Month: March 2017

Xining with a satellite to burn straw burning administrative area will be subject to heavy penalties

days ago, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and the Xining Municipal Agriculture Bureau jointly issued the "emergency circular" on the strengthening of the straw Jinshao work, any units and individuals are prohibited to burn straw in the administrative area of the city, on the part of the region will focus on monitoring the implementation of satellite remote sensing.

September 9th, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau responsible person, in order to prevent the phenomenon of straw burning rebound, the environmental protection department on the part of the implementation of regional satellite remote sensing monitoring point, 5 km of main monitoring area of Xining city county, three counties around 5 km range; Xining airport; Qinghai Tibet railway, Nanjing highway, 109 State Road, Xiping Expressway West, Huang highway, west highway, highway, Ning Ning Expressway two km Xining segment each other on both sides; other key areas and the scope of the provisions of laws and regulations. Satellite remote sensing monitoring the focus of the regional, city and county (District) environmental protection department of the inspection, strengthen the law enforcement, the burning of straw will be strict penalties. Causing serious consequences of air pollution, fire accidents, resulting in significant loss of property or personal injury, will be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. At the same time, the environmental behavior of burning straw pollution, any unit and individual can actively report. Tel: 12369123456311110 6145349 6143915 read more

Three dimensional Xining ready

What’s the panorama of Xining? In addition to the map and sand table, the future can also be used in digital planning management platform in the computer to see three-dimensional, three-dimensional Xining. August 7th, the reporter learned that, after the investment of 4 million yuan, Xining digital planning management platform has been initially completed, began trial run. Xining digital planning management platform is divided into three phases, the administrative documents, project approval, the digital city of three parts. After the completion of the platform will be on the city planning and construction and construction of various types of dynamic information at any time to monitor and collect, for the preparation of planning, implementation planning, illegal acts to provide fast service. Xining city has commissioned a professional company in Beijing city to carry out 3D virtual simulation system of production work, and complete the construction of the Xining Railway Station square, city digital information platform area north of the central square, sunning Plaza, founding business district etc.. In the future, through this virtual reality aided decision information system, only a few minutes, you can visit the panoramic view of Xining and the streets. At present, the fine management of digital planning platform has been completed, the end of the year will start two.   read more

Production safety is the bottom line red line requirements

The afternoon of January 15th, the national television and telephone conference, the province’s production safety, mayor Wang Yubo immediately chaired the city’s production safety work conference, conscientiously study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang important instructions required to implement the television and telephone conference, the deployment of the city’s production safety work arrangement. Wang Yubo stressed that the safety production is a vital event, all regions and departments, enterprises and institutions, the bottom line of the red line work requirements. We should firmly establish people-oriented, the concept of safety first, innovation of production safety management mode, strengthen the basic work of production safety, enhance the supervision of law enforcement and emergency response capabilities, prevention and cure, happen to the iron wrist and resolutely curb serious accidents. read more

Xining city police issued four off a thorough investigation of illegal police cars

recently, the Ministry of Public Security issued by the Ministry of public security to reward the public security organs to report police vehicles and vehicles involved in violation of the rules, clear 9 types of violations of the police car, citizens can get paid reports. May 7th, the provincial capital of the police issued four off a thorough investigation of illegal police cars.


approach defined on the following violations of citizens to report, after verification is true, as the case may be a certain amount of reward: police public security organs, the police are smuggling, robbery, illegal detention, borrowing units or private, should be scrapped, spell outfit (Group) do not meet national safety standards; misappropriation, apply, use of forged or altered car license plate, license plate; lend police; police not lawfully registered or incomplete; without spraying police appearance standard, or the installation of police sirens, indicator lamps; drunk driving, or without obtaining a driving license, during motor vehicle driving license is revoked or temporarily driving the police; non emergency official driving the police car speeding, do not obey the traffic signs, do not obey the traffic police management The siren, abuse and other traffic violations; driving the police car, wedding, funeral and illegal participation for social vehicle road; the illegal production and sale of car license plate and other special signs, or the use of police vehicles and special signs, posing as police trickster. Vehicles involved in the case, illegal detention, seizure, misappropriation, not in accordance with the provisions of the proper custody of the vehicle involved in violation of legal procedures and requirements of the disposal of the vehicle involved. read more

Qinghai to overcome the difficulties of drilling industry hit in recent years China’s rare oil well

lion 1-2 well tested 912 square meters of crude oil, natural gas, oil and gas equivalent to more than 1000 tons daily output of more than 110 thousand tons……" In April 13th, Qinghai drilling company manager Mu Huiliang talked about a few days ago in the Spanish hit high-yield wells area of Qinghai oilfield is still excited to conceal his face.

