A Comfortable Stay At Keyaki Guesthouse Sendai Traditional And Friendly Lodging

first_imgStylish Jozenji Street and the Drinking Quarter After enjoying sightseeing and having a delicious meal, how about talking with locals and other travelers? This time, we’ll introduce you to Keyaki Guesthouse, where it will feel like you’re staying with friends. Also, as this guesthouse is inside of a renovated high-class restaurant, you can enjoy a traditional Japanese character.Greetings from the Friendly Staff Just past reception is the common area. The tatami, fusuma, and a round chabudai table(*3) give the living room a traditional Showa-era atmosphere. Some of the furniture used is from the original restaurant. Use the common area to chat with staff, plan your travels, and spend your time however you want. Sometimes guests gather around the table to chat, and some people also bring their laptops to work here.*3: Chabudai tables are low dining tables. In the Showa era, families would gather around them for lively conversation, so they are regarded as a typical Showa-era sight. You’re probably going to become tired after walking around and traveling at the end of the day. You can relax in your room by yourself, but it can also be refreshing to have a chat with somebody.“I want this to be a place where people can relax as they please, whether they want to lay in their bed, read a book in the common area, or chat with staff and other guests,” Nozomi said.When we stayed at Keyaki Guesthouse, their warm hospitality allowed us to have a comfortable stay. If you want to visit a place that will make you want to go again, why not choose Keyaki Guesthouse? Sendai Keyaki Guesthouse View InformationlodgingRead also The dormitory beds are comfortable, with an alcove to put your belongings, two outlets and a reading lamp. You can also hang your clothes up. To preserve your privacy you can draw back the curtain.Put large suitcases by your bed and take off your shoes in the guesthouse. The rooms have tatami, so if you want to rearrange your suitcase, you can use the area by the bed.A Kitchen Where You Can Cook and a Bar Counter for Casual Drinking Read also There are three room types: women-only rooms (3,000 yen), co-ed rooms (2,800 yen) and private rooms (3,800 yen). All prices are tax-inclusive. There is a bar counter near the entrance. There is a bar quarter, Kokubun-cho, located near the guesthouse, but if you don’t want to go out talk to the staff. You can use the area freely even if you don’t order a drink. You can sit at the stools here too to relax your feet. Simple, Clean Shower Rooms Sendai Travel Guide: 12 Sightseeing Spots, Food, Access, And More Left: Nozomi-san Right: Ryu-sanWhen we visited, hostess Nozomi-san and Ryu-san, from Taiwan, were working.Nozomi-san said, “If you stay at a guesthouse and become friendly with the staff, you’ll feel that you’ve gotten to know the place you’re visiting better. You may even think to stop by again. I have experienced this personally. This has increased the number of places that I was familiar with, which made me want to be on the hospitality side of this exchange.”Nozomi-san has a big, charming laugh.Ryu-san has worked and lived at the guesthouse for since September 2018. She came on a working holiday visa and fell in love with Keyaki Guesthouse after she saw the homepage. “Talking with a lot of people is fun,” she told us with a smile. Naturally, the other staff employees are very friendly as well. They know the surrounding area well, so ask them for recommendations and they’ll give you thorough advice.The Interior of the Guesthouse, Where Showa-Era Japan Remains IntactThe Common Area and a Cute Retro Tea Table! Green tea, black tea, and coffee are also available. After you’re done, wash your cup in the kitchen and return it to the cupboard.Secure a Private Space in the Dormitory or Your Own Room Have a Pleasant Stay in Sendai, an Ideal Sightseeing BaseIn Miyagi Prefecture in the Tohoku region, the central city of Sendai has Sendai Castle, the historical Suiboden, and many other history-related landmarks.It is also renowned for gourmet dining, with traditional Japanese sweets made using zunda (*1), as well as dishes like beef tongue. You can go a bit further and take a day trip to one of Japan’s three famous sights, Matsushima, so Sendai is perfect to base your travels.*1: Zunda is a bean paste made from mashed soybeans. The public bath Koma-no-Yu is five minutes from the guesthouse. The signs are only in Japanese, but you can relax in the water and refresh yourself as you gaze at a Matsushima landscape. An admission ticket is 440 yen, which you buy from the vending machine. You can purchase shampoo and body soap at the public bath or bring your own. You can also rent towels for 50 yen each. There are two shower rooms. The first is open until 22:00, but the other is open 24 hours a day. You can rent a hand towel for 50 yen or a bath towel for 100 yen. There is a washer and dryer in the changing area, which you can use between 8:00 and 22:00. Be sure to ask the staff if you want to use them.Spots Within Walking DistanceThe Local Public Bath TheKeyaki in the guesthouse’s name comes from the prefectural tree of Miyagi, the zelkova (“keyaki” in Japanese). You can see beautiful rows of these trees on Jozenji Street, three minutes away. The center of Jozenji Street is a pedestrian walkway, which makes it a fun place for a stroll. In autumn, you can see the fall foliage, and in December the trees are lit up, creating an arch of light.In front of Sendai Mediatheque, which faces out onto Jozenji Street, is a bus stop for the Loople Sendai bus. You can use this to get to Sendai Station in about 15 minutes (260 yen). Perpendicular to Jozenji Street is Kokubun-cho, a bar district. No matter which street you go down, there are plenty of places to eat or drink, so you have no need to worry.Relax and Prepare for Your Next Trip In cooperation with Keyaki Guesthouse Ocha No Igeta – Sip Green Tea And Indulge In Local Sendai Sweets! Guests can use the kitchen freely, so you can buy ingredients yourself and cook for yourself. There is a microwave, an oven, and kitchenware. 13 Convenient Japanese Phrases For Hot Springs!last_img read more

