The Only Room Like It Shiodomes Park Hotel Tokyo

first_imgImage Source: Park Hotel Tokyo A hotel with easy access, a reasonably priced hotel, a hotel with great views… There are so many different things to keep in mind when choosing a hotel. So if you get the chance to visit Japan, why not stay in a hotel filled with completely unique art?Image Source: Park Hotel TokyoHave you heard of the gallery hotel in Shiodome where you can stay amidst some of the finest Japanese art? The Park Hotel Tokyo is an incredibly popular accommodation with travelers, consistently boasting an 80% non-Japanese occupancy rate.Starting in 2012, each guest room at the hotel has been ornamented by artists through a project entitled “Artist in Hotel”, creating completely unique rooms that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.We would like to introduce some of these rooms here.Beautiful Rooms Overflowing with IndividualityImage Source: Park Hotel TokyoThis room, entitled “Lucky Cat”, was designed by the artist Hyogo Mino, who selected the theme of the “maneki-neko” or “beckoning cat”. By the way, the text painted across the ceiling over the bed is taken from Japan’s literary master Souseki Natsume’s debut novel “I Am A Cat”. Painted on the walls are various maneki-neko, and in their midst a single “bake-neko” or monster cat is hidden – why not see if you can catch it?An English paperback version of “I Am A Cat” has also been placed in the room. For those that haven’t heard of this novel before, if you get the chance to stay in this room, please read it. You’ll turn into Japanese literature fan in no time!Read also:Japanese Encyclopedia: Maneki Neko (“Beckoning Cat”)Imado Shrine, Find Love at the Home of the Maneki-neko This next room was painted by Mayuko Nakamura, and is called “The 47 Vegetables”. The brilliant white walls of this room have been decorated with paintings of 47 different vegetables that are unique to Japan.And within these 47 varieties of vegetables, there are even a few that Japanese people don’t know the name of. Also found in this room is a picture book written in both English and Japanese that gives a detailed explanation of each vegetable. Wouldn’t it be nice to take a walk about and look at each illustration in person? The gentle colors give this room a free, light atmosphere.Image Source: Park Hotel TokyoThe third room we would like to show you was made by Naoki Takenouchi, and is called “The Washi Room”. By taking washi paper traditionally produced for construction work, folding, crumpling, and painting it, a wonderfully modern effect has been created in this room.This is definitely a room where both tradition and creation can be experienced.The Project is Still On-going!The Park Hotel has guest rooms from the 26th to 34th floor, and every room on the 31st floor has been designated as an Artist Room; these rooms are expected to be completed mid-2016. For this reason, a few of the rooms are currently unavailable as they are being designed now. But, we were fortunate enough to be allowed in to get a sneak preview of some of these rooms. Specifically, “The Castle” and “Edo To Tokyo” rooms.Image Source: Park Hotel TokyoDesigned by Kazuki Mizuguchi, is “Castle” (Working title), an homage to the now non-existent Edo Castle. When night falls, the castle will be reflected on the window glass, creating a visual vibration between the old and the new Tokyo.Image Source: Park Hotel TokyoIn the “Edo-Tokyo” (Working title) room designed by Hidetaka Furukawa, the cityscape of old Edo (the former name of Tokyo) and that of modern Tokyo is compared – by seeing these two side-by-side, you can really feel the flow of time that has passed.When You Come to Tokyo, Stay At The Park Hotel TokyoUntil the date of your stay, it’s impossible to know whether the particular room you’d like will be available. When you check in at the hotel, the staff will inform you of which rooms are available, and if the room you had hoped for is free, you may take it. Should all the Artist Rooms be occupied though, you are of course welcome to stay in a standard room.The Park Hotel Tokyo is very popular with travelers to Japan and for this reason, all of the staff are can speak English. As these rooms are quite popular, it’s better to make your reservations early.Image Source: Park Hotel TokyoIf you chose to stay in a standard room, and would like to smoke, Marron-chan (Akihisa Hayashi)’s “Smoking Space The Tokyo Marron” is free for you to enjoy, though you don’t have to be a smoker to take a peek inside.Wouldn’t you like to stay in Shiodome?Recommended articlesAccommodation Facilities In Japan – MATCHA’s Complete GuideFinding A Place To Stay In Japan – Types Of Accommodation FacilitiesHomestay in Japan – Staying at a Farmer’s House in Ōtawara, TochigiSaitama’s 7 Best Accomodations: Resort Hotels To Traditional RyokanRelax in a Shibuya Capsule: The Ladies-Only Nadeshiko HotelInformationPark Hotel TokyoAddress: Tokyo, Minato, Higashi-Shinbashi 1-7-1 Shiodome Media TowerHours: Check-in from 14:00, check-out until 12:00Closed: -Wi-Fi: In all roomsCredit Cards: YesLanguages Available: EnglishMenus in Other Languages: EnglishClosest Station: JR Shinbashi Station on the Toei Ōedo Line and the Yurikamome LineAccess: 7-minute walk from Shinbashi Station (新橋駅), directly connected to Shiodome Station (汐留)Price Range: -Religious Considerations: -Phone Number: 03-6252-1111Homepage: Park Hotel Tokyolast_img read more

