Month: July 2017

How to improve the credit of website content

today many websites are very focused content updates, the chain, in order to increase the weight of the website, that many webmaster will do, the weight up, flow rate is also high, why website customer but not much, the reason is very simple, because the station often ignore a problem, is the site of the credit here, to share with you how to improve website content credit

left the author’s contact information

visitors often unconsciously judge the trustworthiness of the content when they are browsing the web. The language style and tone of writing will directly affect the credibility of the article. When visitors read the page in the article, often want to know the author’s qualifications, writing motivation and confidence level, in order to make their guess confirmed, sometimes visitors want to further understand. In this case, leaving the author’s contact will increase the visitor’s confidence in the site. read more

My opinion on the content construction of home website

speak the same language.

a lot of time, we talked about for a long time, in fact, talking about is not a thing, the premise and assumptions are different. More often, or choose silent good, do a silent fish, swim happily in the water, pay attention to, is silent shark. Lovely brother Chuang-tzu said, is inexcusable, is really marvelous figure.

doesn’t even have what you want here. You can’t see it. This article is going to be written and I have decided. But how to analyze and analyze which level, how wide, how deep, and how wide it is, is with me. No way, because it’s not a paid analysis report. read more

The innovation of station navigation station is the guarantee that attracts stationmaster to stop

ShangZhan.NET domain name registration, there are people who want to spend 3000 yuan to buy the station to do business, we rejected them, not because the price is not reasonable, in fact, we had useful this domain do webmaster class web site navigation ideas, want a good slogan: long station website navigation, webmaster have this website! Is an old corn, according to the search engine ", the domain name was registered as early as a few years ago.

through simple planning, site navigation station on the line. Next is a very important part — publicity and promotion. Of course, there are many ways. In addition to using existing resources, we also use the most basic way of promotion. read more

My opinion on the construction of e commerce nsurance Website

as we all know, the Internet is developing and e-commerce websites are emerging one after another. In view of the website construction of insurance website, I also talk about my experience and experience. Maybe it’s helpful for beginners. In fact, regardless of SEO, many large-scale e-commerce website construction, as long as the good part of it. Especially insurance website, web content distribution, website architecture settings, is the essence of the real construction site!

understands the distribution of insurance sites and builds targeted channel pages read more

SEO related books and video recommendations

recently received a English station, the key is countertop, then began a SEO knowledge review. Finally the SEO books and read the video, now introduce, we can refer to in the choice of:

"search engine optimization" English Name: "search Engine optimization:an hour a day"

, an American two SEO experts to write the book, the book in the face of readers is all dealing with the website, and assume that the reader is working hours and the other to learn SEO, easy to understand, and most importantly, the Book SEO standardization is. Strong, so here’s the key recommendation. read more

Yu Yongfu’s Narrative How did UC evolve from 6 small workshops to 4 billion in ten years

I dark horse note: success is not overnight, UC spent ten years, from 6 small companies, grew into the mobile terminal browser King (500 million active users), and began expanding search business. On the morning of June 11, 2014, Ali UC announced full integration. Chairman and CEO Yu Yongfu said in an interview, the amount of Alibaba acquisition of UC is equivalent to about two 91, that is, $3 billion 800 million, which is likely to be the highest valuation of UC.

what did Yu Yongfu do right? What trends should be allowed? Let UC evolve from Symbian time to become king of mobile terminal? read more

Strange creative entrepreneurship project Kam set

entrepreneurship, even if you want to continue to grasp the business opportunities on the market, who can be the first to hold, who will be able to monopolize the wealth, then come to the perfect look at these strange creative entrepreneurship projects.

retro Restaurant

in some monuments or resort to open a retro restaurant. The waiters all changed into small ones. Then sell some homely fare, the staff are wearing the costume. With some of those previously heard what play ah, what Sichuan Opera (live performance). read more

The advantages and disadvantages of the new system for the generation of Changli station bitter reco

Speaking of

ICP for the record, a lot of headaches, large companies provide complete documents filing fine a few days to record, bitter is the personal webmaster, many webmaster for several months down, until the last site was the Ministry to stop, causing some damage, but in the new filing requirements before they can someone to record these individual grassroots webmaster, just a few days before, but now the record out of the new regulations, to take pictures, but the new regulations out of the record or a way to deal with, since there is a solution, then the price for the record is still as ever? Before it and I made a world of difference. Remember the two station for me in May when only spent 25 yuan, now for a website to be 100, 70 of the price of an acquaintance, or random ordinary record, if a little hard to price not much Say. read more

Xie Renjun there are good domain name good service not afraid of doing good results

low-key, when the hand must not be vague, this is not only the director of operations Xie Renjun Billiton Billiton style, but also Billiton Sheng company business development style. From the mining rights business, to buy a house together, to the mining network to the present happy spot. Every time in the industry can arouse no small ripples. In 2008, Xie Renjun shot happy happy auction site (, only three days the amount of users has exceeded 5000, breaking the previous e-commerce website user development. read more

What exactly does online shopping bring to you

said the mood of the webmaster (mainly money), I long time in considering this issue, I do a good long time (Web site did not say, from people thought it was promoting his suspicion, money is earned), but not many, the main reason of my income is not on the site, so the site for a long time I did not add any form of advertising, sometimes feel that their website is not creative, this is the individual technical problems caused by (I was ready to build a multi point containing technical website, recently to talk about with you, ha ha. ) what, SEO, ASP, PHP, and so on, that’s a preliminary idea,. read more

The old man read 33 things a China webmaster should know

, this is an old article, because it’s classic, so give it to the beginner and old hand to learn again.

              to do a Chinese webmaster; if you do not know the following questions, you will suffer a lot, or you may be a hapless webmaster.