TAMASHIMA Instameet See Okutamas Beautiful Autumn Foliage

first_imgOkutama, located west of Tokyo, is an area blessed with scenic spots featuring beautiful mountains and crystal clear streams.Here, the bountiful natural surroundings may make you wonder if you really are in the Tokyo area, and it’s also known as a great place to enjoy the autumn foliage. Another plus factor is that it’s only two hours away by train from Shinjuku Station.In the middle of November, the autumn leaves make their appearance in Okutama, slightly ahead of the central Tokyo area.The members of MATCHA’s editorial department recently joined an event called TAMASHIMA Instameet, which was sponsored by TAMASHIMA.tokyo, a website that carries information about the attractive features of Tokyo’s Tama area and Tosho area (a series of small islands that are part of the greater Tokyo region).Together with photography buffs from around the world, we took pictures of Okutama’s breathtaking scenery and brilliant autumn foliage. Two highly popular Instagrammers who go by the names of Moonlightice and pketron, also joined the event and gave everyone tips on the finer points of photography.In this article we’ll give you all the details on this enjoyable and fulfilling event and also introduce Okutama’s superb autumn scenery.Now together as a group, let’s go looking for Okutama’s magnificent autumn leaves!Lake Okutama – A Picturesque Man-Made LakeFirst of all, we’ll leave from Okutama Station and head for Lake Okutama. To get there we’ll hop aboard a bus that was arranged by the tour organizers.During our twenty minute commute, a local person who’s lived in Okutama for more than thirty years, provided us with some commentary on Okutama’s natural surroundings.The guide’s information was also made available in Chinese and English, so even those who didn’t understand Japanese were able to enjoy the presentation.This is a picture of Lake Okutama. The surface of the lake is a shimmering blue, and the lush green trees and autumn leaves look stunning. For first timers, this makes for a moving and unforgettable view.Surprisingly, Lake Okutama is a man-made body of water built in 1957. It has stored water reserves of 185,400,000 cubic meters, and it’s used for domestic purposes by the citizens of the greater Tokyo area.Crisscrossing one part of the lake is the Ukihashi floating bridge, made from wooden planks and pontoons. As you cross this bridge it gently sways back and forth, giving you the sensation of actually walking on the lake’s surface.If you walk for about ninety minutes along one of the small paths bordering the lake, you reach Yama no Furusato Mura Village. This is a combination sightseeing and handicrafts center, and there’s also an adjoining restaurant and a place to stay for the night.In the village’s courtyard area there are momiji (Japanese maple trees). All the people who joined this event are camera buffs. So now everyone is going to take pictures of the beautiful bright red leaves. We also exchanged ideas on how to take better pictures.Out in the great outdoors, we inhaled the fresh mountain air, and exchanged ideas and techniques with others who share the same love for photography. It was a precious and enjoyable time for everyone who participated in this event.On TAMASHIMA.tokyo’s Facebook and Instagram pages, you can see Okutama’s picturesque scenery, so by all means please check it out!Hikawa Keikoku Valley – Famous for Its Autumn LeavesNext we’ll head for Hikawa Keikoku Valley, which is only a five minute walk from Okutama Station.This is a valley that was formed by the merging of the Nipparagawa River and the Tamagawa River. While listening to the sound of the water flowing through the valley, you can admire the red, yellow and other colors of the changing autumn leaves.While taking in the beauty of the surrounding fall foliage, we walked for about forty to fifty minutes.While walking along the nature trail, we saw a number of bridges including Hikawa-kobashi, a suspension bridge, and the Showa-bashi railroad bridge (see photo above).In particular, the view of the railroad bridge and the autumn leaves looks just like a picture postcard. While looking at this breathtaking scenery it felt like I was in a kind of paradise.While at the Hikawa Keikoku Valley, Instagrammers Moonlightice and pketron taught us the finer points of photo-taking, picture composition and photo modification. I think we’ll be able to make use of this newly acquired knowledge very shortly!Access to OkutamaJR Okutama Station, the nearest station in the Okutama area, is the terminus of the Ome Train Line. From JR Shinjuku Station you hop aboard the Chuo Line, then at Ome Station you transfer to the Ome Line, and finally arrive in Okutama two hours later.On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, there’s a special train that runs directly from Shinjuku Station all the way to Okutama Station, called the JR Rapid Express Okutama. Without transferring, you can get to Okutama Station in about ninety minutes.Come Visit Okutama The beauty of Okutama’s natural surroundings is something you normally don’t have the chance to see within the Tokyo metropolitan region.So if you’re feeling worn out by the hustle and bustle of the big city, why not take a short trip to Okutama where you can refresh your body and soul?For information on nature in the Tokyo area, please refer to the Tamashima official homepage. Okutamamachi View InformationWritten by cha chaSponsored by Tokyo Metropolitan Governmentlast_img read more

Unique Cafes In Rural Tottori Three Stores That Serve Organic Dishes

first_imgFrom JR Tottori Station, it takes an hour to reach JR Nagi Station. After a ten minute walk from the station, an adorable wooden building comes into view.This building used to be a preschool, and the owner of Talmary renovated it into a cafe, with the help of the local residents.The Only Japanese Brewery to Use Wild Yeast Photo courtesy of: Tottori PrefectureFrom JR Tottori Station, it takes about an hour and a half to reach Chizu, using trains and buses. Mitakien is located deep in the mountains, surrounded by the archetypal Japanese nature scenery.The sounds of a burbling brook and the songs of birds fill the air, while old houses with thatched roofs fill the grounds. Visitors may even run into the chicken roaming around freely.Thanks to its refreshing atmosphere, some visitors say that even the air tastes good at Mitakien.Using Local Products Photo courtesy of: Tottori PrefectureMitakien was established in 1971 to convey the appeal of the rural area. The cafe serves traditional cuisine using the local sansai (*1) and fish, which helps to promote the charms of the countryside.*1 Sansai: edible wild plants.Three Courses at Mitakien Talmary used to be a popular bakery in Chiba prefecture, in the vicinity of the Tokyo metropolis. But the owner, in search of a clean environment for the bakery, moved to Chizu-cho in 2015.Artificial yeast is used in most bread types and craft beers for mass production. But Talmary uses wild yeast in their products to create a complex taste.Talmary is the only Japanese brewery to produce all craft beer with the use of wild yeast.Welcoming Visitors from AbroadThe renovation of the building and the use of wild yeast reflects the ideals of the owner, Mr. Itaru Watanabe.While working at a food company, Mr. Watanabe started to have doubts about various aspects of modern society. He decided not to pursue profits blindly, and also to utilize and consume local products, thus creating a recycling system within the local area.Mr. Watanabe published a book in 2013. It became a long-seller, and was later translated into Korean and Chinese. Now people from abroad, who empathize with his ideas, visit Talmary.Pizza and Craft Beer Photo courtesy of: Tottori PrefectureMitakien offers three types of course meals: the Hinoki course, consisting of seasonal game meat and one-pot dishes; the Sugi course, with grilled fish and konnyaku dengaku (grilled konnyaku); and the Take course, with three kinds of sansai and handmade tofu. For details, check their official site.Mitakien also runs Cafe Quince, where the visitors can enjoy homemade pudding with a cup of coffee. Mitakien View InformationrestaurantRecommendation No.3: TalmaryA Cafe Renovated from a Preschool Many cafe and restaurant owners say that they brought their franchise to Tottori in pursuit of a better product.That’s why you’ll find unique cafes and restaurants gathered in Tottori prefecture; their owners were drawn by the clean water and superb foodstuffs.This article is about three popular cafes serving organic and healthy dishes in Tottori. They are all located in a pristine natural setting, and offer a memorable experience.Contents:1. Recommendation No.1: Oenosato Natural Farm2. Recommendation No.2: Mitakien3. Recommendation No.3: TalmaryRecommendation No.1: Oenosato Natural FarmA Stylish Cafe and Restaurant Deep in the Mountainscenter_img Photo courtesy of: Oenosato Natural FarmOenoasato Natural Farm is famous for its free-range eggs.Modern poultry farming tends to raise chickens in a large factory-type environment. But Mr. Riichiro Ohara, the current president who established the company in 1994, believes that chicken should range freely, feeding on natural products.Since its foundation, Oenosato Natural Farm has gained a large number of fans thanks to its dedication to quality.The Fluffy Pancakes of Coco Garden The tomato and cheese pizza, along with the craft beer, are the popular dishes at the cafe. The soft pizza has a deep taste, and the beer goes down smoothly, with a refreshing, bitter taste.Talmary also serves wild boar hamburgers and ice cream made from milk produced in Shimane prefecture, a neighbor of Tottori. Talmary View InformationcafebakeryrestaurantstorebarTottori – A Land of Unique CafesThere are also various cafes which serves organic dishes in the Daisen area, a popular sightseeing spot in western Tottori. For further information about Daisen, please read The Tottori Daisen Tour – From Fine Cuisine To Museums.If you have the chance to visit Tottori, look for a cafe that fits your taste.For more information please check the official website of Tottori Prefecture: https://www.tottori-tour.jp/en/Please also check out our articles in the Tottori section.You May Also LikeTottori Travel Guide: From Sand Dunes To Local Cuisine And More!The Charms Of Eastern Tottori – Beautiful Places, Cuisine, Access And More!Central Tottori Sightseeing Guide – Historical Sites, Local Food And More!The Highlights Of Western Tottori: Museums, Temples, And Travel Tips!Sponsored by Tottori Prefecture Photo courtesy of: Oenosato Natural FarmThe eggs are used in Oenosato Village’s buffet menu, and also in other dishes such as pasta, kamatama udon (udon noodles with raw egg), and tamago kake gohan (rice with a beaten raw egg) served at Coco Garden.But the most popular egg dish may be Coco Garden’s pancakes. The batter is prepared to order, made without any additives, and the customers are asked to enjoy their pancakes within ten minutes after being served. This fluffy dish will literally melt in your mouth.There are terrace seats at Coco Garden, so visitors can take in the fresh mountain air along with the fine cuisine. Oenosato Natural Farm View InformationcafebakeryrestaurantstoreRecommendation No.2: MitakienA Natural Paradise Photo courtesy of: Oenosato Natural FarmFrom JR Tottori Station, it takes about thirty to forty minutes by train and bus to reach Yazu, a neighborhood located in the south of Tottori city. Walk along the mountain path and a stylish building will come into view.Oenosato Natural Farm runs various facilities such as Coco Garden (cafe) and Oenosato Village (restaurant) at this location, which has become a popular spot where more than 230 thousand people visit annually.The Fresh Eggs of Oenoasato Natural Farmlast_img read more