Childrens Day ShichiGoSan Koinobori Japanese Encyclopedia

first_imgIn ancient Japan, before the advent of medicine and sanitation, the child mortality rate was extremely high, and having a child grow to adulthood was very fortunate. For that reason, it was thought that until children turned seven, they belonged to the gods, and their parents were caretakers. It was said that gods were the ones who decided children’s fates. Shichi-Go-San is an event to celebrate children’s growth and grant them self-awareness about their status as children. On November 15th, three year-old boys and girls, five year-old boys and seven year-old girls visit Shinto shrines. They wear traditional clothing such as kimonos, haori coats and hakama skirts, and take commemorative photos with their families. A child who visits a shrine for Shichi-Go-San receives a chitose-ame stick, a long thin piece of red and white candy. The implicit wish is for the child to grow up tall and energetic, like the candy.Also read:Japanese Encyclopedia: Haori And HakamaWhat Are Koinobori? Koinobori are streamers fashioned to look like carp, and are placed in household gardens to wish for boys to be successful and healthy. This custom is said to have begun in samurai homes in 17th-century Japan. It is thought that the creation of koinobori is connected to the Chinese legend that “a carp which climbs a waterfall will ascend to heaven and become a dragon.” As May 5th approaches in the present day, you will see koinobori here and there, fluttering in the wind beneath the blue sky. The streamers are also charms against evil spirits, and they contain parents’ wishes for their children to grow up healthy and strong. There are also events held around Children’s Day where you can see koinobori in places all across Japan. One particular standout is Gunma Prefecture’s “World’s Best Koinobori Village Festival,” where you can see over 5,000 koinobori at five separate festival areas. The spectacle is a real highlight. What do you think? Japan has many special occasions for people to wish for healthy, strong children. You can experience that atmosphere at shrines and famous koinobori spots, so by all means, visit them for yourself.Also read:Experience Spring Festivals and Events in Japan from March to MayA Basic Guide to National Holidays in JapanA Guide To Japan’s Annual EventsJapanese Encyclopedia: Boys’ Day The May 5th holiday was originally known as Boy’s Day, and was a day to wish for boys to grow up healthy. However, when Children’s Day came into being in 1948, it became a holiday for both boys and girls to celebrate. Even now, you can still see vestiges of the original holiday in the customary decorations for homes with boys: koinobori carp streamers, armor headpieces, male dolls and so on.Also read:Japanese Encyclopedia: Boy’s DayWhat Is Shichi-Go-Sancenter_img What Is Children’s Day?Children’s Day, established as a Japanese national holiday in 1948, is a day to to prize children’s individuality and promote their well-being, as well as a day to celebrate mothers. It is held on May 5th every year, and is seen as a day to pray for children’s wholesome development.Boys And Girls Both Celebrate Children’s Daylast_img read more

Nui HOSTEL BAR LOUNGE A Warm Guest House A Stop Away From

first_imgToy Warehouse Renovated into a Hostel Photo courtesy of Nui. HOSTEL & BAR LOUNGEIn the twin room, there is a desk for reading or work space to use your laptop.Gender neutral dorms split among eight people start at 3000 yen per person, per night. Women-only dorms start at 3200 yen per person, per night, and twin rooms start at 7600 yen per room, per night. Only three minutes by foot from Kuramae Station on the Toei Asakusa line in Tokyo, you will find the guest house called Nui. Nui. HOSTEL & BAR LOUNGE (referred to as Nui.) has a cafe and bar on the first floor, and its location right by Kuramae Station, conveniently located one stop away from Asakusa Station, make it a perfect base for touring around.Kuramae is an area that has been known as a manufacturing town since the Edo period. Nui. was reconstructed in 2012 after fully renovating a former toy company’s warehouse. The exterior of the building still has traces of its time as a warehouse.Backpackers’ Japan Co., Ltd. operates under the concept of “creating a place where people can go beyond all borders to support each other.” With this motto in mind, the company has made many guest houses where people can rely on each other comfortably. Nui. happens to be their second branch.Let us introduce you to this lovely guest house that allows you to imagine the creators within the town of manufacturers.Five Types of Rooms – Including Private Rooms with a River View!The guest house is separated into five types of rooms. There is the women’s only dorm, gender-neutral dorm, twin room, double room, and the river view double room.Hand-Made Bunk Bed (Twin Room / Dormitories)center_img Photo courtesy of Nui. HOSTEL & BAR LOUNGEThe bunk beds placed in the twin room and dorms were made when the guesthouse first opened. All beds are equipped with reading lamps and curtains.last_img read more

New Japan Pro Wrestlings WRESTLE KINGDOM An Annual Extravaganza

first_imgIn addition, there is a ‘hidden’ match on the show, held before the main card, known as the New Japan Rumble. It begins as a singles match, but new wrestlers enter one after another as the match continues, turning it into a massive free-for-all. The last man standing is the winner. Unexpected surprise guests will join the fray! If you’re curious about who will show up, by all means, check it out!SKE48 Idol Jurina Matsui Will Be Heading to the Tokyo Dome on January 4th!There is a special ‘ambassador’ for Wrestle Kingdom, who is there to hype up the matches. The 2018 ambassador is Jurina Matsui, a member of the Japanese idol group SKE48! You might think to yourself, “Why does an idol care about pro wrestling?” However, Ms. Matsui is a huge pro wrestling fan, to the point that she actually stepped into the ring at Korakuen Hall as a wrestler on August 29th, 2017. At Wrestle Kingdom 12 at the Tokyo Dome (doors open at 15:30, show starts at 17:00), you will be able to enjoy many heated bouts. If you visit Tokyo for the new year, come to the show! The heart-pounding battles between the wrestlers and the venue’s enthusiastic atmosphere are sure to leave an impression on you! Wrestle Kingdom 12 in the Tokyo Dome View InformationNJPW Official Site:https://www.njpw1972.com/Wrestle Kingdom 12 at the Tokyo Dome Official Site:http://www.wrestlekingdom.jp/(Japanese)Photos and text by Yuichiro Hotta.Sponsored by New Japan Pro Wrestling Co., Ltd. A previous IWGP Jr. Tag Team Championship boutAt Wrestle Kingdom on January 4, 2018, you can see all of these matches at one event!Details about the match card will be released on the Wrestle Kingdom official site, Facebook, and the NJPW World on demand service, so check them for information. A portion of seats are already sold out, so we recommend making reservations as soon as possible! The Ticket sales agency websites are in Japanese, so ask a friend to help you.Special Guests in the Pre-Show New Japan Rumble! What Is NJPW’s Flagship Event “Wrestle Kingdom”?There are numerous Japanese pro wrestling organizations, but among them, New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) has one of the longest histories. NJPW got its start in Tokyo Dome, one of the biggest sports stadiums in the country, by holding a pro wrestling event there on April 24th, 1989. This was called “the Tokyo Dome show” at the time, and the shows at the Tokyo Dome would later become the flagship event of NJPW.Even now, the Tokyo Dome show is held once a year, and in 2007, it was renamed Wrestle Kingdom. The event has become a familiar fixture to many fans.Since 1992, the Tokyo Dome show has been held every year on January 4th, and fans are now so accustomed to the date that “1.4” is taken as a reference to NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom show. Wrestle Kingdom 12 will be held on January 4th, 2018! This important show will serve as a culmination of the whole year, as well as a new beginning. The show is distinct for having special matches booked in addition to championship contests. Let’s take a look at the match card! For more on the allure of NJPW and information on how to buy tickets, read these articles: A Must For Wrestling Fans: Complete Guide To New Japan Pro-Wrestling! and Japanese Wrestling Report: A New Japan Pro-Wrestling Match!The Mightiest Clash in NJPW: the IGWP Heavyweight Championship MatchA previous meeting between Kazuchika Okada (left) and Tetsuya Naito (right)This year’s main event is a title match for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, pitting Kazuchika Okada versus Tetsuya Naito. Okada, the 65th champion, defeated Naito to win the belt on June 19th, 2016. Naito, the challenger, won the G1 Climax league series in the summer of 2017, and aims to take back the belt from Okada.However, Okada cannot afford to lose. While he beat Naito to become the 65th champion, he was also the 63rd champion before losing to Naito at Ryogoku Hall on April 10th, 2016. Okada certainly does not want to lose the belt to Naito twice. For Naito, this is a golden opportunity to win the belt from Okada. What conclusion awaits for these men, whose destinies have been entwined over these past two and a half years?See Many of NJPW’s Feature Matches!The IWGP Heavyweight Championship is not the only throne contested in NJPW.A previous NEVER Openweight Championship boutThe other belts up for grabs in singles matches are the IWGP Intercontinental Championship, where the wrestlers will battle for what is known as the “white belt,” and the NEVER Openweight Championship. There will also be matches for the 30-year-old IWGP Tag Team Championship as well as the NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Championship, a new championship created in 2016.A previous IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship boutIn the lighter weight class, there will be matches for the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship and the IWGP Jr. Tag Team Championship, known for showcasing wrestlers’ spectacular high-flying techniques.last_img read more

