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How about opening a tea shop How profitable

        milk tea is a favorite drink of young people, with the increasing market demand, open a milk tea shop? The following business small series for everyone to introduce it, hoping to help more entrepreneurs.

        open a milk tea shop, a lot of investors due to the early funding is not very adequate, so the best choice is to choose the location of the heat from the cold. Its choice is now optimistic about the location of the store business operators, it is better to choose the future will not be optimistic about the current heat from the streets or urban areas. read more

Husband’s alcoholism became crazy failure violence wife

recently, Licang District Court issued the first personal safety protection order, ruling within six months no respondent Kang beatings, intimidation, harassment, contact the applicant tracking, xiaomou and their close relatives.

2006 in September 22nd, the personal safety protection order woman xiaomou and the respondent Kang married and fathered a child. After Kang because of job promotion, more entertainment started drinking, home often to xiaomou insults, beatings. Later, Kang resignation venture fails, the escalation of violence took a cigarette burns xiaomou in front of the children, stabbed xiaomou legs, even driving the car hit xiaomou. Xiaomou escape to the homes of relatives, but still often by Kang’s harassment and intimidation. Xiaomou Licang district court to apply for personal safety protection order. read more

How to do a good job with the wedding marketing

in a variety of cigarette market demand, wedding consumption not only smoke, and people for the price is often not too seriously, therefore, for any one shop, do the wedding for cigarette marketing work, there will be a great help for the development of the business of the shop. With the wedding market is active, with the increase in demand for wedding cigarettes.

in the choice of wedding smoke, consumers in order to create a festive atmosphere, often prefer to buy festive packaging, affordable cigarettes. Currently in Jiyang local wedding market, wedding with cigarette brands is relatively concentrated, mainly the "Taishan" series of "luxury", "grand", "BAXI", "Wang Yue" and "movement" and "general" and other specifications. read more

Eastern check change do practical things a lot of problems

Since the party’s mass line educational practice activities, Chengdong District Standing Committee has always put the problem of educational practice as the starting point and end point, check out the problem, timely rectification, to persist.

is the wind Su Ji dare to play hardball. The problems such as nonstandard post on the existing official car logo conducted on-site rectification; carried out a month long window service units to focus on remediation, serious financial discipline, three funding and public spending and other special rectification activities; the mutual Road community part of staff work to play mobile phone, 5 cadres of administrative service center government work chat, 4 cadres of the District Education Bureau in violation of work discipline give informed criticism of 5 cadres given disciplinary sanctions. For the mountain of the sea, aiming at the problem of information briefing quantity, the party documents issued by the same period decreased by 10%, 7% reduction in the meeting. read more

Xining unemployed people can receive a monthly unemployment insurance benefits before two months

reporter 16 from the City Employment Bureau learned that the city of Xining before the Spring Festival for the unemployed in advance of the unemployment insurance benefits.

it is understood that in 2008, our city employment departments for the unemployed 245 thousand passengers timely and full payment of unemployment insurance, a total amount of 92 million 410 thousand yuan, to receive unemployment benefits and unemployment reached its highest peak gold standard. At the beginning of this year, in order to allow the unemployed to spend a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, Xining City Labor and social security departments to prepare early, co-ordinate arrangements for 19 thousand unemployed one-time arrange payment of unemployment benefits 13 million 110 thousand yuan from 1 to February. Before the Spring Festival, the unemployed people in the Bank of Qinghai outlets credit card to receive two months of unemployment insurance benefits. read more

Beijing Fair Exhibition Chinese leading cultural and creative achievements

creative innovation is an inexhaustible motive force for the development of cultural and creative industries, and the country called for business innovation and Entrepreneurship of cultural and creative industries issued agree without prior without previous consultation, new investment opportunities in the Internet era thinking Hwan, young entrepreneurs realize the dream.

elements into the traditional ceramic incense table, Shaanxi clay and cloth fusion elements of novelty lamps, 3D chocolate printer…… By the Ministry of culture, the State Press and Publication Administration and Beijing city jointly organized the tenth session of China Beijing International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo (Wen Bohui), every kind of novel creative design products to attract a large number of people went to watch. read more

How to open a successful flower shop

now the whole domestic flower market on demand is relatively large, while the domestic flowers in the industry, but also contains a very large market opportunities, because whether it is some holidays, or when some of the major events, all cannot do without some flowers embellishment.

