Improve Your Fortune Visit The Gods Of Money Luck In Nihonbashi

first_imgCity of Finance: Nihonbashi, TokyoNihonbashi, found in Tokyo’s Chuo ward, once flourished as the center of the city, and is now a popular shopping district with numerous department stores and commercial buildings.However, there is another side to Nihonbashi. Home to the head offices of many banks and securities companies, Nihonbashi also functions as Japan’s financial capital. Here you will find the Tokyo Stock Exchange where, in 2014, 576 trillion 4020 million yen was traded. It is the largest financial district in Japan, and one of the major players on the international exchange market.If you take a stroll through this area, you will come to Kabuto Shrine, located near the TSE, and Tokyo Zeniarai Benten, two shrines that are said to help improve your luck when it comes to money. According to belief, if you pay a visit to these two shrines, you should see some unexpected financial benefits. With the hopes of improving our money luck, let’s check out these two shrines today.When walking around the area, you can see Kabuto Shrine Kabuto Shinkansen which is related to the stock exchanges and Tokyo Senki Benten. There is a shrine related to money, such as Arinbanben in Tokyo. If you visit, there may be unexpected benefits. Let’s go for the two shrines in Nihonbashi with the aim of improving money luck.last_img read more

Visit The Pola Museum Of Art In Hakone Installations And Exhibits

first_imgA Place Overflowing with Light: The Pola Museum of Art in Hakone Two and a half hours from Tokyo by train, Hakone is a popular hot spring resort area with abundant natural beauty. This city is also known for being home to the Pola Museum of Art.The building’s use of glass creates a bright structure that feels very open, and the interior is flooded with light so that visitors feel as though the building is part of the Hakone forest.The art museum opened in 2002 and has displayed works from famous artists, including Monet, Renoir and Picasso; it has a varied collection that features Western-style paintings by Japanese artists, Japanese paintings, woodcut prints, Oriental clay pieces, glasswork, cosmetics items and more. Many of the over ten thousand total items in the collection were gathered by Tsuneshi Suzuki, second-generation head of the Japanese cosmetics manufacturer Pola Orbis Group, over more than four decades. In addition to many works by famous artists, the museum has a promenade and restaurants where you can enjoy lunch while seated out on a terrace. Naturally, it’s great for art lovers, but even art appreciation novices will find something to enjoy here. The Pola Museum is a place where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo and relax to your very core, through contact with music and art.Also read:Visit the Pola Museum of Art In Hakone! Promenade And RestaurantsThe Installations and Exhibits Change Every Six Months The Pola Museum of Art has had permanent exhibits and installations since opening. In the permanent exhibits, up to 300 pieces from the museum’s collection of over 10,000 items are displayed in conjunction with a theme, being rotated out twice a year. The installations are not limited to the Pola Museum of Art collection; valuable art pieces are gathered and put on display, and these are also around for six months.When we went (August 2016), the permanent installations “Paintings of the Pola Museum of Art – Collection Highlights!”, “Oriental Clay x Contemporary Ceramics: The World of Pottery Seen In Color”, “Glasswork and Words” and “Carefully Looking Up At and Out Onto 06” were on display. In the basement shop, you can find mugs, cute sweets, calendars and other original goods that number more than 200 in total. These are exclusive to the Pola Museum of Art, so buy all means, pick something up to take home.We Also Recommend the Restaurant Next Door In the exhibition room for “Carefully Looking Up At and Out Onto 06”, there are plenty of different perspectives from which you can view the displays; you can lie down in front of the pieces, or look at it from the platform behind them. Gaze at the artwork from a perspective other than standing directly in front and you may discover a new way to be fascinated by it. In the exhibition room for “Glasswork and Words,” the display centered around work with “words” etched into them. According to the Daum brothers, these two pieces have various ornamentation, and the words “plus penser que dire (thoughts over words)” etched into them. By reading the words of sermons, proverbs and prose etched into these glass works, you will be drawn in by their allure even more. The exhibition room for “Oriental Clay x Contemporary Ceramics: The World of Pottery Seen In Color” has pottery from China, Korea and Japan on display. You can examine pottery items that have crossed through area borders, compare them, and gaze on the creators’ attention to coloration. The Pola Museum of Art also has a promenade surrounded by nature and restaurants with limited-edition menus that connect to the theme of the current exhibits. You can sample dessert inspired by Monet’s famous Les Nymphéas painting, and more. For more information, read the companion piece to this article.You May Also LikeA Day Trip From Tokyo: Places To See In Hakone-YumotoHakone Tozan Line – Climb The Mountain By Train And Enjoy The Scenery!Hakone Open-Air Museum – Explore The Arts Surrounded by NatureWhat To Do In Hakone – Travel Tips And 6 Must-See Places From September 10th, 2016 to March 3rd, 2017, the Looking at the Boundaries of Paris: Rousseau, Fujita and Photographer Atget exhibit was open at the Pola Museum. These three artists all created various works that don’t adhere to conventional wisdom. They all lived in the low areas around Montparnasse and left behind works that looked at the great metropolis, Paris, and the suburbs. Take a look at the boundary lines of Paris that so fascinated them.The interior of the museum is very relaxed, and we were able to leisurely enjoy each piece. The collection is excellent, and since the installations change twice a year, you can discover something new every time you visit.The Pola Museum ShopsThe museum has two shops that stock more than 2000 items. The “Modern Beauty” exhibit was on display from March 19th to September 4th, 2016, and contained French paintings and cosmetics. Visitors to the exhibit could take a look at “feminine beauty” from a century ago through the lens of fashion. The first floor shop has items that are just perfect as Hakone souvenirs, such as small Yosegi-zaiku trinkets. It stocks fascinating accessories, imported French teas and various other goods. You can buy things without entering the exhibition area.last_img read more

Delicious Coffee and Nice View from Terrace BROOKLYN ROASTING COMPANY

first_imgIt opens from 8:00 A.M. on weekdays.It opens on weekends even though it is located in a business district.You can get there easily from convenient places like Shinsaibashi (心斎橋), Umeda on the Midosuji Line. So when you get tired of sightseeing or don’t know where to visit next, why don’t you go to this shop to relax and decide where to go?Drinks on the menuDrip coffee  350yen (size M) 390yen (L)French press    450yenEspresso    350yenCaffé macchiato     400yenCafé cortado   420yenCappuccino     450yenLatte (HOT/ICE)   480yenCafé americano (HOT/ICE)  400yenBefore work, you can choose a cup of espresso to be more vigorous. Latte or some other cups which contain milk will surely relax you for your break.Other than the items above, you can choose soft drinks or beer.Personally, I recommend you to try the French press. You can enjoy cute latte art which vary from employee to employee who draw and the flavors of the beans themselves.Find Out Your Favorite BeanFlavors of coffee differ with where they are produced. There are various flavors, some taste acidic and some have a good body. The bean used for drip coffee changes day by day. You can try different flavors every time you visit here.If you find your favorite, you can ask which coffee beans are used. Then of course, you can buy them in the shop. Enjoy your favorites at home as well! Full sets to make coffee at home are available so why don’t you get one ?Take a Rest on The Terrace with a Nice ViewI really like the view of Osaka Central Public Hall (中央公会堂) from the terrace of BROOKLYN ROASTING COMPANY. Tables on the terrace are available even when it rains.When it’s sunny, it would be great to go to Nakanoshima Park (中之島公園) with a cup of coffee or go visit Osaka Castle (大阪城) from Yodoyabashi by ferry.InformationShop: BROOKLYN ROASTING COMPANYAddress: Kitahama 2-1-16, chuoku, Osakashi, OsakaHours: weekdays 8:00~20:00(Last Order 19:30) / Sunday, Saturday, Holiday10:00~19:00(Last Order 18:30)Phone: 06-6125-5740Closed Date: irregular holidaysWi-Fi: availableCredit Card: Not availableLanguage: Japanese(some employees speaks English)Menu: in Japanese, EnglishStation: the Osaka Municipal Subway Midosuji Line Yodoyabashi Station the Exit 1, Sakaisuji Line Kitahama Station the Exit 2Access: Start from Yodoyabashi Station the Exit 1, on the way to Kitahama Station. On your left.Price range: Latte (HOT/ICE) 480yenCafé americano (HOT/ICE) 400yenOriginal HP:http://brooklynroasting.jp/Smoking area: Tables on the terraceOfficial video↓ Have a Cup of Delicious Coffee at YodoyabashiYodoyabshi (淀屋橋) is only one stop away from Umeda Station (梅田駅) on the Osaka Municipal Subway Midosuji Line (大阪市営地下鉄 御堂筋線). During rush hour, the area becomes fairly crowded because the Keihan Line (京阪線) is also available.Although you may have a strong impression like this about Yodoyabashi, I’d like to introduce you to a place where you can relax calmly away from the din and bustle of the city.BROOKLYN ROASTING COMPANYStart from Exit 1 of Yodoyabashi Station, on the way to Kitahama Station (北浜駅) on Sakaisuji Line, you will find “BROOKLYN ROASTING COMPANY”.last_img read more

