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The programmer can still make out whether the code is good the most important experience

most people think IT industry is a young industry, the three old people with "word grey-haired program ape is not to have any contact, they do not understand the iPhone, Linux and cloud, only those energetic young people and to code the endless fight. But the famous IT old reporter, 56 year old Steven · ·,; but Nichols reminds people: programmers, but also the more old more spicy.

author Steven · Vaughan · (Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols) can be regarded as a veteran of the old bones and IT programmers. In the early 70s, CP/M-80 operating system or advanced technology, 300BPS is very fast network connection, Steven started on the science and technology related to business writing, he was also the first to report on the world wide web reporter. The following is his voice for the majority of the old procedures issued by the monkeys: read more

The Alibaba tracking bad teacher vest can’t run away

news July 22nd, billion state power network that before the Alibaba platform "consumer integrity data model to start the malicious evaluation back delete function, when the ID model was identified as the occupation bad teacher, which in a certain range of time history. The system will be back to delete.

is reported that, since the feature on the line, a single week in the Alibaba platform was hit by the number of judges who fell 80% ID.


group said, "this is the first in the true sense of leveraging the poor economic benefit division of black chain." read more

Double 11 platform wall artifact aphasia

huge commodity clusters, in the context of the loss of historical price contrast artifact, creating a 90 billion sales myth. Had exposed a series of "pseudo" gold price "to double 11" discount.

"double 11" to the previous parity artifact shows "no parity behind the meow fold to 50 percent off discount for the most eye-catching advertising" double 11 Shopping Festival in many websites, hidden in secret. The Beijing Daily reporter found that the "double 11" a few days ago, Huihui network, meow fold "parity artifact" collective failure until November 12th, "double 11" after second days they returned to normal. Huge commodity clusters, in the context of the loss of historical price contrast artifact, creating a 90 billion sales myth. Had exposed a series of "pseudo" gold price "to double 11" discount. read more

Do a good job of accumulation of resources in order to make you a real website marketing expert

a lot of network promotion novice will often ask me, how to transform the problem of novice, that is, what is the way to do a good promoter. In fact, even if it is difficult to give you a perfect answer. But if you want to solve this problem, you first need to understand why the master can promote so good and you can not. So often a lot of people will think of the difference between novice and expert resources, experts tend to have a good grasp of the resources, the novice can not be successful because it does not find resources. Many of the newcomers are now very anxious, often put resources to this point have overlooked, however, is not a day to get resources, to perennial months to accumulate. As for how to accumulate resources, let me introduce to you a few methods: read more

The network listed on the new board at the end of last year has been profitable

introduction: promotion of former vice president and secretaries Long Ming, chief financial officer for the company.

news March 22nd domestic pan educational products guide winning network platform today listed on the new board, the stock code is 836544.

according to the public information, the network has over 250 thousand merchants settled, more than 20 million registered users, the network station and its coverage of APP students aged 3~22 years old and their parents and teachers, including education, counseling, non synchronous K12 K12 education, occupation education of the whole industry chain, the whole industry chain "Internet plus the education company, and has successfully cut into the" universal education "market. The main business includes: the winning network cloud providers SaaS income and commissions. According to the network information disclosure, as of the end of 2015, the network has achieved profitability. read more

The station my traffic decreased from 400P to 40P

my station from 2009.5.18 officially opened, the opening time, their enthusiasm, determined to make the station in, and set the target to within two months, the flow of more than 300, so every day I keep updating, as much as possible to do the original, at least to the original,

in this way, BAIDU soon included my station, at the beginning of the site was included, there is no ranking, when the flow from BAIDU is very poor, a few. But I think it’s a matter of time.

hard work pays off, in June 10th to get up early in the morning, see yesterday’s statistics, as a result of a miracle, flow over several times, more than my 300IP I really did not think so fast, the mood was very very happy, even happier than do that thing with my girlfriend. read more

How to operate a valuable website to promote the promotion of industry website

with the change of the network environment, the content of our webmaster is also changing. Baidu refused to cooperate with small and medium navigation stations, Google’s ADS also do not know how long to support the operation of a truly valuable site, has become our common research topics. Today, my mobile phone industry website: Kyrgyzstan’s operation promotion process, no reservations about my experience, hope to learn A5 friends can learn from experience, a nutrient from it, make your love stand to thrive. read more