Breathtaking Emerald Green Water Tsunoshima In Yamaguchi

first_imgA breathtaking view of emerald green. Did you know that there was such a beautiful place in Japan?Today, we introduce Tsunoshima of Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi. Tsunoshima is ranked as third in the world and number one in Japan in the book “Beautiful Sights You Want To Visit Before You Die.” We will also include information about food in Tsunoshima, and attractions other than the Tsunoshima Ohashi bridge.Tsunoshima is an island located in the northwest region of Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi. The photo we shared at the beginning of the article is Tsunoshima Ohashi bridge. The island got the name “Tsunoshima” (“Horn Island”) because its two capes stick out like the horns of a cow.The secret to the brilliant emerald green color is in Tsunoshima’s sand. Sand at most beaches in Japan consists of crushed rock and has a grayish dark color. However, the sand at Tsunoshima consists of crushed shells, creating a whiter color. The white sand reflects the sunlight stronger, resulting in shining cobalt blue water.Since Tsunoshima Ohashi bridge opened in 2000 this beautiful sight has gathered much attention and has often been used as a filming location for television dramas and commercials.Now let’s see what we can find on the island.This is the filming location of the chapel that was used in the movie “Yokkakan no Kiseki.” It has been left as it was for filming. This chapel played a very important part in the movie.Right behind the chapel is the seashore. Visitors can admire the beautiful combination of chapel and sea. They say there are many people who enjoy swimming and camping at Ohama Kaisuiyokujo beach during the summer.By the way, this chapel set was made by covering up a public restroom. It can still be used as a public restroom today.Located near the chapel is Tsunoshima Shizenkan, where you can learn about the ecosystems around Tsunoshima.Within the building, visitors will find various displays such as a skeletal specimen of Omura’s whale, a whale species newly discovered in 1998, as well as a wide variety of shells from around the world. 200 yen is needed as an admission co-operation expense.Further into the island you will find a lighthouse. This lighthouse is symbolic of Tsunoshima. Built in 1876, it was the first Western style lighthouse on the Sea of Japan side. Its stone body fits in well with its beautiful surroundings.The landing of the lighthouse beyond the spiral staircase is a perfect spot to admire Tsunoshima and the surrounding Sea of Japan. There is an admission fee of 150 yen to climb the lighthouse.Going even further down the road in front of the lighthouse, we found an isolated torii gate.Surrounded by walls of stacked rock, we are in a very unusual place.Passing through the torii gate and moving ahead, we found a main shrine made from stone. The rock serving as a nameplate reads “Ryujin,” the god of the ocean.After strolling the island, you might be feeling hungry. It’s time to enjoy some fresh seafood! There are several huts near the lighthouse where you can cook and eat seafood on the spot.Also nearby the huts you will find squid being dried. The sight of countless opened-up squid twirling around at high speed is very unique – we couldn’t take our eyes off them.This is a broiled squid we purchased at one of the huts. Cooked on the spot, it had a pleasant smell and strong salty taste that brought out the flavor of the squid.At the island’s cafeteria, visitors can also enjoy fresh sashimi. The beige slices in the front of the photo are turban shell, which has a great crunchy texture. You should definitely try these delicacies especially because Tsunoshima offers fresh seafood daily.You don’t have to go all the way to Okinawa to enjoy an emerald green ocean view. We hope you visit Tsunoshima, Yamaguchi!InformationTsunoshimaAddress: Yamaguchi, Shimonoseki, Hohoku, TsunoshimaNearest Station: JR Kottoi StationAccess: 23 minutes by Blue Line Bus (for Tsunoshima) from JR Kottoi StationPhone Number: -Official Website: –last_img read more

Feds provide 3 million boost to charity for social entrepreneurs

first_imgThe Canadian Press The federal government says it is giving $3 million to a charity that supports young Canadians developing socially conscious businesses.Finance Minister Bill Morneau made the announcement on Wednesday with Craig Kielburger, co-founder of the WE Charity.The money will go to the WE Social Entrepreneurs initiative, which provides skills building, mentorship and financial support to social enterprises led by young people.WE says the money will help create 200 “youth-led enterprises” that address social issues at a community level.The charity says the cash will also help 30 social enterprises that have already been established get to a point where they can pitch investors.It says WE Social Entrepreneurs is made up of two different sections: WE Incubate will focus on youth under the age of 25, while those under 35 can access WE Scale Up.last_img read more

