Month: September 2017

How to push the field such as the battlefield find a way out in the Shanghai dragon competition

, a rival

analysis of competitors, then here is to choose keywords to the site, when in fact choose keywords, it is best not to choose those tough competitors choose keywords, finally choose some relevant keywords to target keywords and long tail keywords, skip, some friends may feel is the target keywords can bring a lot of traffic. Of course, this is correct, although the target keyword can bring a lot of traffic, but.

may have some friends to see me in the crowded competition we want talent shows itself is not difficult, there may be some friends started to think, how to find a way out in the Shanghai dragon circles such as the battlefield? It is actually very simple, here I have to share with my years of experience: read more

Make three optimization objectives to determine the analysis of Website Web site keywords ranking ta

website embodies Shanghai dragon, is the site keywords in the search engine rankings improve, and improve site traffic. Among them, the first step is to determine the site keywords ranking, then according to the need of the target keywords ranking, optimize the relevant work.

user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do site > seconds

, that is to say, according to the time division of the site keywords ranking ranking, divided into total goal, goal, goal, year season month target. But due to the formal optimization techniques, usually in the target and the overall goal has been very close, so a lot of time with the total target instead of the target web site keywords. Make most of the keywords of the quarterly and monthly goals, as long as a web site keywords ranking optimization target table, each quarter, or even monthly key words will rise a lot, and then continue to add new keywords or other optimization. read more

love Shanghai three years of experience in search engine optimization techniques change

also spit Tucao today, made more than three years of Shanghai Longfeng work, now you think I do not know how to optimize the site. With the discovery of society and constantly upgrade the trend of the Internet, search engines also conduct their own upgrade since 2012 Chinese search engine began to enter into a new period of development, Shanghai love in a pure new algorithm to calculate natural ranking search engine. Want to exchange two or three years ago, Links, mainly to see how the PR value of the site, and included how, now? If only those large website PR value of the site and do international trade value, for the Chinese search engine, more people value is included in the site, and whether the weight of the website snapshot quite. With the further development of the search engine, now even the search engine doesn’t feel what help much of the site. Since it is the Tucao since I started to work on the Shanghai dragon makes some summary and retrospection of read more

How to use the station optimization instead of copy

reference title keyword description

novice webmaster in determining keywords always seemed wobbly, can be seen with keywords is the trend of concern but not allowed to draw, Title Keyword description for the website plays an important role in the development direction of a general description of attention to the correct attitude, but the general scope will learn from the mature operation site if the use of the station yihuhuhuapiao station or as high as the weight of popular keywords Sina NetEase are not so complete keywords and description, the station hit is absolutely devastating, reference is the essence of imitation station select key ideas, combined with the stage of development of the site and the actual investment choice. read more

Shenzhen Shanghai Dragon depth analysis of love Shanghai know that the chain skills

2, with a link to no more than three times a day, too easily blocked.

this move on the same link can use roughly five times (Shenzhen Shanghai dragon test income more than five times), submitted by the rate will be much lower.

three, love Shanghai know to stay outside the chain of skills

love Shanghai know the promotion effect, see below, search for "what Shenzhen Shanghai dragon company", the second is love love Shanghai Shanghai know, know well, direct mean flow and conversion rate. It can be said that love is the best site of Shanghai know the long tail place. read more

Some views on CZ webmaster tools like Shanghai traffic sources

later, the author summed up the look, yesterday I was changed under the site keywords, are changed to some ranking keywords, a keyword is at the beginning of the scrawl. From the keyword ranking, now a lot of keyword ranking, a method of calculation of the flow of Shanghai love this is perhaps the CZ webmaster tools, see keyword ranking. Here, I thought, how to write words not much, in fact, this is a mistake, do not think that key words can make up on the line, in fact you use Adsense tools to check on the know. read more

Shanghai dragon We really know

two: we want to know.


: Shanghai dragon is a tool for us to use this tool to be convenient to see if we have reasonable to use, not to use within the scope of the rules.

