ontario Blue Jays 13-7 in the game.“We want to show the community that we’re there for them,” said head coach Marc LePage. “This kind of crowd gives our players a lot of energy. With all the kids cheering them on, it makes for a pretty special day for us. It’s a good vibe.”Throwing out the first pitch were former Badger-turned Toronto Blue Jays prospect Shaun Valeriote (BSM ‘13), and former Badger Alex Nolan, who is now a Jays’ prospect.After the game, kids had the opportunity to run the bases as players dished out high fives and photo opportunities with Boomer the mascot. The event also included a barbecue, face painting and a family zone with games for kids.“This game means a lot to Brock because we’re reaching out to the community,” said Brock Sports Associate Director Emily Allan. “Watching those kids run the bases sums it all up. It’s just so heartwarming to see the guys lining the field and cheering on the kids.”The Badgers filled up the scoreboard early with 12 runs in the first two innings before the Blue Jays scored their first run in the fifth, and added four runs in the seventh.The Brock baseball team is now 6-5 as it heads to Western New York to face Genesee Community College on Saturday, Sept. 28 and Canisius College on Sunday, Sept. 29. read more

We asked 3 companies to recycle Canadian plastic and secretly tracked it

Turn captions off Twitter Embed Embed Code: Pause Turn captions on Stop Asset: Undetermined Close After several instances of Canadian plastic waste turning up overseas, Marketplace wanted to track the lifecycle of Canadian plastic. So we bought bales of film plastic ready for recycling, hid trackers inside them, and then re-inserted the plastic back into the recycling stream in British Columbia. (Eric Szeto/CBC)866 commentsDo you know where your recycling really goes after it’s been picked up? After several instances of Canadian plastic waste turning up overseas in places like the Philippines and Malaysia, CBC’s Marketplace wanted to track the lifecycle of Canadian plastic. Journalists bought bales of film plastic ready for recycling, hid trackers inside them, and then re-inserted the plastic back into the recycling stream in British Columbia — the province known for having the most efficient recycling program in Canada.   Using an alias email, Marketplace reached out and commissioned three major waste collection businesses with ties to municipal programs in B.C. to process the material. The bales were picked up by Merlin Plastics, Waste Connections of Canada, and GFL Environmental Inc. All three companies make green promises on their websites and in promotional videos, using buzzwords like “sustainability” and “environmental solutions.” One Waste Connections video goes as far as to say, “sustainability and becoming more green … have been hallmarks and backbones of Waste Connections from the day we formed the company.” Marketplace put those promises to the test, acquiring about nine tonnes of film plastic, mostly shopping bags, that had already been sorted and crushed into square bales. Since the bales were already compressed and ready for processing, the trackers wouldn’t get crushed or lost in the sorting process. Hayley, left, and Chris, with the Basel Action Network, helped Marketplace install and monitor a total of nine tracking devices inserted into bales of plastic recycling. (Harold Dupuis/CBC) Next, the Basel Action Network, a U.S. charity that combats exports of hazardous waste from industrialized countries and specializes in tracking waste, installed tracking devices into nine bales — three for each company. Once activated, the tracking devices pinged every two to three minutes with their geographical co-ordinates. Although three trackers failed, two for each company reached a final destination. Only 1 company recycled the plastic The two trackers in Merlin Plastics’ bales ended up at a recycling processing plant in Delta, B.C., suggesting it was recycled. The company later confirmed in a statement to Marketplace that it “shredded, washed and pelletized it, then sold the resin to a customer that make[s] similar material.” The two trackers in Merlin Plastics’ bales ended up at a recycling processing plant in Delta, B.C. (Francesca Fionda/CBC) Both of the GFL trackers went straight to a waste-to-energy facility, a landfill alternative that creates power by incinerating garbage. The harmful acid gases emitted through the burning process become trapped in the incinerator and are then treated with chemical “scrubbers” that convert them into neutral salts. “I think most Canadians think that when they put something in recycling, that it’s being re-fashioned into something that can be used,” said Myra Hird, an environmental studies professor at Queen’s University and founder of Canada’s Waste Flow research group. Both of the GFL trackers went straight to a waste-to-energy facility for incineration. (Dave MacIntosh/CBC) One problem with incineration as a recycling solution, Hird says, is that the waste-to-energy incinerators constantly need to be fed large amounts of material. Another concern is the toxic ash incineration leaves behind. “That waste that is produced then has to be landfilled in very [specific], highly engineered landfills for hazardous waste,” she said. “It’s far more toxic than the original products.” In a written statement, GFL told Marketplace that while traditional recycling would have been a preferable solution, no one would have been willing to buy the processed plastic. Also on Marketplace this week: Canada’s plastic scrap dumped and burned overseas “The current market conditions do not have many opportunities to recycle this kind of plastic,” said GFL. “We found a viable and cost-effective solution in incineration.” Meanwhile, when Waste Connections picked up the bales of plastic, the company said it would send the material to a recycling facility. However, the trackers showed that the bales ended up in a junkyard in Surrey, B.C., as well as a landfill in Richmond, B.C.  