Successful website is to do a good job of user experience

today China network in the IELTS group and many IELTS candidates together to chat, accidentally got a very good news;

said the candidates that they have training courses on the other side of the Guangzhou, the teacher in the class recommended the IELTS China Network!

although it sounds very ordinary, but for me as a complete surprise; the user would like to recommend, it is the user’s trust in you, how to obtain the trust of users, I am here to share a little of my experience, feel good, everyone likes a good, please clap brick; read more

He Xiangu won 22 million 600 thousand A round of financing short video shuffle how to break through

28 in the morning, he Xian uncle officially announced by the Qing branch Ling co fund collar vote, canopy culture fund with investment A round of financing, the amount of investment reached 22 million 600 thousand, the valuation of 100 million.

He Xian uncle is a PGC Internet video content production company, has its main "McDull" woman said "find goof drama" hot focus spoof Tucao brand column. According to founder Liu Fei introduction, he Xian has produced video was above 1000, the whole network platform fans subscriptions for 5 million, the public number of fans produced nearly 700 thousand of the whole network video playback volume reached 3 billion. read more

Yu Minhong if entrepreneurs lack the possibility of failure of these 8 capabilities

Abstract: in Yu Minhong’s new book, I hope you will not lose the dream of youth, Yu Minhong recorded a lot of entrepreneurial sentiment. The following is the combination of Yu Minhong’s own entrepreneurial practice, summed up an entrepreneur to be successful, which should have eight capabilities.

Yu Minhong is a brilliant entrepreneur. He has long been aware of the need to do business with the premise of "faith" to persuade the target users and customers. In his new book, I hope you will not dream of youth, Yu Minhong recorded a lot of entrepreneurial sentiment. The following is the combination of Yu Minhong’s own entrepreneurial practice, summed up an entrepreneur to be successful, which should have eight capabilities. read more

Save the bow family behind the hot network marketing

mobile Internet has become the most popular form of network for the moment, with the popularity of smart mobile phone, subway, bus, street, has been filled with every hour and moment "bow" figure, "bow" has become the most rampant in the mobile Internet Era Group, more and more users become bow family "network" autism "can be seen everywhere, recently, micro-blog and the rise of salvation" bow "hot events, and, with another batch of hot events, network marketing model also changed, the network hot events marketing is filled with all kinds of social marketing based on Web a new way of marketing development. read more

Using the latest creative blog marketing to create 60 million amazing results

blog marketing is a necessary weapon in network marketing! From studios to enterprises, large companies, even listed companies are using blog marketing, blog marketing make naobaijin using the latest blog marketing ideas to create 60 million amazing performance, can be said to be a hero. I do this as a member of the Internet industry, it is necessary, but also very happy to share some of the blog marketing knowledge, first of all, I personally believe that Bo

customer marketing is divided into: read more

Talk about the feelings and experience of mail marketing

email is now one of the most commonly used communication tools of our network, so we can now email application is better to make our network marketing? Here I will talk about my email marketing thinking and experience, and we exchange, a right, but also hope that the friends of criticism.

e-mail and telephone communication tools are not the same, it has its own unique charm. Just as we do with ordinary letters, it has its own characteristics. E-mail is characterized by fast, cheap, convenient, content diversity. This provides us with a good network marketing conditions. read more

QQ marketing how to obtain accurate orientation of users (1)

on the QQ marketing, before already and we share many times, but in the group of friends said, accurate user cannot be found, especially after the change rules of the Tencent, the value of QQ pan friend and QQ envelope is more and more limited, on the contrary, the value of QQ accurate users more and more high, then, and you share a few can quickly find the precise user mode and how to add to the database.

related articles recommend the impact of changes in the rules of the Tencent for Taobao customers (I)   read more

WeChat adds a lot of friends marketing model of the three issues

recently found on the network have been filled with WeChat " " marketing; marketing programs, and even automatic message friends software with people selling WeChat, so I want to write this article, discuss with you these seemingly APP mobile phone marketing method is the fire.

and just recently some students wrote to ask me, ask the content is to use WeChat a lot of add friends marketing benefits, so it is said that in fact many people have this kind of marketing mode for WeChat some consideration, should be said and want to use this way to promote, but also afraid of the effect of marketing mode is not good, or have a negative effect. read more

Website promotion data first finishing more than 3000 of the daily post Forum

day more than 3000 of the amount of post industry forum, this is the second time I entered the 28 task, generally did not stimulate the first period so so, especially since the first week race each other. Seeks the teacher recommends that everyone trying to find their own forum, so communication is not much, but it is the beginning of second weeks analysis of the data. Here I will be two aspects of this task experience:

first of all, how do I find a forum?

1 for the day more than 3000 of the amount of post industry forum, the best course is to start from the navigation website, of course, from which start site navigation is also a problem. I chose hao123, why? As everyone knows, hao123 is generally not easy for others to do navigation, the condition is to station or burning money website. From these two conditions, it is suitable for the. read more

Tear force marketing experts are so play marketing!

in the "Three Kingdoms" has the largest lead aura is undoubtedly the prime minister Zhu Geliang, three, six Qishan, seven escapement Menghuo, East and north to Sun Quan, Cao Cao, received two Sichuan, eight line array. As the period of the Three Kingdoms Shu’s president and CEO, dedication from. (up to)

socia from the contemporary marketing perspective, Zhu Geliang is a master of marketing, but also well versed in the tear forced the essence of marketing. One of the most can show the wit BOY scene there are two talk rapidly, scold dead Wang Lang and lecturefield. So, today to talk about how Zhu Geliang is tearing force opponents – read more