, we spent a lot of time to follow the above, on the understanding of the rules, Shanghai dragon on how to do not understand. So most of the time doing. So I hope you pay attention to several points here:

I think most of the webmaster have to seriously study the rules of each search engine, each update of the content is to understand, in others love Shanghai updates the new algorithm, we should do it now. All right。 We will do so. Remember, to optimize your web site: why don’t you go to study? Why " read more

Shanghai Longfeng common terminology you made it

three, common correlation

and anchor text: add a hyperlink in the keyword.

Shanghai dragon, believe a word with the Internet business you should know, today is the age of the Internet, more and more traditional companies are beginning to join the ranks of Internet promotion, Shanghai Longfeng recruitment professionals is also facing great gap, master of Shanghai Dragon technology, looking for a job is also an advantage.

the internal links: also known as internal links (A pages link to B page read more

Shanghai dragon art is like cooking a meal

space and site procedures such as food raw materials

in our Shanghai dragon industry indeed on the contrary, there is no grasp of the heat, just blindly pursue the ranking. That has ranked what has been, in fact this is a

site outside the chain as materials and grams of

seasoning in cooking. When

will be likened to a Shanghai dragon art, is not too much, but we will distort reality, just think to write articles and send the chain. Why would Shanghai dragon and cooking together, that they have in common: for our customers. Shanghai dragon as art to look at, we will not stay in the realm of the initial stage, we will create a "art", let the user get the enjoyment of beauty. read more

The website structure optimization effect on Shanghai Dragon

  webmaster know the static page relative to the dynamic page, good points included. Good website structure optimization is to let the website to be indexed by search engines, increase traffic, and ultimately achieve high rankings, high conversion rate to. 1, reduce the directory storage depth of the website; the website can express the meaning behind it. Less level directory and easier for the user to remember; 2, increase the number of links between pages; if the page is important, we can do relatively more links to other pages. To the front page of the site as an example, can add links to the home page, making more links to other pages, each page to the search engines; 3, reduce the depth of links between pages; whether it is between the page and the main page, or important pages and ordinary pages, increasing the number of links between pages. You can reduce the depth of links between pages. As long as there is a lot of internal website page links point to an important page, can make the page search engine can be quickly and conveniently included, thus increasing the page link weight. read more

Webmaster rely on the survival of the site optimization method of independent blog optimization

first, optimize the independent blog itself. An independent blog to on-line, it should be from the website template, website program, the domain name of the website, the website space started, these aspects need to be optimized, the website can formally launched operations. Website template to use simple and easy for the public to accept the template, not smallpox whistle, not too bright and dark color. The program design of the site should also take into account the website optimization, code optimization is necessary, many of the old station on the site has not need to change the site code when a new improvement. The domain name URL website is the website keywords, the theme and the main products of the alphabet, or the name of the enterprise, so it is easy for people to remember. Site space to use stability, access speed, independent of IP, improve the host taking regular customer service, a host, as bloggers use ixwebhosting host, it has Chinese website 贵族宝贝cn.ixwebhosting贵族宝贝, which is the main reason for the selection. So the site in front of the line, the ability to optimize the site is not less than. read more

The relevant details of the shaping network optimization experience sharing

Optimization of plastic ?

there are many websites that website advertising is not belong to a part of website content, in fact, this idea is wrong. Because advertising is the most direct tell users you want to express information than text on the high efficiency. The quality that we ignore the content of the article? So the quality should be more important. Because if we do search engine ranking, through the keywords to guide users to come over, they enter our website content also read our advertising content. So it Why not? read more

The love of Shanghai to promote mining precision of long tail keywords

Many people know that

to tell you today to introduce a more practical new technique of mining the long tail words.


site search to many are obtained from the long term, but will be true for the long tail word were not many, before the introduction of some methods for the long tail word, but there are certain limitations.

special chain optimization:

optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

secondsWebsite optimization Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended: read more

Three point method for a high quality space

choose a good space are important to the webmaster and Shanghai dragon er who, because of a high quality space not only is of great help to the Shanghai dragon, but the user experience is also very friendly, but now on the market of IDC company so much, can be said to be ichthyosaurs mixed, want to choose a quality space is really difficult, high Wenliang say today I is how to choose a good space.

ultimate method: look at the same space website

to the contrary, those who do long IDC, they can persist for so many years must have their management method, also do not go to the poor, at least not that kind of money can not find the space business people. read more