1. webmaster can not know ASP, PHP, c++, net, but can not help but know HTML language. If you don’t know, fix him in a week. Even HTML do not know, how to do the link later, technology secretly fool you, a few do not know. read more

Successful websites should be user oriented

no doubt that needs a large extent site traffic website content support, but many people also found that when using the search is often the site or site’s Web site occupies a very good ranking, and that in order to get a better flow and some loyal users. The website also rely on content or by


of course, the content of the article is very important, but our website is in need of users, so when the website construction, or to user centric, because access to users is the root of the site. We can see some trading website or Web2.0 website owners themselves do not produce content, but they can provide services to the user or platform, let users exchange the platform, allowing users to create content, this is indeed a saving of the construction site of the way. read more

Website comment metamorphosis let the comment live

With the development of

Internet today, many historical changes have taken place. The relationship between people, computers, networks, and the three are changing our lives. According to the survey, 83% of people care what other people say. We buy books, go to movies, go out to restaurants, it’s more like to take a look at other people’s comments and comments. This suggests that public opinion is important to a web site.

From 2010

SNS website Chinese rapidly popular, then ushered in a new SMO. For the web site owners, we no longer look at PV growth in the past to assess the spread of the site effect, and now we pay more attention to word of mouth communication, that is, social dissemination". read more

Protect the brain cell of stationmaster save worry a few kinds of train of thought that do a websit

to write their own station summary, but also to write a lot of fellow brothers, hoping to read this article will allow you to harvest.

, No. 1: imitation show

vulgar name follow the trend, popular called cottage.

step 1: friendship connection, jump to find the target. Find a more formal web site, through its friendship connection, inquires the target station, generally do better station connection quality requirements are relatively high, so it’s friendship connection station basic belong to the same level. Found after the station check included, PR, look at its advertising placement, access to website profit way, estimate traffic, advertising revenue. Detailed records, do know fairly well. read more

Webmaster please choose your website and stick to it

a few days ago with a client signed her peace Insurance Website Optimization contract, and she talked about her career, she was very successful, two years have bought a car, really enviable. She has told me that her insurance is a lifelong career, and QQ signature is also written on this sentence: insurance is the cause of my life, I want to send peace and blessings for each family! And put aside to write this sentence is to sell mentality or write the true inner thoughts, she could the more successful, at least a few points is worth learning: read more

Please correct the wrong view of the exchange link immediately

Most of the

forum, Admin5 forum, Chinaz forum, laggards, 51. Exchange hall exchange Links post, is the most expensive station to do the requirements of this station Links and then PM, Email, and then add your links and so on. Some also require more than PR, and so on. Start with a frequently seen post on exchanging links:

I sincerely

PR3 website Links exchange website, PR=2 or website, Baidu included more than 200 pages, the webmaster exchange links links to this site please reply this post after PM, or E-MAIL. Here is the email address and so on… read more

What factors are most important to do a website

self in 2000 for hobby and first personal website up to 07 years, the establishment of the company, also occupy a place in the domestic IT industry for 8 years. Over the years, I have often thought about a question: "what factors are important in making a website?"". According to personal understanding and experience, according to their importance (high to low), the important factors are listed as follows:

1, content. You can understand what I say as information in the website or the service provided by the website. Content is king, no content, no matter how good they are, are self deceiving. read more

Today’s headlines overseas version of TopBuzz products and operations are different

TopBuzz as today’s headlines sea products, products, content and operations are remarkable.

, did you see ads in today’s headlines "making dollars, getting on TopBuzz?"

What is

TopBuzz? The overseas version of today’s headlines is simply understandable. In 2015 October on-line, in March this year, there have been many days in North America APP STORE to get the top spot in the news standings. Just like another "today’s headlines" rhythm, what exactly did TopBuzz do to get a good record? This article will show you what it is. read more

Ten years a station of a webmaster’s sorrow

has always felt like a failure because, strictly speaking, it was my first stop. I’ve been in touch with the Internet since 97 years ago. Many people say that contact networks begin with games and chat. Maybe I’m an exception. I started with websites. 97 years ago, the network is not very popular, but at that time, a large number of outstanding personal websites have also sprung up, such as people’s Wharf and so on. I don’t know if anyone still remembers now. Maybe I’m so natural and I like to express myself, so building a personal homepage has been my biggest dream. Fortunately, at that time, ChinaRen had not yet fully positioned itself in the alumni, when they launched a home bus, it is now equivalent to the website, is very simple, only need a simple click on some settings you can create a personal home page of their own, in fact, now it seems that it is a something quite immature, but I think it is very wonderful. read more

Zhou Hongyi to make products first switch yourself to two fool model

Qihoo 360 CEO Zhou Hongyi

I can only boast place, that I might make the most mistakes in the Internet, the sum up, then also experienced many failures, so it has some real feelings.

suggested that you put the book "positioning" and "innovator’s dilemma" and "innovator’s solution" on your side to read again and again. The more you experience, the more you will learn about these books. I have often looked through the past few years, and I have new ideas every time. So I hope you still spend less time brushing micro-blog, spend more time reading. read more