Cross Lake First Nation elder to continue hunger strike in Ottawa

first_imgAPTN National News CROSS LAKE FIRST NATION, Man.–An elder from Cross Lake First Nation in Manitoba is travelling to Ottawa to continue his hunger strike alongside Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence.Elder Raymond Robinson, 51, has been on a hunger strike since Dec. 12. Robinson is expected to arrive in Ottawa sometime Monday evening.“I have been in steady contact with Chief Theresa Spence and we exchange ideas on what our next steps should be,” said Robinson, in a statement issued Monday.Robinson said he will continue his hunger strike until Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Governor General David Johnston agree to a treaty meeting, which is also Spence’s demand.“I am committed to continue my hunger strike until Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Governor General David Johnston meet with Chief Spence and myself and the First Nation leadership,” said Robinson.Robinson is backed by Cross Lake First Nation Chief Garrison Settee.“The Cross Lake First Nation fully supports Elder Robinson’s personal decision to make this sacrifice as an Indigenous person of this land we call Canada and as a citizen who holds treaty rights that the government of Canada has a legal and constitutional obligation to honour,” said Settee. “It is a sad day in Canada’s history when First Nations people are now ready to sacrifice their lives in order to get this government to work with our First Nations leadership on a nation-to-nation basis and to recognize, respect and honour our inherent and treaty rights.”Robinson has been drinking only herbal tea since he began his hunger strike.Spence has been on a hunger strike for 21 days.last_img read more

UN military command leads disarmament efforts in Sierra Leone

UN Force Commander Lt. Gen. Daniel Opande and his deputy, Maj. Gen. Martin Agwai, left for Kono this morning in an ongoing effort to ease tensions and resolve issues hindering the disarmament process in the district.In the last week, the Deputy Force Commander has travelled on a nearly daily basis throughout Kono with a team composed of Kono traditional leaders and representatives of the Sierra Leonean Government to sensitize the combatants about disarmament. A joint monitoring committee composed of representatives from UNAMSIL, the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) and the Civil Defence Force (CDF), formed as a follow-up to the disarmament meeting on 17 July, has also made the trips.Since 2 July, a total of 304 RUF and 454 CDF have disarmed in Kono District, while 813 CDF have disarmed in Bonthe. read more

Experts Silicon Valley gender bias case will inspire women despite jury verdict

Ellen Pao, right, walks to Civic Center Courthouse in San Francisco, Friday, March 27, 2015. The jury are due back in court on Friday in Pao’s lawsuit against Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Pao says the firm discriminated against her because she was a woman and then retaliated by denying her a promotion and firing her when she complained about gender bias. Kleiner Perkins denies the allegations. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu) Experts: Silicon Valley gender bias case will inspire women despite jury verdict by Sudhin Thanawala, The Associated Press Posted Mar 28, 2015 2:37 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email SAN FRANCISCO – A long legal battle over accusations that a prominent Silicon Valley venture capital firm demeaned women and held them to a different standard than their male colleagues became a flashpoint in the ongoing discussion about gender inequity at elite technology and venture capital firms.Though Ellen Pao lost her lawsuit against Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Silicon Valley observers say her case and the attention it received will embolden women in the industry and continue to spur firms to examine their practices and cultures for gender bias.“This case has been a real wake up call for the technology industry in general and the venture capital community in particular,” said Deborah Rhode, a law professor at Stanford University who teaches gender equity law.The jury of six men and six women rejected all of Pao’s claims against Kleiner Perkins on Friday, determining the firm did not discriminate against her because she is a woman and did not retaliate against her by failing to promote her and firing her after she filed a sex discrimination complaint.In making their case during the five-week trial, Pao’s attorneys presented a long list of alleged indignities to which their client was subjected: an all-male dinner at the home of Vice-President Al Gore; a book of erotic poetry from a partner; being asked to take notes like a secretary at a meeting; being cut out of emails and meetings by a male colleague with whom she broke off an affair; and talk about pornography aboard a private plane.But the heart of their argument was that Pao was an accomplished junior partner who was passed over for a promotion and fired because the firm used different standards to judge men and women.Kleiner Perkins’ attorney, Lynne Hermle, countered that Pao failed as an investor at the company and sued to get a big payout as she was being shown the door. They used emails and testimony from the firm’s partners to dispute Pao’s claims and paint her as a chronic complainer who twisted facts and circumstances in her lawsuit and had a history of conflicts with colleagues that contributed to the decision to let her go.Rhode and other experts say Kleiner Perkins and the venture capital industry in general did not come out looking good even though they won the case.“Venture capital firms recognize it’s not appropriate to be out in the streets celebrating,” said Freada Kapor Klein, founder of the Level Playing Field Institute, a non-profit that aims to boost minority representation in science, technology, engineering and math fields. “They don’t have the moral high ground.”Even before the Pao trial started, a succession of employment statistics released during the past 10 months brought the technology industry’s lack of diversity into sharper focus.Women hold just 15 per cent to 20 per cent of the technology jobs at Google, Apple, Facebook and Yahoo, according to company disclosures. The data were mortifying for an industry that has positioned itself as a meritocracy where intelligence and ingenuity are supposed to be more important than appearances or connections.The venture capital industry is even more male-dominated, with a study released last year by Babson College in Massachusetts finding that women filled just 6 per cent of partner-level positions at 139 venture capital firms in 2013, down from 10 per cent in 1999.Klein said before the verdict she was contacted by more than a dozen venture capital and technology companies asking how they could improve the environment as a result of the Pao case. She expects some firms will be “smug” after the verdict and do little to change for fear of being dragged through the mud while others will step up.The attention surrounding the case makes it more likely other women who believe they have been discriminated against will go to court, said David Lewis, CEO of OperationsInc., a human resources consulting and contracting firm. Two women who formerly worked at Facebook and Twitter filed gender discrimination cases against the companies during the Pao trial. One of Pao’s attorneys, Therese Lawless, is representing the plaintiff in the Facebook lawsuit.At the very least, Pao’s suit will prompt more women to open up about their experiences in the workplace, said Nicole Sanchez, founder of Vaya Consulting, which tries to help Silicon Valley companies increase diversity.“I do see a trend now in the name of Ellen Pao,” Sanchez said, pointing to the Twitter hashtag, “ThankYouEllenPao” that popped up as the verdict came in. “Women in technology are telling their stories.”___Associated Press writers Michael Liedtke and Olga Rodriguez contributed to this report. read more

