Here is your horoscope for September 29, 2019

first_imgARIES (Mar 21-Apr 20)Travel stars burn bright, so expect a journey to materialise. Things look promising for those who feel a need for change from the present job. Someone’s good advice will help you save money. Mood swings of spouse will be tackled well and you will manage to brighten the domestic environment. You are likely to make the first move in getting to know someone who is giving unusual attention to you on the romantic front.LUCKY COLOUR: Turquoise; LUCKY NO: 4TAURUS (Apr 21-May 20)Good rapport with people who matter is likely to lighten your burden at work. There is someone waiting for you with open arms, so expect the day to be romantically fulfilling! Certain things on the home front may not be to your liking, but you can hardly do anything about it. However, you will do your level best to make things pleasant at home.LUCKY COLOUR: Red; LUCKY NO: 3GEMINI (May 21-June 21)You will need to keep your options open on the financial front. A satisfactory day in both personal and professional spheres is indicated. Adjustment problems in a new set-up at work will be overcome. You may remain at loggerheads with spouse over some domestic issues. A family youngster may make you see red by not heeding you. Some of you may devote your energies in looking for love and romance.LUCKY COLOUR: Green; L. NO: 8CANCER (June 22-July 22)Hectic schedule may give you little time to attend to personal things. You will be able to make much progress on the professional front today. Things will be much smoother now at work as you come to terms with your present circumstances. Good returns from investments are foreseen. Arrears or increments can be expected by some. If you are feeling under the weather, consider it a temporary phase, as your condition is set to improve.advertisementLUCKY COLOUR: Off White; LUCKY NO: 15LEO (July 23-Aug 23)This is not the time to bring in major changes in your life, as things may not turn out as expected. You may find it difficult to achieve what you set out for on the professional front. Man management may not be your strong point, but you will need to be just and fair. It will take some time to regain your financial equilibrium, but you will achieve it. Keep major purchases on the hold for now.LUCKY COLOUR: Sea Green; LUCKY NO: 6VIRGO (Aug 24-Sep 23)Someone who likes you is likely to help you out at work today. Storm clouds gather on the academic front and threaten dire consequences. Be sensitive to subordinates at work or you can have an awkward situation on your hands. Someone is likely to charge you way beyond your expectation for something that you had got done.LUCKY COLOUR: PEACH; LUCKY NO: 17LIBRA (Sep 24-Cot 23)You may have to make extra efforts on the professional front. Friends and relations may keep the home front abuzz. Someone you had absolutely forgotten may enter your life. A strange attraction may draw you towards someone of the opposite gender. Plans for a short vacation are likely to be finalised. Keep an open mind while negotiating a deal on the professional front as it can go either way. This is not the time to be extravagant.LUCKY COLOUR: Lavender; LUCKY NO: 5SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov 22)You are likely to remain positive today, because things remain favourable for you both in personal and professional fronts. Things work with clockwork precision at work. Good transaction is foreseen in a deal for businesspersons. A social gathering will prove most entertaining. Those romancing will find the day exciting, as you get to spend quality time with lover. A property decision will be in your favour.LUCKY COLOUR: Beige; LUCKY NO: 22SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23-Dec 21)Those ailing are likely to show quick recovery. Something good is likely to happen on the work front today. Your request may be considered favourably by the authorities. Enjoying financial clout through properties already owned by you cannot be ruled out. An old friend or colleague is likely to brighten up your day. An exclusive outing with lover to someplace exclusive is on the cards.LUCKY.FOREST GREEN; L. NO: 5CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 21)Businesspersons may find the day profitable, as they manage to beat the competition. Those in the media and advertising may find some good opportunities coming their way. Someone will be sporting enough to bail you out from an adverse situation on the academic front. Your belief in the one above will not be enough to turn things in your favour, own efforts will be required. There is an outside chance of romance knocking at your door!advertisementLUCKY COLOUR: Orange; LUCKY NO: 7AQUARIUS (Jan 22-Feb 19)Ambiguity in a matter may make it difficult for you to commit. Things don’t seem to be working out for you on the professional front. You are likely to encounter a hurdle at every step in your line of work. Someone is likely to smooth talk you to part with your money. Those travelling should not carry excess cash as chances of theft cannot be ruled out. Medical assistance may be needed by those feeling unwell.LUCKY COLOUR: Pink; LUCKY NO: 2PISCES (Feb 20-Mar 20)Someone’s actions are likely to come as a big relief to you. A family reunion is on the cards for some. You are likely to go out of your way to spend some time with a family elder. There is a good chance of getting hitched to someone suitable. Romantic thoughts are likely to dominate you. Travelling by road to some place exotic will be most fulfilling. A suitable place to reside is likely to be shortlisted by some.LUCKY COLOUR: Coffee; LUCKY NO: 18last_img read more

Niluka Ekanayake sworn in as Governor of the Central Province

Mrs. Niluka Ekanayake was former Consultant Editor of the Subasetha newspaper and served as a journalist for a long period of time. She is a mother of one. Secretary to the President P.B. Abeykoon and family members of Mrs. Niluka Ekanayake participated at the event. (Colombo Gazette) She received his primary education from Kerawalapitiya Vidyaloka Maha Vidyalaya, and received her secondary education from Matale Vijaya Vidyalaya. Mrs. Niluka Ekanayake received her Bachelor’s Degree from University of Peradeniya. Niluka Ekanayake was sworn in as the new Governor of the Central Province before President Maithripala Sirisena at the President’s Official Residence, today.The appointment was made to fill the vacancy created by the demise of Mrs. Surangani Ellawala. read more