Hunan Mayang orange farmers harvest new year sales

with the continuous progress of the times, the modern farmers to change the past ideas, not only to grow crops, but also to grow some valuable things! "A red, Jin Jin honey and other high-quality varieties, this year will be sold in the orange tree!" The arrival of the Spring Festival, in the village of Hunan Mayang yellow Shuangchong rock door town, farmers Tan Xiangpin stood in their candy orange base were removed before looking at the fruit of Bingtang orange tree, full of confidence for the coming year sales booming, "as long as there is quality, not to worry about sales and prices." read more

Shen Xiaofu rice vermicelli

now noodle snacks throughout the country, don’t look at the ordinary, but the development is carried out in silence, in the fierce market competition in the noodle snacks, has experienced continuous improvement upgrading of products, and finally in the snack sector foothold. The updated products are increasingly able to withstand the test of the market, including the shortage of Shen Xiaofu Sichuan nanowires.

Shen Xiaofu rice line for many years to spare no effort for people to create a rich nutrition of rice noodles, and loved by consumers around the world, not just limited to people who want to understand the food culture". read more

The little girl with her own hands to create wealth

China has a lot of culture, including a lot of handmade works. Speaking of paper-cut, many people are not unfamiliar, it passes China history, is a kind of folk art, high cultural value, there is a 90 girl with their own hands to create wealth, people dug the first pot of gold, below to understand how she is successful.

Magnetic paper-cut

in Hangzhou Normal University in the business park, born in 1990, Jincheng girl Prince month enthusiastically to reporters from her magnetic paper-cut. "Magnetic paper-cut is a creative industry, anything can be done with paper cutting, it is to promote their own, their own innovation, and in the hands of great fun. Simple operation, anyone can easily learn. The utility model has the advantages of low cost, convenient use and collection, and can be used for household decoration, gift giving and advertising promotion…… Whether it is a festival, tourist souvenirs, art collections, and so on, have great market prospects." read more

1000 projects to invest in what to make money

      1000 projects to invest in what to make money? Many investors have 1000 pieces of investment will not yield, low investment and high return must not think, today Xiaobian to introduce you to a low investment high return investment to join the brand, with barbecue, Guan Dongzhu, Malatang, Teppanyaki, crispy fried, boiled and other three thousand functions of happy Pu multi snack car.

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Do business with joint sales

want to sell more goods, sales work done more in place, naturally also need to master a certain business skills. For small series, the joint sales is undoubtedly a very good sales skills, can become more retail households have mastered the skills, so as to help retailers to create a higher product sales.

in my opinion, the joint sales not blindly around the customer, has no purpose to persuade others to buy this buy that, but to the depth of mining potential customer demand, how to find between goods and goods associated with the place, then let the customer to recommend, do not intend to buy things, also with joy to buy packaged together. read more

How to open a home accessories store

now the domestic Home Furnishing industry comprehensive development, at the same time, every year people are constantly for Home Furnishing product demand, there are a lot of people want to buy some good Home Furnishing products, open Home Furnishing jewelry store is very popular.

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Cigarette sales how to use cultural Dongfeng

although the shop wants to shop products have greater sales, but in the actual operation of the process, due to the impact of the environment, many shops business is not ideal. In the current environment, cigarette sales has been some impact, although the customer manager resorted to exhaust all the skills or some far.

after some effort, the total feeling of inadequacy, for these cases, the client manager should actively tap the cigarette itself contains deep cultural heritage, so that we can set off a new upsurge. Because each cigarette has a certain cultural background, if these background into them, then you will make the sales into the endless power, then let lingshouhu jiedongfeng opportunely. read more

Entrepreneurs need to what things

entrepreneurship for modern people, many people are easy to ignore some of the things behind it, like a person’s spiritual pillar, we do not support points, how to build the building after it? Therefore, there are still some things that we need to entrepreneurs.

entrepreneurs to some things:

first from their own familiar with the industry to start.

This is one of the

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Daniel also need to forgive

in our life can often see such a kind of people, even when it is not say a word, since that is wrong. But once, really is implacable. If the business is such an attitude, no doubt feasible. In fact, if the shop to do business, even more has also need to forgive, this can only help business.

in the evening, the store came to a customer to buy a flashlight, I asked her to recommend a new rechargeable flashlight, and introduces the rechargeable flashlight than traditional battery flashlight high brightness, and convenient, with the customer’s consent, I open the package to give her a demonstration, found no problem, the customer is very satisfied bought. read more

Chengdu to host the 2015 women’s entrepreneurship competition center of the future,

in the promotion of management activities, more and more women entrepreneurship model emerged, at least half of the women considered entrepreneurial career. Chengdu for the country to recruit female tourists, and give full support for the creation of female passengers half the sky.

