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Foreign trade marketing – a baby search engine optimization techniques

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generally make a separate foreign trade website time is relatively long, so there are a lot of people is to optimize the use of nobility baby station group technology, station group technology can make the site interaction to form a plastic, so often can achieve good results, but the station group operations team may accidentally make your site is down right, because the baby’s noble love Shanghai is better than intelligent detection. Xiaobian that stand swarm optimization should pay attention to these points: 1.IP not the same address segment, space station group is taking apart multiple regions, IP address must be two parts, choose the space combination of foreign website space and Hongkong, let baby recognize it noble. The two is the site between the link does not pay attention to moderate, because all of the station link pages and links to alternate. 3. for the different contents of different content website, keywords may not be all the same, it is best to different industry keywords. read more

Why is the average cost of Google keywords higher than Baidu

, what I’m talking about here is Google keyword, referring to the search for this. As we all know, Google Adwords can not refer to the price of competitors, how much money, how much money I have, I call it "blind bid."".

is not the competition among peers in Google Baidu fierce, I do not believe that Google’s starting price higher than Baidu, why Google on average cost higher than Baidu keyword? I analyzed, that in addition to "blind bid", the direct reason is our own. We are all heavy Baidu, light Google, and may not even have special staff responsible for price adjustment. Or listen to Google customer service said, bid high, you can get a good quality of the account; or anyway, consumption is not big, a high price, regardless of it; or price adjustment is troublesome, affect other work, by Google customer care…… As a result, the price difference between the positions may be several dollars. read more

Forum signature, cooked, heavy, cooked, light, SEO indispensable competition for the land

Google recent changes in PR, Baidu’s ranking changes, K station behavior is always changing, these days of changes are still fresh in memory, these changes also illustrate some of the changes in Baidu’s algorithm. For example, recently, the webmaster said his web site keywords overnight removed from Baidu, and now there is no ranking, this let the webmaster are very tangled. This shows that the Baidu switch engine is changing, and here to discuss the importance of BBS signature for the site. read more

Belt ten brands list

belt as a tool to wear clothing, is naturally a broad consumer groups, and the entire market in order to meet more people, will naturally be born more and more brands. The following, let Xiaobian secret belt ten brand list, so that you can have a better understanding of the brand of the market.

belt ten brands list NO.1, Hermes Hermes: in 1837, the world’s top luxury brands, bags of the top ten brands, the industry enjoys a high reputation, the French Hermes (Hermes) International group. read more

The original alley fishballs

China authentic snack items in "fish" is a good taste also received snack items. In the Hong Kong style snacks in fish is a common snack varieties. If you want to invest in a fish snack for you recommend " original alley fishballs ". " original alley fishballs " join?

" original alley fishballs " Siwon in 1821, its predecessor is the ancestral " alley fishballs Pu ".

"original alley fishballs" Siwon in 1821, its predecessor is the ancestral "alley fishballs shop". The seventh generation, is now the "Gulangyu Islet original alley fishballs chain organization general manager Mr. Chen Yiwei, adhering to the ancestral craft, in secret, wrought" original alley "card shark pill, with its skin Q strong enough, fresh, crisp and delicious, sweet and juicy stuffing, soup and Wen Minghai. read more

Xinjiang four small business selling red dates

entrepreneurship is never a simple thing, especially for young people who have no entrepreneurial experience is even more so. Tian Feng is a member, for Tian Feng and his partner, entrepreneurship is easy to say, do not have the Everything is going smoothly., with jujube as sweet memories, there is a lot of frustration beat a retreat. Here’s their story.

business opportunities

rarely seen in Guangzhou Xinjiang jujube

3 22, speaking of a short but memorable entrepreneurial experience, Tian Feng a sunny smile, calm revealed confidence. In 2008, after graduating from the University of Feng Tian, regardless of family opposition, to give up the civil service, to a prospecting company in Kashi, prospecting, moving stones, buy raw materials, all the work on the mine he almost did. Tian Feng recalled: "at that time, I do not have any work experience, everything is zero start, I just want to start from the grassroots exercise, want to prove that I can stand on their own to feed themselves." read more

Take the suangua name not reliable

to shop for a good name, but many investors under the original capital. However, if you find a few people to a fortune teller, he will find the way to store the name is not reliable, because almost everyone has their own opinion, before a name quickly was rejected, after a long time also has name. Such torment, can only say that the suangua name really is not reliable.