Japanese Encyclopedia Ema And Goriyaku

first_imgEma (“horse pictures”) are wooden plaques used as a gesture of hōnō (act of offering) at shrines and temples to show appreciation. Hōnō took place when one had a wish and it came true through divine grace. Nowadays, ema are used simply as means to deliver a wish to a god.Until recently, all ema would have a pointy top and bear a picture of a horse. They are most often used by students who make a wish to pass entrance exams.The Origin of Ema: A Real HorseThe picture of a horse on ema comes from the old belief that horses were the sacred vehicles used by gods.Since the 8th century in Japan, people started the custom of offering live horses when they made wishes. It was believed that gods would make the wishes come true as goriyaku (“blessings”) in exchange for the offering of horses. However, live horses would burden not only worshipers financially but also shrines and temples, which had to take care of them afterwards. That is the reason why they started using life-size horse statues made of wood, clay and metal instead.They eventually became pictures of horses on wooden plates, and finally turned into the much more reasonable and convenient ema.The side with the picture is considered the front. On the back, people write their wishes and names or initials. Not to be greedy, choose just one wish to write on ema. Once their wishes have come true, some come back to offer a different type of ema made just to show appreciation to gods while others just express their gratitude in a prayer at the shrine.Receive Blessings with Unique EmaNowadays, you can find ema in different shapes and designs. Instead of pictures of horses, some even have anime characters and unique shapes.Photo By Teruhide TomoriLet’s take a look at Kawai Jinja Shrine, located on the grounds of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Shimogamo Jinja Shrine in Kyoto. Enshrined in the Kawai Shrine is Tamayori Hime, a goddess of women’s beauty. These are called kagami ema from their resemblance to the shape of a mirror. Eyebrows, eyes, a nose and a mouth are already printed on them when you purchase these ema. Don’t forget to draw an ideal face over it before offering.Photo By Shoko MuraguchiIn Kyotothere is also the Toyokuni Jinja Shrine. Enshrined here is Hideyoshi Toyotomi, who started off as a farmer and ended his life as a powerful ruler of the country. This shrine is known for hyōtan ema, who are useful to those who wish to get promoted. The shape comes from the hyōtan (*1), which Hideyoshi is believed to have worn about the waist and raised it to the sky to signal his victories.There may be many types of wishes people ask to gods. By writing them down on ema, their personal goals will become more clear. Why not give it a try when you find a perfect ema for your wish?*1 Hyōtan: A plant of the gourd family, known as the Calabash or Bottle Gourd in English. They are usually shaped like an hourglass with a nipped-in center vertically connecting two swells. After the inside was scooped out, they were used as water bottles in the old days.last_img read more

Russia Beats Morocco 20 in Friendly

Fez – Moroccan national football team lost to its Russian counterpart 2 goals to nil on Friday night in a friendly match, which took place at Lokomotiv stadium in Moscow.The Russian goals were scored by Captain Aleksei Berezutskiy (28th) and Yury Zhirkov (58th).This is the second consecutive defeat of the national team in a friendly match under the guidance of the national coach bado Zaki, after the first defeat against Angola on the same score. Today’s match was Russia’s last pre-World Cup friendly before heading to Brazil next Tuesday.Russia will start its first Brazil World Cup match against South Korea on June 17 before facing Belgium on June 22 and Algeria on June 26. read more

Norways Red Cross chief named UN humanitarian relief coordinator

Secretary-General Kofi Annan named Jan Egeland to succeed Kenzo Oshima of Japan as Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Humanitarian Relief Coordinator. Mr. Egeland, who has 25 years of experience in humanitarian, human rights and peace work, was previously Mr. Annan’s Special Adviser on Colombia from 1999 to 2002. He has also been an active participant in a number of peace processes. He co-initiated and co-organized the Norwegian Channel between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in 1992, which led to the Oslo Accord (Declaration of Principles) of September 1993. He directed the Norwegian facilitation of the UN-led peace talks leading up to ceasefire agreement between the Government of Guatemala and the URNG guerrillas, which was signed in Oslo in 1996. He also led the host delegation when the Ottawa treaty to ban land mines was successfully negotiated and adopted in Oslo in 1997. read more

