Improve the precision marketing strategies to understand three things

The lowest

what kind of marketing cost, precision marketing is clearly the first, the core of precision marketing is to watch the needs of the user, and then provide products and services, through the targeted marketing, can achieve a better flow conversion rate, this is better than the kind of precision marketing marketing wide net type A lot, but before the advent of the Internet, it is very difficult to achieve precision marketing, and with the wide application of the community as well as WeChat and other instant messaging tools, the precision marketing has been very good use. read more

Promotion forum to enhance user registration series (four)

introduced in front of the QQ space marketing methods, today mainly introduces QQ mail marketing. In my forum, there is no user to register when QQ e-mail marketing to the forum to import a lot of traffic, after statistics from the user to reach more than half of the message. No doubt there are two benefits: enhance the registered users and guide traffic to promote rankings. E-mail marketing how to do it?

first, the user needs to send content

look at all of the mail marketing, 99% are to promote the user to buy a certain product, or boast that their good. The language not only exaggerated and strange symbols, see it is very minor, some do very delicate mail content, but if I don’t need your product, this email is not helpful to me. What we need to do? We have only one purpose is to enter the user through the mail to our website, do not need to buy the product, I do not say how many cattle forum. I just sent him a very good article, it is estimated that he has a lot of help to raise sheep. Users receive such an e-mail he would not read it? Read it does not click on your link, so that the mail users will not curse you say that advertising. read more

Analysis of several business models of network marketing

now many business owners want to do e-commerce, but the effect is not very ideal, not a bad product, not the price is not good, not bad, not the site traffic is not good, but the business model is not very good. In fact, whether large companies or small companies are inseparable from the following 3 models, in fact, network marketing can be divided into three stages:

the first phase of the customer model


client mode belongs to the network marketing mode is the most basic, all around the development of customers, is the fishing pond model; client mode around customer data to establish their own marketing system; 99% enterprises are client mode. Disadvantages: long, hard climb. read more

In the end who is defeated Taobao WeChat H5 successfully decrypt Shuabing

recently, a mysterious but very "Warlords" H5, the success of the mass scraper circle of friends. H5 demonstrated a can suppress Taobao, Baidu, Jingdong and other mobile terminal software, and the success of the monopoly of the mass mobile phone APP, the H5 actually have what kind of history and background?

recently, many buddy WeChat friends are a magical H5 Shuabing, H5 shows a Taobao, Baidu, Jingdong can suppress various mobile phone terminal software, and successfully exclusively public mobile phone APP. What is the H5 to do? This APP with what can be removed from the other? This is what the situation? Hello odd read more

User experience is the trend of future development

Hello, again in A5, the following entry topic, I think the development of the website is a problem every webmaster is concerned, so my remarks here today and we explore the development tendency of a website, what is wrong or the wrong place, welcome everyone to come together to discuss common

progress!Great changes in development of

network in twenty-first Century, in my opinion, with the basic search engine more and more to the human nature of the now popular network, a user experience noun, believes that many webmaster are not unfamiliar. User experience is also a recent search cited cited a way to give weight to the site, I think this is also a good indicator of the future search cited to give the site a good ranking. With the popularity of Internet users to a web site, an important weight ranking scheme for users is a very good decision, of course, this plan will bring a lot of garbage collection station, station of devastating disasters, this again I will not say more. The prevalence of the Internet era, after all, the Internet is the name of the purpose of serving the Internet users and the prevalence of the future development of the site must be closely linked with the user. read more

Many Baidu agents require employees to uninstall 360 software


technology news August 30th morning news, is "3B" search war scorched, many Baidu agents released internal notification, called the information security company, the staff is forbidden to use the 360 software.

Pan Asia information technology Jiangsu Co. Ltd. is the Baidu in the Jiangsu area of the strategic partnership, founded in May 2007, the registered capital of 20 million yuan, the existing staff of more than 1000 people. Yesterday afternoon, Pan Asian employees full uninstall 360 security guards, 360 security browser software, disable all 360 related products during the work. read more

The case of thirteen cases of public offering of pornographic websites were prosecuted

November 9th, Henan County Procuratorate on suspicion of the crime of spreading pornographic products Feng Yanchao, Party crystal and other 13 people filed a public prosecution, and so on.

in the summer of 2008, Feng Yanchao found "brother" (in 2002 to settle abroad, is now the USA) founder of pornographic websites "Forbidden City" the disadvantageous situation, with "brother", the proposal will be to conduct a comprehensive revision, website integration, "the Forbidden City" revision "M+M Apartman Hotel", thus to improve website popularity, reap illegal profits. "Brother" agreed, Feng Yanchao then contacted the party together to create crystal et al "M+M Apartman Hotel" website. read more

Personal website should have brand awareness

      in the third session of Chinese webmaster General Assembly held this year and the 2007 China webmaster forum, deputy director Chinese Internet association Gao Xinmin said, as of 2006, the number of domestic personal website has reached 240 thousand. He also said that the size of the domestic website is expected to reach 420 thousand in 2009, the number of individual sites accounted for the total number of sites 1/4. From the 2002 large-scale rise of personal websites to the present, in the field of personal web site emerged as part of the success of the typical. But, then again, from the absolute number of website said the real success of the personal website or pathetic. Why many personal websites are not successful? In addition to part of the personal website is out of personal preference, but never thought of making money, there may be a large part of the personal website are hoping to find the hope of making money from the network. read more

MACD financial network on 1030 emergency notice

MACD financial network emergency notification

– – – about MACD financial network 1030 incident emergency notice

event profile:

event schedule:

2008.10.30 19:30 suspect forged documents, access to domain name control

2008.10.31 10:00 MACD was informed immediately submitted to the original complaint to the


2008.11.01 19:00 suspects two transfer domain ownership, in order to avoid accountability

2008.11.01 19:00 to modify the domain name, the domain name


MACD suspects forged official documents control by defrauding million net domain name, in November 1, 2008 will be crazy all of MACD’s domain to suspect illegal fraud sites, and that MACD is no longer used the original domain name, the modus operandi is extremely despicable. read more

U.S. famous venture capital said Twitter should be listed immediately

Beijing time on February 5th morning news, according to foreign media reports, the Us Venture Capital Firm Biltmore Ventures, general manager of the "Wall Street show" (Wallstrip) founder Howard · (Howard Lindzon); Lin Deese Wednesday said in his blog, micro blog website is currently Twitter IPO (hereinafter referred to as "IPO") the right time.