TACO FANATICO Authentic Mexican Tacos and Unique Japanese Fusions

first_imgEven though most people come to TACO FANATICO for the tacos, one of the appetizers seemed to fan favorite as well. When I did my research on TACO FANATICO, I encountered many people highly recommending the Crispy Cheese Gringa. The Crispy Cheese Gringa consists of a flour tortilla(not gluten-free) filled with cheese and the same chili marinated juicy pork as the Al Pastor Taco. The tortilla is folded over the filling and grilled until it is golden brown. The Crispy Cheese Gringa is nearly double the size of a taco and cut in half so it can easily be shared as an appetizer.TACO FANATICO’s New Lunch MenuTACO FANATICO has recently started offering a lunch menu. On weekdays between 11:30 and 15:00 you can choose between a three tacos (1000 yen), four tacos(1200 yen) and five tacos(1500 yen) lunch option. Every option comes with a salad and a soft drink. You can not choose the tacos or the salad but you can choose between four different drinks. For 300 yen extra, you can add Mexican pudding or coconut ice cream as a dessert.Tequila, Mezcal, and Unique Cocktails If you visit Japan, you will probably want to try as much Japanse cuisine as possible. However, depending on how long you stay, you might also miss some of the comfort food your home country has to offer. What would you say if I tell you that you can have both if your comfort food happens to be tacos?TACO FANATICO in Tokyo does not only offer authentic, bite-sized, hand-made tacos but also Japanese inspired fusion tacos with the best of both worlds. Let’s head to Nakameguro Station!TACO FANATICO – Authentic Taco Bar Overseeing Meguro River You don’t necessarily have to visit TACO FANATICO just for the tacos. They also offer over 100 authentic Mexican tequila and mezcal as well as alcoholic and unique non-alcoholic cocktails. With its warm atmosphere and fun staff, it is the perfect place to just go for a couple of drinks by yourself or with friends after a long day of sightseeing or work. Please be aware that the restaurant only has twenty-two Counter seats and eight spots on the standing counter, so it might fill up quickly in the afternoon or at the weekends. Reservations can not be made so be prepared to plan in a little bit of waiting time in case the restaurant is full.Unique Payment System – Cashless in a Cash Dominated Country The hand-made corn tortilla is gluten-free and comes in four flavors. The flavors are very light and don’t overpower the toppings. You can’t choose your tortilla as each tortilla is designed to go perfectly with its designated topping.  I tried the Limonada de Jamaica(left) and the Cajyutta Pink Paloma(right).Cajyutta Pink Paloma – Dessert and Drink in OneThe Cajyutta Pink Paloma is an impressive to looking drink. The big pink grapefruit is served on a bed of ice and the TACO FANATICO logo is burned into its skin.The grapefruit itself is frozen and infused with tequila. To drink it you scrape the inside of the grapefruit with the straw and suck up the juicy fruit pieces. A rather unique experience. This drink can easily serve as dessert and cocktail after your meal.If you don’t drink alcohol, the Cajyutta Pink Grapefruit is the non-alcoholic version. It is just as delicious.Limonada de Jamaica – A Herbal-Fruity Homemade LemonadeThe Limonada de Jamaica is a homemade hibiscus lemonade with the inclusion of herbs to complement the taste of the tacos. It is refreshing and not too sweet with a sour edge from the hibiscus. I had this lemonade alongside the tacos and it refreshed my taste buds without overpowering any of the taco flavors.Delishes Tacos at a Forward Thinking RestaurantTACO FANATICO is a great place for taco lovers and beginners alike. They take great pride in their authenticity as well as their unique fusions of Mexican and Japanese comfort food. Even if you aren’t hungry, why not just drop by for a couple of drinks in a fun atmosphere?Time Limited Offer: We are happy to announce a special offer only for MATCHA readers. If you drop by TACO FANATICO until end of December 2018 and mention that you read this article on MATCHA, you will receive a free taco! Don’t miss out!In cooperation with TACO FANATICO and Global Dining Taco Fanático View InformationrestaurantbarYou May Also Like: Enjoy Old-Style Japan at Gonpachi G-Zone GinzaNARUTO KITCHEN – Taste The Best Fried Chicken In Japan!Tsukumo Ramen – The Master Of High-Quality Gouda Cheese Ramen10 Unique Cafes In Tokyo – Where A Coffee Break Becomes An Experience!center_img Taco’s left to right: Kakuni Pork Belly, Tempura Shrimp, Al Pastor Pork and Beef SteakTACO FANATICO’s top four recommendations include originals and Japanese fusions. The tacos are on the smaller side and can easily be eaten in two or three bites which allows you to sample multiple flavors in one sitting.1.Kakuni Pork Belly Taco – Braised Japanese Pork on Creamy Mashed Potato Kakuni Pork is a Japanese slowly simmered pork dish with its roots in China. The high-quality pork melts in your mouth and becomes one with the mashed potato it is bedded on. Fresh herbs and vegetables like cilantro and onions add a refreshing twist to the creamy flavor. A plain tortilla is chosen to not disturb any of the delicate flavors.2.Tempura Shrimp Taco – An Outstanding Japanese Fusion The Tempura Shrimp Taco is the most obvious Japanese fusion, even for people not familiar with tacos. For this taco, a deep-fried shrimp rests on a bed of guacamole, providing you with a true flavor fusion of Japanese and Mexican cuisine. The two flavors and textured go surprisingly well together especially wrapped in the slightly smoky charcoal tortilla.3.Al Pastor Pork Taco – A Mexican Original Only Available at TACO FANATICOAl Pastor is one of the most popular taco toppings in Mexico. I have been told none of the other Mexican restaurants in Japan serve it. The meat is marinated overnight and then cooked with chili until it is perfectly juicy with a slight spiciness to it. Pineapple and the beet tortilla add their juicy flavors making it the perfect combination of savory and sweet.4.Beef Steak Taco – Juicy Meat in a Refreshing SalsaThe Beef Steak Taco is prepared with high-quality hanger steak. It is only flavored with a homemade salsa and wrapped in a cumin and turmeric tortilla to add some spice. Simple but utterly scrumptious and rich in flavor.Crispy Cheese Gringa – A Popular Appetizer As of now, there are eight different tacos on the menu. They also offer a completely vegan taco with seasonal vegetables and a vegan salsa. If you have any other dietary restrictions or allergies, please let them know beforehand. TACO FANATICO opened its doors on October 19th, 2018. It is the smallest and newest addition to Global Dining which owns famous restaurants such as Gonpachi which inspired famous fight scenes in the movie Kill Bill.The restaurant is located two minutes walk from Nakameguro Station, right besides Meguro River which is famous for its luscious cherry blossoms in spring. It is open towards the front, so you can enjoy the view of the river while eating tacos. TACO FANATICO was created with the wish to offer an authentic taco experience without shying away from fun Japanese twists and experiments as well. The staff trained with the help of a real taco chef in order to make sure to deliver the most authentic and delicious tacos possible. Currently available topping and tortilla combinations are as follows: 1. Pink Beet Tortilla: Al Pastor and Vegan2. Black Charcoal Tortilla: Tempura Shrimp3. Yellow Turmeric and Cumin Tortilla: Spicy Lamb and Beef Steak4. White Plain Tortilla: Guacamole Chicken, Kakuni Pork Belly and Chipotle BeefTACO FANATICO’s Top Four Taco’s If you visit TACO FANATICO, make sure to have your IC card charged or your credit card ready because you can’t pay by cash. Only Credit cards, IC cards, and mobile payment methods are accepted as payment.Even though Japan is one of the leading countries of electronic devices and might often seem very futuristic, cash is still the leading payment method. Many places do not even accept credit cards. Introducing a place that’s completely cashless is nearly unheard of in Japan.The Taco’s – Authentic and Unique at the Same Time last_img read more