Toyota to move Corolla assembly out of Canada refocus Ontario plants

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Toyota will stop producing the Corolla in Canada within a few years but says it will continue to invest in its plants in Ontario as part of a shift in its global manufacturing operations.Toyota Motor Corp. announced Wednesday it will invest US$1 billion in the plant in Guanajuato, Mexico, creating 2,000 jobs, to make the Corolla subcompact — one of Toyota’s biggest sellers.Production of the Corolla in Cambridge, Ont., will end but Toyota says it will continue to make other vehicles in that city and in Woodstock, Ont.Separately, Toyota is adding a third assembly line next to its plant in Guangzhou, China, investing 52.5 billion yen ($440 million). The line is to be completed by 2017, for a model it declined to disclose.Toyota currently makes Lexus crossover vehicles, the RAV4 sport-utility vehicle as well as the Corolla in Ontario for the Canadian market and for export, mostly to the United States. Toyota Canada also made the Matrix hatchback until last June.The company didn’t announce what vehicles will be made in Canada or how much it will spend on its Ontario plants.Production at the Mexican and Chinese plants is to start in 2019, with annual output estimated at 200,000 vehicles. That will consolidate Corolla production for North America in that plant and Toyota’s plant in Blue Springs, Miss.Annual production capacity at Toyota’s Guangzhou operation will rise by 100,000 vehicles with the addition of the third line. However, no additional jobs will be created because the existing two lines will become more efficient, reducing the number of workers needed, the company said.A Toyota executive, briefing reporters in Tokyo over a video connection from Nagoya in central Japan, said Mexico and China were chosen because they are two markets where auto demand is expected to rise in coming years.Toyota has been working on a strategy for growth called Toyota New Global Architecture, or TNGA, based on a more widespread sharing among models of platforms, or the basic parts on which cars are built, as well as other components.The “architecture” is based on a leaner, smarter approach to production, to become as competitive and as fail-proof as possible in quality. The first cars under the system are to roll out later this year.Acknowledging the company had grown too fast, Toyota President Akio Toyoda put on hold for the past three years any plans for new plants after a recall fiasco which began in 2009.More than 10 million Toyota vehicles were recalled around the world for faulty brakes, sticky gas pedals, ill-fitting floor mats and a range of other defects.Toyota is still embroiled, along with other automakers, in a recall involving air bags made by Takata Corp. of Japan which can deploy and rupture with enough force to cause injury or death.It has been eager to put the recall woes behind it, but Toyoda has repeatedly stressed future growth must be “sustainable” and ensure quality.“An increase in production does not mean an undisciplined pursuit of more,” he said in a statement Wednesday.—With files from The Associated PressNote to readers: This is a corrected story. An earlier version said the Matrix hatchback was still made in Ontario. by The Canadian Press Posted Apr 15, 2015 5:33 pm MDT Toyota to move Corolla assembly out of Canada, refocus Ontario plants read more

BBB warns Flames fans about ticket scammers

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Fraudsters are using the love of hockey to make a fast, illegal buck.The Better Business Bureau is reminding those seeking tickets to games 3 or 4 in the Flames/Canucks playoff battle at the Saddledome Sunday and Tuesday to do their homework before parting with their hard earned cash.Spokesperson Leah Brownridge tells 660News fraudsters may use bogus names, phone numbers and addresses in an effort to make phoney tickets look legit.“Be extra cautious when picking up a ticket from a scalper or sites like Kijiji or eBay,” Brownridge said.She recommends if a transaction is going to be made, meet the seller in person at a public place and “never” wire money to a stranger. by News Staff Posted Apr 18, 2015 2:03 pm MDT BBB warns Flames fans about ticket scammers read more

A complete list of the 2015 Pulitzer Prize winners in journalism and

The 2015 Pulitzer Prize winners:___JOURNALISMPublic Service: The Post and Courier of Charleston, South CarolinaBreaking News Reporting: The Seattle Times staffInvestigative Reporting: Eric Lipton of The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal staffExplanatory Reporting: Zachary R. Mider of Bloomberg NewsLocal Reporting: Rob Kuznia, Rebecca Kimitch and Frank Suraci of the Daily Breeze of Torrance, CaliforniaNational Reporting: Carol D. Leonnig of The Washington PostInternational Reporting: The New York Times staffFeature Writing: Diana Marcum of the Los Angeles TimesCommentary: Lisa Falkenberg of the Houston ChronicleCriticism: Mary McNamara of the Los Angeles TimesEditorial Writing: Kathleen Kingsbury of The Boston GlobeEditorial Cartooning: Adam Zyglis of The Buffalo NewsBreaking News Photography: St. Louis Post-Dispatch photography staffFeature Photography: Daniel Berehulak, freelance photographer, The New York Times___LETTERS AND DRAMAFiction: “All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr (Scribner)Drama: “Between Riverside and Crazy” by Stephen Adly GuirgisHistory: “Encounters at the Heart of the World: A History of the Mandan People” by Elizabeth A. Fenn (Hill and Wang)Biography: “The Pope and Mussolini: The Secret History of Pius XI and the Rise of Fascism in Europe” by David I. Kertzer (Random House)Poetry: “Digest” by Gregory Pardlo (Four Way Books)General Nonfiction: “The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History” by Elizabeth Kolbert (Henry Holt)___MUSIC“Anthracite Fields” by Julia Wolfe (G. Schirmer Inc.) by The Associated Press Posted Apr 20, 2015 1:12 pm MDT Last Updated Apr 20, 2015 at 4:20 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email A complete list of the 2015 Pulitzer Prize winners in journalism and the arts This Sept. 5, 2014, photo by New York Times photographer Daniel Berehulak, part of a winning series, shows James Dorbor, 8, suspected of being infected with Ebola, being carried by medical staff to an Ebola treatment center in Monrovia, Liberia. The boy, who was brought in by his father, lay outside the center for at least six hours before being seen. Berehulak is the winner of the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography, announced Monday, April 20, 2015, at Columbia University in New York. (Daniel Berehulak, New York Times, Columbia University via AP) read more

Archbishop of Canterbury begins Sri Lanka visit

The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Metropolitan of Church of Ceylon The Most Revd. & Rt. Hon Justin Welby arrived in Sri Lanka this morning on a three-day solidarity visit, in the aftermath of the Easter day bombings.The Archbishop is accompanied by his wife Mrs. Caroline Welby, the Archbishop’s Adviser on Anglican Communion Affairs Rt Revd. Anthony Poggo and his Chief of Staff Canon David Porter. He will then visit the Theological College of Pilimatalawa to meet with faculty and students and proceed thereafter to Kurunegala where he will be the celebrant and preacher at a Eucharist service at the Cathedral of Christ the King.His Grace, Mrs Welby and the delegation will leave Sri Lanka on the morning of Saturday 31st August. He also made a courtesy call on the Prime Minister and the Opposition leader later in the day. After arriving in Sri Lanka, the Archbishop visited St. Sebastian’s Church, Katuwapitiya and participates at a prayer service together with his Eminence. Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith and met families of victims of the Easter Sunday attack. The Archbishop also attended a special meeting with Heads of churches and interfaith leaders in Colombo, and presided at a special Eucharist service in the Cathedral of Christ the Living Saviour in the evening.On Friday 30th he will visit the Diocese of Kurunegala and Kandy and will meet the Chief Prelates of the Malwatte and Asgiriya Chapters of the Siyam Nikaya and also visit  the Dalada Maligawa in Kandy. read more

