How to operate a valuable website to promote the promotion of industry website

with the change of the network environment, the content of our webmaster is also changing. Baidu refused to cooperate with small and medium navigation stations, Google’s ADS also do not know how long to support the operation of a truly valuable site, has become our common research topics. Today, my mobile phone industry website: Kyrgyzstan’s operation promotion process, no reservations about my experience, hope to learn A5 friends can learn from experience, a nutrient from it, make your love stand to thrive. read more

2008 County portal website promotion suggestions


website launched soon, have high visibility, and become a brand, is a lot of city website to achieve, launched a high visibility is not realistic, but in a period of time, this may not necessarily very difficult to achieve, but do not need too much money don’t forget your investment, as the city site, you also have a lot of available resources, such as advertising, website system etc..

anxious or wait for is of no use, according to the scientific method realized step by step. read more

The F framework of FSGP enterprise marketing and entertainment framework of — Fight


in recent months has been studying how micro-blog marketing enterprises, the author once in the A5 Adsense nets published an article "to create a massive customer e-business strategy", this article has also received a lot of attention, webmaster reprint, sharing the end mentioned in the article: the beginning of enterprise electronic commerce is the micro-blog marketing strategy, Sina entertainment enterprises, thus creating a lot of fans attention, finally create traffic! So how to put enterprise micro-blog entertainment marketing? The author through study and practice recently summed up a set of micro-blog FSGP business entertainment marketing framework, the so-called FSGP enterprise micro-blog entertainment marketing framework includes four core elements: 1, F, Fight, S, Secret, the 2 quarrel; inside, 3, G; Game, P, Public, 4; intellectuals, male Know. read more

How to quickly increase the site chain

you know the site outside the chain, its importance is self-evident, this paper mainly introduces several ways of the rapid increase of the website chain, inappropriate please exhibitions, you are in the dark.

a, links, to find a few similar web site, contact the webmaster, do links.

two, add links in the reply and comment, do not send links can not be directly click, no effect.

three, write soft, for example, in the webmaster nets to write a few articles have the connotation of the article, if reproduced, the chain is a lot of. read more

5.12 earthquake anniversary of how clever marketing events

to 5.12, the Wenchuan earthquake anniversary of the year three. I believe that all the people still can not forget the grief, three years later, when the situation is still difficult to erase from our minds, once again, will still resonate with the soul and shock. Today, when I browse the news on the Internet, I saw a lot of Commemorative Plate 5.12, the contents of the plate news, pictures, event announcements, etc.. I believe that, with the help of this event, clever marketing, website promotion is a good way. read more

What are the detailed steps to open the shop Teach you the phone Taobao shop registration steps


mobile phone application updates in the future, and now we can easily set up on the phone Taobao shop, and how to operate it in detail, we look forward to the speed of my experience.

first, please put your phone on the Taobao client software updated to the latest version, and then log on their Taobao account, enter the Taobao application main interface. After logging on to the Taobao client application, click on the "my Taobao" menu, and then click on the "I’m seller" menu item read more

After the buyer was forced to refund the payment of alleged fraud Taobao

was forced to refund after payment of alleged fraud Taobao

buyers 50 percent off after the payment of a full refund of the purchase, Taobao said, may be a business reply is wrong, said the lawyer is a unilateral breach of business

newspaper news (reporter Shi Minglei) "November 11, 2011", this is known as the "century day" day, Taobao Mall (micro-blog) launched the "double 11 online shopping carnival".

yesterday, Mr Zhu found a number of buyers, 50 percent off of the payment of goods bought by businesses are the activities, "the seller has not received the goods delivery, the buyer cancel orders," in fact I didn’t receive the goods." Zhu believes that Taobao and businesses are fraudulent consumers. read more

To explore the development of the domestic electronic commerce company into a lighter weight, (two)

in the last article, [don’t make money selling ten billion explore business development of domestic electronic (a)] I talked about the rapid rise of an e-commerce company, annual sales reached 10 billion by financing, but the user share only in the competition has always insisted on the low-cost strategy, even if the annual sales reached 10 billion. Do not make money.

