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Entrepreneurial state 100 list released Honey bud is expected to become the first ten billion child

January 9, 2016, 2015 entrepreneurial state of the future leaders of the summit and the 2015 annual meeting of the founding of the state, the closing ceremony, the annual growth of China’s top 100 enterprises in the innovation of the top list of the top 2015 announced. Famous mother and child electricity supplier honey bud list – as the current largest maternal and child electricity supplier, honey bud in 2016 will be expected to become the first ten billion maternal and child electricity supplier. read more

Mobile phone domain name speculation heating up

      COM and CN domains become network soft wealth investment like stocks, not for the upstart network spawned a number of people know, the more commonly used name quality resources are relatively depleted, last year launched a special domain name mobile phone Mobi, once again form a berserk phenomenon, with 3G strategy surfaced. The user of the mobile phone instantly push up the tremendous business opportunities of Mobi international value, represented by the United States domain black market auction price all the way up to the price, read more

Common problems and solutions of CN domain name transaction

a, CN domain name transactions involving the interpretation of the terms

1 domain name registration authority: China Internet Network Information Center, the top-level domain name system operation, maintenance and management.

2 domain name trading management agencies: refers to the Chinese Internet Network Information Center, which is responsible for operation and management of the domain name trading system, maintaining the domain name transaction authentication central database, domain name trading service agencies to provide domain name trading service; read more announced the completion of a new round of over $two hundred million financing

[Abstract] after more than three years of development, has accumulated nearly 80 million users, mobile monthly active users over 35 million.

Tencent science and technology Hu Jun June 6th reported

recently, has completed a new round of more than two hundred million U.S. dollars of financing, investment valuation of $one billion. round of financing by several well-known investment institutions competing sought, and ultimately by Hopu investment, capital letters and several Zhi co lead investor in the fund, Qiming venture partners, IDG capital, Gao Rong capital fund also participated in the investment, let be concern about the continuing rise. Previously, has also been Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund, loved the letter capital, Qiming venture partners and IDG capital and other investment institutions. read more