11 on Sept. 20, 2015 women in Chengdu Zhimei entrepreneurship competition launched in Chengdu City Center for the future, the contest was held in response to the Chengdu municipal government "hit" call national entrepreneurship competition, to start the ceremony, from a total of 22 female contestants representing the high yen value appeared for the first time, also opened a high reward "female hit off the suspense. read more

Entrepreneurs need to pay attention to what else trap

venture from scratch is a very difficult thing, some people take the form of a whole Pandian took over the store, can greatly reduce shop preparations. But hide a lot of subtle traps in this one, the harm of entrepreneurs. The following traps require extra attention.

may transfer to some real excuse to explain the reasons for the transfer of stores, such as physical discomfort, such as moving, immigrant rhetoric. So, in the count time, you must carefully scrutinize whether there are any other business reasons. Want to sell up to many people from the industry of careful analysis. read more

Small figurines ice painting merchants brand strength

crystal painting, in our daily life, has always been a very powerful brand to join the project selection. How small clay ice painting? Quality projects, the best choice for worry free business. Now a small clay ice painting investment is in progress, want to join friends to seize the!

joined the figurines ice painting?

The advantages of

technology investment company figurines ice painting is obvious, so the products produced more satisfactory quality, so that consumers love endless. The headquarters constantly develop new technology, let you later upgrade, some new high-tech glass figurines ice painting introduction, using special process production methods, production of products to meet the market. Small clay ice painting can make a piece of glass to achieve the myriads of changes effect, through high-tech processing, worth double, from tens of dollars per square meter cost can be sold to hundreds of yuan. Figurines ice painting finished Ambilight, magnificent changes, magnificent, in different poses and with different expressions, with Oriental delicate, transparent, delicate, is a unique combination of emotion and art. read more

Qingdao Women’s business alliance hold up half the sky, the field of entrepreneurship

cloud, nei. The establishment of the Qingdao women’s League hit off many local women entrepreneurs, mutual cooperation, business scope covers all walks of life, hold up half the sky of Qingdao in the field of entrepreneurship.

10 7 days early in the morning, travel to Qingdao Urumqi City, Mr. Cui attracted into a ball of Qingdao Tonghai products professional cooperatives, purchasing dozens of boxes of Laoshan specialty "sea jelly", back to Xinjiang to send friends and relatives. read more

Jiaduobao and Wang Laoji’s red tank battle to bring entrepreneurs what enlightenment

summer, people have to drink herbal tea, and many herbal tea beverage brands, Wang Laoji’s most powerful brand influence. While jiaduobao and Wang Laoji’s PK race, up to the lawsuit situation, entrepreneurs from the brand battle to get what inspiration?

12 19, jiaduobao, Wang Laoji’s red cans packaging decoration right of litigation case in the Guangdong high court verdicts. Guangdong jiaduobao food limited company was sentenced to infringement, immediately stop production and sales of red tank Wong Lo Kat herbal tea packaging similar or identical packaging products; gphl compensation 150 million yuan and 26 yuan rights fee. read more

Wang Laoji won the first trial jiaduobao was sentenced to pay more than 10 million

in China, there are two brands of herbal tea that is known to every family, jiaduobao and Wang Laoji. Wang Laoji and renamed JDB advertisement dispute case, in turmoil after 1 years, the 20 day morning in Guangzhou City Intermediate People’s court verdicts, jiaduobao was sentenced to pay more than 10 million yuan, Wang Laoji court said after winning a fair trial; JDB group chairman office director Feng Zhimin said it is difficult to accept, has launched the appeal procedure.

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White money case of success

now in the society, there are a lot of people at the same time advocate start empty-handed entrepreneurial approach, there are also many different start empty-handed entrepreneurs, it has become a way of many young people to entrepreneurship, so what are the specific white money case.

1, copying other people’s projects to make money.

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Start on the road eventually defeated the net sale of soil egg thirty thousand or forty thousand mon

aimed at the excellent prospects of online entrepreneurship, he wants to gain a considerable career in the electricity supplier era. But the 3 venture failed for the 2 time, but he was more and more brave, and finally sold the eggs on the Internet, this time a lot of money, and finally succeeded in making money.

development community consumption

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Shopkeepers should be grateful for the advice of their customers

customers in the consumer time according to their own experience and put forward some suggestions, some shopkeepers attitude is very good, to thank customers, and some customers think the shopkeeper is in trouble". In short, the attitude of the owners are different, will be able to determine the location of the store in the hearts of customers. And if the customer made a very useful information, the owner did not adopt, for the latter part of the store will naturally adverse. Therefore, regardless of whether the customer’s proposal is pertinent, as the owner, naturally should be grateful. read more