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Cheap vegetables into the district residents Huimin Huimin convenience

Recently, a truck loaded with vegetables into the provincial capital city of the south part of the new city community, followed by a neatly placed plastic baskets were removed. Affordable prices of vegetables, attracted residents and passers-by around stop buying. Unloaded from the car less than an hour, a lot of vegetables basket to see the bottom.

to support cheap vegetables into the area, Metro community actively coordinate the residential property to do logistical work, ensure that the vegetables train can smoothly enter the residential sales. In an interview, the reporter learned that the residents are hoping to set up a fixed point vegetables through the car. Under the strong support of the town government in the city district, the new community in the town of Victoria and the application of the establishment of the green garden in the fixed parity vegetables direct point two. In the day of direct sales, food is generally very good sales, like cabbage, celery, tomatoes on the table people this kind of homely dishes, almost every day sold out, are very happy to get affordable residents, provide affordable food party farm management also felt satisfied.
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Golmud Xining water saving society construction pilot acceptance by the state

in mid November, the province of Xining, Golmud, two cities, respectively, through the Ministry of water conservancy organization of national water-saving society construction pilot acceptance. Two pieces of heavy national honor, marking the province in the construction of ecological civilization in the history of the first stage of the journey to achieve a result.

approval, the expert group to listen to reports, access to information, but also in-depth on-site view of sewage treatment, water reuse, industrial water saving situation and questions and discussion that since 2006 to carry out the pilot construction of water-saving society, Xining, Golmud City, two focus on economic restructuring and transformation of the way of speeding up economic development. In order to improve the utilization efficiency of water resources and water environment quality as the key breakthrough in advancing the reform of water administration system and water system is established, the adjustment of industrial structure, total control, water environment, water resource protection and water saving demonstration units to create aspects of Qinghai and the other regions to carry out the construction of water-saving society to a good exemplary and leading role, unanimously agreed to acceptance. read more

Xining to promote rural grassroots party building on a new level

The morning of August 26th, to promote the "Three Basics" and the construction of rural grass-roots party construction work of the forum held in Xining, the deployment of the city’s grass-roots party construction work in the next stage. Su Rong, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee attended the meeting and delivered a speech, the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, organization department Minister presided over the meeting of the chairman of the board of directors, Mr. Bi Xiaoning. read more

What kind of flower shop can be more attractive

how can we open a good flower shop? In the current market needs what kind of entrepreneurial skills for everyone to pull their own customer groups? Look at the following shop cheats.

A, technical master: we must first understand what flowers flower, what people, what occasion for what flowers, what day to send what flower opening, making baskets, floats, making wedding, funeral baskets, wreaths. Very simple, a book on flower arranging will solve the problem. In short, the experience is Practice makes perfect. read more

A better investment project for gardening

is used for flowerpot basin shaped objects supporting the use of private Les Loges Du Park Hotel, and is widely used in landscaping and landscape engineering,   the flower pot has the most pottery artistic effect. According to the Chinese Tao Ke Gu Long Yao garden flowerpot craft factory is defined only by texture: pots basin shaped container.

making clay, porcelain, plastic, stone and wood products and other materials

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Open shop location proposal

is now open shop investors are not a minority, people have gradually learned about the industry’s profits, fancy its development prospects, and therefore have to invest. Open a flower shop location can do a good job, you can go to look at some of the business is relatively good location in the shop lot, I believe we can draw some useful conclusions.

in the downtown shop, store from the first commercial center and the primary station should be closer, people in front of the relatively large, and the sidewalk in front of the proper width in order to meet, parking (making floats very easy). But such stores are generally not very cheap. read more

Join the garment industry is very important to do the details

throughout the market, opened a clothing store of a few people, as long as the shopping, you can experience the development of this industry event, the market competition, but their high profits still attracts many businesses. Join in the clothing industry, to ensure the future operating smoothly, the shop location work is sure to do, only in this way can be based on product quality, brand loud, to attract a lot of attention of consumers. Clothing franchise business should pay attention to what? Come see. read more

The little girl with her own hands to create wealth

China has a lot of culture, including a lot of handmade works. Speaking of paper-cut, many people are not unfamiliar, it passes China history, is a kind of folk art, high cultural value, there is a 90 girl with their own hands to create wealth, people dug the first pot of gold, below to understand how she is successful.

Magnetic paper-cut

in Hangzhou Normal University in the business park, born in 1990, Jincheng girl Prince month enthusiastically to reporters from her magnetic paper-cut. "Magnetic paper-cut is a creative industry, anything can be done with paper cutting, it is to promote their own, their own innovation, and in the hands of great fun. Simple operation, anyone can easily learn. The utility model has the advantages of low cost, convenient use and collection, and can be used for household decoration, gift giving and advertising promotion…… Whether it is a festival, tourist souvenirs, art collections, and so on, have great market prospects." read more

Chengdu to host the 2015 women’s entrepreneurship competition center of the future

in the promotion of management activities, more and more women entrepreneurship model emerged, at least half of the women considered entrepreneurial career. Chengdu for the country to recruit female tourists, and give full support for the creation of female passengers half the sky.