Lin Deze said, whether the profit is not important, is the perfect time to choose Twitter IPO. IPO status quo is: the larger the scale, the more likely to fail, and the current size of Twitter is suitable for IPO. read more

From the Sichuan Forum Network Alliance promotion case practice of community development

    promotion forum is the most difficult, because he wants is not the flow but the user, especially important is often to post active users. Let a person who has never been to your forum like your forum, especially a new forum, can be said to change his internet habits, and change a person’s habits is the most difficult. The Internet has changed people’s habit of getting news, so the Internet is driving the changes of the times. Of course, from the user’s favorites add a web site does not have epoch-making significance, just to show that the Forum promotion difficult. read more

Venture 48 companies do not fly the characteristics of your gun


CEO has its own problems, pass the buck to the team and the external environment, home products, they won’t be open every day with the family on their own are not good boss, no matter now is good for you,

away from him!

CEO body problems

1 CEO awareness and understanding of the industry, not much higher than the industry’s general practitioners

2 CEO own problems, but shirk responsibility to the team and external environment

3 CEO is not involved in the product review meeting read more

If you really want to know why a large number of venture capital valuation down, see this article is

recently, whether online or offline, IT company’s share price plummeted phenomenon in discussion can be heard without end. In fact, it is a very difficult thing to determine the exact value of a company, it requires you to the company’s future growth, competition and the final realization of whether there is a certain profit.

last quarter, venture capital circles in two major events. The first thing is, such as LinkedIn and Twitter and the world famous IT company shares suffered heavy losses; the other one is the well-known investment institutions, but also Snapchat investors Fidelity Investments (Fidelity) significantly reduced the investment of the company’s valuation. read more

Is it reliable startup offer

as an ordinary employee, when you join a company, will first consider the "money", "working overtime", "good boss" and so on these small but complete.

but if you join a startup, you may want to consider other issues in addition to all of the above issues to make the final decision.

because startups fast-paced, more tasks, fewer teams, but it will be very interesting to join such a team, it is possible that those who work overtime problem is not necessary. You need to look at a startup from another angle. read more

Layoff! Layoff! Entrepreneurs in the 2016 winter battle royale


36 krypton

editor’s note: in the last year of the capital of the cold winter, and now even the slowest people feel the winter has come to. But this should not only be talked about in a variety of chiefs, the speech was talked about. Over the past year, tens of thousands of start-up companies, as well as a larger number of start-up companies, employees have been forced to experience a life as the theme of layoffs. These experiences deserve to be recorded.

capital has its own cycle, the market will always pick up. But each of the entrepreneurs with the ebb and flow of experience, thinking and painful story, will be in the next longer period of time to be remembered. read more

Comments on the official announcement of the insurance network research forum management

was invited to comment on the insurance network, the author is an insurance layman, on the other shortcut to comment on the insurance network through the official announcement of the insurance network.

work plan:

[announcement] insurance network 2008 4, summary of the work and objectives and plans for the year June 2008

[announcement] insurance network June 2008 summary of work and objectives and plans for July

comments: performance management sections, planning, execution, evaluation and feedback _, a team of 3 people so norms. read more

Feelings or emotions play smashed Luo Yonghao

yesterday, Wang Ziru and Luo Yonghao on schedule to complete the war, Youku Video due to the wrong estimate bandwidth resource server was paralyzed, the process of war Tucao users constantly. Luo Yonghao and hammer never short Tucao, but that debate from the beginning Yuezhan seems to have decided. Whether the product is good or not, and whether the evaluation is objective or not, it depends on the individual’s argument, logic and contingency ability. Can say, English teacher Luo Yonghao Tailisuo the tongue. read more

Post forum cited flow case documentary

this time to introduce me to the WeChat case, is from Post Bar lead free traffic, selling DVD video tutorial (video tutorial) case, the first month profit of 2500, when the first second months are big, because speech accidentally deleted the post report. Later, it will no longer be used to paste it, instead of the forum, the first month after the test will be stopped, because only earn 1500+, earn less patience, but also just to verify the idea.

so now I want to publish the method at the time, hoping to bring some ideas inspired. read more

Decrypt Internet traffic business essence

for a long time did not write to write, for their various excuses, in fact, is inert nurturance, found older, execution is getting worse and worse, consider doing the management operating on the tall, not to ignore the implementation level of things, as long as the nuclear test to evaluate subordinates’ work outcomes can be however, sometimes backfire, details of negligence of the whole product, the project seriously discounted, harking back to a midnight idea to write a document, draw the prototype, the execution of the bursting, to knock the alarm, change. read more

Analysis on the brand building and brand building

there is an old saying: the first-class enterprise sells brand, second rate companies to sell products, the flow of the three companies selling price. The market competition is intense, the product is more and more convergent, the brand construction has been raised to the unprecedented important position by everybody. The same is true of the site, brand building can not be ignored. We have to do is to set up 99 car brand in three years time, talent shows itself from many automotive industry portal. read more