Electricity supplier’s way go their own electricity supplier of the road to let others say

2012 Spring Festival is coming, but the past 2011 is an extraordinary year. In the first half of the Internet industry in order to buy electricity supplier and the main model to attract a lot of investors at home and abroad, so that the rapid expansion of the electricity supplier, the whole industry has begun to become less harmonious.

but it is not so long, the second half of the year, with the Internet winter topic came after the former raise a Babel of criticism of many people, is optimistic about the industry and is now regarded as the government. Before a IPO handle failure, after the high friends network, Wo Wo Group, 24 group purchase coupons and other network broke the news of layoffs. read more

How to do WeChat marketing Everyone through the development of micro channel drainage drainage

how to do a good job in WeChat marketing, is a headache for users. Especially during the period of 2015 micro business reshuffle and integration, how to do WeChat marketing? Some similar palm WeChat promotion platform card all this also rose up and inject fresh vigor to the development of micro business. Then palm card biography (www.zhangka.cc) is how to do a good job of WeChat marketing and favored by the enterprise?

it must be remembered that in late 2014, a circle of friends to pay rent Posts unexpected burst of red, said a lot of micro business venture frustration and embarrassment. How to do the WeChat marketing? The most important point is that WeChat marketing drainage, who has a precise flow, who is half success, can only be used to describe the flow of waste drainage is simple and rough brush WeChat marketing circle of friends, and less accurate, but also to offend a friend. And this post is like a butterfly effect, in the manufacture of pressure, but also to allow micro providers to open the road to self-help. How to do a good job in WeChat marketing, first of all, of course, to solve the problem of drainage, and palm card everyone to pass such a platform on a timely basis to solve the problem of how to do a good job WeChat marketing. Everyone is not only the transfer of WeChat marketing artifact personal micro business, WeChat is also the enterprise public marketing trick. read more

The latest exposure to the internal mail announced the failure of financing has failed

news March 7th, billion state power network that the city Crowdsourcing distribution platform to the fresh announced funding strand breaks before the Spring Festival, due to the failure of financing to support the company operation, the termination of the project. Currently, the company has ceased operations.

founder Lu Gang said to billion state power network, the main reason to fresh capital chain is A round of financing failure, no cash accounts of the company, currently apply to enter the liquidation process. After the liquidation of the company in March will be open to the public account details, and actively deal with assets, and strive to give employees more compensation. read more

Liu Qiangdong Jingdong this year will be the world’s top 500

surging news reporter Yang Xinjie

January 16th, Liu Qiangdong, chairman of the board of directors of Jingdong group held in Beijing, the annual meeting of the company is expected to Jingdong group in 2016 to enter the world’s top 500 list.

is currently in the China Internet Corporation, the Jingdong income of the top, if Liu Qiangdong predicted success, Jingdong will indeed be ahead of BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent), became the first to enter the world’s top 500 China Internet Corporation. read more

Ministry of Commerce to encourage the development of e commerce to support emerging business sites

22 held in 2010 the first zero channel of the Internet based annual meeting, the Ministry of Commerce said Nie Linhai, deputy director of information technology, the Ministry of Commerce as the electronic commerce department in charge of industry in recent years, attaches great importance to the work of electronic commerce. This year will focus on encouraging the development of electronic commerce, support the norms of online consumption, cultivate professional online retail business, support the construction of new commercial sites. read more

Video electricity supplier TV electricity supplier can see buy not

at the end of October, Ali, a Jingdong one day apart, has released the video business plan, seems to give an illusion of electricity market is likely to erupt video. The research in this field is very clear, the video shopping concept has been calling for many years, even Ali, Jingdong launched a new watch and buy as the chain is old wine in new bottles.

video TV market so that the electricity supplier giants are also very awkward, we all believe that the field of video has a strong electricity supplier value, but it has not been able to make substantial progress. In addition, with the development of smart TVs this year, derived from a very close with the video electricity supplier "TV business market, however, the TV business also faces the same development challenge the ideal full reality skinny. read more

China’s cross border electricity supplier with what position gold rush Russia

August, the Russian Ruble ushered in a crash, the dollar fell to 1:71.20 against the ruble, the yuan against the ruble fell from last year’s 1:5 to the current 1:10. In theory, the currency devaluation will lead to the decline in purchasing power, the relative cost of sales increase, the export of electricity supplier is undoubtedly bad news. But from the cross-border electricity supplier data, the Russian market is a hot export. For the first time in 2014, Tmall international double 11 big promotion, the Russian market has become the biggest market in the absolute proportion of 30%; Russia’s largest search engine Y andex data show that from Chinese amount of advertising in the past two years are growing at a rate of 200%. Because of this, the company in September 10th to set up offices in Shanghai, China, which is its first office in asia. According to the prospective industry Research Institute released the "standing on the cross-border electricity outlet – Chinese traditional business enterprise transformation direction and Strategy Research Report" shows that in 2014, the Russian cross-border electricity retail market of about $7 billion, is expected in 2015 will reach $14 billion in size, will occupy 60% of the total electricity market in russia. Compared to the 20% European high-end brand market, the withdrawal of the Russian Ruble plunged off Russia’s official website of apple, but to bring the gold West back east of the Russian national opportunity. read more

Jingdong to cooperate with the bench into the B2B online ticketing Market

days ago, Jingdong and Vision Technology Development Co. Ltd. Chen’s B2B electronic trading platform ticketing bench signed a cooperation agreement, both sides will be in the exhibition activities (such as exhibition, forum meetings, training seminars, conferences and other areas in-depth cooperation).

The specific form of the cooperation between the two sides of the

for the docking technology API, the Jingdong will be in the "ticket – Exhibition" to the bench after the opening of the open interface, the user can directly query the exhibition ticket information platform of Jingdong on the bench, the ticket will be divided into two kinds of entity tickets and electronic ticket. read more

Groupon two quarter net loss of 7 million 600 thousand and the appointment of a new chairman CEO

Groupon in the second quarter net loss of $7 million 600 thousand (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent Francisco (Yue Tong) Beijing on August 8th news, according to foreign media reports, the world’s largest group purchase website Groupon (NASDAQ: GPRN) today announced the company as of June 30th of the 2013 second quarter earnings. Groupon reported a second quarter revenue reached $608 million 700 thousand, an increase of 7% over the same period last year, $568 million 300 thousand; a net loss of $7 million 600 thousand, a net profit of $28 million 370 thousand for the same period last year. The performance is slightly higher than Wall Street analysts expected, Groupon presented the day after hours stock price rose sharply momentum. read more

Building the three capabilities of successful websites

Building a successful website requires only three simple capabilities, or elements. In fact, these three we all know:


the traditional concept, this is what you want to see what is presented to the reader. According to the new management, the content is what readers want to see from your website. Content can be text, pictures, sounds, images…… And so on, as long as it can be transmitted through digital, the content of the site may be. Now this article is the content.

What is the design of read more