I met a good friend of Taobao, he told me to buy things on Taobao cheap and good. I practice a few times really good, there is the idea of opening a clothing store. read more

It is not necessary for every customer enthusiasm for

in order to improve their quality of service, to attract more customers, and now the owner from the customer began to warm hospitality. In short, we treat customers like fire like passion, this is thousands of years of business can not subvert the truth, but not the most basic standard of our customer service, also the importance of clear warm service.

since entering the retail industry, I always follow the principle of enthusiasm to meet every customer. Customers just went to the shop door, no matter what I do will put down the things on hand, stand up and greet customers. And then with his eyes and feet moving, and I will try to ask what they need, and according to their own business knowledge, to promote their products. The key is to let the customer understand the physical indexes, products and local consumption habits, such as brand, let them make their final choice in contrast, not only saves the selected time, but also to meet the different needs of consumers. read more

Young people should be how to start the three characteristics for you to solve the puzzle

more and more people choose to start a business, but do not know which industry should be chosen, and now the industry is diverse, but each industry has the skills of each industry. A lot of people are like entrepreneurship, but because there is no capital, no strength, no efficiency, no guidance. The lack of these success factors so that their entrepreneurial heart slowly sinking. You don’t need to be successful, said: today we do two things, you can succeed. First, find a platform for their own development; second, to find a mentor in life. We can break down these two. read more

What are the notes on silver stores

today, not only of women love every kind of fashion silverware, man is also very popular, especially in some fashion, silver is good in life. Silver sales situation has been very good, so many entrepreneurs choose to open jewelry stores, want long-term development must pay attention to and understand some relevant matters needing attention, today to solve this problem, we have to analyze.

Select the appropriate

project is the foundation, and silver stores long-term development need to rely on this factor. So, it’s very important to select. The store should be selected according to the business location of silver stores to determine, according to investors for the crowd to choose the most appropriate address as soon as possible to occupy more market. read more

Millet launched cloud hosting service depth of the whole alloy cloud services

A5 webmaster network June 13th news: today there are friends broke the news millet launched cloud hosting services. From millet open platform related information display, millet cloud host introduction page has been on the line. The display of small mijun host service 25 years accumulation, Beijing’s top BGP room. And have the host management, operating system selection, flexible configuration, backup, access control and many other features.

is currently registered and login millet account, can be purchased and tested millet cloud hosting services. The introduction of millet cloud host also shows: Jin Shanyun host service for a variety of server needs of users, the words. It can be learned from the cloud hosting services should be integrated cloud Jin Shanyun host launched. Jinshan cloud was established in 2012, and then launched a cloud hosting services. However, due to the fierce competition in the IDC market and cloud hosting market, Jinshan cloud has not been a breakthrough development. Last year, there have been Jinshan, millet and Temasek $296 million investment in century internet. The introduction of millet cloud host, should be a deep integration of the two companies in the cloud services. read more

Leak password query station hot night traffic soared to ridicule

leaked password query site traffic soared overnight

password leaked QQ account login tips limited


technology news December 27th morning news, the recent domestic Internet leak intensified, Tianya, Tencent and other Internet Co were involved. The user’s worries, but also to promote more than a dozen hot night, leaked password query site traffic soared. Many websites also query to ridicule the tone of advice: don’t check, or quickly change the password.

from last week, the user name and password is stolen, it has become the most concerned about the issue of Internet users. The first is the largest community of programmers CSDN 6 million user data to be disclosed, then the user data Tianya,, 7K7K, and other sites have been compromised, and the new burst of Tencent QQ user data leakage exacerbated the tense atmosphere. read more

The new gambling capital market the birth of a bicycle can share drops

capital has periodically zaduier into a field, the past three months, bicycle rental company to the v-mobile, ofo as the representative of the amount of financing added up to more than 1 billion yuan, the capital of the "shared bicycle" a new business model, the remarkable enthusiasm. However, in view of the problems existing in the process model in the actual operation, and the profit model uncertainty, capital appears to be blind and fanatical and throw the helve after the hatchet.