TSX remains in the red despite higher oil NY markets close slightly

TSX remains in the red despite higher oil; N.Y. markets close slightly lower by Alexandra Posadzki, The Canadian Press Posted Apr 16, 2015 2:59 pm MDT TORONTO – The Toronto stock market closed in the red Thursday even as oil prices continued their recent advance and the financial sector rebounded from earlier losses to reach positive territory.The S&P/TSX composite was down 64.10 points at 15,386.77 after rising nearly 62 points on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the loonie extended its gains for a third day, rising 0.80 of a U.S. cent to 82.10 cents.Chris King, portfolio manager at Morgan, Meighen and Associates, said the TSX could start to give back some of the gains it achieved in recent sessions as oil prices inched higher.“The market in general, over the last couple of days, is looking through the valley — which is the current energy price — and assuming that better days are ahead in the short term for energy, and that’s what the stocks are pricing in,” said King.He cautioned that although he is constructive on the energy sector in the long term, energy stocks could suffer over the next few weeks.“The danger is that although I think the long-term valuation may be appropriate, in the short term we’re still adding significantly to supply, and we really are crossing our fingers that demand mops up a lot of supply to put us in balance, allowing the true spot prices to move higher,” said King.“Really we’re going to have to see better earnings out of the energy sector to really support our overall valuations in the TSX, and that won’t come for a while. I think this is a decent level but I would have caution that we may see some pullback from this point.”On Wall Street, markets were relatively flat after a recent spate of uninspiring economic reports. For instance, the number of Americans who applied for unemployment support last week rose for the second consecutive week.The Dow Jones industrial average was down 6.84 points at 18,105.77, while the Nasdaq fell 3.23 points to 5,007.79 and the S&P 500 slipped 1.64 points to 2,104.99.Although analysts have been anticipating a rough earnings season, with the strong U.S. dollar expected to hurt profits at large, multinational companies, most of the earnings reports that have come in so far have beat analyst expectations.Citigroup increased its quarterly income as it trimmed expenses, making up for a decline in revenue and beating analyst predictions.“We’ve only had a handful of companies reporting but, for the most part, they’ve actually been pretty good,” said King. “The quarter might not go so badly.”On the commodity markets, the May crude contract rose 32 cents to US$56.71 a barrel, while the June gold contract edged down $3.30 to US$1,198.00 an ounce and May copper surged six cents to US$2.77 a pound. AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

Business Highlights

by The Associated Press Posted Apr 20, 2015 4:01 pm MDT Last Updated Apr 20, 2015 at 7:30 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Business Highlights ___A small victory for fliers: summer domestic fares fall $2.01After years of steadily-rising airfare, travellers this summer can expect a tiny bit of relief — $2.01 in savings to be exact.The average roundtrip domestic ticket this summer, including taxes, now stands at $454, down less than a per cent from last summer. Vacationers to Europe will fare better with the average ticket down 3 per cent to $1,619, about $50 less than last summer.Not all travellers will get to save.Flights to Hawaii, Florida and New Orleans are cheaper, but travellers heading to New York, Denver and San Francisco can expect to pay more.___5 years after BP spill: What’s changed in offshore drillingNEW ORLEANS (AP) — As oil gushed from BP’s ruptured well five years ago and public outrage built by the day, the Obama administration issued a six-month moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.When the well was finally capped after nearly three months, political and industry pressure mounted on the White House to lift the ban, which it did about a month earlier than planned.___Running out of time: Limited-time deals can be limitingNEW YORK (AP) — Target shoppers found out this weekend that when stores make deals to carry merchandise from high-end designers for a limited time, it can be, well, really limiting.The discounter partnered with the Lilly Pulitzer brand to carry a collection of 250 pieces for a fraction of the price of the Palm Beach designer’s original merchandise. But the line, which included $38 pink shift dresses and $25 beach towels, was wrought with long lines in stores, quick sellouts online and other problems.___Global, Chinese automakers debut new car modelsSHANGHAI (AP) — Ford showed off its new Taurus and Nissan unveiled a midsize sedan designed for China on Monday at a Shanghai Auto Show that highlighted the commercial resurgence of lower-priced Chinese auto brands.Competition in China is intensifying as economic growth slows and more manufacturers pile into the world’s biggest auto market by number of vehicles sold. Global automakers are spending heavily to appeal to Chinese tastes and local brands are rolling out lower-cost versions of SUVs and other popular vehicles.___Volcker says US bank oversight ineffective, seeks overhaulWASHINGTON (AP) — Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker is calling for a reshaping of the U.S. financial oversight regime, which he says is splintered and ineffective.A public policy group led by Volcker issued a report Monday on the regulation of banks and Wall Street. It says the array of government agencies that oversee the financial system has changed little since the Depression-era 1930s and can’t keep up with a fast-moving industry. It calls for a simpler setup.___Survey: US businesses expect sales rebound, more hiringWASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. businesses expect their sales will rebound in the next three months after a sluggish first quarter, and they also plan to boost hiring and pay, according to a survey released Monday.Just 49 per cent of firms said their sales increased in the first three months of the year from last year’s fourth quarter. That’s down from 54 per cent that reported higher sales in the last survey, in January.Yet companies are much more bullish about the April through June quarter. Nearly three-quarters of companies forecast higher sales over the next three months, up from 68 per cent in January and just 54 per cent in October.___Labour group seeks rehiring of workers at 5 Wal-Mart storesNEW YORK (AP) — A union is asking labour regulators to go to court to force Wal-Mart to rehire all 2,200 employees affected by the abrupt temporary closing of five stores a week ago.The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union filed the charge with the National Labor Relations Board on Monday, arguing the closings were retaliation for labour activism. Wal-Mart says it closed the stores to fix plumbing issues.One affected store, in Pico Rivera, California, has been a hotbed for worker protests against Wal-Mart. It was the first store to wage such protests, in October 2012. The other stores are in Midland and Livingston, Texas; Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Brandon, Florida.___Bristol-Myers: 2 cancer drugs beat 1 against melanomaPHILADELPHIA (AP) — Giving patients with advanced melanoma two Bristol-Myers drugs that work differently held the deadly skin cancer at bay far longer than just one, though the combination’s considerable increase in serious side effects raises concerns about how much patients can endure.A study of 142 patients not treated previously found combining Yervoy and Opdivo, which mobilize the body’s immune system to target cancer cells, greatly boosted survival over giving Yervoy alone. The company said the combo also was better than Opdivo alone, based on a prior study.___Halliburton says has cut 9,000 jobs in wake of oil’s dropHOUSTON (AP) — Halliburton Co. has cut 9,000 jobs — more than 10 per cent of its workforce — in about six months and is considering more cost-cutting moves as falling oil prices sap demand for its drilling help.Halliburton executives disclosed the job cuts Monday on a conference call with investors. The Houston oilfield-services company reported a loss of $643 million in the first quarter.Oil prices plunged starting last summer, leading to a decline in drilling activity. Spot prices for crude have risen slightly since early January but remain about half their level of last July.___Cardinal Health paying $26.8 million in FTC settlementNEW YORK (AP) — Cardinal Health will pay $26.8 million as part of a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission over charges it monopolized the sale in 25 markets of diagnostic drugs known as low-energy radiopharmaceuticals.The charges allege that the pharmaceutical and medical-products distributor forced hospitals and clinics to pay inflated prices for the drugs, used to diagnose a range of conditions, including heart disease.___Cirque du Soleil sells majority stake to private equityTORONTO (AP) — The founder of the Cirque Du Soleil said Monday he is giving up the majority stake in his circus troupe that has wowed audiences worldwide for 30 years and propelled him from street performer to billionaire.What was once a small troupe of vagabonds has grown to a 4,000-person operation headquartered in Montreal that will now be controlled by the U.S. private equity firm TPG.Cirque founder Guy Laliberte told a news conference in Montreal that he has signed a deal to sell a majority stake to TPG for an undisclosed price. He will maintain a 10 per cent stake in the business and continue to provide strategic and creative input to the company.___Kraft Mac & Cheese shedding the dyesNEW YORK (AP) — This is the last year that the original version of Kraft Mac & Cheese sold in the U.S. will contain artificial preservatives or synthetic colours.In January, Kraft says its macaroni and cheese will be colored using paprika, annatto and turmeric.There has been a huge shift away from processed foods in the U.S. and larger food producers are trying to follow their customers in that direction.___ESPN says Verizon’s new FiOS TV packages violate agreementsNEW YORK (AP) — Breaking up the cable-TV bundle won’t be easy.ESPN is objecting to how Verizon is giving its FiOS TV customers more choice. In new plans that went into effect Sunday, Verizon made the ESPN and ESPN2 sports channels optional, but ESPN says its contracts with Verizon prohibit the channels from being in a separate sports package.___Japan, US talks seeking compromise on farm, auto tradeTOKYO (AP) — Japan’s top trade negotiator met with U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman on Monday, seeking to resolve differences on autos and farm exports that are hindering progress toward a Pacific Rim trade deal.Economy minister Akira Amari, Japan’s top trade negotiator, sought to keep expectations low.Amari said that the two sides were still trying to resolve differences over removing trade barriers in key areas. Japan wants greater market opening for its exports of autos and auto parts. The U.S. hopes to export more rice, pork and other farm products to Japan.___By The Associated Press=The Dow Jones industrial average rose 208.63 points, or 1.2 per cent, to 18,034. 93. The Standard & Poor’s 500 index gained 19.22 points, or 0.9 per cent, to 2,100.40. The Nasdaq composite climbed 62.79 points, or 1.3 per cent, to 4,994.60.The price of U.S. crude oil increased 64 cents to close at $56.38 a barrel in New York. Brent crude, a benchmark for international oils used by many U.S. refineries, was unchanged at $63.45 a barrel in London. Wholesale gasoline rose 1.6 cents to close at $1.932 a gallon. Heating oil fell 0.5 cent to close at $1.877 a gallon. Natural gas fell 9.8 cents to close at $2.536 per 1,000 cubic feet. read more