Somalia UN relief official cautions against complacency on food security

“Our innovative approaches to aid delivery, coupled with relatively favourable rains, has made a profound difference in the lives of people,” acting UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia Stefano Porretti said today in a statement, citing recent data on food security from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Famine Early Warning Systems Network. However Mr. Porretti, who is also the WFP Representative in Somalia, noted that “this is not the time to be complacent. In 2010, we saw similar marked improvements in the humanitarian situation. A year later, tens of thousands of people died in the famine.” In July 2011, a six-month food crisis caused by low rainfall and a massive rise in food prices led to thousands of deaths and required a massive humanitarian aid programme. Citing early forecasts for what is expected to be below-average rainfall during the April-to-June rain season, Mr. Porretti noted that malnutrition rates in Somalia are still among the highest in the world, with 215,000 children under five years of age acutely malnourished.A consolidated appeal for Somalia requires $1.3 billion in 2013 for programming for immediate needs and to enhance resilience to prevent a crisis like the one in 2011.“We need to continue helping people who have lost everything to get back into a productive life so that they can cope with future shocks, thereby lessening their dependence on aid,” Mr. Porretti said.He added that that UN is pursuing innovative ways to reach the people in need, focusing on investing in prevention instead of spending in response to each new crisis.“Now we have the best opportunity in 20 years to break the cycle of recurring humanitarian crises brought on by drought and conflict.”Earlier in the week, WFP announced it had resumed food assistance in the port city of Kismayo more than four years after conflict and pervasive insecurity forced it to shutter its operations in southern Somalia. Relative peace is said to be returning to the country. On his recent trip to Somalia, Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman said the country is “beginning to undergo profound transformation.” read more

Residence dons play key role in students transition to university life

Part mentor, educator and event planner, dons support students living in residence in being happy, healthy and successful. The majority of those living in residence are first-year students who have left behind a familiar high school routine, lifelong friends and oftentimes, their support system. Although friends and family are a phone call away, many students require a different kind of support while they’re at university. For the 2,400 residence students who choose to make Brock’s campus their home, this support often comes from residence dons. “We try to create a sense of community,” said Zach Harrietha, Residence Don in Village Residence Court 6 and a third-year General Science student. “Beyond interacting with students to get to know them on a personal level, dons organize fun social events like board game and movie nights so students can interact with each other outside of an academic environment.” The Residence Life team is primarily comprised of upper-year undergraduate students in various roles. Head residents each oversee one of eight residences, dons of activities facilitate large-scale social programming, residence education dons support the residence curriculum and residence dons are each responsible for about 40 students within one area or floor of a residence building. Dons often spend their time facilitating meetings, having one-on-one conversations with students and taking turns making the rounds in their communities.For the past several weeks, Residence Life staff, which includes 10 head residents and 72 dons, have been in intensive training to prepare for their important roles. Although the training isn’t new, the way dons will facilitate programming has changed.  “Most residence systems operate with some sort of programming model, often a wellness wheel. Recently, there has been a shift and some campuses have moved to a curricular approach,” said Residence Life Manager Amanda Ziegler. “Instead of asking dons to plan and organize educational events, we have intentionally developed consistent programming and lessons to focus on three main pillars: independence, resilience and emotional intelligence.” In addition to sessions facilitated by dons, campus partner workshops will be held to inform students about timely and relevant topics, such as healthy relationships, alcohol use and harm reduction.  A pilot project of the new curriculum model was tested from January to April in four different residence communities.  “It involved a lot of growing and learning how to adjust educational tactics for our target audience,” said Head Resident of DeCew Residence Jenna Freeland, a fourth-year Business Economics student. “It was a really great opportunity to see how the new model could make learning moments intentional.” After feedback was received and implemented by staff, the new model will be officially launched throughout residence in September. “It’s been a few years in the making, so it’ll be really neat to see how dons and students respond to it,” said Ziegler. “A set curriculum will allow our staff to focus on facilitating key learning for our students instead of feeling like they need to reinvent the wheel every week. We hope this will provide our students with the best residence experience possible so they can be successful in both their academic and personal lives.” Brock’s head residents and residence dons will be among hundreds of Brock staff and 600 volunteers who will welcome the 2,400 mostly first-year students to campus on Sunday, Sept. 1 as part of the University’s annual Residence Move-In Day. read more

Public talk to explore MeToos place in history

In addition to captivating society and dominating news headlines, the #MeToo movement has earned its place in the history books.Renowned German scholar Sabine Sielke will explore how #MeToo fits into a larger cultural context during the upcoming talk “Feminism Reloaded? The Serial Debate on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence, or: What’s New about #MeToo,” taking place Thursday, Sept. 12 at Brock.“What many people might think of as the #Metoo ‘moment’ is actually a cultural phenomenon that is situated over time and across space,” said Leah Knight, Associate Professor in Brock’s Department of English Language and Literature. “It’s a historical phenomenon, so it needs historicizing.”Significant shifts in media culture since the 1990s, such as increased digitization, have intersected with important feminist methods, goals and conflicts. Sielke’s talk will situation the #MeToo moment within this broader context.Her work on sexual violence in North American literature and culture brings a unique perspective to the topic of #MeToo.As Director of the North American Studies program at Germany’s University of Bonn, Sielke’s research expertise spans 19th and 20th century American literature, modernist and postmodernist culture, as well as 20th century art and popular culture. She also works in literary and cultural theory, gender studies, African American studies and the dialogues between cultural studies and the natural sciences.“As a European committed to North American Studies, her perspective offers added value, broadening the parameters for this important conversation,” Knight said.The free public talk was spearheaded by the Department of English Language and Literature with support from Social Justice and Equities Studies; Social Justice Research Institute; Department of History; Centre for Canadian Studies; Department of Political Science; Centre for Women’s and Gender Studies; Department of Communications, Popular Culture and Film; Office of Human Rights and Equity; and the President’s Advisory Committee on Human Rights, Equity and Decolonization.Event details:What: “Feminism Reloaded? The Serial Debate on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence, or What’s New about #MeToo?” a free public talk by Sabine Sielke, Director of North American Studies at the University of Bonn in Germany.When: Thursday, Sept. 12, 2:30 to 4 p.m.Where: Sankey Chamber read more

