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Stone slope street to the community to send an invitation to children summer vacation to the commun

July 14th, deputy director of the provincial capital Shi Po Street Community Neighborhood Committee Li Cungui issued an invitation to the kids: in order to enrich the teenagers summer activities, door street committee will jointly relevant departments, organized youth summer activities door street area. Let the children make full use of the summer into the community, family, exercise capacity.

activity: "resource saving, waste collection and works of" Youth Calligraphy, Handmade exhibition. read more

Xining industrial and Commercial Public Security jointly launched a ban on illegal pyramid schemes

Qinghai news network to sell cosmetics in the name of the "pull the head" way to pay illegal pyramid schemes in Xining resurgence. March 5th, Xining industrial and commercial personnel and police joint attack, banned a pyramid scheme.

on the same day, according to reports from the clues, even bargain, Industrial and Commercial Bureau West Branch of Xining city in the West Main Street business by law enforcement officers and the Yellow River Road police station joint attack, to hide in the West District No. 4 Xinhua Lane Building 4 Room 601 units, by the Anhui membership staff Zhao engaged in illegal pyramid selling places in a responsible, will be dealt with according to law ban. read more

Three dimensional Xining ready

What’s the panorama of Xining? In addition to the map and sand table, the future can also be used in digital planning management platform in the computer to see three-dimensional, three-dimensional Xining. August 7th, the reporter learned that, after the investment of 4 million yuan, Xining digital planning management platform has been initially completed, began trial run. Xining digital planning management platform is divided into three phases, the administrative documents, project approval, the digital city of three parts. After the completion of the platform will be on the city planning and construction and construction of various types of dynamic information at any time to monitor and collect, for the preparation of planning, implementation planning, illegal acts to provide fast service. Xining city has commissioned a professional company in Beijing city to carry out 3D virtual simulation system of production work, and complete the construction of the Xining Railway Station square, city digital information platform area north of the central square, sunning Plaza, founding business district etc.. In the future, through this virtual reality aided decision information system, only a few minutes, you can visit the panoramic view of Xining and the streets. At present, the fine management of digital planning platform has been completed, the end of the year will start two.   read more

nvest in a lot of advantages

today, entrepreneurs have the characteristics of delicious loved so, along with the people on the row cup recognition, now everyone for Shakespeare Inn House steak cup favored in Shakespeare, Yin Wu steak cup stores, consumers can taste the delicious steak special cup, many entrepreneurs are aimed at the Shakespeare Inn House steak cup franchise opportunities now the market is very broad cup of steak.

point on a cup of steak, the boss said too many people to wait 3 minutes, we first look at the store. The service is good and the health is good. Attendants are wearing uniform clothing, the table did not see a lot of food eaten, here to listen to the waiter said, here the flow of people, the cup can be packed away to eat steak, so many diners choose to go. Not only can you enjoy the food while shopping, watching movies. read more

Do you know where to open the bathroom shop location in general

with people’s living standard and consumption ability gradually improved, many people love to shop and enjoy the luxury of sanitary treatment, if you want to open this store, then the store location is generally in the bathroom? For the site store is the success of the first step of success is a very important step, about today the location of small open bathroom store for you to analyze, to see where the most appropriate


different regions have different characteristics of shops, bustling business district and street shops, but the high cost of rent. Densely populated large and medium-sized residential areas, the source of stability, but the direction of business is limited. Suburban residential communities supporting shops, bathroom products to open a slightly more biased position, but there is a greater price advantage and development potential. Therefore, entrepreneurs in the choice of store opening, can’t hold anxious or blindly mentality, and should be based on their own entrepreneurial projects and economic strength to determine the best location open bathroom products agency. Open the bathroom products agency in heavy traffic, a bustling bustling area, the chances of success are often much higher than ordinary lots. read more

Do a good job in order to win the hearts of the people

in the course of the operation of the store, many aspects are very important, which, "service" has become a theme of the current market. In short, the service is the eternal theme in the retail business, do a good job of service, can not passively deal with customers, but to change into a passive initiative to win the hearts of customers.

first, in the process of customer service, to serve with active, enthusiastic and sincere attitude, provide considerate service for the customer, I do not bother, questions, with patience, care and love left a deep impression to customers. read more

What is the most profitable business in 2016

2016 market downturn, the ups and downs of the industry trend led a lot of people’s success or failure. So, what are the major changes in this year’s popular entrepreneurial industry? What is the most profitable business in 2016? Therefore, the whole network Xiaobian entrepreneurs gather several projects in the industry, introduces the prospect of these projects. Hope to help you.

1, mobile phone repair: small investment big return

data show that Chinese intelligent mobile phone shipments in 2014 will reach 4 billion 200 million, while the average mobile phone repair rate from 10% to 15%, only in 2014 the market has at least about 40000000 mobile phone repair said, this is a very big market. Plus the reason all replaced the second-hand mobile phone market capacity, the limitless. And now a lot of smart phones in the market and no after-sales service, resulting in mobile phone repair has become a concern of the gold mine. read more

Small figurines ice painting merchants brand strength

crystal painting, in our daily life, has always been a very powerful brand to join the project selection. How small clay ice painting? Quality projects, the best choice for worry free business. Now a small clay ice painting investment is in progress, want to join friends to seize the!

joined the figurines ice painting?

