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Retail customer service customers may wish to do more than three a little more

to serve the public, service customers, want to get the customer’s recognition, naturally also need to do more work, pay attention to more details. In short, as a retail household, every day to deal with different customers, often encounter different character of the customer, some easy-going, some critical, some calm, some hot…… Encounter different character of the customer, how to communicate with them, how to let him become our repeat guest? Many successful experience tells us that only to do a little smile a little more patience, a little more sincere, as far as possible so that customer satisfaction, business can be prosperous. read more

Underwear shop Raiders shop so easy

is a woman’s underwear underwear, lingerie, women would rather spend high price to buy, so open a brand underwear shop is very profitable. How about opening an underwear store? How to operate underwear store? The following is a good way to share your underwear shop.

how to run a lingerie store? Underwear underwear products how to do unique? Underwear style must be unique, fashionable style, in order to attract more customers. Open a lingerie shop, if you want to make money, you can go to the direction of the development of high-end. Underwear store guests, spending power is relatively strong, lingerie store purchase Raiders, hoping to wear a unique style. Hong Kong, Han, European goods has become the focus of their procurement targets. read more

Examples of college students how to guard against fraud

example of college students how to guard against fraud

now is a lot of criminals find many get in by every opening, they like to fraud, as the saying goes, one foot in mind, also have their own methods of college students to cheat.

at the fair, a few enterprises under the banner of the recruitment of students under the guise of deception do MLM or even other illegal things have occurred. Xinxiang Medical University graduates Yu Pengfei in January this year, a recruitment site, several flow recruiters stopped, they said the company’s business in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, after a brief exchange told less than: "we need you to do, do not require work experience, Baochibaozhu, the annual salary of twenty thousand yuan." More contact several times, he found that the company is doing MLM, "thanks to my strong ability to identify, or be confused for their blandishments." Yu Pengfei one face. read more

How can get a snack bar

see nowadays is an era of the pursuit of a fast and efficient, of course requires us to have a can adapt to our society, the development of the industry, the fast food industry development will come, but how to run a fast-food restaurant?

fast-food business: how to choose a good location when the first open fast food shop, shop to shop business will play a major role. As the saying goes, store an inch, a business zhang. Good shop is the stream of people, the flow of money, the exchange of information flow is the fastest and most active place. read more

Hunan Mayang orange farmers harvest new year sales

with the continuous progress of the times, the modern farmers to change the past ideas, not only to grow crops, but also to grow some valuable things! "A red, Jin Jin honey and other high-quality varieties, this year will be sold in the orange tree!" The arrival of the Spring Festival, in the village of Hunan Mayang yellow Shuangchong rock door town, farmers Tan Xiangpin stood in their candy orange base were removed before looking at the fruit of Bingtang orange tree, full of confidence for the coming year sales booming, "as long as there is quality, not to worry about sales and prices." read more

Entrepreneurs need to pay attention to what else trap

venture from scratch is a very difficult thing, some people take the form of a whole Pandian took over the store, can greatly reduce shop preparations. But hide a lot of subtle traps in this one, the harm of entrepreneurs. The following traps require extra attention.

may transfer to some real excuse to explain the reasons for the transfer of stores, such as physical discomfort, such as moving, immigrant rhetoric. So, in the count time, you must carefully scrutinize whether there are any other business reasons. Want to sell up to many people from the industry of careful analysis. read more

White money case of success

now in the society, there are a lot of people at the same time advocate start empty-handed entrepreneurial approach, there are also many different start empty-handed entrepreneurs, it has become a way of many young people to entrepreneurship, so what are the specific white money case.

1, copying other people’s projects to make money.

read more

n memory of Chen Shoufujun and the coral version of QQ

      in 2007 09 month 29 days, is the day that coral QQ author Chen Shoufujun was arrested in the online video spread out. Wandering alone on the Internet, I met my friend and asked, "did Mr. write a little bit about Chen Shoufu and the coral bug?" I say "no"". She warned me, "Mr. or write a little. The coral QQ is that we used a lot of years of good software

      this is what I know, where I used a modified version of QQ software, probably because it often felt it, install and delete, delete and delete, however in such numerous loading, finally decided to choose or coral. I have felt the need to write something, although this is irrelevant to Chen Jun, but to me, it can only That’s all. If I could believe that "the return of the king, the sacred tree having white flowers, that would give greater comfort, but now, only That’s all. read more