"shared bike" is not a new thing read more

Grassroots webmaster news week (2008 6.2-6.8)

record the experience of the transaction site analysis of the psychological

recent website trading experience let me want to share with you webmaster, in order to avoid the loss of future transactions should be due. I still stick to my point of view, personal webmaster is not easy, but also very talented, please respect the personal achievements of the work of the station.

do stand to do with vitality website

what is the vitality of the site, which I have to say what is the vitality of the site, I think life is the source of power, is to promote the fundamental development of the site better. Specific to the form, that is, how to better attract users, improve traffic, bring profit, which is from the user’s browsing needs and how to meet this demand to study. Those from these fundamental things, and to talk about website content, the form of the surface is empty talk. read more

Shop No. 1 electricity supplier war strive Founder repeatedly in out rumors

from October 2012 announced the completion of the 1 WAL-MART Store Holdings began, the founder of the shop No. 1 will just leave rumors. Yesterday, there is news that, just in the recently announced that it will be announced from the 1 shop to leave. In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the 1 shop to the Beijing Daily reporter, said the resignation of the news is not true, and said a series of senior executives leave events are also normal personnel changes. But it seems in the industry, the domestic electricity supplier war, shop No. 1 has been at a disadvantage, not only difficult to catch the Jingdong, Alibaba, and, and other brands have been ahead, just out in just a matter of time. read more

Famous network broke Zhou Lubao suspected of blackmail and impose exactions on prosecution

22, a well-known network broke the news Zhou Lubao was Kunshan City People’s Procuratorate prosecution filed by the people’s Procuratorate of Jiangsu. Prosecutors accused him of blackmail and impose exactions on other people’s property, a total of 908 thousand yuan.

Zhou Lubao was born in 1985 in Longxi County of Gansu province Tian Zhen Zhang Jia Cha village, junior middle school education, unemployed. Because in the online real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing "cousin" wine "brother" "teacher of sexual abuse of young girls" events and popular network. Self commentary, real name writers, columnists and Network Anti-corruption activist". read more

Caifutong Alipay and other 27 enterprises to obtain the third party payment license

Tencent science and technology news (Zhao Nan) May 26th news, the third party payment license has been issued to the relevant enterprises and units by way of mail, access to licenses of enterprises and units of a total of 27. TenPay, Alipay, money and other private third party payment companies to get a licence.

The people’s Bank of China

released last June, "non financial institution payment service management approach" clearly defined, non financial institutions shall obtain payment business license, a payment institution, accept the supervision and administration of the people’s Bank of China according to law. It is reported that in the first batch of 32 companies, only 27 enterprises and units to get a license. The advantages of electronic commerce, Shanghai Tungtex corporate finance, Shanghai, Shanghai Fuyou Chang purchase enterprise, Shanghai UnionPay five reporting companies did not obtain a license. read more

Peach using advertising to accelerate network marketing

in the rapid development of the network economy and e-commerce today, many enterprises have realized the necessity of establishing enterprise site to carry out network marketing. But after building up the company website, if not for the promotion, then the enterprise products and services on the Internet is still not known, not to play the role of network marketing, so the enterprise should immediately begin to use various means to promote their own websites in the building site.


through the search engine, filling the classified ads by means of website promotion, the website can attract more attention in a relatively short period of time, greatly improve traffic and fast expand visibility to business products and services are widely spread, eventually improve the volume of business enterprise. read more