The advantages of

technology investment company figurines ice painting is obvious, so the products produced more satisfactory quality, so that consumers love endless. The headquarters constantly develop new technology, let you later upgrade, some new high-tech glass figurines ice painting introduction, using special process production methods, production of products to meet the market. Small clay ice painting can make a piece of glass to achieve the myriads of changes effect, through high-tech processing, worth double, from tens of dollars per square meter cost can be sold to hundreds of yuan. Figurines ice painting finished Ambilight, magnificent changes, magnificent, in different poses and with different expressions, with Oriental delicate, transparent, delicate, is a unique combination of emotion and art. read more

Wang Laoji won the first trial jiaduobao was sentenced to pay more than 10 million

in China, there are two brands of herbal tea that is known to every family, jiaduobao and Wang Laoji. Wang Laoji and renamed JDB advertisement dispute case, in turmoil after 1 years, the 20 day morning in Guangzhou City Intermediate People’s court verdicts, jiaduobao was sentenced to pay more than 10 million yuan, Wang Laoji court said after winning a fair trial; JDB group chairman office director Feng Zhimin said it is difficult to accept, has launched the appeal procedure.

read more

Daily topics six rooms 2 billion 600 million yuan sold online entertainment market in the future

A5 webmaster network ( March 19th news, six room 2 billion 600 million was sold, yes, yesterday announced the Songcheng performing arts, to $2 billion 602 million acquisition of online video sites in the room.

six room is a cutting-edge Web2.0 video website, with YouTube positioning, itself does not provide video content, providing only a video publishing platform, users upload content to the original, such as home video, video clips and so on personal DV. Six rooms currently operating this internet entertainment platform, is a social networking platform based on the relationship between the civilian artists and fans of Internet entertainment. According to iResearch iUserTracker data, in 2014 the average monthly number of active users statistics, six rooms is currently China’s largest internet entertainment platform website. read more

Olympic Valley SEO contest April 10th report

is now at 8:30 on the morning of April 10th, stationmaster net 100 abstruse cereal SEO contest start time of 32 hours, the Lention SEO team reported on the contest from the third party perspective.

date: April 10th

start time: 32.5 hours

Baidu is currently ranked

(key words: 100 abstruse cereal, at present the index page number: 87)

1, China SEO (

2, 100 abstruse cereal ( BlogName=baiao5)

3, what is the Olympic Valley Campus Network Code? – ( read more

The electricity supplier defeated Baidu this time to do the electricity supplier shopping guide

Baidu do bad electricity supplier, which is not new. The Internet has from the search for promotion, alliance promotion, site navigation, accurate advertising and gold digging plan to enrich the product line of the Internet giant, but can not achieve the transformation of user traffic: Baidu has ah, cool days, Philharmonic live failure, in contrast to its own resources. But this does not seem to stop Baidu cut electricity supplier market determination, but this time they seem to prepare Quxianjiuguo – by PingWest colleagues remind Baidu low-key on-line for a Baidu know what to buy "shopping platform. read more

Not a cow X Logo you dare to say that their own business venture company registered trademark has 5

Abstract: in entrepreneurs zestfully kaijiangtuotu, often take cities and seize territory, because the trademark dispute is throwing a pot of cold water. WeChat, apple and other big names have seen little trademark "42 pounds" skill. Therefore, in the process of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs must have the concept of trademark first.

"entrepreneurship" nowadays is a hot words, and the word "trademark" for a long time cold-shouldered. However, the entrepreneurs zestfully kaijiangtuotu, often take cities and seize territory, because the trademark dispute is throwing a pot of cold water. WeChat, apple and other big names have seen little trademark "42 pounds" skill. Therefore, in the process of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs must have the concept of trademark first. Trademark first, the first is to apply for a registered trademark as soon as possible, the following will briefly introduce several basic issues of trademark registration. read more

Golden Wangzhuan talk about web site posting publicity that something

for a webmaster, the most important thing is to get more traffic and click rate. Then the site is an essential part of the publicity. Propaganda is actually very simple, as long as you promote your website, then it will certainly bring you a part of the flow, but the result is often many webmaster due to various reasons to publicity, leading to their web site does not flow, did not achieve promotion effect. Summed up the status of all sorts of golden Wangzhuan we may in the promotion process will appear. Then one by one to make the appropriate solution for all of us want to help. read more

Web site contains 0 9 Snowman version login secret

promotion in the site, the site is absolutely an integral part of the station, a lot of new stations do or do new friends, will find ways to find web sites included. Which sites have traffic, which

web site has an effect, we are very concerned about the problem.
my website is very lucky to get the majority of included, according to the statistics of my antecedents, we recommend:

(Note: the part included in the home part of the inside pages, and different site classification effects are also different, this article is only for your reference, if there is any error by graph king responsible for
read more

Let network marketing become the greatest salesman

in what place, you are likely to encounter selling products to you, go to the road, when the taxi driver may have to sell his taxi service, you go to the major communications companies to conduct business, to sell you a new business, to the bank for deposit, you want to sell their investment insurance, it can be said and every day we are surrounded by selling, you might think you to sell but you hated, every day in the sales of their own, doctor, teacher, every day to sell their own skill and knowledge, and you also sell their own ability. read more

Eight network marketing expert experience

      1 search engine promotion method  

search engine promotion refers to the use of search engines, directories and other online search information with the function of network tools to promote the site. As the basic form of the search engine can be divided into network spider type search engine (the search engine) and artificial classification directory based search engine (the catalogue), so the search engine promotion in the form of a corresponding method based on search engine and method based on category, the former includes search engine optimization, keyword advertising, PPC, fixed position, based on content targeted advertising and other forms, while the latter is mainly to log on the website in the category right categories. With the further development of the search engine changes, but also the emergence of a number of other forms of search engines, but mostly based on these two forms.   read more