Matcha Green Tea And Japanese Treats At Jikoin Temples Garden In Nara

first_imgWhat Is Jikoin Temple? Jikoin is a Zen Buddhist temple that follows the Rinzai school, located in Yamato Koriyama in Nara. It is a historical temple constructed in 1663 by Sadamasa Katagiri who once ruled the area. It is said that he had the temple built to pray for his father in his afterlife.In addition to that, Sadamasa is also the founder of the Sekishu style tea ceremony. Therefore, Jikoin Temple is built like a large tea house.last_img

Visit SefaUtaki The Holiest Spot in Okinawa

first_imgBoth of them are vessels for holy water, so be careful; absolutely do not touch them.To Sangu-iThis is the main part of Sefa-Utaki, Sangu-i. The two stalactites and the open space at the end of the triangular rock are each places to pray. Many people come to visit, so if you want to take pictures without people present, you should go as early as possible.This is what it’s like inside Sangu-i. Since it’s a power spot, here you can feel the place’s holy atmosphere.Head to the back of Sangu-i and look out at the sea, and Kudakashima will come into view. Kudakashima is known as a holy island, so by all means, visit it for yourself.In ClosingDid we pique your interest in visiting Okinawa’s holiest spot, Sefa-Utaki? Recognized as a World Heritage site, it is only getting more and more attention.By the way, there are two times a year when entry into Sefa-Utaki is not permitted, in order to protect the sacred area: June 5 to 7 and October 31 to November 2 in 2016, and May 26 to 28 and November 18 to 20 in 2017. Avoid making plans to visit during these times.Recommended articlesGet Ready For Summer! Places To Visit In Southern OkinawaKudaka Ancient Island – a Day-trip in Okinawa from NahaFeel South Island Atmosphere! Okinawa Town Just 10 Minutes Away From ShinjukuA Stunning Seaside View And Stellar Okinawan Soba At KunnatoMeet the Sea Turtles and Manatees at the Okinawa Churaumi AquariumInformationSefa-UtakiAddress: Okinawa, Nanjō-shi, Chinen, Kudeken 270-1Hours: 9:00-18:00(Last entry at 17:30)Closed: 12/29-1/3Wi-Fi: NoCredit cards: NoAccess: From Naha Airport, one hour on local roads via carPrice: 300 yen (adults) / 150 yen (children)Phone: 098-949-1899Homepage: Sefa-Utaki Okinawa, Japan’s resort getaway, has plenty of sightseeing highlights and fun activities; visitors can swim in the blue ocean, eat Okinawan soba, and visit Shūri Castle, to name just a few.This time we will introduce a particularly special place that stands out from the other tourist spots on Okinawa: Sefa-Utaki, which is registered as a World Heritage site. Sefa-Utaki was a sacred venue for religious rituals back in olden times, when Okinawa was known as the kingdom of Ryūkyū.First, Buy a TicketYou cannot buy a ticket for Sefa-Utaki at its entrance. The Nanjō City Regional Product Promotion Center, located seven minutes away, sells the tickets.Admission is 300 yen for an adult, and 150 yen for a child.This is the admission ticket. The symbol of Sefa-Utaki, Sangu-i, is printed on it.Once you buy a ticket, head to Sefa-Utaki. The entrance is marked by this boulder.Venture into Sefa-Utaki’s Sacred SpaceThis building is the entrance to Sefa-Utaki. Show your ticket to the staff here. Once you enter the building, watch the video being played inside. You can learn about Sefa-Utaki in advance, and get a crash course in proper worship manners at the same time (languages other than Japanese available).After you watch the video and exit the building, the road continues from here.This is Ujōguchi, the start of the road approaching the shrine.Continue a bit further and you will see this pond. Even in the summertime, this temperature in this spot is a little lower than in other places, and you will feel cool air.This is Ufugu-i, the first place of worship, which can be seen on the left as you ascend the path from Ujōguchi. Ufugu-i means “reception hall” or “first seat,” and there are places to pray here.After you see Ufugu-i, continue forward. The road will grow narrower and narrower.Take a Break at YuinchiThis is Yuinchi, located on the opposite side of Ufugu-i’s boulder after you circle around it. Yuinchi means “kitchen” or “place of good harvest.”In the past, Okinawa prospered as a place for foreign trade. This is where goods from all over the world were gathered, so it was certainly a place of good harvest. Yuinchi is a holy area, so be careful; absolutely do not climb on the boulder.After you’ve seen Yuinchi, double back to the path you came from.In order to get to Sangu-i, the centerpiece of Sefa-Utaki, you will pass through this tunnel of trees.The Pots of Shikiyodayuru and AmadayuruEmerge from the trees and this amazing view will unfold before you. Sangu-i is straight ahead, but stop for a second and look to your right.These are the pots of Shikiyodayuru and Amadayuru, which have been placed here to catch the holy water dripping from two stalactites.last_img read more