Apples latest earnings blowout shows iPhone is still the engine behind companys

Apple’s latest earnings blow-out shows iPhone is still the engine behind company’s success by Brandon Bailey, The Associated Press Posted Apr 27, 2015 2:44 pm MDT Last Updated Apr 27, 2015 at 8:00 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email SAN FRANCISCO – The iPhone is still the engine behind Apple’s phenomenal success, even if attention lately has been focused on its new smartwatch.While skeptics question whether the company’s future is tied too much to one product, the iPhone’s popularity was the reason Apple turned in another blow-out financial report Monday. The results far surpassed most analysts’ expectations for the first three months of the year, when sales traditionally fall from their holiday-season peak.Apple sold more than 61 million iPhones in the quarter, accounting for more than two-thirds of its $58 billion in revenue for the three-month period and the lion’s share of its $13.6 billion in profit.As expected, the numbers were down from the previous quarter, when holiday shoppers bought a record 74 million of Apple’s new iPhone 6, 6 Plus and older models. But the 61 million was a 40 per cent increase over the number of iPhones sold in the first three months of 2014.“We’re seeing great results all over the world,” Apple Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri told The Associated Press, adding that iPhone sales grew 72 per cent in China, where the company has big hopes for expansion.Other products played a much smaller role. Revenue from Mac computers rose 2 per cent from a year earlier, to $5.6 billion, while iPad revenue fell 29 per cent, to $5.4 billion — continuing a steady decline in tablet sales.Apple didn’t report any results for the new Apple Watch, which it began selling this month after the quarter ended. CEO Tim Cook told analysts on a conference call that he was “thrilled” with customer response, but added that it’s difficult to gauge demand because initial supplies are limited. Analysts estimate about 2 million have sold to date, suggesting early demand is healthy but not of blockbuster proportions.The iPhone is another story. Since it began offering models with bigger screens last fall, Apple has vied with South Korea’s Samsung for the No. 1 position in the global smartphone market. By some estimates, Apple outsold Samsung in the quarter that ended in December, and analysts will be watching closely when Samsung reports its latest results this week.As iPhone sales have surged, so has Apple’s stock. Apple shares have gained more than 50 per cent over the last year, making it the world’s most valuable company. The stock closed Monday at $132.65, up 1.8 per cent for the day, and was rising another 1 per cent in extended trading.The iPhone isn’t just Apple’s dominant product, said Frank Gillett, a tech industry analyst at Forrester Research. “It’s more than anything else what’s driving the success of their company.”Market researchers, however, expect smartphone growth to slow down worldwide this year, particularly at the higher price range where Apple competes, as most consumers in industrialized countries have already bought one. That could make it difficult for Apple to maintain its recent pace.“They’re extremely dependent on the iPhone,” said investment analyst Colin Gillis at BGC Partners. “At some point, the market dynamics change,” he said, adding that the question is what could replace the iPhone if sales begin to slow.Cook said he’s optimistic about new markets such as China, where Apple has made a strong showing against Samsung and China’s Xiaomi by appealing to a growing middle class. He also said only 20 per cent of iPhone owners have purchased the newest models, which he painted as a sign that many more will eventually upgrade to the 6 or 6 Plus.Maestri, meanwhile, said the company is diversifying with new products like Apple Watch and Apple Pay, which on Monday added Discover to the list of payment cards that work with the service. While he acknowledged these currently provide minimal revenue to Apple, analysts say they have big potential. And they are designed to work closely with the iPhone, which means each may bolster the other’s popularity in the future, Gillett said.Apple also announced Monday an expansion of its 2-year-old effort to give investors a bigger share of the company’s huge profits. Maestri said Apple will raise its quarterly dividend by 11 per cent, to 52 cents a share, and has increased a $90 billion stock buyback program to $140 billion. In total, he said the program will return $200 billion to investors by the end of March 2017.Apple ended the quarter with $193.5 billion in cash and short-term securities. But since most of that is parked overseas to avoid paying higher U.S. tax rates, Maestri said Apple will likely take advantage of low interest rates to borrow money for the program. read more

