Shop network analysis of the future development of China’s e commerce three new models

e-commerce is like a raging fire in advance, from the continuous expansion of the scale, even with extensive operating experience shopping platform is also committed to improve the user experience, through price, service to enhance the number of active users, increase credibility. Shop agent believes that traditional manufacturing companies have to test the water to seize the share of the layout to solve the long-term business development bottleneck. After 11 years of development, China’s e-commerce will face the challenges and opportunities of the three. read more

Using blog to make money is actually very simple

a lot of bloggers through Google Adsense, Taobao alliance can make money, although not much, but this is enough to make use of blog marketing is effective, but also big money way. After many years of marketing experience, new network marketing has become a new topic A new force suddenly rises., merchants had to study. Network and reality have similarities, but there is definitely a big difference, how to use blog marketing?

Many people think that

Google Adsense and Taobao – own their own site for a tool to make money, just a lot of people do not understand the relevant knowledge of the site, so to set foot in advertising alliance. In fact, although the site is not everyone will be built, open the blog, but the Internet users are in line, through the creation of a blog can make it like a site like advertising alliance and do Taobao. read more

A member of the Amazon Gift received big promotion the market value into the US top five

NetEase Francisco July 12th message, according to foreign media reports, the online retailer in the U.S. local time on Tuesday morning to launch its own Prime Day Shopping Festival, affected by this Monday, Amazon’s market value hit a record high of $355 billion 700 million.

is reported that Amazon shares rose 1.1% on Monday to close at $753.78 per share, the company’s total market capitalization of $355 billion 700 million. This makes the company’s market capitalization of more than (Berkshire Hathaway Inc), the latter market capitalization of $354 billion 900 million, while Amazon is among the top u.s.. read more

Jingdong revealed that the Milky way plan to promote standardization of commodity coding

news March 30th, in the days before the Committee held Chinese ECR business seminar for the first time, Jingdong group vice president Masson said, Jingdong and ECR carried out comprehensive cooperation of goods encoding, the move will help promote the "Milky Way", and promote the standard of commercial encoding and standardized work.

billion state power network to understand, the Jingdong opened the "Milky Way" in the last year, refers to the high efficiency through technical means of product traceability, information audit. "Tianhe plan" includes "Zhengyang gate", "Beijing Shield" and "unified coding project" and a series of projects. read more

The breakdown of those being pushed out business enterprise founder

[Abstract] business circle is no exception change constantly like cloud and wave, the electricity supplier, the enterprise founder It is often seen.. The game with the capital side or they were forced to leave, or in the business combination to be squeezed out, or in the enterprise Troubles start inside the house. infighting had to leave. Billion state power network according to public information, to sort out the typical case of Founder turnover in recent years.

founder: where

Zhuang Chen Chao read more

Comment how long to continue pursuing business tax

from April 25th to today, is Industrial and Commercial Bureau interviewed sellers make up the news scraper this weekend. Can not help Tucao two, this is because the incident and other social events have a common characteristic:


in the treatment of social events, the usual suspects may be understood as lax enforcement of the law. In dealing with the new business model and development, this approach is really a bit too good to accept. After all I have done before small sellers, has been a serial entrepreneur, making China tax time is very long, the electricity supplier has been not suitable for such a tax dispute no clear, two or three years, there is not a specific way. Now suddenly around Industrial and Commercial Bureau interviewed sellers of tax, and tax still follow the line that set, really make people doubt the pressure for subsequent development of innovation and entrepreneurship will be? Whether the normal law enforcement behavior can be applied in the business community, or to use "I said before" in a way a new business platform and form a legal mechanism to regulate the development of adaptation made before, this is not in the business of innovation development, construction of legal system in our country also with read more

Automotive industry into the mainstream of CN domain name

get the world brand. In the Internet era, how many enterprises of the Internet brand marketing strategy? The day before, Chinese Internet Network Marketing Association Working Committee officially announced the 2007 "Chinese automotive Internet brand marketing survey report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report"). The report shows that, as an important part of the Internet address resources, CN domain name, general web site and the Chinese domain name has now become an important tool for enterprise network marketing. Among them, up to 80% of companies use CN domain name, CN domain name has become the mainstream of the automotive industry Internet brand marketing. read more