Kagurazaka Kado Try Japanese Cuisine In A Traditional Home

first_imgLocated just one minute away on foot from Kagurazaka Station (Tokyo Metro Tozai Line) is Kagurazaka Kado. This eating establishment with its rich, dark paneling, is housed in a restored traditional Japanese home.When you take your shoes off at the entrance and step inside, the feeling of a traditional Japanese home spreads out before your eyes, making it apparent that the building’s sixty year old atmosphere has been put to good use.In August, at the height of summer, I stopped in here for a visit. My face felt flushed from the intense heat outside.Inside the shop premises on the left side, you’ll see a traditional Japanese-style room with tatami (*1) flooring. For those not used to sitting on the floor, there’s no need to worry because there’s regular table seating in the back as well.Before the new shop owners took over the space, they made a special request to have the inside of the house left as it originally was. This was to create a relaxing atmosphere in which customers feel as if they’ve just returned home. The floor to ceiling columns, the fusuma (*2), the window frames and other features were all left intact, just as they were some sixty years ago. This space has a tasteful elegance to it and is very comfortable. *1 Tatami: a style of traditional Japanese flooring. The fabric of tatami is made by weaving rush grass (igusa) together, which gives off a faint fragrance. *2 Fusuma: sliding doors used to separate rooms in a Japanese home. The frame is constructed of wood and then covered with Japanese washi paper or cloth.Homemade Cuisine That’s Both Tasty and Healthy!The food tray in the picture above is called a zen and serves one customer. In the past, the zen were important because the Japanese ate their meals while sitting on the floor or tatami, but now with the increasing use of tables, the zen has come to be used less frequently.At Kagurazaka Kado your food will be served on a zen, so you’ll be able to experience the Japanese traditional style of eating.There are five main choices on the menu. In addition to the Kado teishoku (a set meal), there are fish, meat and vegetable teishoku, all priced from 750 to 850 yen.The photo above features a vegetarian teishoku using cooked vegetables. Today you also have the choice of ordering steamed rice filled with niblet corn.Eggplants and other summer vegetables have a naturally cooling effect on the body and are indispensable foods for this hot time of the year. On the other hand, vegetables such as carrots and gobo (burdock root) which are harvested in the winter, tend to warm the body up.Japanese people try to learn the characteristics for each vegetable, and make it a point to eat vegetables when they’re in season, in order to make use of these health benefits. The staff at Kado also share this same philosophy when it comes to food preparation and cooking.This is the deep fried saba (mackerel) teishoku with miso flavoring (a seasoning made from fermented soy beans, used since ancient times). This set meal comes with genmai brown rice. It also includes miso soup and tsukemono pickles, and a minimal amount of cooking oil is used so you can rest assured that you’re eating a healthy meal.A Place to Enjoy a Relaxing Drink in the EveningAt night, part of the shop’s premises become a kappo (*3) izakaya. Across from the room with tatami flooring, there’s a space that becomes a standing-only drinking area with a doma (*4), or earthen floor. So in the evening, guests can enjoy a completely different kind of mood and atmosphere.*3 Kappo: A restaurant with chefs who specialize in top quality Japanese cuisine. It has mainly table and counter seating. If you sit at the counter you can watch the chef perform his magic as you enjoy your meal.*4: Doma: A traditional earthen floor found in a Japanese home, in which conventional flooring materials aren’t used. Guests don’t need to remove their shoes in this area.Inside the shop, there were several varieties of home-made wine and spirits, brewed from fruit such as sakura cherries, strawberries, plums, and yuzu fruit, and also shoga (ginger). By all means please try tasting some to see what kind of flavor they offer.For food and drink, customers are kindly asked to pay beforehand. In the standing-only drinking area, they have a large selection of magazines including ones showcasing Tokyo, so even guests who can’t read Japanese can enjoy looking at all the pictures.At Kagurazaka Kado, guests can have a meal while sitting on tatami flooring during lunchtime, and in the evening they can sample drinks in the standing bar while walking on an earthen floor.So how about going to Kagurazaka Kado where you can savor delicious food and drink while experiencing a truly Japanese atmosphere?InformationKagurazaka KadoAddress: Tokyo, Shinjuku, Akagimotomachi 1-32Hours: Lunch 11:30-16:00 (L.O.14:00) Dinner 17:00-23:00 (entry ok up until 21:30)Holidays: Open every day of the year (however closed some days during the summer and during the New Year’s period)Wi-Fi Access: NoCredit cards: Visa, MastercardLanguages: JapaneseMenus in Other Languages: JapaneseNearest Station: Kagurazaka Station (Tokyo Metro Tozai Line), Ushigome-kagurazaka Station (Toei Oedo Subway Line), Iidabashi Station (JR Sobu Line), Iidabashi Station (Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line / Nanboku Line).Access: 3 minute walk from exit # 1 at Kagurazaka Station, 5 minute walk from exit A3 at Ushigome-Kagurazaka Station, 10 minute walk from the west exit of JR Iidabashi Station, 10 minute walk from exit B3 at Tokyo Metro Iidabashi StationCost: Lunch 1000-2000 yen, Dinner is 4000-6000 yenTelephone: 03-3268-2410Website: Kagurazaka Kado (Japanese)You May Also Like:Stroll Around Kagurazaka With A Peko-chan Snack From FujiyaA New World Through The Green Door – Mugimaru 2 In KagurazakaGet Deep Into Kagurazaka Through The Local Hostel UNPLANJapanese Beauty: Makanai Cosmetics In Kagurazakalast_img read more

Experience Japans Nightlife In Three Of Roppongis Best Clubs

first_imgIn Japan, Roppongi is the place to enjoy the nightlife. It is a business district by day, with a large number of office buildings. But by night, it turns into an entertainment district, attracting people to its clubs. In this article, we’ll introduce three clubs where most of the customers are visitors from abroad.1. MuseMuse is a club in Nishiazabu, right next to Roppongi, boasting the largest capacity in this area. Muse hosts a large party every weekend, attracting more than 1,200 customers. Seasonal parties, such as Halloween parties, are also held.The music is centered around House and R&B, making your body sway to the beat.There is no admission fee for women. The admission fee for the men is 3,000 yen, which comes with two drinks. There are more than 400 seats at the venue, so taking a break to rest your tired body is an option. The floor is like a maze and many people tend to lose their bearings, so decide ahead of time on a place to meet if you’re going with friends.2. Feria TokyoFeria Tokyo is a restaurant and lounge, with four floors aboveground, and one floor underground. The club floors are on the B1, second, and third floors. The first floor is the restaurant, and the fourth floor is the terrace with a bar.Feria Tokyo’s charm lies in its luxurious space. It boasts a gorgeous interior, and is a member of THE WORLD’S FINEST CLUBS.Admission fee is required on all floors, costing 3,000 yen for men and 2,000 yen for women. Music played includes Hip-Hop, house, R&B, and electronic.Feria Tokyo is recommended for those who want to enjoy club music while dining and drinking.3. Brand TokyoBrand Tokyo is a club with two aboveground floors and one underground floor, with each floor built based around different concepts. B1 floor is the main floor, complete with mirror balls, including a stage and booth for the DJ. A striking atmosphere of a club.The first floor resembles a quiet kitchen diner, where one can enjoy drinks and food at a leisurely pace. Perfect for a small party or a girls’ night out. The second floor is the bar, which includes a wine cellar set with a walnut-paneled interior. You can choose the floor according to the occasion.A mix of House, techno, hip-hop, and reggae music is mainly played by the high quality audio system, enabling you to immerse yourself into the music.Admission is free for both men and women on Thursdays. On Fridays, Saturdays, and eves of national holidays, the admission fee for men is 2,500 yen for two drinks before midnight, and 3,500 yen for two drinks after midnight. Admission is free for women before midnight, but costs 1,000 yen for two drinks after midnight (As of November, 2015). Please note that Brand Tokyo remains closed from Sundays to Wednesdays.If you want to enjoy Japan’s nightlife, Roppongi is the best place to go. Have fun, and dance away.InformationMuseAddress: Tokyo Minato-ku Nishiazabu 4-1-1Hours: From 10:00pmClosed Days: MondaysLanguage: Japanese and EnglishStations: Roppongi Station (Toei Subway Oedo Line/ Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line)Access: Ten-minutes walk from the 1a exit of the Toei Subway Roppongi Station.Telephone: +81-3-5467-1188Official Website (Japanese): MuseFeria TokyoAddress: Tokyo Minato-ku Roppongi 7-13-7Hours:Brasserie/ 7:00pm – 5:00amLounge/ 10:00pm – 5:00amOpen 365 days.Language: Japanese and EnglishStations: Roppongi Station (Toei Subway Oedo Line/ Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line)Access: Three-minutes walk from the 4a exit of the Tokyo Metro Roppongi Station.Telephone: +81-3-5775-2949Official Website (Japanese): Feria TokyoBrand TokyoAddress: Tokyo Minato-ku Nishiazabu 1-7-2Hours:Thursdays/ From 7:00pmFridays, Saturdays, and Eves of National Holidays/ From 7:00pmClosed Days: Sundays through WednesdaysLanguage: Japanese and EnglishStations: Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Roppongi StationAccess: Seven-minutes walk from exit no.2 of the Tokyo Metro Roppongi Station.Telephone: +81-3-3408-1111Official Website: Brand Tokyolast_img read more

