Month: September 2017

Website optimization weight included snapshot one less

is an important attribute of this website weight, each search engine optimization will face. Compared with the ranking in terms of weight, directly affect the site in the search engine rankings. The weights of the algorithm but also said the situation, but I also have some views on weight, after all, we should dry line love line, to delve into a line. Here and we talk about my understanding for some weight! You have little talent and less learning, mercy.

, understand the search engine in the eyes of the network read more

The optimization and upgrading of Shanghai dragon skills you need to break through the difficulties

The first issue of

second, website content not properly dull as ditch water. To the station for example, after a lot of new people into the enterprise, after a short training period, began to take over the site, especially the process of updating enterprise website news, because their products are not familiar with the, only through training to learn some characteristics of the product and industry knowledge to update the website as the source material, the the text is quite clear, readers after reading only to see some similar advertising products, and customers really care about things such as customer service service products, the difference between the models and so on these information cannot be obtained in the content, the main reason is because the text is relatively stiff, not in the perspective of empathy really help to the website of loyal readers. We think that the key from the user interpretation, for users who don’t understand what we can illustrate, the picture will be similar to the Taobao product details page for details that show, so as to truly enhance the user experience. read more

The new business activities of webmaster website alliancePig eight nets Zhu Mingyue live recruit dis

will be the ten year of lightning expansion in the next ten years, a slow development over the past ten years, and a lightning expansion in the next ten years. Zhu Mingyue shared a couple of sets of data to his friends and the number of employees in the company



drives the value wheel of enterprise development

innovation is the soul of an enterprise’s survival and development

panelpower activity CPA ad price: 5 yuan /CPA.

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s full of dry cargo Second small and beautiful Shanghai dragon quiz help to create high quality w


on the other hand, in addition to the above said, but also the foundation of the website optimization, website search engine to make the structure according to the experience, make a web page with >


of course: strictly speaking, this does not belong to the role of the chain. Love in Shanghai’s eyes, the website brand is much more important than the hyperlink to.

last week, A5 marketing share owners "is the question and answer type dry cargo first small and beautiful! Shanghai dragon quiz, help webmaster to create high-quality website", after the quiz content release response is very big, so this time I made some webmaster answers, I hope to help you master, but also hope that the webmaster to WeChat the number of public questions, after the weekly update a webmaster ask read more

Let the four steps of love Shanghai fast included blog platform

original blog writing

my blog is the blog wrote 3 original, each original are at least 1000 words, it is worth mentioning that, in order to let a little temptation spider, I blog is released in the form of illustrations, at this time I run a set of skin care network is a profound experience. In the same time, less than 1 hours with pictures and articles than pure text articles included time. What explains this? Spider eldest brother way, like Japs see flower girl as well, because the spider eldest brother mission, for the flower girl, he reported that much faster. In addition, in order to let each post can deliver more weight for each blog homepage, I finally have added the blog home page links. read more

Should pay attention to three points 404 error page design of the website internal optimization

should pay attention to the following three points in the design of the 404 error page:

web site operators do friends all know, because the website upgrade, system change, virtual host replacement and other reasons will lead to some pages can not be accessed, many friends does not seem to attach great importance to this one, always feel that even if it cannot access. But this website for Shanghai dragon internal optimization is taboo, especially search engines and included page, if cannot access the situation, in the course of time, the spider will think you this site is not stable, and unstable, also can’t tell why he lost this page, the next crawl where she. read more

Plastic after the website how to retain the search engine

first, "web plastic" is the best simple, flat. The website flat to ensure spider to the bottom of the page, the page included favorable. The website of the internal links to the most relevant web links can be, but also should pay attention to the breadcrumb path planning, it is better to ensure each page has an access path.

website is "plastic" website, such as a change of style, change the template like. But in this case, the search engine is probably will not remember you or to know you again. The direct consequence is that love Shanghai right down, then what should we do to keep my search engine, to restore the love of Shanghai re weight. Then the next Shenzhen private detective to some operational skills about "shaping" after the website. read more

Sina blog not included the cause analysis and Solutions



based on the analysis, if we come straight to the point directly into the article, the theme of the advertisement company, said what business, company profile, articles, most of them are not included. This article is not included, the potential customer for this kind of article is not interested, do you think this article is not released, do useful work is what

as a Shanghai dragon Er, can say how many website promotion resources decide a person go far, as a good Shanghai dragon Er, execution and analysis capabilities are equally important. There is no executive ability analysis of Shanghai dragon Er will only empty talk, talk can not become a reality. There is no execution ability analysis of Shanghai dragon Er is like a bull, will only lower the head suddenly dry, no analysis of the effect of their work, often have little effect. read more

Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis bring the accurate customer for the customer site

for some small ways you may not care too much, but the user experience is like the above mentioned such a small problem is piling up, if you don’t pay attention to some user behavior, such as user browsing time, from top to bottom, or left to right, love is what type of search words, spelling or abbreviated words, these are the key to good user experience. If you are a careless person, then you may suffer some losses in this respect, want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng, must be a conscientious, careful person, but also love thinking, pondering it. read more

Shanghai dragon competition strategy analysis research

2. will participate in the competition, make a study plan, to the competition website optimization level points, point to open a rival site based optimization to view the competition website how, from the title page, the page is simple, similarity, quality, pay attention to link degree, and the weight chain were analyzed one by one.


is to understand the current Shanghai dragon industry competition situation, understand the business goals of users, make the appropriate location for the site of the current situation, the realization of Shanghai Longfeng marketing. read more