11 on Sept. 20, 2015 women in Chengdu Zhimei entrepreneurship competition launched in Chengdu City Center for the future, the contest was held in response to the Chengdu municipal government "hit" call national entrepreneurship competition, to start the ceremony, from a total of 22 female contestants representing the high yen value appeared for the first time, also opened a high reward "female hit off the suspense. read more

The Filesoup will shut down the BT download site founded nearly 10 years

The oldest

BT download site Filesoup (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent science and technology news (Chao Hui) Beijing time on June 6th news, according to foreign media reports, the oldest existing BT download site Filesoup announced that it will be permanently closed. Filesoup received widespread attention in 2009, when the British police raided the home of two system administrators, and arrested the two system administrators. Two administrators were acquitted last year, but the user churn caused by the event has led to the current site is closed. read more

Groupon hidden behind the crisis to buy the industry suffered growing pains

The fame of the group purchase website founder

Groupon hidden worries. News from the U.S. securities dealer Webbush Securities revealed that the valuation of Groupon has dropped 20%, currently about $16 billion. Analysts said that the deterioration of Groupon’s recent operating conditions is likely to lead to a decline in valuation reasons. At the same time, the whole industry decline significantly buy. U.S. Internet traffic statistics company Hitwise statistics show that Groupon’s recent visit than in June fell by half, the United States to buy the site’s overall visit fell 1/4. There are indications that the global storm brought by the group is in the past, the whole industry has come winter. read more

Heaven and 7 pornographic websites moderators to upload pornographic information captured

only to seek stimulation, Jiangsu province Haian County jiaoxie town 27 year old Wu Hua indulge in the network, less than a year, as a number of pornographic websites for moderators, upload a surprising number of pornographic pictures, movies, novels, extremely bad social impact. In the renovation of vulgar battle, the police follow it, success will be known as "Heaven angel" Wu Hua captured.

a computer is always on the net

in early February this year, Haian County Public Security Bureau police department supervisor to clean up harmful information on the Internet, found that Haian county has a computer is active, many times to the Internet some yellow website upload pornographic information, a large number of. read more

Domestic O2O originator Homejoy closed new leader Handy won 50 million financing

According to the American

(on-demand) service provider Handy has just announced a $50 million C+ round of financing, by Fidelity Management and Research Company lead investor, the previous investor TPG Ventures, General, Catalyst, Highland Capital and Revolution Growth also with the vote. As of now, the amount of financing Handy disclosed has reached $110 million, reportedly valued at about $500 million, the company said this round of financing will continue to expand the market, consolidate the Anglo American domestic leader in the field of position. read more

From Liu Qiangdong’s unnamed Tucao Jingdong and friends to see the ratio

July 25th Liu Qiangdong, widely circulated speech at CEIBS twenty anniversary special events. In a 1.5 hour speech, Liu Qiangdong commented on IBM, Kodak, SONY, NOKIA, Edward, apple and other brands, but to "friends" comments are not named.

needs the help of Xingyue or lighthouse in the ocean, the compass of aviation, the ups and downs of the sea in the "friends" is the beacon. The analysis of competitors’ gain and loss is a compulsory course for the enterprise. From Liu Qiangdong’s speech just quote a string of numbers, we can see that he had made great efforts to study "Friends of the business". read more

Baidu is not a black Adsense reaction some people complain speculation

news January 12th, according to a Baidu access fault happens, the majority of owners said that they have been influenced more or less, but there are a few owners said that they were not affected, and for the opportunity to hype.

The majority of

owners said that Baidu makes them fault site traffic dropped by nearly 50%, indirect economic losses ranging from several hundred dollars to tens of millions. They hope to return to normal after Baidu, can be compensated.

but there are also some of the owners said, because their website is a vertical information site, the user is more stable, combined with Baidu before the collection is not much, this has not been much affected. read more

How to maintain WeChat fans

we all say, the customer is God, for us, our fans are our God, we need to maintain good. Some friends may say, I do not go to the maintenance is not the same?. If you have more time, it is recommended to maintain these fans. Plainly, the maintenance is to do our fans fans to experience, give them a good experience, solve their needs.

this in our lives, there are many similar things. For example, we like to eat hot pot will note that the business is almost everywhere in the winter, but in the summer we will see the gap between business and business. read more

The F framework of FSGP enterprise marketing and entertainment framework of Fight


in recent months has been studying how micro-blog marketing enterprises, the author once in the A5 Adsense nets published an article "to create a massive customer e-business strategy", this article has also received a lot of attention, webmaster reprint, sharing the end mentioned in the article: the beginning of enterprise electronic commerce is the micro-blog marketing strategy, Sina entertainment enterprises, thus creating a lot of fans attention, finally create traffic! So how to put enterprise micro-blog entertainment marketing? The author through study and practice recently summed up a set of micro-blog FSGP business entertainment marketing framework, the so-called FSGP enterprise micro-blog entertainment marketing framework includes four core elements: 1, F, Fight, S, Secret, the 2 quarrel; inside, 3, G; Game, P, Public, 4; intellectuals, male Know. read more