A Journey To Okinawas North Yanbaru

first_imgIf a friend invites you for a road trip to the northern area of Okinawa on a warm day with spotted clouds, you’d be crazy not to go. So I tagged along with three others: Shoko, Eriko and Per. The convenience and economy of road trips allow you to reach corners of mainland Okinawa, especially the northern part which is known as Yanbaru (literally “mountains and fields”).The Road to the North in OkinawaI had heard so much about Yanbaru and the elusive Yanbaru Kuina – a flightless bird endemic to Okinawa which is endangered due to mongoose and cats introduced as predators. So this was a chance to see both. We all met at Asahibashi station, one of Naha’s 15 monorail stations. Eriko, from Hiroshima, rented a car through Tabirai, an English friendly website that’s quick and easy to use and a great way to compare prices of rental companies.Modern day Swedish viking, Per, who stands at 192 cm, sat at the back wishing we had rented a larger car. Since we were coming from the capital Naha, we entered the Okinawa Expressway – links the south and north – at Naha IC (Interchange). But if you’re coming from the airport, you would enter Nishihara JCT. Depending on whether you have a regular or light car, it’ll cost 1,020 yen and 840 yen respectively from start to finish. It will take a bit over 2 hours from the airport all the way to the tip of Okinawa Island, Cape Hedo.“Don’t drive over 80 km unlike some locals,” Shoko said, an Uchinanchu (*1). We exited the expressway at Kyoda IC and followed the well-known Route 58 to Nago, a town of about 61,000 people. Along the way, I told Per not to snooze – he had been studying Japanese all night – or he’d lose out on the west coast view. Shoko explained, “Okinawa’s emerald-green water is dependent on the clouds.” (I guess there’s no need for Photoshopping then I thought to myself).*1… Uchinanchu – a local word to affectionately refer to an Okinawan.Sesoko BridgeBuilt in 1985, the 762 m long bridge connects the main peninsula to the island with reputable white sand beaches that the one thousand locals are proud of. From this point you can see Cape Hedo, Okinawa Island’s topmost tip. Unfortunately, there were no kuinas lurking around these Hibiscus plants which are the symbol of Okinawa. Not only do these flowers look beautiful on the ears of girls and women, but they’re also great as the ingredient for a refreshing tea.Okinawa Churaumi AquariumShoko explained to us that “Chura” in the local dialect (Uchinaguchi) means “beautiful“ and that “Umi” means “sea“ in Japanese. Located in Motobu, the Churaumi Aquarium is large enough to spend here a whole day but we had other bird plans.About 740 species and 21,000 marine life call Churaumi home. Check out this article for detailed information or the official website. The famous Okinawan soba with pork and konbu seaweed – a great treat!Kouri BridgeIt was just past 2 PM when Eriko told us to park at the tiny in the parking lor just before the bridge and we walked down the shore. Per got out his phone and we took selfies with the awesome backdrop and uploaded them to his social media. Pig feet (tebichi nitsuke) is popular in China, Taiwan and the former Ryukyu Kingdom that once included the Amami Islands. The collagen rich cartilage, among others, is sought after. Reaching the tip of Okinawa Island, I thought that this place would be my last chance to find the Kuina. Eriko and Per slowly climbed the jagged rocks on all fours due to the strong wind. Ahead of us were 2 men and women – built like tanks and dressed in shorts, runners and tight shirts revealing their tattoos and speaking loudly in English – who effortlessly reached the peak then down to the sea, disappearing before us. As we drove straight up the gentle slope, the white arched bridge against the cobalt blue sky and the emerald green sea spread out before us, taking our breaths away. Sixty thousand cycadas colonize this area of the park and can be seen on the Subtropical Forest Trail.The 700 m trail is called Churaumi Ocean View and it takes about 30 minutes. Here you can exercise your neck side-to-side as you awe at the panoramic view of the ocean and Cape Hedo. You’ll be walking through power spots. In sacred places such as around the “Reincarnation Rock”, I recommend walking through three times for good luck. Whether you believe in a forest elf called Kijimuna inhabiting Japan’s largest Chinese banyan tree or not, there is still something enchanting about these roots that look like mini trees.The third trail is wheelchair-accessible, as the paved wooden blocks are easier to walk on.We also took the final trail called Subtropical Forest. Walking through the dense subtropical forest, I had my eyes peeled in the hopes of finding the Kuina. Just behind a large rock, we heard a sound of what seemed like a bird’s. So step by step, I crept through the grass crouching like a tiger, hiding like a dragon. Just then, Per called me over in his towering voice to take a photo of him. Instantly, the sound vanished into the air along with my hopes.Entry is 820 yen for adults and 520 yen for children between 4 and 14 years old. The park is open from 9 AM to 6 PM from April to September with the last entry at 5 PM. Bring suitable shoes and an umbrella or rain jacket as the weather is unpredictable – such is Okinawa.Cape Hedocenter_img Standing next to the main tank, Kuroshio Sea, only then could the four of us truly fathom the beauty and enormity of sea life. With 8.7 m long gracefully swimming whale sharks and reef manta rays as the main attraction, it’s no wonder that 3 million visitors come each year. Since the tank is 10 m deep, 35 m long and 27 m wide, we made sure to view it all angles. Up close and not too personal with the sharks that are kept in a different aquarium, for behavioral reasons. On the way to Yanbaru National Park Daisekirinzan, we entered narrow paths and watched out for Yanbaru kuinas while driving. There are four trails to choose from. The 1000 m trail is called “Wonder of Rocks” and it took us about 35 minutes. We talked about our reasons for coming to Okinawa while looking out for the bird and strolling through the world’s northernmost tropical karst formed by limestones 200 million years ago. As we entered the 1,960 m long Kouri Bridge at 10 km per hour, we got our eyes – and cameras – ready as the spectacular view slowly revealed itself at each moment. But please don’t drive slower because you risk causing heavy traffic at this 2-lane bridge.Observing from Kouri Ocean Tower, Japan’s longest toll-free bridge that connects Yagaji Island to Kouri Island is nothing short of spectacular.Rising 82 m above sea level, the white observation tower is the perfect place to see Kouri Bridge and its colorful surroundings. What is also impressive is the automated cart that drove us from the free parking lot to the tower. We all chatted about the places we have been to. There were no signs of kuinas here but the there were signs of friendship.The admission fee for adults is 800 yen and for elementary school children 300 yen. This area can be accessed from 9 AM to 6 PM and caters to 140 cars.Yanbaru National Park Daisekirinzan Emerald beach opens from April to October and it’s free but snorkeling isn’t allowed.Extra Information on Churaumi AquariumAll nine car parking lots are free. Seven restaurants to suit everyone’s needs. Wheelchairs and baby strollers are available for free.The average times spent at each facility are listed below. Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium: 90 minutes. Tropical Dream Center: 40 minutes. Oceanic Culture Museum: 40 minutes. Dolphin show: 20 minutes. It usually takes half a day to visit every facility in the park.You May Also LikeCome See the Whale Sharks at the Churaumi Aquarium, OkinawaOkinawa Churaumi Aquarium – Meet the Sea Turtles and ManateesOkinawan FoodEriko suggested to take lunch just after 1 PM. You can grab these local dishes for less than 700 yen at many local restaurants along the way. The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is located within the Ocean Expo Park and was opened in 2002. The main tank, called the Kuroshio Sea, holds 7.5 million liters (1,981,000 gallons) of water. Whale sharks and manta rays are kept alongside many other fish there. As of July 2010, there have been a total of four manta rays born inside the aquarium.If you have spare time, wander over to one of the other facilities surrounding Ocean Expo Park: the Manatee Pool, Sea Turtle Pool, and the Okichan Theater, where you can see dolphins show off their acrobatic skills. By having your hand stamped at the entrance or exit, you will be able to re-enter the Aquarium. Beyond these waters is Kagoshima prefecture’s Yoron Island.It was close to 5 PM when we started making our way back to Itoman – south of Naha city – for dinner with Shoko’s uncles who had been fishing and were now in the process of making sashimi. The elusive Yanbaru Kuina had eluded us but during our quest, we did find something just as magical – friendship in an enchanting place. As I sit here typing this story 2000 km away, I can’t wait for the four of us to continue our mission of finding the red-billed bird!In ClosingSo there you have it – a short introduction into an otherwise extensive guide to Yanbaru, an enchanting place that offers visitors a unique outlook on Okinawan history and culture. If you have time and luck, how about looking for the Yanbaru Kuina? It is just as endangered as Okinawan language.You May Also LikeHow To Travel To Okinawa From Japan’s Major CitiesOkinawa’s Weather And The Best Clothes For Your TripDelight In Obuse, A Town Famous For Chestnuts And Hokusai In NaganoCherry Blossom Viewing At Two Castles In Fukushimalast_img read more

