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The solution of the QQ space dynamic display is not blocked

often in the QQ space to talk about or log friends, will encounter the situation does not show the dynamic, that is, to send a talk or log, they can see, but do not show to friends, others can not see.

according to my experience, shielding QQ space is probably divided into three levels, the first level is not let you hair, hair is not audited by, and ask you to delete, delete all right; if you do not pass the audit content is repeated, then enter the second grade, let you a QQ space is enough, but quietly blocked to help you out, let you play with friends, do not know what you send content; also do not repent, or be more complaints, directly sealed space. read more

5.12 earthquake anniversary of how clever marketing events

to 5.12, the Wenchuan earthquake anniversary of the year three. I believe that all the people still can not forget the grief, three years later, when the situation is still difficult to erase from our minds, once again, will still resonate with the soul and shock. Today, when I browse the news on the Internet, I saw a lot of Commemorative Plate 5.12, the contents of the plate news, pictures, event announcements, etc.. I believe that, with the help of this event, clever marketing, website promotion is a good way. read more

Jingdong rural electricity supplier giant started the battle for the countryside

every reporter Xie Zhenyu river but from Sichuan Renshou, Chengdu

and to a year of "Shiranuhi" (commonly known as "ugly orange") listed season, red bayberry looks a bit worried. As one of the people in Sichuan County, Renshou County, one of the people do not know the fire cooperatives, she would like to know, how to find a better market for the fruit to be listed in the market in Meishan.

December 21st, the Jingdong group and Sichuan the county government "to carry out rural e-commerce cooperation signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the county became the first pilot county countryside village Jingdong signed the" spark pilot ". read more

Network test Li Gui old electricity supplier of the road there is no way to contain

During the

day dragon boat dumplings wufangzhai Tmall mall sales are more than 10 thousand single, is the electronic commerce to wufangzhai sales bonus. In addition to Zhang Xiaoquan, wufangzhai, warrior, 100 birds gazelle, Fang Hui Chun Tang time-honored shop, also in the creation of good performance. With the help of e-commerce platform, the old brand is showing a new market vitality. However, the electricity supplier fake lvjinbujue, to the time-honored online business out of a problem. read more

China Business News e-commerce era soft

now many companies have the soft as a necessary means of publicity, and even some small and medium enterprises can not invest a lot of money because of the operation of the hard wide, often with soft start. Soft Wen is not only a low cost, and large amount of information, for customers to understand the product itself plays a good role, but now the newspapers and magazines always put together a list of commercial soft, layout not ornamental, the readability of many products is poor, thus causing the soft effect is not good. In fact, the better use of soft text this means can achieve the desired goal. read more

Jingdong to cooperate with the bench into the B2B online ticketing Market

days ago, Jingdong and Vision Technology Development Co. Ltd. Chen’s B2B electronic trading platform ticketing bench signed a cooperation agreement, both sides will be in the exhibition activities (such as exhibition, forum meetings, training seminars, conferences and other areas in-depth cooperation).

The specific form of the cooperation between the two sides of the

for the docking technology API, the Jingdong will be in the "ticket – Exhibition" to the bench after the opening of the open interface, the user can directly query the exhibition ticket information platform of Jingdong on the bench, the ticket will be divided into two kinds of entity tickets and electronic ticket. read more