How to maximize customer purchasing power in E commerce

to do e-commerce, the need for the site, do SEO optimization, resulting in the rankings, from the increase in traffic, resulting in the conversion of the transaction, then each such sites, there is a certain amount of views and the ratio of buyers.

after the observation of the spirit dragon found that if an e-commerce site every day on average 100 visitors will produce a 1 transaction, then the ratio of 100:1 after 10 days. It can boldly imagine if in this period of 10 days in the five days before the purchase behavior of customers, in five days of purchase, then the 10 day overall ratio will change, 5 days before the purchase ratio is 100:1, the ratio of five days after the purchase of 200:1. Under normal circumstances, 10 days to produce a transaction of the next, the algorithm generated by the 10 day of the 15 transactions in the next 10 days. Ratio of 100:1.5 read more

Taobao Tmall future direction Listen to the new head for epilepsy how to say

April 19th, Taobao annual conference held in 2015. This is Ali after major changes in personnel, responsible for the first time for epilepsy and Taobao Juhuasuan, Tmall, Taobao marketing line three platform for people Luo, vice president of Taobao, Yang Guo, Taobao and other mobile phone director Zhang Kuo personnel with the public face of Taobao sellers. Meeting revealed the future planning and development of Taobao.

, a wireless terminal accounted for the increase, Amoy shop heavy on the line read more

Advertising for the United States

In order for a gift exchange site for advertising, Idaho northern town of Santa 21, decided to take the name of the town was changed to "", meaning "secret santa". Although it is unclear whether Santa only Water Conservancy Bureau official agencies have the power to change the name of the town, but the water conservancy administration officials have voted for the name "", in order to earn a return.

read more

Amoy Blue Ocean a simple step science to improve the rate of click through the car baby

wants to store a better turnover, the conversion rate is certainly need to do, but to the conversion rate must be the first to have traffic to flow, without any talk about transformation, so for the shop, traffic is very important, baby hits is the need to focus on optimization. In the promotion process, the baby’s click rate is the first thing to do, but also the most important promotion. Today, Amoy blue ocean and everyone to share, how to improve the click through rate baby.

1, shop background introduction read more

ZARA UNQLO Smith Barney who is the last straw that breaks the Baleno

90 Metersbonwe and UNIQLO, Baleno and Giordano in 80. Once let many people feel that the double face of Baleno, is facing the fate of bondage.

recently announced that the Hongkong Yongjia Group subsidiary – Shanghai Baleno Kingdom Limited intends to sell 250 million yuan. Texwinca said, companies are restructuring, the sale of Baleno can optimize resources, and then set side is Baleno’s potential distributors – Delta Shanghai Industrial Co. ltd..

According to

texwinca in 2015 second, the three quarter earnings, the group’s two big business – textile business and retail business, the former has experienced three consecutive fiscal year after falling in the first half of fiscal year 2016, a 15.5% year-on-year increase, sales increase of 22.2%, gross margin improved from 21.9% to 22.5%; the latter is only 0.5% increase recorded an operating loss of 53 million yuan. Baleno’s performance in continuous negative growth, the contribution to the group’s decline in retail business. On the other hand, as UNIQLO textile business generation business, the order continues to increase, the group’s revenue contribution rising. read more

Entrepreneurial state 100 list released Honey bud is expected to become the first ten billion child

January 9, 2016, 2015 entrepreneurial state of the future leaders of the summit and the 2015 annual meeting of the founding of the state, the closing ceremony, the annual growth of China’s top 100 enterprises in the innovation of the top list of the top 2015 announced. Famous mother and child electricity supplier honey bud list – as the current largest maternal and child electricity supplier, honey bud in 2016 will be expected to become the first ten billion maternal and child electricity supplier. read more

By your purchase YNG designed to do a digital mobile phone sale cloud platform providers

( is purchased by your cloud platform providers provide special offer 3C digital business, long-term focus on the social scene in the category of digital marketing and service platform, belonging to the Shenzhen Agel Ecommerce Ltd purchased by you. Shenzhen aisidi Limited by Share Ltd (Shenzhen Investment Holdings: 002416), is currently the largest China aisidi mobile phone state contractor, not only to buy from you provides financial support, but also provides more mature commodity supply channels. You buy also with well-known domestic and foreign brand agents and manufacturers to discuss cooperation, so that you can guarantee the purchase of consumers are hot, high quality, low quality digital products. read more