What are the opportunities for the development of the Internet industry today

born, into death, life, in this life we always do something!

entrepreneurs as the planet a very restless group, every day to think about the most, probably in the hopes of a certain day at a certain hour, suddenly broke out, then find the "inspiration" lifetime achievement "business opportunities", but how to find the appropriate opportunities which? Whether the business logic of the most basic

?The so-called "

business" split, help entrepreneurs interpreted as "commercial + opportunity", and "business" is the core of products and services, "opportunity" is hidden in the change, change, in this view, to help entrepreneurs last article "do poineering work when in trouble should do" in a discussion. From concept point of view, in the existing commercial basis, namely the products and services on the basis of how to find the Internet industry opportunities, will depend on the entrepreneurs can capture from the rapid change in the wave of the Internet to the rapidly changing needs of human read more

Core tips for deep interpretation of network marketing capture user trust

network marketing a variety of forms, there are also many operational skills, such as text, press speculation, network video marketing and other forms, is all roads lead to Rome, but if you are not able to grasp the direction of travel, it may be different, not only will let you in marketing on the road lost more not to mention the success of network marketing.

In fact,

in the network marketing many methods, only one direction, that is to get the trust of users, is the so-called all martial arts, but not fast breaking, only in the network marketing mode in numerous users can only do you trust the content of marketing, even if it is successful marketing, but in fact the current a lot of marketing work and not in accordance with the core idea to do, these failures often reflected in the marketing mode of guerrilla marketing false marketing, shot for a place, there is an exaggeration of marketing, let many users to trust, eventually led to the failure of marketing. read more

Shi Yuzhu readme how to spend 1 yuan out of the effect of 38 yuan

naobaijin advertising a year to pay 300 million, finally intermediaries in accordance with the broadcast of the assessment is 3 billion 800 million. The reason why there is such a big gap, is to minimize the cost of the team. Shi Yuzhu is how to do 1 dollars to spend the effect of the Shi Yuzhu in the only public works so far, "Shi Yuzhu readme: my marketing experience," in which he revealed his experience in the experience of the 38 – year – old in.

1, the lifeblood of China’s enterprises in advertising read more

On the influence of socialization wave on network marketing and Its Countermeasures

1), "social marketing" or "social media marketing", equal to "network marketing"


"socialization" seems to be a very popular, very fashionable word, through the search engine results can be seen in general: Baidu about 55 million, Google. The expansion of the word are: social networking, social marketing, social media, social media marketing, and even social electricity providers and so on (this article does not discuss the concept, not strictly distinguish). read more

Talk about the secret of low cost marketing from Google failure

today, a friend in the xue24 management question asked is concerned about a friend’s website, how to make more partners to cooperate with you.

is like a lot of small and medium enterprises website, although I also faced the same problem: how to promote your products in almost no what input conditions.

there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but we can really use a very low cost to promote our products and persuade potential partners to cooperate with you.

the low cost secret is to let your users to help you promote. read more

Network marketing QQ group promotion analysis

The development of

e-commerce has led to the rapid commercialization of many industries. Now no one enterprise will not know the concept of e-commerce.

is different from the traditional offline sales, e-commerce is mainly based on network marketing. However, the concept of emerging network marketing is very vague. Now the main mode of network marketing is QQ group marketing, QQ group is also promotion. In the end what is QQ group promotion, how to do QQ group promotion?

so-called QQ promotion is the use of QQ group such a variety of Internet users in the group to spread their information, advertising, so that their own information advertising can bring the greatest role or purpose. read more

Good business from the media to pull, to cool, to moe

[Abstract] companies believe that good content will lead to the spread of the audience, with the help of social networks, you can play a small investment in the promotion of a large effect. However, what is called good content, in itself, it is quite a headache. The author will be the three characteristics of the corporate media should be called cool cool Meng meng".

enterprises to do the media, nothing more than to content marketing, these four words is a very hot topic in the field of marketing today. In the true sense of the media have debated whether "content is king" or "channel is king", enterprise media, it is inevitable that "content is king". The reason is very simple, the enterprise to do the media, was the cost center, did not expect a profit. read more

How to do web site promotion.

the day before yesterday, I knew the answer in Baidu. A friend will not do ask a novice how to do the problem. I gave him the answer very carefully, from the domain name space to the choice of CMS to promote the site said. On the second day he added my QQ, said his current situation and want to send: want to do a city trading website. Do not understand technology, the most simple Html do not understand. Contacts is very good, he has extended to the All the world knows. in a year under.

I told him some of my thoughts: read more

Advantage of using wiki platform to promote

, the full name of the strong participation, involving a wide range of users to browse the search for high probability.

two, the major search engines in the high weight, easy to be included.

this is a lot of webmasters in the use of Baidu encyclopedia and other wiki site edit entries as an effective promotion, but usually the threshold is high, the audit is not easy to pass.

general wiki website also has its center, focused on the content and knowledge on the one hand, to attract a large number of users to participate in editing, such as finance and Wiki, head of Wiki wiki names and so on, so the choice of webmaster promotion has different emphases. read more

Fashion women’s website Nasty Gal re $40 million financing

Coco Chanel (coco · Chanel) has said that in order to make their own can not be replaced, one must always be different. Perhaps it is based on this idea, the fashion industry has today’s Chanel brand. Similar to the concept of women’s electricity supplier website Nasty Gal inheritance, but also to the rapid development of the site.

site name comes from Betty Davis’s album with the same title song "Nasty Gal". Betty Davis in the wild and sexy feminist style, is regarded as a "bad woman". Electricity supplier website Nasty Gal also want to express their position, that is, badass and unapologetically sexy". read more