Month: May 2017

90 female college students to create an environmentally friendly car wash

innovation and Entrepreneurship of the main force is getting younger and younger, an endless stream of innovative technology and the depth of the development of the market. A group of 90 female college students in such an opportunity to organize a group of entrepreneurs, to create waterless car wash products, the dream into reality.

"a liquid, I could use a finger licking, or you ask me a drink I also like. Because I am 100% trust in our products." Yang hand with a waterless car wash liquid beaker, confident to the people who come to visit the floor. "This is all about the human body, no harm to the environment." read more

Alternative money ideas to get rich

Japan Tokyo Sanye Cafe boss always have different feelings of color using eye, save the coffee and earn more profit for the purpose of materials. He asked more than 30 friends to drink   each; the same cup of coffee, but the coffee cup of the color of the different measurements, respectively, coffee, red, cyan and yellow, the 4 kinds of coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, and so on.

The results of

The boss came up with the read more

The city wall of Nanjing will usher in its 650 birthday

we all know that Nanjing is a famous city in history, there have been 6 Dynasty to the capital, now only the Ming wall was retained, Nanjing Ming Dynasty city wall was built in the yuan is twenty years (1360), Yu Minghong Wu for twenty-nine years (1396), and lasted for more than 30 years, is the country the capital city wall built.

"mingtaizu record" Volume 21 records: "heigo August gengxu Shuo, extension cannes." According to expert research, the specific date of birth for September 5, 1366 "Nanjing city wall". In September 5th of this year the city wall in Nanjing ushered in the 650 birthday, people in Nanjing for the city wall birthday at the same time, the city wall inscription has entered a critical period. So Nanjing Ming City Wall inscription have gone through what kind of process, then what work to be done? read more

2015 venture to do what little business to make money fast

now a lot of entrepreneurial projects, we will choose some blind. What do you do in 2015? This is a lot of entrepreneurs are eager to know the problem. Today Xiaobian for everyone to recommend a few suitable for entrepreneurship in 2015 a good project, for your reference.

2015 what to do? Pet specimen making shop

in order to satisfy those who want to stay for a long time pet the wishes of the people, a Chengdu girl opened a special pet specimen studio. The idea came from her experience at a pet hospital. After graduating from medical school, she was assigned to a pet hospital, she could see the owner of the pet almost every day, because the beloved cat and dog will never leave their own tears. Suitable for the shop opened in the county, and some do not have the heart to put the baby to deal with it, but there is no good way to keep them around. So she sprouted the idea of making a pet specimen. Pet specimens to be prepared by drug immersion, skin peeling, filling and drying procedures. Because the production process is complex, generally takes about a month and a half, and the specimen can be preserved after 20 years of time does not decay. read more

Free venture tornado struck

heavy news!

free venture tornado struck!

as long as you sign up to participate in entrepreneurial activities, there is a chance to win 50 thousand yuan fee!

want to start a business? No experience? No technology? No money?

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Sichuan Jiazhou subway investment channels

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national chain, well-known brands, to help you successfully set up shop when the boss!

headquarters business guidance, support in place, easy to join! read more

joined the jewelry store consumers more popular whole

venture investment jewelry shop, is a very profitable choice. How well the jewelry store? Walking in the high streets and back lanes, we can see the figure of aiyaya ornaments shop. Undoubtedly, entrepreneurs choose to join aiyaya ornaments shop project, is a very good choice.


jewelry fine, but the business is good, a lot of women are like a variety of small accessories, jewelry stores to join many investors favored the good project, the market conditions are so good, it is very popular. What jewelry store? Alas jewelry store has advantages of high quality jewelry stores, many consumers love, or join with characteristics, favored. read more

100% business students can trade secret

for the majority of college student entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial process the most important thing is to choose a suitable for their own entrepreneurial projects, now there are a lot of social comparison with the prospect of entrepreneurial projects, what are the specific?

read more

Cosmetics business success need to grasp the principles of entrepreneurship

We live in the surrounding

now there have been many different cosmetics shop, and every year the girls for cosmetic products demand are increasing, and now want to start a cosmetics shop, you need to have a certain operating skills.

when the customer came into the cosmetics shop in the sales staff attitude for the customer will be able to explain the stores if there is a problem. Good business model, sales staff in the customer into the store, we should first listen to the needs of customers, rather than blindly selling products. This seemingly passive sales, but are often able to obtain good sales performance, it is because the customer can express their demand to be complete, and sales staff sincere concern and resolve, to be able to contribute to sales success. read more