"in Qinghai Qaidam Basin Tectonic salt drilling es lion 1-2 wells, drilling formation pressure has work grams, drilling fluid density, the high and low pressure interbed and many other industry problems, overcome various problems under complicated geological conditions, a major breakthrough in power es between salt fractured oil and gas reservoir exploration." Mu Huiliang said. read more

Bank of Qinghai to open up new markets for small businesses to open a variety of financing channels

Bank of Qinghai small enterprise credit center since May listing operation, to open up new markets, develop excellent customer groups, for small businesses, mortgage guarantees and other difficult problems, combined with the operating characteristics of small enterprises "urgent and frequent, less complex, giving priority to the development of small business financial services, have launched a cement bill of lading and mining rights pledge, pledge of warehouse receipts in a more flexible way of credit products, opened a variety of financing channels for small enterprises.
based on the investigation of the necessary procedures to meet the loan, the Bank of Qinghai small enterprise credit center to increase the investigation and inspection site for small businesses, multi-faceted enterprise to collect non financial information and soft information, detailed grasp of all kinds of small and medium-sized enterprises live, live data, efforts to simplify loan procedures, reduce approval procedures, shorten the the time of examination and approval, a full range to meet the demand for loans for smes. At the same time, strengthen cooperation with various intermediaries to solve the problem of small and medium enterprises guarantee for the loan companies to reduce security costs, reduce security and approval procedures. Reporters learned from the Bank of Qinghai in July 13th, as of June 30th, the balance of small business credit center reached 388 million 860 thousand yuan, an increase of $182 million 900 thousand over the beginning. Among them, the new issue of small business loans 67 pen, the amount of $141 million 450 thousand, the new issue of human loans 167 pen, the amount of $66 million 190 thousand to achieve loan interest income of 9 million 310 thousand yuan. read more

Lin Xiang Hua Datong County held broker training farmers opening ceremony

2012 in the morning of August 28th, Birch Forest Township farmer broker training in township government two floor conference room and the city and county supply and marketing cooperatives leaders, township leaders and 40 peasant brokers in.

the opening ceremony, the purpose and significance of the Township People’s congress chairman Comrade Ma Haifu organized the training class made a speech, he pointed out: the bridge and link between the peasant brokers as market economy and peasant economy closely, plays an irreplaceable role in the new rural economic construction, developing the rural economy as the main force to this end, the role, the township government decided to rural brokers team construction as an important starting point for the development of new Hua Lin Xiang rural social economy, cultivate a group of high quality, ways to live, method of rural brokers, the establishment of Hua Lin Xiang farmers broker service network system and farmer agent team. He also requested: hope you cherish this training opportunity, serious study, multi expert advice, how to carry out the exchange of experience, enhance skills, improve quality, become understand technology, good management, management of peasant brokers, become a leader in build up the family fortunes. read more

Cheap vegetables into the district residents Huimin Huimin convenience

Recently, a truck loaded with vegetables into the provincial capital city of the south part of the new city community, followed by a neatly placed plastic baskets were removed. Affordable prices of vegetables, attracted residents and passers-by around stop buying. Unloaded from the car less than an hour, a lot of vegetables basket to see the bottom.

to support cheap vegetables into the area, Metro community actively coordinate the residential property to do logistical work, ensure that the vegetables train can smoothly enter the residential sales. In an interview, the reporter learned that the residents are hoping to set up a fixed point vegetables through the car. Under the strong support of the town government in the city district, the new community in the town of Victoria and the application of the establishment of the green garden in the fixed parity vegetables direct point two. In the day of direct sales, food is generally very good sales, like cabbage, celery, tomatoes on the table people this kind of homely dishes, almost every day sold out, are very happy to get affordable residents, provide affordable food party farm management also felt satisfied.
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Datong County to promote science and technology as the support to promote sustainable and stable dev

in recent years, Datong County to strengthen agricultural science and technology innovation and promotion, and strive to improve the level of science and technology service capabilities, and vigorously develop the facilities of agriculture, the development of special species breeding industry, to achieve sustainable and stable development of agriculture.

vegetable industry development and growth. 2012 county vegetable area of 110 thousand acres, the total output value of vegetable production is expected to be $230 million, vegetable output value of 120 million yuan. Has formed a new pair of highway, railway, west along the Ning Dong Xia River 3 vegetable industrial zone. Chase cucumber, Agaricus bisporus and other 8 kinds of characteristics and advantages of vegetables has been certified as green products by the Ministry of agriculture. The famous vegetables, such as Datong chicken, red onion, and so on, expand the planting area and increase the output. read more