An analysis of the basic ideas and methods of operation of website optimization

second, a good user experience. User experience according to different industries may have different experience, first website hue, medical network mainly in green, fresh tone. The sports website can be red, blue to active atmosphere tone as a benchmark, enterprise website solemn place mainly dominated by cool colors, cool colors can make people become professional and rational, with gray, blue as the representative. Shopping website highlighting the warm tone when people see sentimental point warm their brains to be touched, became emotional up to red, yellow based arouse people’s desire to buy, in the major shopping sites to celebrate the festival is most obvious. Secondly, the website structure, the structure can be taken on the lower, left and right, left and right can, in line with the user’s reading and browsing habits are the key to pay attention to in the head and the left part of the page is the key entrance spiders visit to the appropriate use of article list > read more

Add anchor text analysis techniques

website optimization should pay attention to the anchor text in the web site can not be too much, in an article with three anchor text anchor text is enough, too much will affect the user experience, to a certain extent will allow search engines to feel the meaning of the text is too deep, unfavorable for users to understand, so this is not conducive to the entry. In time the anchor text construction must pay attention to the amount, not too much, only need to add high quality can.

word anchor text read more

For the love of Shanghai original project some of my views

I said he will implement the original Mars spark plan is not to say that it is not implemented, but that the original spark program thoroughly implementation needs a long period of time. In the webmaster school "to talk about the original project that something" in an article, "at present, through our experiments and real data online," origin "algorithm has made some progress in the field of news and information to solve most of the problems." If I understand correctly, meaning that the original project has already affected the news website, today I love Shanghai news search "Honda hit the downtown Jiyuan girl refused to apologize for the rich multi back hard, love to return to Shanghai, the following search results: read more

A preliminary analysis on the bidding way to show the love of Shanghai

1, in general, show the best is "on the left side of the advertising space, and because the natural search and there is no significant difference, but also to the greatest extent, to attract customers, increase traffic, so the location of the show is the most superior effect.

Is the right location of

3, in the appropriate scope for promotion, we all know that Internet search is a certain geographical restrictions, but also to be able to cause net interest, lift the public’s curiosity and want to know what this is, then access to. read more

A medical site specific optimization scheme


3, add the robots.txt file.

4404 error page add.

5 links using the absolute path.

3, the chain blog: each person must in each big famous blog, with male or female health such as the theme of the blog. The blog number does not require much, but demand a good. (specific blog list and a blog notes, provides finishing at work.


, the initial improvement:


took a medical website: 贵族宝贝zhpa120贵族宝贝, according to the website to write a detailed optimization scheme.

A few days ago read more

Wang Kuan talk about the choice of keywords should not sticking to formalities

in our process of optimization, one of the most crucial process is the choice of keywords. Because the choice of keywords will affect the optimization process and results. Wang Kuan discovered many Shanghai dragon Er are just stick to several popular keywords related industries then ranked competition, results are often difficult to achieve the desired effect. So where is the problem? Is there what words can let us get? The answer is very simple, that is the choice of keywords should follow the user’s habits, but also not sticking to formalities. read more

To get a good ranking secret website construction and website optimization with the tacit understand

second, website construction should grasp the law of every kind of step by step,

first, website construction should be based on the user experience, in line with the search engine of

but often, we give the website optimization when doing a lot of the chain, there is no one will stay down and think about exactly what kind of chain is useful, in the face of complex and orderly connection construction, unified only a good grasp of the website construction and optimization of the two, to each other with the tacit understanding, will be transformed into the weight and ranking above the natural increase. In order to obtain the favor of search engine. Why do you say that? According to the author concluded some suggestions on attracting network years of work to share. read more

You want to be included in the news source of these points is excellent in optimization

news source is many webmaster tried to enter the field of search engine is adopted, after all, even in the home show news source, can bring the flow of the site is very impressive, how can be certified as a news source search engine? Hefei talent network Xiaobian think so, for those small and medium sites. A search engine news source is particularly difficult, but the thought is included in the news source, on all pages of your website ranking, will increase the weight of the ordinary role, many practitioners began to think about how to achieve Shanghai dragon read more

The snapshot is not a representation web site update snapshot right from the start

love encyclopedia explains that the search engine server storage site snapshot of the main factors, in order to facilitate the user when not open the site, also can quickly browse to the content of the website. So, generally as long as the website content is updated, the theory search engines will be updated website snapshot. So, the premise of website content update snapshot, enrich website content. However, not every update, the search engine will update snapshot. A search engine has updated its own law, different website according to different weights. The frequency of updates is different (some big website basically is the second most common site, just a day update several times a week or even a month to update a few times); on the other hand, each release content. The search engine is not zhaodanquanshou, content not included the existing snapshot would certainly not updated. read more

The love of Shanghai product optimization and the advantages and disadvantages of the site

love Shanghai launched a number of products, including Post Bar, know, Wikipedia, blog, experience, these are all good promotion webmaster, indeed, if a good grasp, the website weight by leaps and bounds, if done well, is dangerous. I love Shanghai to several products to do a detailed analysis.

everything has two sides, grasp the furnace is used, heat did not grasp the side effects, nuclear power can serve the people, for the people and the destruction of power, and people, to make an atomic bomb. This product is also love Shanghai, we all know that love Shanghai’s own product promotion high weight, so many people keen to love the products of Shanghai, only to see the use, see no harm, wanton hair of the chain, do promotion, website ranking structure is getting worse today, surfing the web to share with the pros and cons of love Shanghai product promotion site. read more