97 Amoy brand trademark was registered online trademark disputes become the hardest hit

in extensive network Beijing on April 16th news (reporter Zhuang Shengchun) according to the Chinese voice of "news" reported that Jeremy Lin was "taken from the influential man", to the basketball star Jordan and Chinese company name to protracted lawsuit, apple Proview dispute trademark war already is not what happens. But if you think of cybersquatting occurs only in which big brands and big star, it is wrong. Recently, many seemingly unknown online brand, especially Taobao mall Amoy brand, has become the target of cybersquatting mechanism. read more

Baidu recapture the Japanese domain name baidu co jp

daily news (reporter Luo Tian) reporter learned yesterday from Baidu, Baidu Japan Branch officially opened the domain name. In order to recapture the domain name was registered, Baidu hit nearly half a year in Japan.

last year, Baidu in Japan, but then found that domain name has been registered, so Baidu had the second best, domain enabled, which is how much influence the promotion of Baidu in japan. domain name of the original holders of CBC Corporation, is a Chinese businessman opened in Hongkong. Mainly engaged in food and beverage business. Baidu in December 2006 to appoint agents and the company to discuss the transfer of domain names. But because the price is too high, the final part. Soon, Baidu Japan filed a domain name objection to the arbitration body of japan. Since then, the arbitration institutions that CBC Corporation’s behavior is registered, and the domain name to Baidu. The parties refused to accept the prosecution to the court, after a lengthy litigation, Baidu Japan finally in July 10th this year, the official access to the domain name ownership, and officially opened yesterday. This will have a positive impact on the promotion of Baidu in the Japanese market. read more

Using the latest creative blog marketing to create 60 million amazing results

blog marketing is a necessary weapon in network marketing! From studios to enterprises, large companies, even listed companies are using blog marketing, blog marketing make naobaijin using the latest blog marketing ideas to create 60 million amazing performance, can be said to be a hero. I do this as a member of the Internet industry, it is necessary, but also very happy to share some of the blog marketing knowledge, first of all, I personally believe that Bo

customer marketing is divided into: read more

Taobao Tmall future direction Listen to the new head for epilepsy how to say

April 19th, Taobao annual conference held in 2015. This is Ali after major changes in personnel, responsible for the first time for epilepsy and Taobao Juhuasuan, Tmall, Taobao marketing line three platform for people Luo, vice president of Taobao, Yang Guo, Taobao and other mobile phone director Zhang Kuo personnel with the public face of Taobao sellers. Meeting revealed the future planning and development of Taobao.

, a wireless terminal accounted for the increase, Amoy shop heavy on the line read more

Entrepreneurial state 100 list released Honey bud is expected to become the first ten billion child

January 9, 2016, 2015 entrepreneurial state of the future leaders of the summit and the 2015 annual meeting of the founding of the state, the closing ceremony, the annual growth of China’s top 100 enterprises in the innovation of the top list of the top 2015 announced. Famous mother and child electricity supplier honey bud list – as the current largest maternal and child electricity supplier, honey bud in 2016 will be expected to become the first ten billion maternal and child electricity supplier. read more

Mobile phone domain name speculation heating up

      COM and CN domains become network soft wealth investment like stocks, not for the upstart network spawned a number of people know, the more commonly used name quality resources are relatively depleted, last year launched a special domain name mobile phone Mobi, once again form a berserk phenomenon, with 3G strategy surfaced. The user of the mobile phone instantly push up the tremendous business opportunities of Mobi international value, represented by the United States domain black market auction price all the way up to the price, read more

Common problems and solutions of CN domain name transaction

a, CN domain name transactions involving the interpretation of the terms

1 domain name registration authority: China Internet Network Information Center, the top-level domain name system operation, maintenance and management.

2 domain name trading management agencies: refers to the Chinese Internet Network Information Center, which is responsible for operation and management of the domain name trading system, maintaining the domain name transaction authentication central database, domain name trading service agencies to provide domain name trading service; read more

Mogujie com announced the completion of a new round of over two hundred million financing

[Abstract] after more than three years of development, has accumulated nearly 80 million users, mobile monthly active users over 35 million.

Tencent science and technology Hu Jun June 6th reported

recently, has completed a new round of more than two hundred million U.S. dollars of financing, investment valuation of $one billion. round of financing by several well-known investment institutions competing sought, and ultimately by Hopu investment, capital letters and several Zhi co lead investor in the fund, Qiming venture partners, IDG capital, Gao Rong capital fund also participated in the investment, let be concern about the continuing rise. Previously, has also been Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund, loved the letter capital, Qiming venture partners and IDG capital and other investment institutions. read more