51 days most of the city’s air quality clearance

April 23rd, the municipal government held a meeting of the leading group on the comprehensive management of air pollution, summed up the work of pollution since the year March, the next step in the deployment of governance. Vice mayor Xu Guocheng said, recently, the city’s air quality days increased, all localities and departments to the comprehensive management of air pollution as a protracted war, to tighten the screws and nails the spirit, to grasp the atmospheric environmental quality unremittingly.

in order to give the public to produce a satisfactory performance report, the city attaches great importance to the comprehensive management of air pollution, from the beginning of the year, to pay close attention to the pollution control work. In terms of dust pollution, the city on the construction site to return to work and put forward a strict examination and approval requirements, focus on key projects site, construction site dust control, and 233 roads sprinkler dust work. In terms of motor vehicle pollution control, the city will be yellow car limit line area expanded to 10.7 square kilometers. In the industrial enterprise pollution control, the city of key enterprises to implement key regulatory measures, 24 hours online monitoring. Under the city Qili pollution, plus God awesome precipitation days increased from March 1st to April 20th, the city’s air quality monitoring for 51 days, the number of standard days for 35 days, compared with the same period last year, the number of standard days increased significantly. read more

Grasp the construction of the style of contact with the masses and promote the implementation of gr

In order to fully implement the

will promote the spirit of the Twelfth Congress of the province, city and district cadres serving the grassroots masses, street party committee in September 19, 2012 on the first floor conference room office held a cadre masses of grassroots service will promote the village community, and for each department of cadres and workers more than 60 people attended the meeting. The
by the meeting, the village, the community and the Department authority leading cadres, quick thinking and action into the committee’s decision to deploy up, do a solid job in contact with the masses, serve the masses, unite the masses work for the smooth implementation of the "12th Five-Year" plan, to further promote the scientific development, harmonious development and make a positive contribution in Chaoyang area. read more

Ethnic minorities in the West

Since the founding of the

national unity and progress in the creation of advanced areas, the West District of the interests of the masses of the masses of the minority in the heart, and strive to do practical things for the minority people, do good things. Recently, the west area of free area for the religious activities of 35 temples and members of the staff management examination, is currently working as director of the Temple Management Committee for social insurance matters.

starting from the fine point, from the start. This year the West has invested more than 100 yuan, in order to create an advanced national unity and progress as an opportunity to do practical things for ethnic minorities. The implementation of Yushu New District external wall energy saving renovation of more than 100 meters outside the wall, community security is guaranteed. Yushu built a national home district, tiger Taiwan mosque office, East Traffic Lane Community Construction embroidery exhibition room of a few people, the intentions of service. From the perspective of religious minorities and the vital interests of the masses, demolition in the city to protect the rights and interests of the masses of believers to maintain the monastery, and actively with the city planning and construction departments coordination, effectively solve the complex construction site without planning and land use permits and other issues, completed the tiger Taiwan, Peng Zhai, Liu Zhai 3 minarets and in pengjiavillage Catholic church built and Han village mosque site. Actively help the area of the Muslim Temple coordination of gas heating problems, improve the Temple office environment. At present, the tiger Taiwan mosque, Hing Road mosque has been connected to natural gas. Since the creation of the west district is still in the jurisdiction of the 5 farmers market set up a national service station, to broaden the channels of minority rights. The establishment of activities to create a coordination mechanism and coordination of the establishment of the hospital outpatient medicine Affiliated Hospital of Qinghai University, and carry out help from medical activities, standardized national language marking signs, providing guiding service for Tibetan, Sala etc.. read more

Municipal Health Bureau to implement the spirit of the municipal health care reform conference and

  in July 25th, the Municipal Health Bureau held a health promotion work, District, county health and food and drug supervision and Management Bureau, city and county hospital, four district community health service center, director of the Bureau of the offices responsible person to attend the meeting. The meeting on the implementation of municipal government reform conference spirit, actively promote the reform of the mission objectives made comprehensive arrangements and deployment, and the first half of the districts and counties, the implementation of the objectives and tasks of each unit health supervision cases were notified. Director Liu Haonian presided over the meeting and made an important speech.
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Convenience Add two elderly card processing points

The reporter from the January 4th Xining bus Refco Group Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the bus company) was informed that the card is convenient for the elderly aged 65 years old, from this year, the bus company will add two point card for the elderly.According to the

Cool air temperature drop 3 degrees Celsius to 5 degrees Celsius

reporter learned from the Provincial Meteorological Observatory, experienced during the new year’s day of fine weather, 5 days to 6 days, the province from north to south, there is a cool weather, the highest temperature will drop 3 to 5 DEG C.