The trackers in the bales picked up by Waste Connections showed that the plastic ended up in a junkyard in Surrey, B.C., and a landfill in Richmond, B.C. (Francesca Fionda/CBC) When Marketplace reached out to Waste Connections looking for further information, the company did not respond directly; it instead emailed the original alias and said: “There was some miscommunication and the driver took this load to a waste facility.” It is not unusual for Canadian plastics to be landfilled. A recent study published by the federal Ministry of Environment and Climate Change revealed plastics are landfilled 86 per cent of the time. ‘That’s discouraging’ “This is the opposite of what I think is happening to that magical blue box when it gets put out,” said Natasha Sumera, of Burnaby, B.C. Like many Canadians, Sumera diligently sorts, cleans and recycles her waste every week. But she then goes even further to do her part for the environment.  Her municipality doesn’t pick up polystyrene products, so the 32-year-old spends time each week sorting through her condo building’s styrofoam and taking it to a recycling plant herself. “Even when you make an effort to put it in the blue bin, if it still ends up here, that’s discouraging,” she said. Natasha Sumera is an avid recycler who spends time each week sorting through her condo building’s styrofoam and taking it to a recycling plant herself. (Dave MacIntosh/CBC) Hird said one reason Canadian plastic ends up burned or landfilled is the companies we trust to recycle that material aren’t always obligated to do it. B.C.’s Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy told Marketplace that haulers are contractually obligated to ensure residential plastic is recycled.  If the bales had been “collected from a residential premise and the hauler took it to a disposal facility, the hauler would be in violation of its contract,” the ministry said in a statement. However, waste collected outside the blue box program, from industrial, commercial or institutional sectors, “does not legally have to be recycled.” “[They] are only going to recycle materials if there’s a profit to be made,” Hird said. Many Canadians are recycling wrong, and it’s costing us millions Profit varies depending on market conditions, she says, so a type of plastic that might have been recycled in January might be landfilled in December.   “I think it’s unethical because it’s deceiving Canadians,” she said. Even when recycling does work, Hird says it takes a large toll on the environment, often being shipped to countries across the world to be fashioned into things like picture frames or other non-food-grade items, after which the quality of the plastic is often too low to be recycled again. “We perhaps get one more use out of it and then it goes to landfill.” She says Canadians should be focusing more on the top two tiers of the waste hierarchy: reduce and reuse. 9% of Canadian plastic recycled   The plastics industry has another explanation as to why recyclable plastic is being landfilled.  “It was too easy to ship material to China,” said Joe Hruska, vice-president of sustainability for the Canadian Plastics Industry Association.”They would take anything, and they’d actually pay for it.” Now that China has shut its doors to our waste, Hruska says the government needs to put incentives in place for manufacturers to use recycled material here at home, to create a local market. Behind the scenes: Marketplace installs GPS trackers in plastic bales Watch Share this 00:37 Assigned test group: None Email Close Stop Playback Status: ready Events Log: Show/Refresh Events Close Restore player Streaming URL: Link Bitrate: Undetermined Play Identifier: mediaId 1609454147819 Pause Video Facebook Behind the scenes: Marketplace installs GPS trackers in plastic bales Close Marketplace hid trackers in bales of plastic from three different recycling haulers in B.C. to to see where it would end up. 0:37 According to Greenpeace, nearly half of Canada’s plastic waste exports were sent to China before the country cut its imports of scrap plastic in 2018.  Even when China was an option, the federal study of Canada’s plastic industry markets shows only nine per cent of Canadian plastics were getting recycled.  That means of the 3.3 million metric tonnes of plastic consumed by Canadians in a year, about 2.8 million metric tonnes were thrown away as garbage. Bag bans vs. industry pushback There’s been a global push to reduce our reliance on plastic, with a number of jurisdictions across Canada and around the world putting forth regulations, particularly around plastic bags. The federal government recently announced a plan to ban most single-use plastics by 2021. But there has been pushback from industry who are fighting legislation that would ban bags from grocery stores. One of the CPIA’s members even went to the B.C. Supreme Court to fight a plastic bag ban in Victoria and won. The ruling was appealed by the city, which lost in the B.C. Court of Appeal. The city is considering a Supreme Court of Canada challenge.  Hruska argues meaningful alternatives to plastic grocery bags don’t yet exist and that he thinks bag fees are motivation enough to reduce consumers’ use. He also says his members are working on new technologies to make low-value plastics more recyclable. Myra Hird is an environmental studies professor at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont., and founder of Canada’s Waste Flow research group. (Andy Hincenbergs/CBC) But Hird says we can’t rely on the plastic industry to reduce plastic waste.  “Waste management is extremely expensive,” she said. “Industries are set up to do what they’re set up to do — which is to make profit. “What we need is a very strong government that is going to really introduce far stricter — and a greater number of — regulations around how we deal with our waste.”  111 million tonnes of plastic waste will have nowhere to go by 2030 due to Chinese import ban: studyWhy products marked ‘recyclable’ sometimes aren’t The federal Ministry of Environment and Climate Change says it has committed to new restrictions on plastic that is sent overseas starting in 2021. It also has plans to reduce plastic waste and pollution at home with new policies like the single-use plastic ban, and consistent “extended producer responsibility” programs that would make plastic producers responsible for the cost of recycling it. But Myra hopes to see more incentives for reduction and refurbishment. “At the top of [the] waste hierarchy is reduction, and that is what we really want,” she said. “Recycling should be really done as a last resort.” As for Natasha Sumera, even though she’s disappointed to learn what may happen to her blue box items, she says she’ll keep on making the drive with her building’s recyclables. “I want to be optimistic,” she said. “I try to reduce, but this, even more so, drives that home … If it’s not getting recycled the way that I think it should be, then I should probably even use less.” read more

Liberals ask for an investigation of Scheers insurance industry credentials

Identifier: mediaId 1610705987918 Close Share this Close Stop Embed Stop Playback Status: ready 00:30 Video Bitrate: Undetermined Link Facebook Play Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer makes a campaign stop in Saskatoon, Sask., on Saturday, Sept. 28, 2019. (Nathan Denette/The Canadian Press)5090 commentsThe Liberals are calling for a review of Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s credentials from his time in the insurance industry.  A letter signed by Liberal candidate Marco Mendicino urges the Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan and the Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan “to investigate immediately and take appropriate action.”  It comes after a report that The Globe and Mail found no evidence that Scheer had received the accreditation needed to be a broker before he was elected to the House of Commons in 2004. The letter from the Liberals includes several examples of references made to Scheer’s job as an “insurance broker” or a “broker” in Conservative party material and from interviews the leader has done. It is life experience — however brief — that Scheer has referred to dozens of times in the House of Commons, during his party leadership race and at various events.  Conservative spokesperson Simon Jefferies rejects the allegations in the letter. “Andrew Scheer was accredited under the Canadian Association of Insurance Brokers (CAIB) program. He was working towards obtaining his broker’s licence, but left the industry before acquiring it,” he said in an email to CBC News. It’s unclear what Scheer did while working in the insurance office, but his web page identifies him as a former “insurance broker” — something he clarified when asked about it Saturday.  Asset: Undetermined Email Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is asked about his website which says he had previously been an insurance broker. 0:30 “I did receive my accreditation,” Scheer told reporters.  “I left the insurance office before the licensing process was finalized.” PARTY PLATFORMSCompare the party platforms on these top election issuesCBC’s chat bot helps you spot ‘fake news’ — and avoid spreading it It’s that lack of initial clarity the Liberals point to in their letter, saying Scheer “appears to have publicly and repeatedly misrepresented himself to Canadians.” Leaders’ work experience The Conservatives have dismissed the allegations that Scheer was working without proper credentials, going so far as to send reporters examples of job postings for insurance companies that require little experience or credentials. In Saskatchewan, the rules state you must complete an exam before becoming a broker. The province’s insurance act states that “no person shall hold himself out as an agent or as a salesman of an agent unless he is the holder of a subsisting licence under this act,” and that “Every person who contravenes any provision of this act is guilty of an offence.”  A Conservative official, speaking on background, said a young broker like Scheer would have been supervised by a licensed broker. He may have had his duties restricted and would have acted more as a sales representative until his full licence was approved, they said. Conservatives say Liberal campaign is copying Tory policy ideasAnalysisWhat Brexit? Why Andrew Scheer seems reluctant to talk about the project he once called ‘cool’ The Conservatives have taken aim over the years at Justin Trudeau’s work experience as a snowboard instructor, bouncer and teacher before he entered politics in his 30s. Scheer was first elected as an MP when he was 24 years old and has often referred to his work in the “private sector” or insurance industry before he was elected. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh was a practising lawyer before entering Ontario provincial politics. This campaign, the Conservatives have referred repeatedly to Trudeau being “Not as advertised,” a line the Liberals now seem to be taking delight in turning back on Scheer in reference to his past occupation. At an event in Mississauga, Ont., to launch the full Liberal platform, Trudeau was asked whether Scheer was misleading Canadians on his credentials “I will let Andrew Scheer answer those questions,” he said. Events Log: Show/Refresh Events Close Watch Twitter Streaming URL: Scheer questioned about his resume Close Restore player Turn captions off Turn captions on Embed Code: Pause Assigned test group: None Pause read more