Navy recovers parcel with explosives materiel under water

The Navy has recovered a parcel with explosives materiel hidden under water in the Jaffna area.The Navy said that the parcel was recovered with the assistance of the Terrorism Investigations Division (TID) in the Aliyawalai sea area in Jaffna. At least 15kg of explosive materiel mixed with sand was recovered by the Navy.Investigations are underway.

UN says Sri Lanka has a long history of disappearances

Enforced Disappearances are heinous crimes and the UN marks on this date its solidarity with victims and to express deep concern about the continuation of enforced or involuntary disappearances in various regions of the world, as well as harassment, ill-treatment and intimidation of witnesses of disappearances or relatives of persons who have disappeared. She said that the Office of Missing Persons has a colossal task ahead and will need the full support of all relevant State authorities in order to fulfill its very challenging mandate. “Only with long term sustained efforts it could provide answers and relief to the suffering of many thousands, and thus contribute, along with other institutions, to the commitments of the Government to advance the right to truth, serve justice, provide reparations and guarantee that no such crimes will occur in the future. The UN stands ready to continue supporting the government of Sri Lanka in the fulfilment of this commitment,” she said. In 2010 the UN General Assembly declared that the date of 30 August would be observed as International Day of Enforced Disappearances.“Sri Lanka also has a long history of disappearances. This is evidenced by the numerous national commissions of inquiry which have looked into such allegations over many decades, as well as by UN reports. Today we are reminded of all the families, across the country, that are still looking for answers to the whereabouts and fate of their disappeared loved-ones and accountability for the perpetrators of these crimes,” Hanaa Singer said. Sri Lanka has a long history of disappearances and this is evidenced by the numerous national commissions of inquiry which have looked into such allegations over many decades, as well as by UN reports, the UN office in Sri Lanka said today.In a message to mark the International Day of Victims of Enforced Disappearances, the UN Resident Coordinator in Sri Lanka Hanaa Singer said that the UN was encouraged by Sri Lanka’s ratification of the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance in 2016 and particularly by the establishment of the Office of Missing Persons in 2017. read more

Australia and Sri Lanka to strengthen cooperation to counter people smuggling

Sri Lanka and Australia have re-dedicated themselves to counter people smuggling and discussed in detail avenues for strengthening cooperation to address the recent escalation of the number of people-smuggling ventures from Sri Lanka to Australia since May, 2019, the Foreign Ministry said today.Foreign Secretary Ravinatha Aryasinha expressed Sri Lanka’s fullest support to Australia in curtailing human-smuggling operations originating from Sri Lankan shores, at a meeting held with a delegation for countering people-smuggling and human-trafficking led by Commander of Australia’s Joint Task Force, Operation Sovereign Borders, Major General Craig Furini. The Foreign Secretary also stressed the need to jointly develop sustainable and long-term strategies including targeted campaigns to change the public perception and to educate Sri Lankans on the risks involved in irregular migration. The Australian Delegation, which also included High Commissioner of Australia to Sri Lanka, David Holly, Australia’s Ambassador for People Smuggling and Human Trafficking, Bryce Hutchesson and Manager, National Response Operations of the Australian Federal Police Commander, Jason Williams, thanked the Government of Sri Lanka for its continued cooperation to counter illegal migration.Sri Lanka and Australia have a solid partnership which has been successful in combating people smuggling and transnational border crime. Sri Lanka continues to provide valuable support to Australia in combating people smuggling. The Joint Working Group on People Smuggling and Transnational Crime (JWG) between Sri Lanka and Australia, which is the principal forum to address people-smuggling and human-trafficking cooperation, was last held on 17 October 2018 in Sri Lanka. The next round of the JWG will be held in Canberra, on 11 October 2019. Major General Furini noted that with the setting up of ‘Operation Sovereign Borders Policy’ in September 2013, there has been “zero chance” in reaching Australia by boat, as all illegal migrants by sea have been returned to their countries of origin. He added that they wish to develop mechanisms to address the root cause of the issue to effectively respond to people-smuggling. Director General, East Asia, South East Asia & Oceania, Damayanthie Rajapakse, Director General, International Security and Counter Terrorism, Himalee Arunatilaka, Acting Director General, Public Diplomacy, Ruwanthi Delpitiya, Assistant Legal Advisor, Sanjika Kammanankada and relevant officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were associated with the Foreign Secretary during the talks. read more

Sri Lanka condemns drone attacks in Saudi Arabia

Iran has been blamed for the attacks but Iran has denied any involvement. (Colombo Gazette) Sri Lanka today condemned the drone attacks targeting the Abqaiq oil processing facility and Khurais oil field in Saudi Arabia.As a country that has suffered from terrorism for thirty years, Sri Lanka remains committed to addressing this scourge in all its forms and manifestations. The Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry said that stability in the Middle East is pivotal for the global economy and Sri Lanka hopes that the parties concerned would soon resolve their issues through peaceful negotiations and dialogue. State oil giant Saudi Aramco had brought roughly half of that lost capacity back on line within two days.Abqaiq, located in the kingdom’s oil-rich eastern province, is the world’s largest oil processing facility and crude oil stabilization plant with a processing capacity of more than 7 million bpd. Khurais, which lies about 110 miles southwest of Abqaiq, has capacity to pump around 1.5 million bpd. Ten fires at the Abqaiq facility were put out within seven hours. Attacks on Saudi Arabia’s Abqaiq and Khurais oil facilities on September 14 forced the kingdom to shut down half its oil production capacity, or 5.7 million barrels per day of crude — 5% of the world’s global daily oil production. read more

Narcotic pills worth Rs 10 million seized

Narcotic pills worth Rs. 10 million have been seized from the Central Mail Exchange.The pills were seized when a parcel which arrived from Belgium was checked. A suspect has been arrested over the incident.

