The group of 230 thousand employees of all electricity suppliers to make a transition into the waite

northeast retail group also began to set foot in the field of electronic business. Yesterday (December 18th), the group held a new business conference in Beijing, officially under the banner of the Tengu network to the front, and the group’s 230 thousand employees will be transformed into electricity supplier "waiter", to create online and offline O2O platform.

according to the "daily economic news" reporter, the large business groups in the use of its resources to the advantage of physical stores, a large number of heavyweight buddy, including China UnionPay, Baidu, Coca-Cola, Tencent, Zhou Dafu etc.. read more

Domestic domain name

The dedication of his collection of domestic websites, hoping you will continue to add.

also hope that the relevant foreign excellent site technician.

A, expired domain name query

two, domain name registration

At present, many popular

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From Liu Qiangdong’s unnamed Tucao Jingdong and friends to see the ratio

July 25th Liu Qiangdong, widely circulated speech at CEIBS twenty anniversary special events. In a 1.5 hour speech, Liu Qiangdong commented on IBM, Kodak, SONY, NOKIA, Edward, apple and other brands, but to "friends" comments are not named.

needs the help of Xingyue or lighthouse in the ocean, the compass of aviation, the ups and downs of the sea in the "friends" is the beacon. The analysis of competitors’ gain and loss is a compulsory course for the enterprise. From Liu Qiangdong’s speech just quote a string of numbers, we can see that he had made great efforts to study "Friends of the business". read more

Tmall was digging foot vip com business tycoon Encore merchants battle

Beijing daily news (reporter Lu Yishan Geng Jiajun) business resources and a period of silence and the resurgence of the trend. The day before the news, Tmall vice president Wang Yulei took office, to dig foot from "good seller, and that" if the shops in the Tmall store, will increase support; if there is no shop, will provide more resources for businesses to migrate to Tmall ". Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters immediately after the call to verify Tmall, but Tmall denied, and said that Tmall will be treated equally on the platform, will not be treated differently. read more

The Alibaba tracking bad teacher vest can’t run away

news July 22nd, billion state power network that before the Alibaba platform "consumer integrity data model to start the malicious evaluation back delete function, when the ID model was identified as the occupation bad teacher, which in a certain range of time history. The system will be back to delete.

is reported that, since the feature on the line, a single week in the Alibaba platform was hit by the number of judges who fell 80% ID.


group said, "this is the first in the true sense of leveraging the poor economic benefit division of black chain." read more

GoogleAdsense all the way

Submitted by dragon on 2006, August 29, 9:36 AM. Google World

1, Google Adsense

Google Adsense is available to small and medium Google Adsense through an increase in revenue advertising tools.

2, understand Google Adsense

Google Adsense website has the most comprehensive introduction.

below is useful to you. read more

Registered brand name may be suspected of infringement

  the Chongqing public Yan Bin registered a number of well-known brand names, and that many Chongqing is very concerned about the domain name, has formed a circle, and self proclaimed "rice farmers" — a corn ("domain name" homophonic) farmers. Yesterday, Yan Bin told reporters he registered before and after disclosure.

in April this year, he learned that Chongqing will be the The Point Inn & Suites, out of habit, he China queries on the Internet Network Information Center, found that the "days" although once the domain name registration, but did not renew, so he took the relevant documents, to the registered company, a registered 4 related domain name. "Who is the domain name registration, who owns." Yan Bin said, "now days" and "Daysinn" domain names belong to him. read more

Express industry will build illegal dishonesty blacklist completed in 2020

express credit system to establish the main body of illegal dishonesty blacklist and joint disciplinary system as the focus, and will be the first to establish enterprise information publicity system and postal industry regulatory information systems.

Beijing News (reporter Xin Na) sent by courier, first look at the blacklist". Recently, the State Post Bureau said it would establish illegal dishonesty blacklist and joint disciplinary system, and said it will complete the construction of the credit system in the courier industry in 2020. read more

Double 11 platform wall artifact aphasia

huge commodity clusters, in the context of the loss of historical price contrast artifact, creating a 90 billion sales myth. Had exposed a series of "pseudo" gold price "to double 11" discount.

"double 11" to the previous parity artifact shows "no parity behind the meow fold to 50 percent off discount for the most eye-catching advertising" double 11 Shopping Festival in many websites, hidden in secret. The Beijing Daily reporter found that the "double 11" a few days ago, Huihui network, meow fold "parity artifact" collective failure until November 12th, "double 11" after second days they returned to normal. Huge commodity clusters, in the context of the loss of historical price contrast artifact, creating a 90 billion sales myth. Had exposed a series of "pseudo" gold price "to double 11" discount. read more

How to track the competitors included in the rankings

do network marketing colleagues know that network marketing is not monitoring their own website can, want to do marketing ranking and is also concern the competitors, so as to be aware of. So how to track competitors extrapolated rankings do?

on this issue, always someone out, the answer is all kinds of, but I think the most simple and feasible way to make good use of the present is the most famous cloud claw network marketing analysis management system for this powerful one-stop Internet marketing management system that I do not say, you can also say one or two, after all the network information about it too much, but it has often been mentioned in the forum, so for that information where the author introduced one by one, I only want to give you a message on the network platform for the promotion of this is really from Shanghai at science and technology limited company of the line is very easy to use. Especially in tracking competitors extrapolation of this piece of revenue is very obvious advantages, not only accurate, but also has timeliness, is the webmaster friends in Network promotion is an indispensable tool for promotion. read more