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Do you know the stall to sell things can have what skills you

often can see a lot of people like that, no matter for what purpose, but also spread can benefit as soon as possible, is the use of spare time or, or as a business, own anyway, now more and more people set up a stall, put stalls made a profit by some people, while others only to eventually dingily ended in failure. In fact, the stall to be successful, is a skill at all.

now employment is a very difficult thing, many people are beginning to start, in fact we choose entrepreneurship initially a lot of people are doing some stall, small business, so as to accumulate their own experience, but also can earn a portion of the funds, the following small and say some use stall skill. read more

AOTN kitchen waste processor how good market opportunities

our lives need clean air and clean environment. So, to choose AOTIN kitchen waste processor? AOTIN kitchen garbage processor to join, will be very good choice.

AOTIN kitchen waste processor can completely eliminate the storage and transfer of perishable food waste trouble, keep the house clean, from the source to eliminate the breeding of bacteria on food waste troubled family health and the environment. AOTIN kitchen waste processor can be installed in any ordinary family kitchen (including the family has been renovated), including commercial food waste disposal equipment can be used in the cafeteria, hotels, hotels, restaurants. read more

Groupon into China blocked a number of sites refused to buy

news November 30th, group purchase site CEO Wu Bo, 30 noon, has refused to Groupon on its proposed acquisition requirements, while the other two declined to disclose the identity of the group purchase website CEO said, or will refuse to offer.

Wu Bo said, Groupon handle net valuation of $500 million, and want to invest in the acquisition of 49% stake in the site. But the company’s management team is difficult to accept such a high proportion of holding.

"We have started to accept their read more

Venture 48 companies do not fly the characteristics of your gun


CEO has its own problems, pass the buck to the team and the external environment, home products, they won’t be open every day with the family on their own are not good boss, no matter now is good for you,

away from him!

CEO body problems

1 CEO awareness and understanding of the industry, not much higher than the industry’s general practitioners

2 CEO own problems, but shirk responsibility to the team and external environment

3 CEO is not involved in the product review meeting read more

Registered brand name may be suspected of infringement

  the Chongqing public Yan Bin registered a number of well-known brand names, and that many Chongqing is very concerned about the domain name, has formed a circle, and self proclaimed "rice farmers" — a corn ("domain name" homophonic) farmers. Yesterday, Yan Bin told reporters he registered before and after disclosure.

in April this year, he learned that Chongqing will be the The Point Inn & Suites, out of habit, he China queries on the Internet Network Information Center, found that the "days" although once the domain name registration, but did not renew, so he took the relevant documents, to the registered company, a registered 4 related domain name. "Who is the domain name registration, who owns." Yan Bin said, "now days" and "Daysinn" domain names belong to him. read more

How to track the competitors included in the rankings

do network marketing colleagues know that network marketing is not monitoring their own website can, want to do marketing ranking and is also concern the competitors, so as to be aware of. So how to track competitors extrapolated rankings do?

on this issue, always someone out, the answer is all kinds of, but I think the most simple and feasible way to make good use of the present is the most famous cloud claw network marketing analysis management system for this powerful one-stop Internet marketing management system that I do not say, you can also say one or two, after all the network information about it too much, but it has often been mentioned in the forum, so for that information where the author introduced one by one, I only want to give you a message on the network platform for the promotion of this is really from Shanghai at science and technology limited company of the line is very easy to use. Especially in tracking competitors extrapolation of this piece of revenue is very obvious advantages, not only accurate, but also has timeliness, is the webmaster friends in Network promotion is an indispensable tool for promotion. read more

nternet association to participate in the nternet to participate in the public welfare day

      after May 25th, "after the 2007 China Internet public on love relay" was held successfully in construction of "everyone benefit Internet" as the theme of the Internet public action into another relay, and Internet public on the station officially launched long real love.

      the relay to "love relay, concentric Internet peers as the theme, aims to love relay, get more attention, to participate in the Internet webmaster propaganda activities in Internet public on love. The event will also carry out a variety of forms of interactive activities, such as the establishment of the love of the webmaster group, love, and other interactive hope webmaster wish. Integration of the concept of Internet public day, a deeper level to promote and promote the theme of the Internet public day, calling for more caring people love. read more

Tell me how to look at the way the shopping website profit

website: this topic is how to profit a lot, what is the main, you see what type of website, such as the most simple, we take the shopping website: a shopping website, how do we look at it profitable way, first, what you need is, your site for sale what is the goods! If it is similar with Taobao, all kinds of daily necessities, then your profit range is only a variety of life for people, for example, you are selling clothes website, you can not go to buy the domain name space people to do publicity, so unrealistic. read more