it is reported that the next three days, our province in southern Yushu, Golog will have scattered snowfall, most areas of the province in cloudy weather, affected by cold air, the temperature will decline slightly during the rest of the province. Specific forecast: January 5th, Yushu, the Tanggula Mountain sunny or cloudy, southern Golog have snow, the rest of the province with scattered light snow or snow shower; in January 6th, southern Yushu, Eastern Huangnan, Golog, have light snow or snow shower, sunny or cloudy the rest of the province; January 7th, Huangnan, Guoluo, Hainan, Southeast of the sea the Department has light snow or snow shower, sunny or cloudy the rest of the province; January 8th, Golog south of southern Yushu, there is snow or snow, Huangnan, Hainan, Haidong with scattered snow, sunny or cloudy the rest of the province. (author: Rong Lijun)
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Municipal Committee party secretary Yan Shujiang once again visit condolences to the affected peopl

visit condolences to the affected households, sent condolences to Kim

In August 12th

2012 10:00 noon, municipal committee, party secretary Yan Shujiang, accompanied by the county committee, deputy magistrate Li Shiying, led the county water and civil affairs departments responsible comrades, once again came to the treasure house of migrant workers affected temporary settlements, Xiang Ning Zhang highway construction, k76 km repair treasure Xiang Si Tang Cun visit condolences to the affected people and fighting in the rescue line of cadres and workers. read more

won the two prize in the first civilized etiquette knowledge competition in Xining

day before, in the municipal organs held the first Xining etiquette knowledge contest, on behalf of the Bureau of law enforcement team won the two prize of good grades.

the knowledge contest a total of 28 units from the city to participate in the team, a total of three sets of preliminaries and a final. My team members carefully prepared in a busy office daily work, the team in the heats, faced with 3 out in overtime at the situation calmly, to enrich the knowledge reserve talent shows itself in the group, the first to qualify for the finals, and won two prize in the final. read more

Dredge the capillaries to build urban traffic network

in order to make the construction of traffic flow more reasonable and scientific, the city this year will be fine planning, construction and operation of efficient urban transport network.

it is understood that this year, the Urban Planning Bureau through in-depth analysis of the city traffic problems, the integrated use of traffic simulation system, a comprehensive analysis of the municipal road construction, traffic channel planning, pedestrian crossing facilities, bus route optimization, bus rapid transit bus stations, road building, isolation facilities, static traffic facilities, city traffic management, further tap the existing potential of city road traffic facilities, to provide practical solutions, from the micro level to provide technical support to solve the city traffic problem specific. This year, the Urban Planning Bureau of Xining city according to the status quo, combined with the city transformation open duantoulu and other measures to improve the utilization rate of the branch network of microcirculation, improve the city road network structure, improve the layout of the road structure, clear the city road traffic "capillary", increase the branch to improve the road network density, road network through diversion trunk traffic pressure the main and secondary roads to ease traffic congestion, traffic diversion trunk road. At the same time, on the basis of investigation for traffic, parking demand, reasonable pedestrian overpasses, underground walkways, parking lot, the traffic pressure in the city to some extent alleviate the traffic order, improve. Through a series of studies, efforts to form a network structure of city network and outside the ring, ring connected nodes, smooth, construct a new framework of city traffic, city traffic good traffic environment to achieve the separation of people and vehicles, travel safety, roads, disciplined. (author: Zhao Linsong)
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Full implementation of the three solid major requirements for the development of ethnic minority are

Qinghai is a multi-ethnic province, regional national autonomy area accounts for about 98% of the total area of the province, because of the natural environment and historical reasons, this vast land, the western plateau regions, ethnic minority areas, areas and underdeveloped areas all the difficulties and characteristics.

is an important task for Qinghai to speed up the development of ethnic minority areas. Build a well-off society in an all-round way, a nation can not be less.


of the party since eighteen, with the country’s strong support help, the provincial government adhere to the ruling principle of "small finances do big people, every year the total expenditure of about 75% in the people’s livelihood, education in ethnic areas, employment, housing, pension, health, cultural and other comprehensive benefits, making our province ethnic areas in the history of the fastest development, the best quality, the biggest change in urban and rural areas, people get maximum benefit period. read more

City Forestry Bureau four grasp pushing chuangxianzhengyou theoretical research achievements

City Forestry Bureau to carry out the "chuangxianzhengyou, striving to pioneer development theory research activities, carefully grasp the deployment, guidance, selection, selection of four links, promote theoretical research activities, see the effectiveness of the results

city forestry bureau to carry out the "chuangxianzhengyou, striving to pioneer development theory research activities, carefully grasp the deployment, guidance, selection, selection of four links, promote theoretical research activities, see the effectiveness of the results. read more