Mens Soccer Buckeyes travel to Ann Arbor to take on No 21

Ohio State men’s soccer head coach Brian Maisonneuve watches the Buckeyes play in the first half of the game against the University of South Florida on Sept. 7, 2018. Credit: Casey Cascaldo | Photo EditorComing off a 0-0 draw at home against Northwestern on Friday while playing nearly half the game down a man, the Ohio State men’s soccer team  (1-5-2, 0-1-1 Big Ten) heads to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to take on the Wolverines (5-1-1, 1-0-1 Big Ten) on Tuesday. Ohio State redshirt senior midfielder Brady Blackwell said even though Ohio State’s battles with Michigan are mostly noted on the gridiron, the rivalry transcends all sports between the two schools. “I think everyone comes here because they know about the rivalry in football obviously, but I think it carries over to every single sport, so we’re not very fond of them,” Blackwell said. “They don’t really like us very much.” The Wolverines come into this week ranked No. 21 in the nation, according to the United Soccer Coaches Poll, and are on a six-game unbeaten streak following their only loss of the season, at home to Tulsa on Aug. 24.Michigan is a team that is both effective and dangerous on offense. The Wolverines have outscored their opponents 15-5 on the season while outshooting them 101-48. The Wolverines’ attack is spearheaded by sophomore forward Umar Farouk Osman’s four goals and two assists, combined with eight points apiece from junior forward Jack Hallahan and sophomore forward Mohammed Zakyi.Meanwhile, the Wolverines are just as strong between the pipes, with sophomore goalkeeper Henry Mashburn currently holding a 0.68 goals against average for the season, accompanied by four clean sheets.“Michigan’s very good this year, very athletic, tough and they get after you,” Ohio State head coach Brian Maisonneuve said. “It’s going to be a battle and we’re going to have to match their fight because you know they’re going to come out a hundred miles per hour.”Maisonneuve said that a top concern of his is how his players will recover on such short rest following the tough double-overtime battle against the Wildcats Friday night in Columbus. “The hardest part about double overtime on Friday is we’ve got to turn around and do it on Tuesday, so it’s going to be a really quick turnaround,” Maisonneuve said. “Managing bodies is going to be the No. 1 thing.”With eight games under their belt, a new coaching staff and system and a whole lot of soccer left to be played, the Buckeyes seem to be settling in.The defense rebounded from a tough outing at Penn State last weekend to shut out Northwestern on Friday despite being a man down, while the offense played its most effective game of the season last time out. The Buckeyes and Wolverines are set to play in Ann Arbor at 7 p.m. on Tuesday. read more

Football Depleted Ohio State defense to be tested by Purdue

Ryan Day is never satisfied. Even though the Ohio State offense averages 46.3 points per game and 556.9 yards of offense per game, both of which lead the Big Ten, the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach sees where the unit can improve as a whole. “It’s a good problem to have when you are putting up that kind of production and you still don’t feel you have maxed out yet,” Day said. “I think that is a good thing though because we are still hungry. We are still trying to figure out how we can maximize everyone on the field.” However, heading into the Buckeyes’ next game of the season, the explosiveness of the Ohio State offense will not be unique. No. 2 Ohio State (7-0, 4-0 Big Ten) will face Purdue (3-3, 2-1 Big Ten) on Saturday at 7:30 p.m., the only other offense in the Big Ten that averages over 500 yards of offense per game and is No. 2 behind the Buckeyes, averaging 330.8 passing yards per game with quarterbacks completing 66.8 percent of passes. The pass-friendly Boilermaker offense is led by a quarterback who has a lot of collegiate experience: redshirt senior David Blough. In the first six games of the season, Blough has completed 68.4 percent of his attempts for an average of 282.5 passing yards per game. Not much of a threat on the ground, he has also thrown 10 passing touchdowns with two interceptions. Blough’s stats are helped by the fact that he has one of the more dynamic playmakers in the Big Ten to throw to. In six games, freshman wide receiver Rondale Moore has been explosive, leading Purdue with 45 receptions, 25 more than the second-leading receiver, and 558 yards, averaging 93 yards per game. Defensive coordinator Greg Schiano described Moore as a quick and productive receiver in the Boilermaker offense, highlighting his ability to change direction and use his speed in the open space. With the combination of Blough and Moore, and considering redshirt senior running back D.J. Knox, who has averaged 6.2 yards per rush and averages 90 yards per game, Schiano said the Purdue offense will be a challenge in many different ways. “Schematically, they use a ton of different personnel groups and then, schematically, they also do a lot of formations, they do a lot of trick plays,” Schiano said. “They make you dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t.’ That’s the kind of outfit they are.”  For the Ohio State defense, many of the storylines from the Buckeyes’ 30-14 win over Minnesota on Saturday have been about the players not on the field. Ohio State had five defensive starters miss a significant amount of time in the win over the Golden Gophers. Head coach Urban Meyer said Monday junior linebacker Malik Harrison and junior defensive end Jonathon Cooper are back with the team after staying sidelined amid concussion protocol. Meyer also said redshirt junior defensive lineman Robert Landers is probable after battling an undisclosed injury. Ohio State will also be without junior All-American defensive end Nick Bosa for the rest of the season, when it was announced he would be withdrawing from the university to rehab his core muscle injury suffered against TCU on Sept. 15 and prepare for the 2019 NFL Draft. However, with the struggles the secondary has had over the first seven games, Ohio State could be missing one of its key contributors on Saturday. After suffering an injury against the Golden Gophers on Saturday, redshirt junior cornerback Damon Arnette is questionable heading into the Purdue game, with Schiano saying his status is “up in the air.” With the offense Purdue runs, Schiano said this loss for Ohio State could prove to be huge. “It would be big,” Schiano said. “We are getting thinned out a little bit back there and we weren’t overly experienced to start with. And they’re going to throw the ball, that’s for sure.” Even if Arnette is not in the lineup, the Ohio State defense comes into its game against Purdue banged up and knowing its main leader on the defensive line will not be back. This gives Schiano a chance to play players who may not have the experience of an Arnette or a Bosa, something that he wishes he did not have to do. “You get experience because you play through it and the thing that we as coaches have to do is make sure that we don’t make the same mistakes twice, and we have done that a couple of times,” Schiano said. “As long as they are making different mistakes, eventually you run out of the big ones.” Even though Ohio State is facing a team with three losses this season, the Buckeye defense has this game circled around the calendar. “We know it’s a big challenge,” junior safety Jordan Fuller said. “Night game, primetime against a team that’s putting up a lot of points. It’s a big challenge.”  Prediction Ohio State’s success against Purdue on Saturday comes down to one question: Will the Ohio State defense be able to stop Purdue’s pass offense one or two times? The Boilermakers and the Buckeyes bring the only two offenses in the Big Ten that average over 500 yards of offense per game. The Purdue offense, with Blough and Moore at the helm, has shown its affinity to beat opponents in the passing game. It’s a clear mismatch for Ohio State, the strength of the Purdue pass offense compared to weakness of the Buckeye secondary that has plagued the team all season. However, based on talent alone, Ohio State should be able to get the win anyways. Redshirt sophomore quarterback Dwayne Haskins has thrown for over 400 yards passing in each of the past two games, becoming the only quarterback in Ohio State history to record 400 yards passing in two games in his career. With the inability of the running game, with both sophomore J.K. Dobbins and redshirt junior Mike Weber averaging career lows in yards per carry, Haskins has carried the Ohio State offense, carrying Ohio State to seven straight wins to start the season. Ohio State and Purdue have been two of the most explosive offenses in the Big Ten all season. The team that wins will be the defense that is able to stop an explosive offense first, and, based on the talent on Ohio State’s defense, it should be the Buckeyes. Wyatt Crosher: 45-31 Ohio State Colin Gay: 49-42 Ohio State Edward Sutelan: 49-35 Ohio StateRachel Bules: 31-17 Ohio State read more