Micro business cheated 170 thousand buyers online banking remittance screenshot was false


receives an email from the buyers online banking remittance screenshots, but to the financial account of nuclear, but found not received the remittance, how is this going? Recently, Nanjing engaged in overseas purchasing micro business suffered such a mystery. Xuanwu police investigation found that the buyers drilling time difference of the financial payment loopholes, the use of "PS" false online banking remittance cheated screenshots, value of 17 yuan luxury. At present, the two suspects have been arrested and detained according to law. read more

nsurance buy electricity supplier channel into a new arena regional regulatory problems to be solve

this year, the Lantern Festival, the team also added insurance buy figure. In February 24th, Juhuasuan, Taobao in the life line on the platform of China Union life and Hong Kang Renshou Insurance Products Group purchase really fire a handful.

following the end of last year, Guohua life insurance joint Taobao Juhuasuan first test the insurance group purchase record, Juhuasuan group of billions of dollars in sales records, many insurance companies have the battle group purchase platform, the electricity supplier channels has become the new "insurance sales field". read more

Baidu Li Yinan said SP model will continue to remain optimistic about the game and advertising

in December 8th, in the mobile Internet Conference, Baidu chief technology officer Mr. Li Yinan said at the forum, the mobile internet entertainment needs to be played and greater development in a large extent, from the point of view of Baidu, China Mobile 2008 of the market in 2009 in a blowout period.


, SARFT science and technology division director Wang Xiaojie had explained that the "forward" and "backward" culture of different cultures, on many occasions she believes that TV is a "backward" culture, and the computer is "forward" culture. Li Yinan at the forum also expressed a similar view: "we know the biggest entertainment often demand lies in a more relaxed state, not today sit in front of the computer, or slightly forward, in front of the screen." This is what Wang Xiaojie said "forward culture". read more

The charm of the title and the title of the party how to write the title

network has been circulated so a picture, down the title party. What is the title of the party? There is such a person on the Internet, they waste time, deceive the feelings of friends; their posts filled with violence, sex, crime and other words. They are marked with a "creative" title, and the content of the post is usually of little or no relevance to the title. For example: "naked girl," so thrilling road huge crowds of people "such as Hsu Chi was kissing actress beast", "[help] my month abortion 3 times, there will be the problem? Is not what happened?" and so on, completely nonsensical, everyone in the Baidu search once see, that is the title the party. read more

2010 China’s four major e commerce inventory

the past 2010, e-commerce is fast for a year.

whether it is self-contained, very influential B2C mode B2B mode, or C2C mode gradually, electronic payment has a huge space for development, e-commerce market in 2010 is a highlight of the economic development of the market! Summary electronic commerce this year is a year of rapid development, opportunities and challenges of the year, have milepost significance of the year


check 2010, outlook 2011! Hope e-commerce development momentum in 2011 still could become 2011 stride forward singing militant songs, but the protagonist, or otherwise force out, let’s wait and see who will be the 2011 leading Internet read more

Rising electricity supplier Ali entertainment transformation metrich runaway in bid

Ali recently shot frequently. For his years of painstaking efforts of the electricity supplier industry, Ali had to finally come to the road of reform. As a leading provider of electricity providers, Ali’s long-term goal, turned out to be the electricity supplier to become the integration of the Internet industry chain. Here, Ali realized that the expansion of the size of the market, the key point is that the magnitude of the merchandise discount, as well as the degree of pleasure in the consumer shopping process, the integration of the industry chain, it is to enhance these two points. read more

Baidu wholly acquired glutinous rice network force to promote local life services

today, Baidu and all the company announced the signing of the agreement, according to the agreement, Baidu will acquire all the sticky web of shares held by everyone, the transaction is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2014 after the completion of the transaction, Baidu will become the single largest shareholder owned glutinous rice nets.

vice president of Baidu, glutinous rice network CEO Liu Jun said, Baidu in October last year, after the formal completion of the strategic investment in glutinous rice, buy business integration smooth, rapid growth. Baidu is optimistic about the huge market potential of local life service to the group purchase as the core, and this time we all reach an agreement, a wholly owned acquisition of glutinous rice, will lay a solid foundation for further deep integration with Baidu glutinous rice." read more

WeChat mall prospects below what are the models

in the micro Mall (on) about the prospect of the third party micro mall platform such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like bar push, WeChat electricity providers represent the future mobile providers based on the trend, has led to subvert the traditional electricity supplier Ali trend, businesses placed great expectations, coupled with the third party service platform, hype touted flicker a large number of businesses do not preempt whatever rush on like a swarm of hornets, a hole again, in the mobile Internet era, this idea is right, but not blindly sought to combine their own clear understanding of the situation and then start, for small businesses, how to avoid the risk is the primary consideration, then, to optimize the existing mode of micro mall the author, in order to minimize the risk of business operations. read more