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How to quickly increase the site chain

you know the site outside the chain, its importance is self-evident, this paper mainly introduces several ways of the rapid increase of the website chain, inappropriate please exhibitions, you are in the dark.

a, links, to find a few similar web site, contact the webmaster, do links.

two, add links in the reply and comment, do not send links can not be directly click, no effect.

three, write soft, for example, in the webmaster nets to write a few articles have the connotation of the article, if reproduced, the chain is a lot of. read more

Haier mall was awarded the best logistics services provider

May 16th, Haier mall in the "financial network users favorite enterprises voted" won the best logistics service providers "title. The event organized by the financial network, which lasted 23 days, to pay attention to the consumer experience, from the user’s perspective, take the network voting, in three categories of 6 categories in the selection, a total of 13 international brands, well-known brand Chinese 11 win. Haier mall together with Microsoft and Lenovo jointly won the 3C appliance category. The industry believes that, from a macro point of view, the results and the status quo of China’s economic development, and China’s high-end consumer groups in the consumption situation is highly consistent. read more

Reporter undercover occupation bad teacher group revealed the process of committing the crime

recent media reports focused on a poor teacher occupation harm to network sellers, even the day, reporters to join the three occupation bad teacher group undercover, find out their crime process: to find the target – Single – buyer seller negotiation group – the collective into compromise. Taobao (micro-blog) in response to the need to improve the loopholes in the system to prevent the professional assessment of rampant.

QQ group members of poor training

reporter found that the search online to poor evaluation Union, Taobao bad evaluation in the name of the QQ group there are many, many have refused to join strangers, a small number of dozens of people, there are hundreds of large scale. Reporters apply for three of them, found the QQ group sharing of resources, a day may "hunt" to about 10 targets, their single threat to the poor seller, if the seller requests them to change the evaluation, they have to "compensation to the seller". read more

Do you know how to make good use of these 4 kinds of materials

I do drill exhibition more than a year’s time, a total of 3 million yuan has been spent, summed up the material produced several ideas, for your reference.

is the first to give a copy, made by the designer alone. This is a relatively simple idea, is a more common method. Drilling operations personnel to the corresponding resource size and copy to the designer, the designer according to their own experience to the composition, and finally produced the material of the drill exhibition.

second is done by brainstorming. Specifically how to operate it? read more

He Xiangu won 22 million 600 thousand A round of financing short video shuffle how to break through

28 in the morning, he Xian uncle officially announced by the Qing branch Ling co fund collar vote, canopy culture fund with investment A round of financing, the amount of investment reached 22 million 600 thousand, the valuation of 100 million.

He Xian uncle is a PGC Internet video content production company, has its main "McDull" woman said "find goof drama" hot focus spoof Tucao brand column. According to founder Liu Fei introduction, he Xian has produced video was above 1000, the whole network platform fans subscriptions for 5 million, the public number of fans produced nearly 700 thousand of the whole network video playback volume reached 3 billion. read more

Automotive industry into the mainstream of CN domain name

get the world brand. In the Internet era, how many enterprises of the Internet brand marketing strategy? The day before, Chinese Internet Network Marketing Association Working Committee officially announced the 2007 "Chinese automotive Internet brand marketing survey report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report"). The report shows that, as an important part of the Internet address resources, CN domain name, general web site and the Chinese domain name has now become an important tool for enterprise network marketing. Among them, up to 80% of companies use CN domain name, CN domain name has become the mainstream of the automotive industry Internet brand marketing. read more

100 home appliance business survival status alive is the most happy thing

text / print reporter Wang Ji, Xu Lijun, and his wife, (published in the entrepreneur seventh)


alive, electricity supplier is the most happy thing.

bubble when the most ferocious, an average manager dared to ask for a monthly salary of 60 thousand, this money game who can afford to play?

when the flashy fade, the conversion rate of flow, what are the clouds, your cash is god.

in the past six months, which electricity supplier to get the money?. "Now the money difficult, investment manager of a VC of" entrepreneurs "said," even if it is to get the money, the electricity supplier can not easily hit." read more

China’s cross-border electricity supplier with what position gold rush Russia

August, the Russian Ruble ushered in a crash, the dollar fell to 1:71.20 against the ruble, the yuan against the ruble fell from last year’s 1:5 to the current 1:10. In theory, the currency devaluation will lead to the decline in purchasing power, the relative cost of sales increase, the export of electricity supplier is undoubtedly bad news. But from the cross-border electricity supplier data, the Russian market is a hot export. For the first time in 2014, Tmall international double 11 big promotion, the Russian market has become the biggest market in the absolute proportion of 30%; Russia’s largest search engine Y andex data show that from Chinese amount of advertising in the past two years are growing at a rate of 200%. Because of this, the company in September 10th to set up offices in Shanghai, China, which is its first office in asia. According to the prospective industry Research Institute released the "standing on the cross-border electricity outlet – Chinese traditional business enterprise transformation direction and Strategy Research Report" shows that in 2014, the Russian cross-border electricity retail market of about $7 billion, is expected in 2015 will reach $14 billion in size, will occupy 60% of the total electricity market in russia. Compared to the 20% European high-end brand market, the withdrawal of the Russian Ruble plunged off Russia’s official website of apple, but to bring the gold West back east of the Russian national opportunity. read more