Federal agriculture minister doesnt close door on tweaking supply management

first_imgOTTAWA – When it comes to defending Canada’s supply management system from the trade demands of the Trump White House, Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay is leaving the barn door open a crack.The U.S. administration has made it clear it wants Canada’s system for controlling the price and supplies of dairy, eggs and chicken abolished — something MacAulay insists will not happen.But when asked Wednesday whether there’s any room to negotiate on supply management, MacAulay was less unequivocal.“Well of course what needs to happen is with any trade deal you have to find out exactly what is on the table, what the approach is,” said MacAulay.“I’m not going to start negotiating NAFTA here in the public with the press, that would not be my role,” he said.After the press conference, MacAulay’s office issued a statement clarifying his position.“Our government strongly supports and is committed to maintaining Canada’s supply management system. It was a Liberal government that created supply management and we be tireless in defending it and standing up for the interests of Canadian farming families,” the statement reads.“Canada’s trade negotiators as well as the prime minister, ministers and Liberal members of Parliament, have been clear about this since the current NAFTA talks began,” the statement continues.At the press conference when pressed about what realistic changes Canada would consider, MacAulay would only repeat his insistence that the government would defend supply management.“We are the government that will defend supply management. We have indicated that quite clearly. We’re fully united,” he said.MacAulay also skirted around comments Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made in a U.S. television interview that Canada has “flexibility” on dairy.“I am not at the table. But what you have to do is be careful. The truth is, there’s negotiations taking place. There’s a lot of things on the table. What we want to do, what we have indicated quite clearly and the prime minister has indicated quite clearly. The only NAFTA deal that we will sign is a deal that’s good for Canada,” said MacAulay.He also played down the ongoing trade tensions between Canada and the U.S., saying there will always be “little problems” between countries.last_img read more

Canada to fund Indigenous groups energy projects in BC and Alberta

first_imgA statement from Natural Resources Canada describes the program as a one-ear initiative aimed at supporting Indigenous business development as well as Aboriginal communities and organizations interested in energy projects.Successful projects could include creation of business plans or feasibility studies, training programs, engagement forums or other activities designed to boost participation in energy infrastructure development.Natural Resources Canada says funding preference will go to B.C. or Alberta groups proposing projects that will be substantially completed by next March.Sohi says the partnerships program recognizes that Indigenous peoples are leaders in a cleaner, more resilient energy future.“We are proud to partner with communities to increase participation and enable the development of innovative energy projects that will have benefits for generations to come.”The Canadian Press OTTAWA — The federal government is providing up to $6 million in funding to help Indigenous communities in British Columbia and Alberta increase their participation in energy infrastructure projects.Natural Resources Minister Amarjeet Sohi made the announcement Wednesday.Funds will be provided through the Indigenous Natural Resource Partnerships program.last_img read more

Moroccos OCP Says South African Court Not Competent to Rule on

Rabat – Moroccan state-run phosphates group Office chérifien de phosphates (OCP) has slammed a South African court ruling judging the detention of a phosphate shipment in Port Elizabeth “legal.”The group issued a statement stating the court is not competent to rule in such a matter, adding that the judgment is politically motivated.“OCP Group is outraged by this decision,” reads the statement. “This decision is in breach of well-established principles under international law.” On Thursday, a panel of judges in Port Elizabeth court ruled the detention of the shipment carried by NM Cherry Blossom as correct, and stated that a trial will be held to determine ownership of the cargo. The shipment, which had been on its way to New Zealand, has been detained since early May following a motion by Polisario Front opposing the shipment of phosphate from Western Sahara.Polisario claimed the shipments were “illegal” because the phosphate was extracted from Western Sahara, which it considers its own sovereign territory.A similar motion was issued in May in Panama, where another shipment was held while heading to Canada. However, earlier in June a court decision dismissed Polisario claims.The South African court judgement, which stands in stark contrast with the decision by the court in Panama, confirms South Africa’s longtime bias towards Polisario. The move taken by South Africa violates international law as the shipment constitutes no danger to its security and good order or environment. There is also no legal basis that says Morocco cannot exploit phosphate in Western Sahara.Attempts by Polisario to obstruct the way of Moroccan phosphate shipments highlighted the organization’s frenzied behavior in recent months, since the start of the crisis in the buffer strip of Guerguerat back in August 2016.While Morocco responded positively to the United Nations’ calls for restraint and pulling out of the buffer zone, Polisario maintained presence until the last minute in late April, prompting criticism from the Security Council members prior to the adoption of Resolution 2351.The separatist group ultimately yielded to international pressure and pulled out its armed members. However, the attempts to stop Moroccan phosphate cargos indicated a new series of provocations by the separatist organization.“The Polisario front, its sponsors and proxies have embarked on a path whose only effect is to harm the interests of the local community that they claim to defend,” said OCP’s communiqué.As the statement noted, the South African court has no jurisdiction to decide on such a political issue which “falls under the purview of the UN Security Council.”“By instigating this lawsuit just one day after the UN Security Council’s resolution and the Secretary-General’s call to resume talks in good faith and without preconditions with the support of the international community, the Polisario Front displays its inclination to undermine the proper conduct of the United Nations Security Council process and hamper the socioeconomic development of the region.”OCP Group affirmed that its “operations and activities in full compliance with international law and in particular the applicable United Nations framework on exploitation of natural resources.” read more

Indians protesting against Lankans at hotel arrested

“Bilateral trade between India and Sri Lanka is about five billion US dollars and export to Sri Lanka is eight times more than import. India is among the four big investors in Sri Lanka to the tune of USD 500 million, out of which Tamil Nadu holds a large share. Tamil Nadu has also emerged second priority destination for tourists from Lanka,” said S Rethinavelu, senior president of TNCCI and N Jegatheesan, president in a joint statement.The trade bodies see the attacks as a grave threat to bilateral relations, particularly at a time when a direct flight from Madurai to Colombo is set to commence from September 20. “TNCCI is taking a 50-member trade delegation on the first flight to Colombo to meet our counterparts to improve bilateral trade and investment. On no account, tourism and pilgrimage traffic between Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka should be disturbed,” the statement said. Even as the attack on Sri Lankan tourists in Thanjavur two days back came in for widespread condemnation, a group of cadres of Naam Tamilar Katchi staged a protest in front of a private hotel in Madurai on Thursday alleging that Sri Lankans were employed there in large numbers.The protestors also attempted to barge into the hotel but were arrested by the police. Meanwhile, the hotel authorities had clarified that only one Sri Lankan was employed by them and he was a Tamil and not a Sinhala. “Neranjan Moraes, working in Heritage Madurai hotel as general manager is a Tamil from Sri Lanka. He is not a Sinhala. There is no other Sri Lankan working in our property,” said Rukmini Thiagarajan, executive director of Heritage Madurai in a statement. But the protest left the hotel authorities perturbed. TNCCI has also urged Sri Lankan government to withdraw the travel advisory issued to Lankan citizens on visiting Tamil Nadu.  (Times of India) The cadres of the film director Seeman’s Naam Tamilar Katchi assembled in front of the hotel in the morning and demanded the authorities to send away the Sri Lankan employees. They alleged that about a dozen Sinhalese were employed in the hotel and raised slogans against them. Attempts by hotel authorities to pacify the protestors failed and they sought the help of police who arrested the protestors. Apprehensive that the attacks and protests against the Sri Lankan visitors would harm relations with the island nation, the Tamil Nadu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TNurged that image and hospitality of Tamil Nadu people should not be allowed to be tarnished by “mindless harassment of foreign tourists.” read more

Niluka Ekanayake sworn in as Governor of the Central Province

Mrs. Niluka Ekanayake was former Consultant Editor of the Subasetha newspaper and served as a journalist for a long period of time. She is a mother of one. Secretary to the President P.B. Abeykoon and family members of Mrs. Niluka Ekanayake participated at the event. (Colombo Gazette) She received his primary education from Kerawalapitiya Vidyaloka Maha Vidyalaya, and received her secondary education from Matale Vijaya Vidyalaya. Mrs. Niluka Ekanayake received her Bachelor’s Degree from University of Peradeniya. Niluka Ekanayake was sworn in as the new Governor of the Central Province before President Maithripala Sirisena at the President’s Official Residence, today.The appointment was made to fill the vacancy created by the demise of Mrs. Surangani Ellawala. read more

Police fire tear gas on Batti protest against bombers burial

The Police fired tear gas on a protest staged in Batticaloa today against the burial of the body parts of the suicide bomber who attacked the Zion Church in Batticaloa on Easter Sunday.The protesters had blocked the main road in Batticaloa late this evening and expressed their anger over the decision to bury the body parts. According to reports, the Police had buried the body parts of the bomber yesterday.Information regarding the burial had spread this evening resulting in the protest being staged. The Police later fired tear gas to disperse the protest. read more