Did Dwayne Haskins have the best season of any Ohio State quarterback

Ohio State redshirt sophomore quarterback Dwayne Haskins (7) calls out a play in the first half of the Rose Bowl Game featuring Ohio State and Washington. Ohio State won 28-23. Credit: Casey Cascaldo | Photo EditorAfter one season as the starter for Ohio State, redshirt sophomore quarterback Dwayne Haskins is wrapping up his career as a Buckeye.On Monday, Haskins announced he will be entering the 2019 NFL Draft, finishing his collegiate career with 5,396 passing yards and 58 total touchdowns.The vast majority of those numbers came in his second year, during which he threw for 4,831 yards and 50 touchdowns, breaking single-season Big Ten records for total yards and total touchdowns and finishing third in Heisman voting.“I want to be one of the best to ever do it when I get done playing here at this university,” Haskins said.So was he?After breaking every single-season passing record the program had to offer, it seems impossible to deny he is one of the best. But did he have the best season of any quarterback in the program’s history?When looking at the statistics and accolades, two seasons, both of which came this century, stand as the major competition.Troy Smith, 2006Smith’s final year at Ohio State is the clear main competition. He was the first Buckeye quarterback to win the Heisman since 1944, and he did it by earning the second-highest percentage of the votes ever. In 2006, Smith led Ohio State to a 12-1 record, losing in the national championship game to Florida. He threw for 2,542 yards and 30 touchdowns with six interceptions while rushing for 204 yards and a touchdown.Against No. 2 Michigan, Smith threw for 316 yards and four touchdowns to win 42-39 and advance to the national championship.Haskins comes out dramatically ahead in statistics, nearly doubling the amount of passing yards and touchdowns Smith earned, and doing so in only one more game.But there’s a reason Smith earned 91.63 percent of the total votes for the Heisman race that season: He found a way to win the games he needed to.That of course ended against Florida, but his run through the regular season went unscathed, something Haskins wasn’t able to accomplish, even with a 470-yard performance against Purdue.J.T. Barrett, 2014Stepping in for Braxton Miller, who tore his labrum in a preseason practice, then-redshirt freshman J.T. Barrett did not have high expectations from fans.They were even lower after his second collegiate start, during which he completed 9-of-29 passes with a touchdown and three interceptions in the loss to Virginia Tech.But Barrett’s season after the defeat is one of the most impressive runs the program has seen.Barrett earned more than 300 yards in seven of his next nine starts, winning each of those games and putting his team in position to defeat Michigan after he went down with an injury that ended his season.Cardale Jones finished off the run that gave Ohio State the first College Football Playoff title, but in 12 games, Barrett threw for 2,834 yards, ran for 938 and combined for 45 total touchdowns with 10 interceptions.The world will never know if Barrett would have been able to lead the Buckeyes to the title like Jones, and that counts against considering it to be the best single-season performance by a quarterback. But the season leading up to the finish remains one of Ohio State’s best.Dwayne Haskins, 2018So where does that leave Haskins?He has the statistics to easily be considered the best. Of all quarterbacks in the program’s history, Haskins has more passing yards in one season by more than 1,500 and more passing touchdowns by 15.He has six of the top seven games for most passing yards, led Ohio State to a Rose Bowl win and a 13-1 record.Stats aren’t everything, and Smith’s campaign in 2006 proves that. Though his numbers don’t pop off the page as much, he led the Buckeyes to a national championship and was voted the top player in college football that season.Barrett’s numbers are more comparable to Haskins’ when looking at total yards and total touchdowns, and he did it in two fewer games.But Barrett’s broken ankle during the Michigan game gave Jones the chance to complete the historic run, and that will always diminish Barrett’s legacy, making it difficult to choose as the best season any quarterback has ever had for Ohio State.The statistics suggest Haskins had the greatest season by a quarterback in Ohio State history. The accolades lean more toward Smith.Regardless, in only one season as a starter, Haskins leaves the program as one of the greats, fulfilling what he knew he was capable of doing since the age of 10.Only time will tell if he will be remembered as an all-time great, or the all-time great at the school for which he always dreamed of playing.“I knew I was gonna be the guy,” Haskins said on Dec. 1. “I always wanted to come to school here at 10 years old. I knew I was gonna be a quarterback here, knew we were gonna do great things this year, and that’s me birthing it into existence.” read more

Football Inexperienced Ohio State offensive line gets thrown into the fire during

The Buckeyes line up on the line of scrimmage during the 2019 Spring Game on April 13. Gray beat Scarlet 35-17. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Managing Editor for DesignThe future of the Ohio State offensive line was at the Spring Game. But it was not on the field. Jonah Jackson, a graduate transfer from Rutgers, who will not join the Buckeyes officially until fall camp, was on the sideline during the game as was five-star center Harry Miller. But they could not help head coach Ryan Day’s offense immediately. Day had only 11 offensive linemen available for the Spring Game, forcing him to shorten the quarters and have a running clock in the second half, protecting the health of an already depleted room. On top of not being 100 percent in terms of what the room would look like in the fall during spring practice, Day already had the offensive line as one of his main worries heading into his first spring as head coach. And after the Spring Game, that did not change. “At the offensive line, we have four guys to replace there,” Day said. “They’re probably the least experienced.” But to redshirt sophomore guard Wyatt Davis, spring practice was not a time to wait for those members of the line who were not there yet or not healthy, like junior tackle Thayer Munford. It was a time to see which of the young players could emerge. “All the guys that came in early, they have really stepped, I mean all the young guys, they really have been stepping up,” Davis said. “They have been developing better every week and I’m excited to see what they are going to do this fall camp.” In the Spring Game, the Ohio State offensive line showed off its ability to block, especially in the running game. Ball carriers averaged 5.1 yards per carry Saturday, scoring four total touchdowns, including two by redshirt freshman running back Master Teague and one on a read option by sophomore quarterback Justin Fields. But the spring was also a time for personal growth. Spending the majority of his time at right guard, Davis has been viewed as one of the secure starters on the line from the start of practice. However, he does not view it in that way. “Nothing’s for sure as far as the offensive line goes until that first game,” Davis said. “I just been trying to prove that I can play that spot and just trying to get better each day.” In the middle, redshirt sophomore center Josh Myers said that the Spring Game was the end of his goal, saying he wanted to focus on his personal development, getting a lot of reps and staying healthy, all of which he accomplished. While waiting for depth, Ohio State saw the emergence of a young player that may have the opportunity for increased playing time come fall: redshirt freshman tackle Nicholas Petit-Frere. Starting at right tackle in the Spring Game, facing what many on the offensive line consider to be some of the best defensive ends in the country, Petit-Frere continued to show consistency, showing what he had shown in multiple practices before. Davis also highlighted the play of redshirt freshman Matthew Jones and freshman Ryan Jacoby on the line, saying both had made strides in the right direction during the spring. Myers said he feels as though the offensive line, with the pieces they have, has made progress from spring to the end of the Spring Game. “I think there were a lot of question marks at the beginning of the spring, a lot of guys that had to prove themselves,” Myers said. “I think, for the most part, the guys stepped up to the plate and accepted the challenge and had a good spring.” But there remains questions to be answered, such as how much playing time will be allotted to the members of the line.Once Jackson, Miller, four-star tackle Enokk Vimahi and three-star tackle Dawand Jones arrive and Munford gets healthy, Ohio State will have a better idea of what the line will look like. That is the day Myers looks forward to.  “I like that it’s a new group and we are going to have to find cohesiveness and get better,” Myers said. read more