A letter from an outsider to bug

millet bugs:

the name makes many people uncomfortable, because there will be a lot of people. In fact, I want to add three words in the front. See here or there are so many people I have fried ecstasy, your poor heart. In this virtual world, it’s hard to imagine what you look like. In real life, you are just like everyone else. You may have a job, just like before, like buying a lottery ticket I hope someday to hit the jackpot. In fact, you are lucky! Because you don’t have to spend all of their energy and resources used in fried rice, if so, your chances of selling the domain name harder than 5 million awards! If you are a bug that your occupation of millet, life is miserable. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t comment on your "works", but there are too many domain names I see here or there. For example, you call the "three miscellaneous". Now the world is complaining about made China in, some biased, some I can not see. Because the quality of the Chinese people from the uneven in quality, you mixed domain made in China remarkable quality. read more

The German workers rival Amazon does not give you the money we don’t do

is reported that Amazon’s German workers strike again, has been held in six cargo center strikes. The union said on behalf of these workers, Amazon operates eight major logistics locations in Germany, and said workers plan to continue the strike in September 26th.

Verdi German trade unions said on Monday morning, the staff in the Amazon Amazon Germany is located in Hess, the Bard feld strike logistics center in Leipzig, leinberg, Wei Erne, and F Faure F Haim graben.

the incident is still the labor dispute, labor dispute has lasted more than two years, Verdi Union believes that Amazon logistics center staff should be attributed to the postal staff, should get a higher salary. However, Amazon believes that the company’s logistics center staff should be classified as the category of warehouse workers, they pay $13 per hour is entirely reasonable. Verdi asked Amazon’s 10000 German employees to work in a labor agreement with those in the German retail sector labor agreement similar. read more

Mobile phone domain name speculation heating up

      COM and CN domains become network soft wealth investment like stocks, not for the upstart network spawned a number of people know, the more commonly used name quality resources are relatively depleted, last year launched a special domain name mobile phone Mobi, once again form a berserk phenomenon, with 3G strategy surfaced. The user of the mobile phone instantly push up the tremendous business opportunities of Mobi international value, represented by the United States domain black market auction price all the way up to the price, read more

Sun Zhenyao inverse growth entrepreneurship is to do a no problem to find the title of the people

Sun Zhenyao

    Sun Zhenyao, who won’t sleep because of work, clearly remembers that he had a sleepless night in September 24, 2012. A few hours later, his start-up company will soon launch educational technology, and he has not yet decided what the company is going to do.

Beijing Hotel VIP Building toast each other but Sun Zhenyao was not happy, can be said to a bad state. A perfect performance from ready – the Sun Zhenyao in years and strictly practice gold seems to be failure, he found himself unable to see ahead. 56 is not a suitable age for failure, and he can not turn back. read more

China domain name and Cn which is more suitable for the development of Chinese e commerce

has recently been fired the Chinese results will raise a Babel of criticism of the domain name, officially opened in July. The number of customer access to Chinese domain names will not be less than the current CN domain name. This is what the Chinese decide for themselves.

China population, import and export trade, although many domestic brands, but also beyond count, in the next few years Chinese brand will be a certain amount of market share, and China domain will have been paid more and more attention. Chinese people are accustomed to using Chinese input method in the English state of the input method, the Chinese domain name will occupy the market in the next few years. It is very likely that Chinese domain names will be widely used in china. Chinese domain name is convenient and effective, saving the search engine to find their own brand. And save the cost of advertising companies. Famous brands in the IE browser direct input will be directly to the site address. So the company brand is very important. read more

n 2015 a large number of micro business secret die also pits than Taobao’s micro business trick

the whole 14 years, the number of derivative light will not hoard goods, micro business sellers? How to do, how many brands will not light investment counseling? How much training will teach method can’t light practice? 2015, micro business really dead? Is more and more difficult to do? I found a lot of methods the former are useless! What should I do?

yesterday, I had a meal with a brand on behalf of the total, chatted about her 14 years of experience. Said he was from the primary agent, do micro marketing to the total generation, resigned from the high salaries of beauty trainers, full-time to do the whole generation. Back to the company introduced the four generation, the company also invested in the speech, but also on the Mister wrote the book. But the crazy down throughout the company, to a monthly income of over one hundred thousand, in addition to several store owner, other people less and less. I can earn thirty thousand or forty thousand a month. This year, the two consecutive month of a product can not move. Not only that, but also their own team. read more