support in the capital, Jingdong mall with low-cost strategy to seize the market, quickly bigger, boarded the first B2C e-commerce market share of the throne. However, the market is a battlefield, Jingdong mall gained lots of applause, also attracted more pursuers look at fiercely as a tiger does footsteps, CEO Liu Qiangdong is on pins and needles, wary of any potential crisis, because a little inattentive, finally lay the foundation may fall apart. Recently Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong recently flew around Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shanghai, Chengdu…… In these places, Liu Qiangdong basically in the work of one thing: to buy land, build a house. read more

Haier mall was awarded the best logistics services provider

May 16th, Haier mall in the "financial network users favorite enterprises voted" won the best logistics service providers "title. The event organized by the financial network, which lasted 23 days, to pay attention to the consumer experience, from the user’s perspective, take the network voting, in three categories of 6 categories in the selection, a total of 13 international brands, well-known brand Chinese 11 win. Haier mall together with Microsoft and Lenovo jointly won the 3C appliance category. The industry believes that, from a macro point of view, the results and the status quo of China’s economic development, and China’s high-end consumer groups in the consumption situation is highly consistent. read more

Jingdong rural electricity supplier giant started the battle for the countryside

every reporter Xie Zhenyu river but from Sichuan Renshou, Chengdu

and to a year of "Shiranuhi" (commonly known as "ugly orange") listed season, red bayberry looks a bit worried. As one of the people in Sichuan County, Renshou County, one of the people do not know the fire cooperatives, she would like to know, how to find a better market for the fruit to be listed in the market in Meishan.

December 21st, the Jingdong group and Sichuan the county government "to carry out rural e-commerce cooperation signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the county became the first pilot county countryside village Jingdong signed the" spark pilot ". read more

One should be happy and healthy counterparts Wangzhuan

see Wangzhuan and persistence, and years as the theme of the article today in several Wangzhuan forum, my heart is still relatively heavy. I don’t know is do Wangzhuan brothers, is everything all right now? But I know the webmaster brothers, very hard, very very house, they stick to their dreams, perennial and computer, and the website and give up the rest time, give up recreational opportunities, diligently not tired, round the clock work in in front of the screen, with their the hardships, in exchange for a fluctuated income suddenly appear and disappear. read more

Ali and Suning to become a high-profile crackdown busy melee hero

Slobber war

Ali and the State Administration for Industry and commerce department supervisor does not seem to stop signs. Because the administration of industry and commerce administrative guidance a piece of white paper, Ali opened about 60000000000 yuan market value evaporated, did not give a statement, Ali will not give up, in fact, the event continues to ferment. At the same time, on the other side of Suning some sit still, today suddenly take the initiative to stand up to participate in the event. read more

97 Amoy brand trademark was registered online trademark disputes become the hardest hit

in extensive network Beijing on April 16th news (reporter Zhuang Shengchun) according to the Chinese voice of "news" reported that Jeremy Lin was "taken from the influential man", to the basketball star Jordan and Chinese company name to protracted lawsuit, apple Proview dispute trademark war already is not what happens. But if you think of cybersquatting occurs only in which big brands and big star, it is wrong. Recently, many seemingly unknown online brand, especially Taobao mall Amoy brand, has become the target of cybersquatting mechanism. read more

The insurance industry to seek greater development embarked on the electricity supplier is inevitabl

According to

news we know that in two, the development of insurance strategy will, at this meeting, China Insurance Regulatory Commission officials, corporate executives and experts and scholars gathered about the insurance industry, the road of change, deep bottom. When we ordinary people’s mind to stay in the insurance an insurance salesman, a home to sell insurance and in the insurance company, selling insurance service does not stop talking on the phone and asked the insured person, whether there is renewal when the insurance has been with the pace with the times, had entered the Internet marketing. So in the insurance industry, why the electricity supplier as their core channel? read more