Football Ohio State guard Malcolm Pridgeon signs with Houston Texans as undrafted

Ohio State senior offensive lineman Malcolm Pridgeon (66) prepares to begin play in the first half of the game against Rutgers on Sept. 8. Ohio State won 52-3. Credit: Casey Cascaldo | Photo EditorFormer Ohio State offensive lineman Malcolm Pridgeon signed with the Houston Texans  as an undrafted free agent following the 2019 NFL Draft Saturday evening.Pridgeon played in all 28 Ohio State games over the past two seasons, starting every game at guard in 2018 and leading all players with 1,170 snaps from scrimmage.Despite an offense that set an Ohio State record with 561 passing attempts this past year, Pridgeon and the Buckeye offensive line allowed the third- fewest sacks in the Big Ten.Following two seasons at playing tackle at Nassau Community College after high school, Pridgeon became just the second junior college transfer to sign with Ohio State under former head coach Urban Meyer.A knee injury forced Pridgeon to redshirt his first year at Ohio State, and he mostly played special teams the following season, but he won the starting left guard spot before the start of the 2018 season.Despite not being invited to the NFL combine, Pridgeon’s 6-foot-7, 310-pound frame and experience at multiple positions will give him a chance to earn a spot on an NFL team.Pridgeon is one of four offensive lineman to sign with NFL teams, including guard-turned-center Michael Jordan and tackle Isaiah Prince, who were both drafted. read more

Field Hockey Two hat tricks aid No 12 Ohio State in win

Ohio State then-sophomore midfielder Esther Clotet Alsina controls the ball on a fast break during the Buckeyes’ 1-0 loss to Michigan on Sept. 22. 2017. Credit: Colin Hass-Hill | Former Sports EditorOhio State junior forward Nikki Trzaska became the first Buckeye to notch a hat trick this season when she scored her third goal 22 seconds into the second half of Friday’s 11-0 victory against Central Michigan.No.12 Ohio State (4-1) took 29 shots against Central Michigan (2-4), and the Buckeye defense only gave up four shots as they moved to 15-5 all-time against Central Michigan.Ohio State sophomore goalkeeper Aaliyah Hernandez, last week’s Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week, earned her third clean sheet of the season without having to make a save. The Buckeye defense didn’t allow a shot until the fourth quarter.The Buckeyes forced 10 penalty corners and converted on three of them, while Central Michigan wasn’t awarded any.“We practice those every week,” head coach Jarred Martin said. “The basics are just making sure that our system is in place –– that the girls know what the execution plan is. And again, they were able to step up and get some good strikes on the ball.”Buckeye senior midfielder Esther Clotet Alsina joined Trzaska in scoring her first hat trick of the season. On top of her three goals, Clotet Alsina also assisted on three more.Freshman midfielder Mackenzie Allessie also stood out for the Buckeyes, scoring two unassisted goals and adding an assist.In the second quarter, Allessie danced past two defenders and juked out the goalkeeper to score on an empty net. Allessie’s third quarter goal was similarly clever, as she pirouetted around a defender and hit a slap shot past the keeper.Entering the game, both Trzaska and Clotet Alsina were one goal behind the Big Ten season leader in goals. Scoring three apiece against Central Michigan solidifies the pair as two of the premier goal scorers in the conference.The Buckeyes will move on to face No. 8 Louisville Sunday, and open Big Ten play next Friday against No. 13 Northwestern.“[Northwestern’s] always a close game, so we’re excited for that, Clotet Alsina said. “We’ve been winning the past few years in overtime, so let’s just hope we win in a regular game.” read more

Car deliberately ploughs into apartment at Butlins holiday resort

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. “I was shocked,” said the eyewitness. “I thought when he hit the wall it was a terrorist attack. I could not believe what I was seeing.”I thought ‘what on earth’ as it was a walk-way.”I jumped up, ran to the window, saw him accelerate and smash into the apartment’s bottom room.”I thought he was going to get out and attack people.”I heard a loud bang as he hit the apartment. The door opened and he bolted. I heard and saw people shouting and running to the car.”He got out the car leaving the engine on and ran to the middle of the grass and looked around then ran off.”A police spokesperson said: “It involves a Ford Focus that struck an apartment block at around 10.15pm last night.”There were no injuries and no serious structural damage caused. The investigation is ongoing.”A spokesman for Butlin’s Skegness said: “We can confirm there was a localised incident involving guests known to one another in an area of our accommodation.”This later resulted in a car striking a section of the accommodation.”Thankfully no one was injured, and police attended the incident.” Police are investigating after a car ploughed into an apartment at the Butlins holiday resort in SkegnessCredit:Richard Vamplew Police are investigating after a car ploughed into an apartment at the Butlins holiday resort in Skegnesscenter_img A woman staying in an apartment nearby says she was alerted when she saw headlights approaching the pedestrianised area. Police are investigating after a car ploughed into an apartment at the Butlins holiday resort in Skegness.The incident happened at around 10.15pm on Wednesday, June 14, with one onlooker who pictured the aftermath claiming the Ford Focus had deliberately crashed into the apartment block.This has not been confirmed by Lincolnshire Police who are continuing to investigate the crash.One woman, who witnessed the event, posted on Facebook: “Jesus, sad times we live in!“Some guy just ran his car on purpose through the middle of Butlins holiday park apartments where kids were playing only half hour ago and straight into the flats next to us into the bottom bedroom.“What is the world coming to?”A spokesperson for Lincolnshire Police said: “This is incident 508 of June 14 and involves a Ford Focus that struck an apartment block around 10.15pm last night.“There were no injuries and no serious structural damage caused.“The investigation is ongoing.”Crowds of holidaymakers gathered around the car after it collided with the apartment on Wednesday night. Lincolnshire Police have confirmed no one was injured in the incident.It is understood a man who was staying in the same apartment had been locked out after an argument erupted. He then fetched his car and drove it straight into the flat’s wall to try and gain access.last_img read more