read more

How beautiful car auto supplies car information more beautiful

nowadays, with the continuous improvement of our living standards, the car market is getting better and better. So, the choice of business vehicles to join the beautiful car supplies? Quality projects, the best choice for worry free business. So, what are you hesitating about?

automotive supplies automotive after market as one of the three large plates, along with every new car sales, customer service service, spare parts sales, second-hand car business and so on, the market is very broad, has become a new growth point of profit of automobile industry. Join the car is beautiful to join the consumer needs a good project, the natural business will be very prosperous, afraid to make money? read more

Global Chinese rich list Wang Jianlin 2 into the richest man in the world


in the previous cognition, Chinese has always been Li Jiacheng’s richest man, but now a new survey results show that the new richest man has more Chinese name Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin, Li Jiacheng in second.

8 19, the Hurun Research Institute released the "2015 eastspring capital · global Chinese Hurun rich list" shows that the 61 year old China’s richest man, Dalian Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin to the wealth of 260 billion yuan for the first time in more than Cheung Kong chairman Li Jiacheng to become the world’s richest chinese. read more

ndia FMCG B2B platform ShopKirana access to pre A round of financing

the company’s competitive advantage lies in the ability to provide value-added services platform users

recently, responsible for the operation of FMCG B2B platform ShopKirana India Kirana E Trading Pvt. startup Shop Ltd announced the acquisition of a pre-A round of financing, lead investor Incubate Fund is well-known venture capital institutions in Japan focus on seed stage investment. In addition, angel investment institutions from Mumbai Lead Angels Group and a number of fast consumer company executives also participated in the round of financing. Although Shop Kirana did not disclose the specific amount of financing, but according to sources, the scale of financing is expected to be approximately 2-3 million rupees in India. read more

Decrypt nternet traffic business essence

for a long time did not write to write, for their various excuses, in fact, is inert nurturance, found older, execution is getting worse and worse, consider doing the management operating on the tall, not to ignore the implementation level of things, as long as the nuclear test to evaluate subordinates’ work outcomes can be however, sometimes backfire, details of negligence of the whole product, the project seriously discounted, harking back to a midnight idea to write a document, draw the prototype, the execution of the bursting, to knock the alarm, change. read more

Unfamiliar Street listing pocket shopping huge financing China Science and technology company 1 bi

in English, Billion (1 billion) is the largest number of people familiar with. This figure is often referred to in a variety of occasions to describe the amount of high, and sometimes virtual refers to sometimes refers to the real. Therefore, the valuation of $1 billion, for many technology companies is also a symbolic amount.

recently, mobile social applications unfamiliar street in the United States submitted a prospectus, plans to raise $300 million, the valuation has reached $3 billion; pocket shopping raised $350 million, valued at $1 billion 350 million; there are also rumors of millet company $1 billion 500 million financing, valuation reached $40 billion, these companies have entered the China technology company’s $1 billion club. read more

One of the things that startups need to know is a little bit of common sense

Abstract: as we reflect on the moment in your life will be like, maybe you need to spend time to re-examine the linkage of marketing and sales, when they are too High to pour cold water, a warning: what I do is what

service?One of the most common points about

‘s marketing and sales is that many people turn the upside down and focus on marketing rather than sales. A common understanding is to take great effort to do marketing, especially can make "10W+" – of course this is not wrong, but there are many hidden in the phenomenon under the essence is to do a company needs more effort to do the sales. read more

Tencent confirmed the establishment of a joint venture with Groupon

newspaper news (reporter Yang Miao) Tencent insiders confirmed to reporters yesterday, the U.S. group purchase giant Groupon will set up a joint venture with Tencent on the way into the Chinese market, the new company will be sent by the Tencent CEO.

since last week, the industry has been rumored Groupon will set up a joint venture with the Tencent to carry out group purchase business in mainland Chinese, each invested 50%. But the Tencent insiders on the proportion of investment does not.

largest domestic buy network will be born read more

90 minutes 8000 boxes book bag logic thinking antecedent funeral

sells books on the book thinking about the past more than a month. As a man from the book industry to try to try the water temperature on the Internet, I know this time for different people have different concepts. On the Internet, this story is over, and in the industry, it is at least not associated with most people. The Internet broke the news and information, such as the true story, the line is still walked as trassient as a fleeting cloud, your sun, and has almost become the past fast line. read more