Latin students translation skills among top in North America

“Surrexit!”Fourth-year Classics student Aleks Mirosavljevic could tell you that’s the past perfect form of Brock’s motto “surgite,” Latin for “push on.”And surrexit is exactly what Mirosavljevic did when he surpassed Latin students across North America to place in the top 9 per cent in the Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS) Latin Translation Contest (Advanced). Mirosavljevic received a certificate and book award last week in recognition of his accomplishment.A peer mentor with the Department of Classics since 2017, Mirosavljevic didn’t start studying Latin until he began his Classics degree at Brock. He has since put a lot of time and work into his Latin training.“Putting in extra time to practise translation and study grammar and vocabulary will raise one’s marks steadily while taking Latin,” says Mirosavljevic. “I did extra translation with peer mentors and professors throughout my second and third academic years of Latin.”In addition to his regular course work, Mirosavljevic worked independently with Associate Professor Fanny Dolansky to translate additional texts and authors over the summer and during the Fall and Winter terms.“These sight translation contests can be challenging but also great confidence-boosters as students see the rewards of their hard work,” says Dolansky. “They provide important external validation for students that their efforts are paying off.”The CAMWS translation contest is open to students in Canada and the United States. Of the more than 300 university students who participated in the contest, Mirosavljevic was the only one from a Canadian university to win an award.“Aleks’ success shows that Canadian Classics students are just as competitive, capable and accomplished as their American peers,” says Dolansky. “Brock’s Department of Classics has some very dedicated faculty members who not only organize the contests for our students, reaching out and encouraging them to participate, but who also help students build and develop their language skills beyond regular class time.”Making his achievement even more impressive, Mirosavljevic wrote the advanced exam, usually intended for students with three or more years of university Latin, despite only having studied Latin for two and half years. The exam tests students’ comprehension of Latin vocabulary and grammar and their ability to accurately translate it into English. This year’s advanced exam was a prose passage from Aulus Gellius’ Noctes Atticae, which Mirosavljevic had just one hour to translate with no dictionaries or study aids.Mirosavljevic, who will be starting his Master of Arts at McGill in the fall, is not the first Brock student to excel in the CAMWS competition. Matt Ludwig (BA ’16) scored in the top 3 per cent in 2016 and is now pursuing a PhD at the University of Toronto.“I would suggest that students give Latin a shot, because they may find it comes more easily to them than other things,” Mirosavljevic says. “The department at Brock is very approachable and supportive.” read more

Shoreline photos sought for Brock climate change study

Meredith DeCock is on a mission to determine how Lincoln’s Lake Ontario shoreline has changed over time and the role climate change has played in its evolution.But first, the Brock University Sustainability and Society master’s student needs help from the Niagara community.DeCock is calling on the public to submit photos of the shoreline and surrounding area that will be used to recreate the coast through time and identify what caused its greatest impacts. The study was made possible by the Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship, which she received last month from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). Seventeen Brock graduate students were awarded $670,000 in SSHRC funding in July, along with 14 of the University’s researchers who received $1.3 million.For DeCock’s study, photos from any year that show any segment of the Lincoln shoreline, its surrounding environment and development, as well as destruction due to high water levels, are needed. Submissions will be accepted until Sept. 30.In addition to community submissions, DeCock is using historical aerial photographs and GIS software to calculate the shoreline’s physical changes over time. Photos throughout the years will help her determine which windows of time have seen the greatest change.She will then look at how specific climatic and non-climatic factors could have influenced these changes.“I’m interested in learning what may be responsible for the most significant changes to the shoreline,” DeCock said. “Is it climate or environmental change, or significant development in the area like the construction of the Queen Elizabeth Way?”Working alongside her supervisor, Brock Biological Sciences Professor Liette Vasseur, and in conjunction with the Town of Lincoln, DeCock is part of a larger project funded by the Marine Environmental Observation Prediction and Response Network (MEOPAR) that is working with six coastal communities along the St. Lawrence Seaway to examine how they can deal with the impacts of climate change.Meredith DeCock has drawn a series of views of the Lincoln Lake Ontario shoreline over time that will be used to help calculate its erosion and accretion rates.“Meredith’s project fits wonderfully well with the spirit of the larger project of ecosystem-based adaptation for the Town of Lincoln,” Vasseur said. “We really hope this community-based approach can help people link their environment to the changes that are happening. Such a tool can have great potential for communicating with communities.”DeCock plans to make the results of her research accessible to the public through an interactive web application that will also be used as a communication tool for the larger MEOPAR project.“Studying the history of the shoreline is very important, but if we don’t use our findings to impact the future, then we are missing a huge opportunity,” she said. “I hope that by making the information available, we can positively impact future climate change adaptation decision-making.”DeCock is also working with her MEOPAR project partners to create blog posts that will share information on the group’s efforts and climate change in general with the community. These posts will be available on Brock’s UNESCO Chair website in the coming weeks.She is thankful for the SSHRC funding that made her study possible.“Sustainability science is solution oriented,” she said. “To have the federal government support my research elevates the importance of what I am doing. Climate change is a globally urgent topic and to know that our government sees it as a priority helps me to know I am doing something important with my research.”Diane Dupont, Brock’s Interim Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, acknowledged the significant work taken on by the graduate students recognized by SSHRC. “To see our graduate students have this incredible success in the SSHRC competition is outstanding,” she said. “Our graduate students are making a direct impact on the lives of Canadians and are becoming the researchers of tomorrow. As they continue to contribute new knowledge to the world of academia, I wish them the utmost success.”Brock graduate student research projects awarded SSHRC funding in July include:SSHRC Doctoral FellowshipJulianne Burgess, Educational Studies: “Community resilience: Learning from/with young adult Syrian refugees in Ontario.”SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarships (doctoral)Stephanie Beni, Applied Health Sciences: “Examining implementation of the meaningful physical education approach.”Courtney Bishop, Child and Youth Studies: “The role of policy and practice in supporting the human rights and quality of life outcomes for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.”Tessa Mazachowsky, Psychology: “The neglected areas of children’s future thinking: Bringing attention to methodological issues and the development of children’s saving for the future.”Breanna Wylie, Psychology: “Evaluating and improving children’s use of causal language within a legal context.”SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarships (master’s)Sydney Bryk, Classics: “Using artifacts to teach more than just history.”Lucas Coia, History: “Off the beaten path: Rural cult and local identity in southern Italy, 1200-1500 CE.”Meredith DeCock, Sustainability: “A changing Lake Ontario shoreline: Learning from the past in the Town of Lincoln.”Carolynn Hare, Child and Youth Studies: “Control is the key: The role of attention, trait anxiety and individual differences in cognitive control.”Sajan Karn, Philosophy: “Ethics.”Jessica Linzel, History: “The shopkeep aristocracy: Mapping trade networks in colonial Niagara.”Colleen Logie, Education: “Mental health and wellness in Ontario schools: Priorities of new teachers and their mentors.”Carly Magnacca, Applied Disability Studies: “Evaluating behavioural skills training in acceptance and commitment therapy for caregivers of children with neurodevelopment disabilities.”Amanda Marcinkiewicz, Applied Disability Studies: “Evaluating committed action outcomes in acceptance and commitment therapy for caregivers of children with neurodevelopmental disabilities.”Samantha Montague, Education: “An exploration of the influence military leadership has on sexual misconduct.”Laura Tardi, Applied Disability Studies: “A comparison of a modified food chaining procedure with sequential presentation plus non-removal of the spoon for food selectivity in children with autism spectrum disorder.”Madeline Zoelman, Education: “A math problem: How do students’ attitudes toward math impact career aspirations?” read more