Foshan hundred enterprises Chinese domain name was registered

– all kinds of enterprises currently Foshan business sector registered a total of 30 million, the real registered enterprise own domain name does not exceed 1 000

– including CHIGO, Kelon, Jianlibao, Macro, Lining and other dozens of well-known enterprises, have been other companies or individuals to register

– experts predict: "Chinese. China" domain name after the official opening, packaged application or variable single application, the application fee or change read more

Jingdong 618 breakthrough turnover of 1 billion refresh record

vigorous electricity supplier 618 days to promote the past, if the double is Tmall to create a shopping spree for consumers, then the 618 is the electricity supplier for Jingdong’s birthday and prepare an electricity supplier party. This year, the 618 electricity supplier dispute has exceeded the intensity of last year’s Tmall double shopping Carnival of eleven. Last year, eleven pairs of Tmall is basically a busy, consumers simply buy the target goods on Tmall. The 618 year is the fierce collision between Jingdong, Tesco, Cuba and Tmall, consumers need to compare prices in different electricity supplier website, which allow consumers too busy. read more

E-commerce platform should pay more attention to the customer’s user

is for commercial applications of e-commerce and Internet marketing popularization, the development of domestic and international e-commerce at the speed of seventy percent per year growth, so the commercial form of e-commerce is not the problem of restructuring, but immediately turn and how to turn the problem.

A phenomenon resulting from the

is, a lot of e-commerce platform, such as industry B2B e-commerce platform, B2B platform vertical e-commerce platform, C2C e-commerce platform, B2B2C e-commerce platform, is fast, and quickly occupied the regional market and industry market segments. read more

2010 China’s four major e-commerce inventory

the past 2010, e-commerce is fast for a year.

whether it is self-contained, very influential B2C mode B2B mode, or C2C mode gradually, electronic payment has a huge space for development, e-commerce market in 2010 is a highlight of the economic development of the market! Summary electronic commerce this year is a year of rapid development, opportunities and challenges of the year, have milepost significance of the year


check 2010, outlook 2011! Hope e-commerce development momentum in 2011 still could become 2011 stride forward singing militant songs, but the protagonist, or otherwise force out, let’s wait and see who will be the 2011 leading Internet read more

Baidu recapture the Japanese domain name

daily news (reporter Luo Tian) reporter learned yesterday from Baidu, Baidu Japan Branch officially opened the domain name. In order to recapture the domain name was registered, Baidu hit nearly half a year in Japan.

last year, Baidu in Japan, but then found that domain name has been registered, so Baidu had the second best, domain enabled, which is how much influence the promotion of Baidu in japan. domain name of the original holders of CBC Corporation, is a Chinese businessman opened in Hongkong. Mainly engaged in food and beverage business. Baidu in December 2006 to appoint agents and the company to discuss the transfer of domain names. But because the price is too high, the final part. Soon, Baidu Japan filed a domain name objection to the arbitration body of japan. Since then, the arbitration institutions that CBC Corporation’s behavior is registered, and the domain name to Baidu. The parties refused to accept the prosecution to the court, after a lengthy litigation, Baidu Japan finally in July 10th this year, the official access to the domain name ownership, and officially opened yesterday. This will have a positive impact on the promotion of Baidu in the Japanese market. read more

Rising electricity supplier Ali entertainment transformation, metrich runaway in bid!

Ali recently shot frequently. For his years of painstaking efforts of the electricity supplier industry, Ali had to finally come to the road of reform. As a leading provider of electricity providers, Ali’s long-term goal, turned out to be the electricity supplier to become the integration of the Internet industry chain. Here, Ali realized that the expansion of the size of the market, the key point is that the magnitude of the merchandise discount, as well as the degree of pleasure in the consumer shopping process, the integration of the industry chain, it is to enhance these two points. read more