Brock research examines how people perceive their lives as they age

Why is it that when we’re young, most of us think life is good and will get even better with time, but once we hit our 60s, we often believe it’s all downhill from there?  In recent research, Associate Professor of Psychology Michael Busseri looks at the question from a few different perspectives.In one study, Busseri and Brock alumna Erin Shanahan (BA ’15) explore the concept of the ‘life script’ that each person has.It’s like being in a movie: the script lays out a progressive series of events, which can influence one’s overall level of well-being.“These are widely-shared beliefs about when certain major milestones are supposed to happen in our lives: graduating from school, going to university, getting a job and getting married,” Busseri said. “It turns out that if you ask people, they’ll come up with a similar list of the big events in life — not only what the events are, but also their timing and how good or bad they’re supposed to feel when they happen.”According to the life script, most major milestones happen when people are in their 20s and 30s, Busseri said. By the time someone hits their 60s, what’s left in the life script is retirement, becoming a grandparent, progressively worsening health and losing loved ones through death.At this point in life, the life script doesn’t specify many major happy events compared to the very large number of positive events expected for younger people, he said.“One reason why, in general, people expect their well-being to get worse as they age is that there’s not a widely-shared set of beliefs that tells us what older adulthood is really like,” Busseri said. “And in particular, we don’t see older adulthood as a time that’s full of exciting, interesting and positive experiences.” And yet a second study shows that well-being does not generally get continually worse over time, even into old age. This study focuses on components, or ‘domains’ of life, such as jobs, relationships, finances and health among other areas. Busseri and Brock alumna Taysa-Rhea Mise (MA ’14) set out to see how people’s beliefs about these specific domains unfold over time and if or how these beliefs impact their overall life assessment.They found that younger adults felt their lives were getting better, not only in general but also in all their domains with one exception: their physical health. “Even adults in their 20s and 30s tend to expect their physical health to decline over time,” Busseri said. Likewise, older adults perceived a general decline in life overall and in most of their domains, except for relationships with their spouse and children. “People believe that these will generally stay stable over time, not decline,” Busseri said. “There are domains in people’s lives where things are expected to go well even into older age,” he said. “What our research suggests, however, is that this hasn’t translated into people’s global beliefs about how their life is supposed to unfold over time; most people still anticipate that in older adult things are likely to get worse in the future.” In reality, studies of lives over time show that most people don’t experience dramatic increases or decreases in well-being, Busseri said. People tend to stay relatively stable over the long term, despite the common ups and downs in their daily lives, and despite stories of changes in their lives they create through memories of the past or predictions of the future, he said.Busseri recommends that older adults in particular focus on areas of their lives that bring them satisfaction, meaning and enjoyment, which “may actually help them arrive at a more accurate picture of how their life will go.” For those wanting to increase their life satisfaction, Busseri suggests that people identify concrete ways to make small, incremental changes in their daily lives, rather than expect a large, dramatic one. Such a move is “unlikely to bring a long-lasting change in satisfaction because we adapt so quickly to many types of changes in our lives,” he said. read more

How the Raptors NBA win is helping to inspire a continent

Andrew Scheers experience in the insurance industry 6 or 7 months

01:07 Pause Playback will start after this advertisement Close Playback Status: ready Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer faced more questions Monday over his credentials as an insurance broker. Scheer told reporters in Toronto Monday he worked at a firm for “six or seven months,” mostly doing clerical work but that “the licensed brokers finalized all the transactions.” 1:073926 commentsConservative Leader Andrew Scheer has talked for years about his private sector experience as an insurance broker, but under questioning Monday, he admitted he only worked in the industry for “six or seven months.” CBC News asked him exactly how long he’d worked in a Regina insurance office. “I worked from approximately spring to some time in the fall,” he said, saying he’d have to go back and check his personal records for the exact dates. CBC News also asked Scheer to clarify exactly what his role was in this office. He said his job was “supporting the whole team … answering questions from customers and clients and doing preparatory work.” He added that he would also explain and pass on information to people coming into the office.  The climate change issue keeps dogging Andrew Scheer on the campaign trailScheer promises Tories would improve access to disability tax credit When CBC News suggested this meant he’d never actually worked as a broker, Scheer said that although he (eventually) received his accreditation under the Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker Program, “at this particular office, the licensed brokers finalized all the transactions.” Conrad Shenher, who owned the insurance firm where Scheer worked and is now retired, told CBC News in a phone call that he doesn’t remember what Scheer’s duties were because it was so long ago. In response to an earlier question from The Canadian Press, Scheer had said “I left before obtaining the full licence but I did receive that accreditation for general insurance.” He also said he had many different jobs before being elected, including waiting tables. Bio still says ‘broker’ When Scheer ran for the leadership of the Conservative Party, the biographical information on his website said he “passed the Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker program and began his working career in the insurance industry in Regina.”  That’s the opposite order of events Scheer now describes. Derek Lothian, chief executive officer of the Insurance Brokers Association of Saskatchewan, confirmed that Scheer completed a course with the association “that would form part of the eligibility requirements for licensing.” As of Monday afternoon, Scheer’s biography on the Conservative Party’s web page continued to say that “before entering public life, Andrew worked in the private sector as an insurance broker.” Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s “About” page on the Conservative Party website says he “worked in the private sector as an insurance broker” before entering politics. (conservative.ca) On Saturday, The Globe and Mail reported that despite Scheer’s claim to have been a broker, the newspaper could find no evidence that he had received the accreditation needed to be a broker before he was elected to the House of Commons in 2004, when he was only 25. Scheer worked as a political staffer before and after his brief stint in the insurance business in Regina. AnalysisWhat tipping point seats say about Liberal, Conservative paths to victory Provincial legislation prohibits calling yourself a broker unless you hold a licence. On Sunday, Liberal candidate Marco Mendicino suggested Scheer had been misrepresenting his qualifications and called for an investigation by the Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan and the Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan. Ron Fullan, executive director of the insurance councils, confirmed receipt of Mendicino’s letter. “We are currently reviewing it. At this point, we have no further comment on the issue.” Stop Link Stop Embed Bitrate: Undetermined Restore player Turn captions off Events Log: Show/Refresh Events Close Assigned test group: None Embed Code: Play Asset: Undetermined Streaming URL: Cancel playback Close Video Pause Close Facebook Email Was Andrew Scheer an insurance broker? Share this Identifier: mediaId 1611196995722 Watch Twitter Turn captions on Ad : read more