Dan Levy out and proud Schitts Creek star accepts GLAAD award

Canadian actor and Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy received a GLAAD award Saturday in San Francisco for his contributions to promoting acceptance of the LGBTQ community. (Kim White/Getty Images)Canadian Dan Levy, showrunner and star of the TV comedy Schitt’s Creek, received a GLAAD award Saturday evening in San Francisco for promoting LGBTQ acceptance and said his personal path, particularly during his formative years in high school, was not an easy one. “I think back to that time where I legitimately thought that I’d have to live with this secret — my being gay — for the rest of my life,” Levy told the audience at the gala event. “I didn’t have the security of seeing a lot of people like myself being celebrated in popular culture.” GLAAD, an LGBTQ advocacy group, gave the Toronto-born star its Davidson/Valentini Award, given to someone who “has made a significant difference in promoting acceptance for the LGBTQ community,” according to the GLAAD website. The award is named after Craig Davidson, GLAAD’s first executive director, and his partner Michael Valentini. Levy joked on stage that as humble Canadians, “we don’t accept things like this well” and that he was an “out and proud gay Emmy loser.” The riches-to-rags sitcom Schitt’s Creek, which began on CBC and was co-created with his father Eugene Levy, was a best comedy series nominee at the 2019 Emmy Awards, but lost to the British show Fleabag.  Eugene Levy, Annie Murphy, Daniel Levy and Catherine O’Hara, left to right, star in Schitt’s Creek, a nominee for best comedy series at the 2019 Emmy Awards earlier this month. (Amanda Edwards/Getty Images) Schitt’s Creek centres on a family that loses its fortune and is forced to relocate to a small town. Levy’s character, David Rose, is pansexual — meaning he’s open to all sexual orientations and gender identities — and as such, became among the first depicted on television. The character’s sexual orientation was explained in the show’s first season (using a metaphor of wine) and has been widely commended since for being written with acceptance and without homophobia. “I like the wine, and not the label,” Levy’s character famously responds after being asked about it in one of the episodes. “I like the wine and not the label.” Happy Pride from #SchittsCreek! 🌈 pic.twitter.com/Bj0xicDlvu—@SchittsCreek Schitt’s Creek cast members Annie Murphy (Alexis Rose), Emily Hampshire (Stevie Budd) and Noah Reid (Patrick Brewer) presented the award. Levy, who has experienced a steady rise in Hollywood since Schitt’s Creek became available in the U.S. through Netflix, signed a three-year deal with Disney’s ABC studios recently to develop and produce projects. He took home an MTV Award in June for best comedic performance.  Daniel Levy, The Rock and others promote positivity at MTV awards  The Canadian has participated in fundraising efforts to support GLAAD. Previous winners of the Davidson/Valenti award include CNN host Don Lemon and singer-songwriter Adam Lambert. Onstage, Levy credited a supportive network of friends and family for giving him the courage to come out during his teenage years. “Had I not had the love to give me a sense of security, I don’t know if I would have found my way out of the closet, let alone create the opportunity for myself to tell stories on television that have effected some kind of positive change in the world,” he told the audience.  “Support, encouragement and love: Three relatively simple acts of kindness that can change the course of a person’s life.” Schitt’s Creek scored a Canadian Screen Award earlier this year for best comedy series. Its sixth and final season will begin airing in January. read more

Football Ryan Day talks TCU matchup in Big Ten coaches teleconference

Ohio State redshirt sophomore quarterback Dwayne Haskins (7) fakes a handoff to sophomore running back J.K. Dobbins (2) in the first quarter of the Ohio State-Oregon State game on Sept. 1. Ohio State won 77-31. Credit: Casey Cascaldo | Photo EditorBefore his largest game as acting head coach for Ohio State, Ryan Day faced many questions on the preparation going into Saturday’s matchup against No. 15 TCU during the Big Ten coaches teleconference on Tuesday.Day said the Horned Frogs are a “veteran group whose played big games before,” while also saying that the neutral-site game is basically an away matchup for No. 4 Ohio State, considering AT&T Stadium is “right down the street” from his opponent.Day also complimented TCU’s deep and diverse defense group, which was ranked No. 16 in 2017 in points allowed.“It’s hard to find matchup problems when they have guys that can do multiple things,” Day said.A comparison was made to last season’s matchup against then-No. 5 Oklahoma that Ohio State lost to 31-16 in Week 2, hurting the Buckeyes’ chances at the College Football Playoff at the end of the season.Day said the game against TCU is entirely different, because “that was a different team last year and that was a long time ago.”“Last week if we lose to Rutgers, that could have been the reason too,” Day said. “We know that every time we go out and play we are on the line, and that’s no different this week”Progress in the quarterback roomAfter redshirt sophomore quarterback Dwayne Haskins threw for at least four touchdowns for the second straight game, Day said that he has done a great job at finding receivers in his two starts thus far.But, when talking about where Haskins has improved the most, Day said that it has been in two areas off the field: in the classroom and in the weight room.Though Haskins has proven himself as a threat through the air, Day said he expects that Haskins will continue to improve his run game as the season progresses.“He’s a big guy back there,” Day said. “I do think as the season goes on he will run more.”Day was also asked about redshirt freshman quarterback Tate Martell, who completed all 10 of his passes, both throwing and running for touchdowns of more than 40 yards.Day said that Martell “has improved significantly in the last couple of months,” and that the more he can improve the pass game, the more his running ability will open up opportunities.Praise for OkudahFollowing the 52-3 win over Rutgers, where the Buckeyes allowed only 11 completions on 30 attempts, and 65 yards through the air, Day had nothing but praise for sophomore cornerback Jeffrey Okudah.Okudah finished the game with two tackles, including one solo tackle, but Day said he is “one of the best kids you can be around,” and complemented his work ethic in practice.Day said that Okudah has really developed over the year, and that “he’s got a lot of great football ahead of him this year.” read more

Football Urban Meyer compliments various players in Big Ten Teleconference

Ohio State redshirt junior wide receiver K.J. Hill (14) runs the ball in for a touchdown in the fourth quarter of the game against Penn State on Sept. 29. Ohio State won 27-26. Credit: Casey Cascaldo | Photo EditorAfter a 27-26 road win against then-No. 9 Penn State, Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer was asked about many of his players in Tuesday’s Big Ten Coaches Teleconference.Though redshirt sophomore quarterback Dwayne Haskins didn’t have his greatest game on Saturday, throwing for 270 yards, three touchdowns and an interception against the Nittany Lions, Meyer said he was impressed by how relaxed Haskins has been all season.“Very collected player,” Meyer said Tuesday. “The guys around him have belief in him.”Meyer also complimented redshirt junior wide receiver K.J. Hill, saying he is a “tough, tough guy,” and tough guys survive in situations like Saturday’s victory in Happy Valley.Hill scored the game-winning touchdown on a screen from Haskins against Penn State, and leads the Buckeyes with 27 receptions this season.Though Meyer said redshirt junior defensive tackle Robert Landers struggled at times against Penn State, he said that was due to a lingering injury that he has not fully recovered from.Still, Meyer said Landers is a “spark plug” and “an energy guy that everyone loves to death.”In the secondary, Meyer said sophomore cornerback Jeffrey Okudah is a great player, but can still get better.“He’s a better person than a player and he’s a great player,” Meyer said. “He has made a few mistakes, but he’s been very good.”Preparing for IndianaAfter a big win last weekend, the Buckeyes return home for a matchup against Indiana.Meyer compared Penn State redshirt senior quarterback Trace McSorley to Indiana’s starting quarterback, redshirt sophomore Peyton Ramsey.McSorley broke the Penn State record with 461 all-purpose yards against Ohio State, and Meyer said Ramsey shows a lot of the same ways to extend plays.“The guy we just played is one of the best we’ve gone against,” Meyer said, and he sees a lot of that in Ramsey.This season, Ramsey has completed 71 percent of his passes, racking up 1,039 yards through the air and 170 yards on the ground across 51 carries. He has scored eight passing touchdowns and two rushing. Ramsey also has five interceptions.Meyer also said the Ohio State defense had a “heck of a time” with the Indiana offense last year, and that they are very well coached on defense. Last year, Ohio State gave up 420 passing yards to Indiana, but held them to just 17 rushing yards in the team’s 49-21 season-opening win against the Hoosiers.No update on Brian SneadMeyer was asked for an update on freshman running back Brian Snead, and he said he has no updates on his availability.Snead has missed the past three games due to undisclosed disciplinary action due to a violation of team rules. read more